The World World Census

The Most Developed in the World

The World Census compiles a "Human Development Index" by measuring citizens' average life expectancy, education, and income.

206,251.The Underground Society of A GobboCorrupt Dictatorship“No Hobbo but a Gobbo!”
206,252.The Dominion of TindhallosCorrupt Dictatorship“Death to the False Emperor”
206,253.The Disputed Territories of AklantisPsychotic Dictatorship“Stranger Danger”
206,254.The Psychotic Nation of Socialist Republic of BerniaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“No one is more sane than me”
206,255.The Most Serene Republic of Orb GangPsychotic Dictatorship“Orb Gangggggg”
206,256.The Free Land of New LEEEthanican UTOPIAAnarchy“I find your lack of faith disturbing.”
206,257.The Confederacy of Continental CommonwealthsCivil Rights Lovefest“#HumboldtStrong | #TorontoStrong”
206,258.The Protectorate of Spice Harvester 286Moralistic Democracy“He who controls the spice controls the universe.”
206,259.The Dictatorship of TrashePsychotic Dictatorship“Help us”
206,260.The Free Land of SerzicCapitalizt“You cannot tame a free people”
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