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The Empire of Fankuwo

Uvalor wrote:Woohoo! I turn 14 in two hours!

Just as good as tomorrow! Happy birthday me!

Congratulats and happy birthday!

The Kingdom of Neo Mida Gals

Somurias wrote:Idk, we're in a civil war right now, we don't know whether they're democratic or not
Haven't seen you in a while either. How are you doing?
LC and DC position is not all about comedy (unless in a region that was created for comedic purposes). Their job is to make people obey the rules. Sometimes they created polls to prevent people from getting bored. I liked the new things, to make people focused on real life things too, thanks to Trivalve. However i got fired from my MoD position because focusing on my real life things, but i'm fine with that


The Solacratic Republic of Evinea

Fankuwo wrote:Congratulats and happy birthday!


I like it :p

The Oppressed Peoples of Chucky The Doll

Fortisbellator wrote:Exactly what I said

Omg, sorry. I didn't see. I retract my statements in favour of your beauteous explanation. 😃

The Solacratic Republic of Evinea

Uvalor wrote:Yes yes, thanks so much! And no, I'm amongst the youngest in NS community if I had to guess.

Yeah maybe, though there might be some 12 and 13 year olds around.

Even some of the older nations started playing the game at 12.

The Free Prussian Reich of Fortisbellator

Evinea wrote:Yeah maybe, though there might be some 12 and 13 year olds around.

Even some of the older nations started playing the game at 12.

me for example

The Republic of Novegrad

Oh yes...

This'll do... nicely.....


The Socialist Empire of Somurias

Novegrad wrote:Oh yes...

This'll do... nicely.....




The Solacratic Republic of Evinea

Ok, so give or take, there will be about 14 upgrades to my armed forces.

The Republic of Novegrad

Somurias wrote:FI FI FO FUM


No... not quite...

The Free Prussian Reich of Fortisbellator

Somurias wrote:FI FI FO FUM


“Who wants to start a revolution?”

The Socialist Empire of Somurias

Fortisbellator wrote:“Who wants to start a revolution?”

-Soviet anthem start playing-

The Bottom Gear Republic of Ardenswije

Somurias wrote:FI FI FO FUM


Hammond, you-
Fine, whatever
More advertising

Since we have a relative lack of motorsport events, I will be grateful to introduce a new motorsport to TSP:
- Cars can be the modern rally cars in real life. Rally1 cars are optional. (That's if you want to have an edge over your enemies)
- Driver and co-driver name, car model and make (Image included), statistics and results must be in a factbook and telegram it to me (Ardenswije) or mention me in the RMB with the factbook included so I can put you in my entry list.
- Remember, no fascist nations are allowed to join the sport.
- You can only run one car, one driver and one co-driver only. Spare car is allowed in case of big crashes.
- Disreputing the sport is prohibited. You will be banned for life and worse of all, being in the blacklist.
- Reserve driver and reserve co-driver is mandatory, if your main driver and/or co-driver is injured/killed in an event of a crash.
- All TSP residents, former TSP residents and all TSP embassies from other regions are allowed to join.
- Vote for the fellow entrants when it comes to SwanVision polls.
- Where to host? It will be hosted in Psomewhere Over the Rainbow. Results for former TSP residents and TSP embassies from other regions will be in The South Pacific RMB. (With actual race simulation from Sjorve Ned)
- Points system: (actual championship)
P1: 40 pts
P2: 30 pts
P3: 20 pts
P4: 10 pts
P5: 9 pts
P6: 8 pts
P7: 7 pts
P8: 6 pts
P9: 5 pts
P10: 4 pts
P11: 3 pts
P12: 2 pts
P13: 1 pt
P14: 0.5 pts
P15 - P30: 0 pts
- If a team breaches the regulations, they will be declassified and/or banned from the championship
- Cutting corners is illegal. After cutting the corner, the car will be penalized by adding 15 seconds into the time.

ENTRY LIST: 13/30 occupied
Ardenswije: page=dispatch/id=1716257
Canadian Dominion:
The free romanians: page=dispatch/id=1717622
Sjorve Ned: nation=sjorve_ned/detail=factbook/id=1717625
TescoPepsi: nation=tescopepsi/detail=factbook/id=1717738
Lile Ulie Islands:
West Khazana Finsstan: page=dispatch/id=1721419
Greater New Rhodesia and Nyasaland: page=dispatch/id=1727913
Evinea: nation=evinea/detail=factbook/id=1718805
Uvalor: nation=uvalor/detail=factbook/id=1721941
Aezealia: page=dispatch/id=1722174
South Pacifican Kilendjj: nation=south_pacifican_kilendjj/detail=factbook/id=1720857
Rally1 Diagram

Group A entrants:
Ardenswije: RQOils Ardenswije TSP Rally Team-Toyota
Canadian Dominion: Canadian TSP Rally Team-Subaru
The free romanians: Team Romania-Dacia
Sjorve Ned: DARKWolf Toyota Wolverine TSP Rally Racing
TescoPepsi: Pigeon Extreme Prize-winning Speeding Institution (PEPSI)-Ford
Lile Ulie Islands: Lile Ulie Islands National Rally Team - LUINRT-Polestar
Group B entrants:
South Pacifican Kilendjj: The Kilendian Rally Team- TKRT-M3 (5-race ban, and ineligible to score points for 2 rallies, penalty serving mandatory)
Virifortis: Virifortisian Rally Racers-Lancia
West Khazana Finsstan: Finsstanian Rally Team-Ford
Greater New Rhodesia and Nyasaland: Team Rhodesian-Mercedes
Evinea: Evinea RCS Team-Volkswagen
Uvalor: Rijyki Team-Hyundai
Group C entrants:
Aezealia: Aezealian Red Tigers-Subaru
No entry
No entry
No entry
No entry
No entry
Group D entrants:
Group E entrants:
Group F entrants:
Rallying format: Single Group Head to Head Qualification Time Trial
Description: Four cars in each group do runs separately, with 2 cars in Stage A doing separate runs, and Stage B and C does the same. The best time will be awarded pole position and group winner. Wait for other groups to finish their runs and they will be listed on the standings. The fastest gets maximum points. Penalities like point deductions and adding time can be applied for cars that break the rules on-track or off-track.

Calendar: page=dispatch/id=1718894
How to submit your rally stage for hosting the rally: Make a factbook about the stage with map overview included, and after that, I will fill your rally stages into a calendar if you send me via TG or mention me in the TSP RMB.

- Nations in the blacklist is banned permanently when it comes to joining the TSP Rally Championship until they are removed by the organisers.
Nations in the blacklist:
- Flag of maydrine
- Orcuo
- Zaddia
- New Xartoia

Read dispatch

(I'm sure nobody would join this)

The Free Prussian Reich of Fortisbellator

Somurias wrote:-Soviet anthem start playing-


The Republic of Novegrad

Fortisbellator wrote:“Who wants to start a revolution?”

D o e s y o u r n a m e h a v e p r u s s i a i n i t ?

The Free Prussian Reich of Fortisbellator

Novegrad wrote:D o e s y o u r n a m e h a v e p r u s s i a i n i t ?


The Pretile of Orcuo

🎶 I hear the drums echoing tonight… 🎶

The Republic of Novegrad

Fortisbellator wrote:FRICK YEAH GO PRUSSIA

The great trial


The Penguin Local Councillor of Trivalve

Orcuo wrote:🎶 I hear the drums echoing tonight… 🎶

🎶 ...But she hears only whispers of some quiet conversation 🎶

Somurias, Orcuo, and Badpeople21


good job mate i nearly cried

The Penguin Local Councillor of Trivalve

Badpeople21 wrote:good job mate i nearly cried

Hello fellow nation! Welcome to the South Pacific! We hope you enjoy your stay here.

Here is some more information:

 LIVE  LinkDiscord  LIVE 

HomeGet InvolvedGuidesIndexGovernment ➔

Welcome to NationStates and the South Pacific!

Welcome to the South Pacific, or by its formal name, the Coalition of the South Pacific (TSP). Home to over 8000 nations, the South Pacific is one of the oldest, most populous, and influential regions in NationStates with a parliamentary republic government that you and many other citizens can participate in. This guide will get you started on the multidimensional world of NationStates (NS) and this region. If you want a longer introduction, read this guide.

If there are questions you have about the South Pacific or NationStates that were left unanswered by this guide, please reach out by sending a telegram to Delegate Tepertopia or members of the Local Council: Curlyhoward, Trivalve, The free romanians. The yellow texts are links that you can click to open more information.

Get started in NationStates

If you are completely new to NationStates, you should check out the game's Frequently Asked Questions. It will give you everything you need to know to have fun with your nation and the community.

Get started in the South Pacific

First thing first, to help our region more secure and give your nation the rights to vote on international laws and important elections in our region, please join the World Assembly then endorse Delegate Tepertopia and all members of the South Pacific Coral Guard: Amerion, Aidenfieeld, Tepertopia, Concrete Slab, Farengeto, Ebonhand, Land Without Shrimp, 073 039 109 032 080 111 112 112 121, Holy Free, Tsunamy, PenguinPies.

(How to do the above: Open the World Assembly page on the left then click Apply to join and follow the instructions to join the World Assembly. Next, open the page of the nation you want to endorse, scroll down then click Endorse)

The next step is to meet and make friends with member nations of the region by joining these places:

  • Chat on the Regional Message Board (RMB): Chat with other nations on our message board and get to know our community. Make sure you read the Rules and Etiquette first though to make sure moderators don't annoy you.

  • LinkJoin our forum: Most of the more formal activities in our region such as government proceedings and more elaborate roleplay happen on the forum. Joining the forum is a must if you want to get involved further in our community.

  • LinkJoin our Discord server: The majority of chats about daily life subjects and informal discussions about government matters and NationStates happen on our Discord server. This is also the easiest place to look for help and get in touch with government officials. Please join it if you haven't already!

Get involved

How to take yourself further into our region by participating in various activities.

  • Participate in the Southern World Assembly Initiative (SWAN): After you have joined the WA and endorsed the Delegate, you can take a step further by participating in SWAN! This is the best way to have more endorsements and influence on your nation and help our region more secure and powerful.

  • LinkJoin the government:Our government offers a wide variety of activities for anyone (regardless of experience) to participate such as:

    • Drafting and voting on laws and leaders that govern the region by becoming a legislator in our legislature, the Assembly.

    • Directly involve in the day-to-day activities of the region such as foreign affairs, public media, event and festival organization, engagement with new players,... by joining a government ministry or department.

    • Want something more fast-paced and fun? You can join our military the South Pacific Special Forces (SPSF). They defend our region, allies, and other innocent regions from raiders as well as engaging in offensive operations against regions that espouse hateful ideologies.

    Click on the yellow link will take you to the page where you can learn more about how to join the government!

  • Help the region vote on WA resolutions: Help Delegate Tepertopia and regional nations to decide how to vote on WA resolutions that govern the world before they are brought to the floor with the Office of WA Legislation (OWL).

  • LinkRoleplay (RP): You can roleplay about wars, trading, or anything else about your nation with other nations on gameside using Knowhere, on Linkour forum if you want more formality, and on Linkour dedicated roleplay Discord server. Roleplaying is awesome if you like writing, creating stories, and dislike the limits on creativity that issue answering imposes.

  • More!: There is nearly no limit on what you can do in our region. You can create organizations, newspapers, discussion groups, political parties,... in our region on gameside or on the forum to have more fun!

Know what is happening

You can know what is happening in our region by reading one of the following:

  • LinkCabinet Twitter: These are short and concise updates from the Cabinet which show what they have done.

  • LinkThe Southern Journal (TSJ): This is our frequently published newspaper which summarizes everything that happened in the region in the past month. The Southern Journal presents news, interviews, analysis, and commentary about politics, foreign affairs, regional affairs, gameside events,... It is the best place for you to keep up to date about current events in the region.

  • Other media sources: These are independent media organizations run by our citizens. They offer more diverse topics and views on issues.

  • Ask others: You can ask other players via the RMB, telegrams, or Discord to know more about current affairs. It is recommended to ask a senior member of the region or a government official if you want the best answer.

Learn more

You can learn more about everything in our region by reading various dispatches and guides, below are a good few to get started:

  • List of guides: A list of guides about NationStates and our region.

  • Glossary: A list of common terms and abbreviations you may encounter.

  • Politics Guide: A gentle introduction to politics in our region. A must-read if you want to get involved in our politics.

  • World Assembly Guide: An introduction to the World Assembly and the Office of WA Legislation.

  • LinkRoleplay Guide: Where and how to roleplay in our region.

  • LinkTSP Wiki: A wiki about everything related to our region includes roleplays

  • Laws: A list of laws in our region.

  • List of government dispatches: These dispatches will give you official information about our region and the structures, procedures, and staff of our government.

If you notice any issue on this dispatch, please telegram Coalition of the South Pacific or ping @MoE:Dispatch Team on the region's Discord server.


Read dispatch




This is a way for you to easily get more endorsements and influence on your nation and contribute to the South Pacifc's security and activity.

Please give a warm welcome to our newest World Assembly nations by endorsing them!

Shishulia, Imperium Galakatos, SolIconian, Britash, Xianmen

Status summary
  • Number of WA nations: 1008

  • Number of SWAN Knights: 424

  • SPCG's average endorsement count: 637.50

  • Total number of endorsements: 108545

  • Cross-endorsement rate: 10.69 %

What is this?

The Southern World Assembly iNitiative (SWAN) is an initiative organized by the regional government of the South Pacific to promote the participation of nations in the World Assembly (WA) and to encourage them to endorse everyone in the South Pacific. The purpose of this initiative is to help nations in this region have voting power on the WA, more endorsements, and more influence which in turn will make the region more secure and active!

What are the World Assembly, Delegates, endorsements, and influence?

  • The World Assembly is an equivalent of the real-life United Nations. Although it doesn't impact your nation as much as the real-life UN it does impact regions such as this one a lot.

  • Endorsements are something you can give or receive from other nations. They are a little bit similar to likes on social media websites except they are far more important to a region and nation because they create the thing below.

  • Influence is something your nation will gain by having endorsements. Influence is very important to the security of a region as it decides how hard it is to remove or ban a nation from a region.

  • A Delegate or WA Delegate is a nation that has the most endorsements in a region and holds all administrative powers such as moderating the message board, banning/ejecting nations, changing the World Factbook Entry,... In the South Pacific, the Delegate is Linkelected every 6 months by member nations of this region.

How do I participate?

Step 1: Join the World Assembly. Click here if you don't know how.

Step 2: Endorse all of these nations. To endorse a nation, click a nation name to open its page, scroll down then click the Endorse button.

Step 3: Endorse all other nations in this region. Click here to know how to do this quickly and to find nations to endorse.

Why should I participate?

Participating in SWAN will give your nation benefits that you can't otherwise get:

  • Your nation will be able to vote on WA resolutions, deciding how the Delegate votes on WA resolutions via OWL as well as participating in the regional Local Council elections and LinkWA Delegate elections.

  • This is the easiest way to get a lot of endorsements from other nations and gain influence which will help your own nation and the region in the future.

  • Your nation will receive awards to commend your effort of participating in this initiative! (Click here to learn more about awards)

  • Your nation will have a stronger voting power on the WA. (Read this for how)

  • If you ever want to join the Council on Regional Security, this is one of the first steps. (Click here for more information)

Click here if you want to learn more about the benefits.

How can I do more?

You can go above and beyond and do more by:

  • Upvoting this dispatch.

  • Sending a link to this dispatch to new nations that haven't participated or encouraging them directly to do what this initiative wants via telegram.

  • Doing the same as above but via our Regional Message Board.

  • Sharing your ideas about how to improve this initiative. (How to do that here)

How do I know how well I am and the region are doing?

You can do that by looking at our censuses (Click here to view them) and our statistics page (Click here to view it). We also recommend you to check out this awesome "portrait" of our region (Click here to view it) to get a look at how large and dynamic our region is.

Where can I find more information?

Take a look at our dispatch index.

We hope you will enjoy this initiative and that you find NationStates and our community a more cheerful place because of it.



Read dispatch

Welcome to the South Pacific Special Forces!

What are the South Pacific Special Forces?

The South Pacific Special Forces (or SPSF) are the South Pacific’s official military. We defend the Coalition, work for the South Pacific’s foreign interests, and just have fun through military gameplay!

What’s military gameplay and why should I be interested?

Twice a day, NationStates updates. It goes through the regions in a set but random order, and within those regions, it goes through the nations in a set but random order. As the game goes through each nation, it counts how many endorsements they have. When it finishes going through the region, it makes the highest endorsed nation the delegate of the region. Delegates can have a lot of control over regions - they can even destroy them, if the founder isn’t around. Military gameplay is the art of controlling who becomes delegate.

Raiders can take over regions by endorsing a raider nation, and making it delegate so that it has complete control over the region. Defenders try to either stop raider nations from becoming delegate in the first place, or take the region back by making a native nation delegate again.

Military gameplay is one of the cornerstones of inter-regional politics. It can introduce you to the wide, wild world of NS Gameplay, which has characters and stories and rich history on an epic scale. It can also introduce you to our good friends and allies in other regions. Unlike roleplay wars, military gameplay isn’t just imaginary - our actions have a real effect on the NS world. It's also pretty fun in the real world! A good tag run or chase can fill you with adrenaline. Restoring a region to native control can be extremely satisfying. Pulling off a successful operation with your companions doesn't just give you that sweet feeling of a hard-won victory, but is a great foundation for friendships. It's also a great foundation for an interregional political career, as military expertise gets your name known in the wider world of the game. You could be feared, hated, or loved throughout gameplay...

Why join the SPSF?

The SPSF is one of the most active GCR militaries in the game. We are a defender military - meaning we protect vulnerable regions from being taken over and destroyed by foreign forces. We have some of the most knowledgeable military gameplayers in the whole game working with us. And you can gain that knowledge too! The SPSF offers some of the highest-level training in the game - all you have to do is provide interest, willingness to learn, and passion, and you'll quickly be climbing the ranks to the top.

By joining the SPSF, you are also helping out the South Pacific. If the South Pacific is ever in danger, the SPSF will be the cornerstone of its defence. While our smaller ops might seem like they are just for fun, or just to fulfill foreign policy objective, we are also building up the skills that the SPSF needs for its core objective, which is to defend the Coalition. So by joining the SPSF, you may become a South Pacifican hero some day!

How can I join the SPSF?

The SPSF has two sections: the Tsunami Force and the Tidal Force.

Updates occur at 12 AM and 12 PM in Eastern Standard Time, or 5 AM and 5 PM in Universal Standard Time. These last about an hour, and this is when we conduct time-sensitive operations. You will need a Discord account and a forum account. If you can be online at update sometimes, even as little as once a week.

Guide: Click on the link will open a form. Fill in information it asks you, tick the Ministry of Defense box in the Applying for section, and click Submit application near the bottom.

If you can’t make those times, or just don’t want to, then the Tidal Force is for you! The Tidal Force conducts simpler and less time-sensitive (but still valuable!) missions. You don’t need a forum or Discord account for this, but of course you are always welcome to join.

Have any questions? Our Minister of Defense Esfalsa (Pronoun#2968) and General HumanSanity (HumanSanity#9270) will be happy to help!


Read dispatch

Hello! Welcome to the South Pacific, and its regional message board, or RMB! It is a vibrant, active place where people from all around the world can hang out and talk. It is the region's primary place of communication, and is open to all types of conversations, debates, and overall fun. However, without some form of rules, the RMB would be a wild, annoying, and downright un-enjoyable place. And so, due to this, rules must be laid down and enforced. These are important to protect everyone's safety, dignity, and sanity. So we all ask that you please take the time to read the following rules, and try your hardest to follow them. Remember, there are consequences for breaking the rules.

Note: The “Fundamental Rule” portion of each guideline is meant as a summary of the rule. The official text of the rule may be found in the “Details” spoiler.

Breaking these rules can result in consequences including warnings, post suppressions, and in the the case of repeated or serious infractions, ejection and banning from the region. The full, detailed Local Council Standard Moderation Policy, which specifies the exact consequences for various levels of rule-breaking, can be found here.

And so, after much introduction, here are your RMB Rules:

1. Say Neigh to Spam

Fundamental Rule: Don't spam. Spamming is bad. It is the first rule for a reason.

Spamming on the RMB is not allowed at all, under any circumstances. Spamming is probably best described as a post that is meaningless and/or unnecessary— for example, a post that repeats the same thing multiple times, a lone emoji or image, multiple posts of the same thing, or a series of posts that have no apparent meaning. It does not matter what your intent is— if your post(s) fits the above definition, it is considered spam and will be dealt with accordingly.

2. English is our Mane Language

Fundamental Rule: Posts on the Regional Message Board must be in English, or include an English translation.

We understand that many of you come from backgrounds where English is not your main language, as players come from all around the world. However, to avoid confusion among people who don't speak your language, we sincerely ask that you post in English only, for ease of communication.

Remember, there are tools like LinkGoogle Translate to help you. If you speak in another language, please add a translation to English in the same post. Posts with English translations will not be suppressed. For the avoidance of doubt, English means Modern English and not backwards English.

3. Keep Our Region Stable

Fundamental Rule: Don’t ask for people to endorse you on the Regional Message Board. Don’t ask for people to move to another region.

Asking for endorsements on the RMB is not allowed at all, under any circumstances. Ever. Permissions are only made if the requester is a member of the Council on Regional Security, the Coral Guard, or the Delegate seeking to increase endorsement counts for the purposes of promoting regional security.

If you want to receive and give more endorsements, get involved in the Southern World Assembly Initiative, TSP’s endorsement program.

Similarly, recruiting, or telling people to move to another region, is also not allowed. You may not ask people to join your region on the RMB, whether you are also a South Pacifican citizen yourself or not.

4. So a Horse walks into a bar ...

Fundamental Rule: Roleplay on the Regional Message Board, but do not break any other rules. If you're feeling nice or your roleplay is a bit niche or particularly nation driven, please consider taking your roleplaying to Knowhere or Psomewhere Over The Rainbow.

It's all legal! As long as it complies with the rules. Specifically; remember to keep your roleplays appropriate (as stated in rule IX). The LC has reached a general conclusion on what is appropriate, and if your roleplay does not fit within those boundaries, it will be stopped. So, excessive display of affection, sexually-suggesting roleplay, and the like, are not allowed at all.

Similarly, do not clog the RMB with your roleplay. If you feel it has been going on for a while, either take it to a roleplay region, or cease it all together. Otherwise, it may be interfered with. When the board is dominated by roleplay, it becomes hard for everyone else to communicate with each-other, thanks to the overabundance of posts completely unrelated to what they are doing.

But other than those things, feel free to roleplay to your heart's content!

5. Hold your Horses

Fundamental Rule: Don’t post on the Regional Message Board twice or more in a row.

Double posting, or posting two posts in a row, is considered illegal, as are any other number of posts more than one in a row. All posts after the initial post will be suppressed. If one hour has passed without another post on the RMB a single second post will be allowed

6. Keep your nose in your own feedbag

Fundamental Rule: Don’t reveal other players’ personal information.

It is not permitted to post or otherwise share another player's personally-identifying information (i.e. social media accounts, IP addresses, postal addresses, E-mail addresses, telephone numbers, etc.), and neither is it permitted to post or share information that may not be identifying but is nonetheless of a personal nature (i.e. medical history, relationship status, etc.). The only exception is if the player in question has shared that information themselves and does not mind its dissemination (this sharing or statement of permission must be publically viewable).

Making a claim of serious out-of-character misconduct (e.g. bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, etc.) against someone else, without providing evidence to moderation/administration, is considered malicious harassment, and will be dealt with accordingly. This rule applies to the TSP forum and discord as well.

7. Get Off Your High Horse

Fundamental Rule: Trolling, baiting or flaming of others is not allowed under any circumstances.

Trolling is defined as starting quarrels or upsetting people by posting inflammatory and digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages with the intent of provoking other nations into displaying emotional responses. Baiting is similar to trolling, and is defined as posting with the aim of angering someone indirectly, directed at a specific person. Flaming is defined as posting insults or other verbal and often personal attacks on other nations. Erudite slams while maintaining a veneer of politeness can also be considered flaming. All three of these are banned under all circumstances.

This is an extension of a simple policy of respect. What may seem like good natured fun to you could be trolling to someone else, and if they tell you to stop, do so.
We can and will warn, suppress, and even ban you, as well as record the incident. In severe cases the NationStates Moderators will be contacted, and puppets will not hide your IP address from them.

8. You Canter Break Site Rules

Fundamental Rule: No matter where you are in NationStates, the rules for the game still apply.

TSP is a part of NationStates, and as such, you must follow the rules of the game as a whole at all times. Breaking the game rules will land you in trouble with both the regional officers and NationStates site moderation. See the link below for the list of rules and a quick FAQ page for more details on the game rules.

NationStates Rules

NationStates FAQ

9. Mind Your Dam Manners

Fundamental Rule: Don’t post anything that would not be allowed in a PG-13 movie.

Excessive swearing, explicit, suggestive, or excessively violent messages, sexual references, and other such things will be suppressed on sight, and the NationStates site moderators can and will be called to get involved in serious cases. Excessive displays of personal affection (e.g. suggestive roleplayed snuggling, nuzzling, kissing, licking and so on) is also considered inappropriate and will be suppressed accordingly.

Mild swearing may be tolerated, mild sexuality may be at the very most hinted, but explicit or excessive versions of either or both will result in moderation intervention, both from the Local Council and potentially from NationStates site moderators. Derogatory terms are disallowed, and all swearing must abide by all other rules, particularly those about respecting others.

10. Straight from the horse’s mouth

Fundamental Rule: Do not edit someone's post in a malicious way or repost offensive content.

It is illegal to edit what someone else has written when quoting it in order to make it seem like they expressed a view which they didn’t. Quote-editing should be avoided even for comic effect.

When you are responding to someone's post, please quote their post (by pressing the "quote" button), as it makes it less confusing and will alert them to your post.

When quoting an offensive post, delete the content of the post and replace it with "-snip-". Doing so makes the administrators’ jobs much easier.

When quoting long posts, please cut the post down to the particular parts you are responding to, or replace the extraneous material with "-snip-".

11. Crop Your Post

Fundamental Rule: Use spoilers when making or quoting a very long post.

The [spoiler] tag is your friend. When making or quoting a very long post, or one which not everyone might want to read, please add spoilers, so as to avoid taking up a large amount of the page.

If you are giving a spoiler of a recently released book or film, put it in a spoiler tag, to give people who haven't read/watched it a chance. As a general rule of thumb, give a month for films post-release (as release dates may be different in different areas) and two months for book releases.

12. Rein In Rudeness

Fundamental Rule: The golden rule: treat others how you want to be treated.

Remember, there are other, real people behind the nations on the RMB. Everyone here is a human being with emotions and the right to be respected.

While dissent with regional officers (LC, Delegate, CRS, and Ministers) is perfectly acceptable, remember that they are people too, and worthy of basic human decency. The regional officers should be respected at all times just as any other member of the region should.

When debating, always remember to attack the argument rather than the person making it. If you find yourself getting heated, try to take a step back. Personal insults, insults to intelligence, etc. will not be tolerated. The only form of debate banned on the RMB is that over a particular suppression. For more information, see the Help Section at the end of this document.

13. Don't Ride on Foals

Fundamental Rule: Single word or similarly short posts are not appreciated on the RMB.

Single word posts that do not advance conversation are not allowed. If you find yourself wondering if a post is both unsubstantial and too short, it likely is. This rule does not mean you have to post several paragraphs of content every time you want to post. Single sentence posts and single-word replies quoting other posts are still allowed under this rule.

However, at the discretion of the Local Council, posts deemed to be insubstantial and not contributing to the regional discourse will be suppressed. An excellent way to avoid this is to add thought to your posts.

Thank you for reading, and remember to follow these guidelines!

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy your stay here in TSP!


If you believe a post breaks the rules and should be suppressed, wish to appeal to have a post unsuppressed, wish to appeal a formal warning, or have any questions about the laws of the RMB, you can contact your current Local Councillors through telegrams:

The free romanians


Lodge complaints or comments with the following nation:

The TSP Local Council

This nation is controlled by the LC, ensuring all Local Councillors can see your complaints or comments. Remember, the rules of respect apply to telegrams as well as the RMB.

Official moderation appeals must follow the process laid out in the Standard Moderation Policy dispatch.


Read factbook

We recommend that you get to know the RMB rules as they are very important for you to keep a good image in our region :)

The Kingdom of -Jin

Ohh,so Sad,I dont have any three kingdoms music,so,here Goes the musica of my grandfather Sima Yi:

Somurias and Badpeople21

Post by Badpeople21 suppressed by Evinea.



The Pretile of Orcuo

Trivalve wrote:🎶 ...But she hears only whispers of some quiet conversation 🎶

🎶 She's coming in, 12:30 flight… 🎶

The Free Prussian Reich of Fortisbellator

Novegrad wrote:The great trial


Prussia only got erased from history because it passed the legal level of awesomeness.

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