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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

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Insulae libertatis civil war

The insulae libertatis civil war has been brewing for quite a while now, we know there are a few reasons this is happening Kenmeina jikan is ill with cancer and doesn't have long left. Another reason would him being a brutal dictator and the last main reason is now is the best time to win power over in a time like this.

So who are the Fighters

The insulae libertatis liberation army:
The insulae libertatis liberation army is a communist guerrilla rebel group with a small force but hit heavy in jungles where ambushes are common.

Democratic Republic Of sulawesi:
This is a more established party before Kenmeina jikan banned all political parties opposing him they seek to bring back democracy to the island and to kill kenmeina jikan

Bayangan and jikan: now the two work together to make a plan before kenmeina jikan dies he wishes too stabilise the nation through brute force

Military strength

ILLA:10K troops

DRS:1.1mil troops

683 tanks

2140 Armoured vehicles

Supporters: The British Imperialism with 23k troops 559 doctors
Canadian Dominion with
45k troops 25k tank crews

MilkyWay Republicwith 200ktroops 4k tanks

Evinea50 thousand troops of the Evinean Armed Forces will leave Evinea for Insulae today and arrive tomorrow. Along with the troops, 1 thousand Lion 3E7s (tanks), 100 F72 Solaros (fighter jet), 100 T1F Aeoluses (attack helicopters), 30 T1F Fulgora Vs (strategic bombers), 6 T1F Hermes (cargo/transport aircraft), 10 T1F Demeters (cargo/transport helicopters), 15 T1N Poseidons (destroyer), and 3 T1N Neptunes (aircraft carriers)

Bayangan and jikan: 17.6mil troops

14046 tanks

25k Armoured vehicles

32035 artillery

24500 planes

Now got a new prototype weapon similar to javelin over 100k each not have 50 k

Can destroy tanks within 1-3 shots depending on armour

Every soldier is to be equipped with a gas mask

And a gagercounter

The insulae libertatis civil war has ended after the largest banzai charge in history was attempted with 500k men as a last ditch effort to defend land as food was running low after a race for the capital began and when Canadian Troops entered the city civilians greeted them with pipe bombs charging at them with sharpend bamboo and sucide bombings while the city was being captured the emperor fleet to a bunker under the impieral Palace where he made his final speech and the surrender of insulae libertatis where he committed sucide later found by the DRS later the treaty of new massatalo was signed which agreed to a change in ideology and allow Canadian Dominionto puppet the Northern half of the country