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World War 1

The First World War took a toll on the German colony of Jammlandia, resulting of 1/8 of the colony’s demise, but did prove that the colonial garrisons there could not only hold, but also attack effectively. The entire island of New Guinea was now under the control of the semi-autonomous colony, after taking the South East from the British. The Germans, Austrians, Italians, and Ottomans won the war, although the Ottomans almost immediately capitulated into revolt and infighting, and it lead to the Kingdom of the Arabs, Kurdistan, Armenia, and Georgia becoming independent, as well as the Crimean area broke apart, but then joined the Imperial State of Ukraine. Jammlandia, as a reward for its fighting, was granting independence as a puppet state. The Ottoman portions of The East Indies briefly became owned by Jammlandia, but it was short lived as the Anatolian Kingdom (what was left of the Ottomans) regained control of it. Then, with Greece going to war with Bulgaria in 1937, World War 2 started.