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Karma Alert Episode 10

Karma Alert Episode 10

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It's that time of the week again! It's Karma Alert time! Before we get into the news though, I wanted to say thank you for all the love and support on the last Karma Alert, it just shows me that people are interested in this, which motivates me and keeps me going forward. Now, without any further ado, let's get righhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht into the newwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwws! Our topics for today are:

New Recruits

Starting off as always with the new nations that have joined Karma this week, a lot of new and old nations, be sure to welcome them in the RMB!

Tal prand



Stella ledo



Pigarian repupublic


Stal ima


Ilium novus

Holy montrazbowtantianity

Joseph the carpenter








Visting The Dead

Unlike last week, not a lot of nations have CTE'd this week, this is great to hear! It's always nice to see people sticking in Karma and enjoying NationStates.







Subhanallah yeetistan






Ananyay ankit

Greater west zanzibar


Free salvatia


Corkyland of drewville




Out of nowhere, the world started crumbling, everything started to fall apart, the world isn't what it used to be... something strange has invaded our land... Nations of the world started getting worried because no one knew what's happening and what the future holds. On a Sunday evening, some civilian Lanironian ships were sailing through the ocean, and then they found something strange... In the middle of the ocean, there was a..... hole? Well, it wasn't just a normal hole, it absorbs all light, it was even darker than vantablack! The ships sailed home and informed the Leader of Laniron who launched a full-on investigation to know more about this "hole", but Laniron couldn't do this alone, he needed the help of other nations. A lot of nations were keen to help in this investigation, and they even created a research alliance called "The Void Alliance" which includes these nations: Laniron, Ghad, Robo Communism, Zalidia, and Arachnargg. The "hole" was now named the Void. The Void has caused a lot of unnatural events to take place, and Weknesia has experienced some of these events... The most important one being the Walking Dead, whereas you can tell by the name, undead creatures have started showing up and dragging citizens of Weknesia into the depths...

Spiders in Space

That's one small step for a spider, one giant leap for spiderkind. A lot of nations have made huge steps forward and got into space, but then everyone kinda forgot about space and went onto much bigger things... Well, apparently not everyone did. Arachnargg, a nation known for its love for spiders has recently launched their first rocket into space! They've been working on a space program for years and years, and now they're trying to start a colony on a planet that's near Karma. This change in Arachnargg caused The Birth of the Arachnid Star Empire

Resources of the Beyond

Karma has recently seen a lot of changes, one of these changes is sources of energy... Nuclear fusion is being researched by some nations, and this has made solar and hydroelectric power a bit useless, well that's until this new discovery... Levonair, the Levontian space colony has discovered a strange material... Researchers say that it was the result of a meteor shower millions of years ago... Wymondham4 has offered to help fund the research of this ore, and of course, Levont accepted this kind offer. This material was experimented on a lot but after some time, the researchers were finally able to know the use of this material. This material is able to store sunlight and can be used in solar panels to generate more energy and make solar energy a reliable energy source. Wymondham4 has also received a huge amount of this resource for their help in this project. Now, of course, the researchers couldn't leave the material to be unnamed, so they gave it the name "Enderium"

Growth of Techinform

One of the most known alliances and the most powerful ones is of course Techinform. An alliance that was originally founded by Imperium of Josh and has the following members: Robo Communism, Kitherun, and of course Imperium of Josh. The Imperator was interested in getting Sudorenstan in the alliance, so a diplomatic meeting was arranged. Everything went well for the Imperator, as Sudorenstan started getting more interested in Techinform, and it didn't take long for them to join the alliance and becoming the fourth member of Techinform!

And with that ladies and gentlemen, we end this episode of Karma Alert. If you've enjoyed this episode upvote it and stay tuned for next week's Karma Alert! The Region of Karma is now over 240 nations!

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