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Welcome to the Valley of Peace
~ Guide It, Nurture It, Believe in It ~

The Valley of Peace presents itself as a cool, laidback community of members who wish to take a more relaxed journey in NationStates with subtle activity in many aspects of the game and community lovers of Chinese culture and inner-self principles. The Valley of Peace opens itself as an open sphere to all nations regardless of their ideology.

Please join the World Assembly and endorse Delegate Oogway!

We now have our own optional currency union, simply join by changing your nation’s currency to Wu Zhu.

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Founded March 20, 2022.

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    Welcome and Information

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    Sacred Scrolls of Peace

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    Community Leadership

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    Collective Valley Initiative

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    Fantasy Roleplay

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    The Valley Breeze

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    Foreign Affairs Policy

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    RMB Rules and Guidelines

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    NationStates Guide

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Embassies: Peach Tree Hill, The Wu Dan Mountains, The Eternal Order, and The Order of the Grey Wardens.

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Valley of Peace contains 227 nations, the 96th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Fattest Citizens in Valley of Peace

World Census takers tracked the sale of Cheetos and Twinkies to ascertain which nations most enjoyed the "kind bud."

As a region, Valley of Peace is ranked 12,428th in the world for Fattest Citizens.

1.The Wahhabite Grand Duchy of Italia VivaCorporate Police State“I want to reaffirm the idea that people need to suffer.”
2.The Democratic Republic of ImmaireseAnarchy“Freedom”
3.The Confederacy of Sirlia DicalCapitalizt“Strength Through Serenity”
4.The Democratic Republic of South GodliniyaCorporate Bordello“Pride and Industry”
5.The Free Land of CorrosiaAnarchy“We r Corrosian”
6.The Nomadic Peoples of ChristlanCivil Rights Lovefest“God save us”
7.The Free Land of BigoslandiaCapitalist Paradise“Bigos bigos ty wuju”
8.The Republic of AscarFather Knows Best State“Unity and republic forever”
9.The Federation of RapollendCapitalist Paradise“Live forever, love forever”
10.The Kingdom of SeankingpoiCorporate Police State“ Command the nation to greatness”
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Regional Happenings


Valley of Peace Regional Message Board


The Federation of Qurrandsia

Volkslava wrote:Greetings fellow leaders! I just wanted to quickly apologize for not saying hello, and so, I say hello to everyone in this great region and I am hoping that we get along and hopefully become friends, that's all i really wanted to say, have a great day and if you're already having a great day have an even greater day!

Its perfectly fine! Thanks for making my great day, an even greater day!

The Federation of Qurrandsia

OOC: Issue #1 just released!

The Qurrandsian Fairy Newspaper
For Fairies by FairiesTM
Issue #1
Federation of Qurrandsia Proclaimed!
3 weeks ago the Federation of Qurrandsia was proclaimed. After many long wars between the Southernmost fairies, General Nicholas came out victorious under the Qurrandsian flag. When General Nicholas ran for election he focused on an agenda of peace, and prosperity for Qurrandsia. He also focused his campaign on international peace. When the results came out 2 weeks ago, the now President Nicholas won by a landslide. President Nicholas held this speech on the day he was elected to office.

Through great war and trouble, we have finally unified the Qurrandsine fairies under one flag. Many of us took great sacrifices to get here, and I personally witnessed the death of many thousands of fairies, fighting for freedom, and fighting for a better future that they would never see. After all that fighting we now finally have a chance at peace, and prosperity for this great Federation.

-President Nicholas

Human Section

Qurrandsine or Qurrandsign? - Travel Guide for Humans
Is it Qurrandsine or Qurrandsign? Well we have the answer for you! Officially, fairies call the Federation of Qurrandsia (Qurrandsia), which translates to the Federation of Southern Fairy, which is known by most humans. But the question that many don’t know is whether the plural demonym of Qurrandsia is Qurrandsine or Qurrandsign. The answer is actually both! In the Southern Fairy language Qurrandsine refers to “Multiple Qurrandsians” as in multiple Southern Fairies while Qurrandsign refers “Multiple Federation of Qurrandsia fairies.” as in multiple fairies living under the Southern Fairy flag. While highly technical, the government uses Qurrandsine to be more general when speaking of Southern Fairies, while Qurrandsign refers to fairies living under the Southern Fairy flag.

Read dispatch

The Empire of Belika

well this is peaceful very peaceful wow

The Kingdom of Goonia

Breezy Isles wrote:Open letter to the nations of the Valley of Peace.

Please do not shoot jaguars for 'looking at people a certain way'.

Hey hey. They were looking at some of us a funny way.

The Federation of Qurrandsia

Belika wrote:well this is peaceful very peaceful wow

Here at the Valley of Peace, we love, and thrive with the peace. We enjoy our peaceful conversations and our easy approach to NationStates! So enjoy and welcome to the Valley of Peace!

The Republic of Perkinstan


On behalf of the Republic of Perkinstan I would like to say that we are delighted to have joined the Valley of Peace and look forward to working here in the future.

"Freedom and Love"
- Perkinstan

The Principality of Vagundyne

Freedomanica wrote:Question of the Day

Do you support group vigilantes in supporting and enforcing the law of that of countries in replacement or alongside the police force and other civil authorities?

No, absolutely not and you have no reason to do so. Mainly because the police uses of violence is only acceptable because it has been giving a legitimity by the government and/or the people. A vigilante militia has no such legitimity.

While a lot of police forces are worthy of criticism, and that's coming from someone living in a country in which the police actually took part in the Holocaust, giving "ordinary citizens" the right to enforce order without any sort of training or knowledges of laws surrounding the proper exercice of said police work is not going to make things better.

If you want to improve the police in, let's say, France to pick a place I know well, what you would need to do is to recruit additional personnel... and raise the standards of formation of even your basic policeman and I do not mean they need to be all sharpshooter : they however need to know what they can and cannot do, how to deal with someone having a mental breakdown instead of gunning them down.

The Democratic Republic of Garzaland

How am i supposed to write the factbooks

The Democratic Republic of Garzaland

is there some official formatting and stuff

The Democratic Republic of Garzaland

Garzaland wrote:is there some official formatting and stuff

even if there is i have no idea where to start

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