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The United Socialist States of Zloveshchiy

My beautiful name!

The Federal Republic of Eleutherios

Paleocacher wrote:Paleocacherian Department of Public Security Bulletin, Gardena, Paleocacher

To All Law Enforcement Agencies:
To Border Security and National Police Agencies: Reia, Gjorka, Zloveschiy, Ajakanistan

Extensive interrogation of arrested suspects has revealed plans for future terror attacks. Attacks planned for today were postponed by 'Ringmaster' due to heightened law enforcement presence at prospective attack sites. Chatrooms have gone dark and there seems to be no further intent to coordinate disparate terrorist groups by internet. Lone wolf attackers and small cells may conduct individual actions in affected countries.

The arrested members of the terrorist gang in Paleocacher have given several names or aliases belonging to suspected terrorists and terrorism facilitators in multiple countries. Attached is a list of known associates, possible attack sites, and possible dates for future attacks. Will update once 'Ringmaster' identified and in custody along with other Paleocacherian terrorists planning attacks in Gardena area. Good luck.

Eleutherian Ministry of Defense Emergency Bulletin
In light of recent news from the Paleocacherian Department of Public Security, and to strengthen ties between the Federal Republic of Eleutherios and Paleocacher, The Ministry of Defense pledges to aid Paleocacherian law enforcement efforts in apprehending any identified terrorist cells. Elite federal military and police forces have been placed on standby, and will be available to assist Paleocacher if the need arises.

The The of of the of of the of of SPode humbleD Minions

I finished the game Subnautica yesterday. It was fun.

The Republic of Blue Dino

Got a new flag

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