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The NOT AGAIN of Doessay

Vinicius Franco wrote:declared war

Why... You are so primitive.

The Great Empire of Kandorith

Vinicius Franco wrote:declared war

Oh no, whatever shall we do... other than going on about our business.

Doessay wrote:Why... You are so primitive.

Can we keep it?! I mean.. it's so cute and determined!

The Dominion White Ensign of Memester

3 months after the civil war, the country is back on the right track. Now, there has been ambitions from several parties and state-owned companies to expand outwards, but one did caught the attention of the monarchy.

12th January, 2030
Mayrina Palace, Mayrina Bay

"Juntism0ld II, the CEO of MyKingdomHub, Bob Modman, has sent me a message." The Minister of Telecommunications and Technology, Tom Hawks, told King Juntism0ld II about the message he was sent. "To the Federal Government, and the King, I bring you a proposal. As a result of the placements of servers, and data storage being in the capital, these storage centres were damaged in the Civil War. I think a better idea to prevent our servers and data centres from being destroyed in any war or other situations is by having land in Verusa, since it's pretty barren. This way, all of the Telecommunications Companies would be able to continue serving, while undamaged from uncertain situations on the ground, especially for Haveners Grünberg, serving Grünberg an der Haven. Still, if we do establish a colony over there, they shall be treated the same as a Memesterian, so do not worry about what would happen if this goes to plan." Tom read out the message. "So, what did the Federal Government say to this?" Juntism0ld II asked. "A overwhelming vote of 1800-55 for this plan to be finalised. It's up to you to decide if we should do this plan." Tom responded.

Juntism0ld II thought to himself for a while. One of the reasons why the cost of rebuilding after the civil war was so high was due to the destruction of these server and data centres. The country also had to rebuild the servers so that they can maintain connection without any disruption, as a result of these servers being blown up, causing statewide disruption of services. By putting these main centres away from the mainland, this will prevent a total shutdown of internet services across the entire country. Still, this would be able to test how Memesterian weapons work against others, instead of themselves.

"Go ahead with the plan. I'll have General Kokopium to sketch the plan out. But first, we can't just attack any nation there, so which one?" Juntism0ld II agreed with the plan, but asked about something.

"How about, that nation that you did the speech on some days ago?" Tom responded.

"Sure, since they have been mismanaging their nation towards the path of disaster." Juntism0ld II agreed to that. "Stop them in their tracks before it's too late."

The Republic of Vinicius Franco

Doessay wrote:Why... You are so primitive.

one more for war

The NOT AGAIN of Doessay

Vinicius Franco wrote:one more for war

War support is going to crash...

The Republic of Vinicius Franco

Doessay wrote:War support is going to crash...

I will summon north korea as an ally

The State of The Maximilliat


“Is this going too far?” Sedano asked the rest of the Supreme Giracción Council who sat around a large, circular black table in the highest sector of the Encima Government Building at the very heart of the capital. In the center of the table was a slightly lowered circle, a digital displayed across it. On the screen, a map of the Berkian Isles.

“Does it matter?” Ascención scoffed and crossed his arms.

“Of course it does” Sedano chirped back, “Our attempt to reintroduce The Maximilliat to the outside world has been met with a condemnation off the bat. Surely this can be a sign-”

“Condemnation from an *sskisser.” Nápoles shot back. “There are set to be those in Strangereal that support the genocidal regime that inhabits Volstokn today, especially ones that would benefit from an allyship with the Goths… and are despised by the rest of the world.” Nápoles stood behind his large red-velvet chair and placed his hands on the top of it. “You saw the dispatch from Valsnuriya- who had to reinforce that the Berkians don’t speak for the rest of Verusa.”

“We are talking about escalating the situation more than we already are!” Anger arose in Sedano’s voice.

“They threatened our people, Sedano! Not only did they once, but they did twice! That, cannot not stand. Let this be our testament to our stand against the Goths. Cut off the head of the snake, and everything else crumbles, but sometimes you need to rip out a few scales.”

“We can’t just come out of Isolationism swinging-”

“They make a fool of themselves out there. We defended our position and shot a snappy comment towards their unjustified condemnation, what did they do? Go on a tirade. And the rest of the world points and laughs. If there was ever a time to do this, it would be now. While they’re allyless with some territories in revolt.” Nápoles gritted his teeth.

There was a sigh from across the table, “As much as I hate to admit it, I kinda wanna see what happens.” De Santos said with a blank expression. Next to De Santos, Farin nodded their head in agreement.

“Let’s put it to a vote.” Nápoles almost-sarcastically said to the group. “Raise your hand in support of Operation Dragaminas.”


“I think we have an agreement then ladies, and gentlemen… an Order will be sent to the Supreme Navy post-haste.” Nápoles smiled devilishly. “Let the fun begin.”

In a matter of hours, two freighters from the nation’s foreign trade fleet would be borrowed from their state businesses, loaded up with special cargo, and given new crews before setting off on a long journey across the Cascade. Their journey and mission? Sail to Northwestern Verusa and pass through the strait that lies between the Berkian Island of Nordenstag and Province of Vest-Rampant-Oya, laying ascending moored-contact mines with plummets to harass Berkian naval and civilian ships. When a ship would draw near, the moored-contact mine would detect from its ocean-floor anchor and rapidly shoot towards the surface. While the ethics behind the mission were questionable at best, it would go on; the Maximilliat ships abusing the bounds of Territorial and International Waters to lay mines outside of Berkian Jurisdiction. Whereafter, the ships would head south towards Izumrudstvo or Valsnuriya to refuel then hug the coast back into the Cascade Ocean before slipping home.

The foghorn of the Juguetón blared as it left the Rosatiago Harbor with a mission like no other. Yet, every man and woman that helped the cause and risked their life on this mission would be rewarded properly. Flying The Black and Red Banner of the Maximilliat, the Seal of the Nation fluttering in the wind, it left.

Third 3rd Skyclan republic

The Green Patch of Treekidistan

Hello TNPers!

Are you interested in running for public office, writing legislation, or voting in future elections? Then you should apply for citizenship!

We also offer alternative to being a citizen! You can always get a resident masking on the forum and participate in other regional affairs that the North Pacific offers.

TL;DR: Get involved in our government by applying for LinkCitizenship!

Why should I become a Citizen?

By becoming a Citizen, you open yourself up to a number of new opportunities. Citizens of The North Pacific are able to vote in elections, hold public office, debate and vote on legislature, and more!

What is the difference between a Citizen and a Resident?

Any nation that resides in The North Pacific is considered a Resident. Residents can still get involved on the forum and in some parts of the government (mainly the the Executive Staff and North Pacific Army), but they cannot participate in the legislative process or elections.

Citizens are essentially Residents that have successfully passed the Citizenship application process. This allows them to participate in the Regional Assembly and in public office.

Who is eligible to become a Citizen?

In order to apply for LinkCitizenship, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have a nation in The North Pacific.

  • You must not have more than one account on the Linkregional forum (Administrators may grant exemptions under special circumstances).

  • You must not use a proxy server.

  • You must not pose a threat to regional security, as determined by the Vice Delegate.

How do I apply?

To apply, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create an account on our regional forum.

Step 2: Go to the LinkCitizenship Application thread.

Step 3: Post the following oath in the application thread:


I pledge loyalty to The North Pacific, obedience to her laws, and responsible action as a member of her society. I pledge to only register one nation to vote in The North Pacific. I pledge that no nation under my control will wage war against the North Pacific. I understand that if I break this oath I may permanently lose my voting privileges. In this manner, I petition the Speaker for citizenship in The North Pacific.

Step 4: Check back periodically on the status of your application. (Note: The application process requires 3 separate checks and can take up to 2 weeks. Please be patient.)

Step 5: Once you are granted citizenship, go participate in our government!

What do I do if my application was rejected?

Your application can be rejected for a variety of reasons, most of which are easy to fix. You can be rejected if you spelt your nation name wrong or posted the wrong oath. You will be given the reason and instructions on how to re-apply correctly.

The most common reason to get your application rejected is by failing the forum administrator's check. You will fail the check if you are using a proxy (such as VPN networks) - in which case you'll have to turn it off and re-apply - or if you share a network with another forum account. In this case, you will be contacted about it by forum administrators, who will try to help you resolve the issue.

The most likely reason to fail the forum administrator's check is because you have a non-residential IP address (a residential IP address is mostly likely a home network; examples of non-residential IP addresses include mobile data and school or business networks). If you applied on a non-residential network, try re-applying on a residential one. If you don't have access to a residential network, you can appeal to the Regional Assembly to have your rejection overturned and become a citizen. To be eligible to appeal, you must:

  • Do it within one week of being rejected

  • Not be using a proxy (such as VPN networks)

  • Not be linked to another forum account (you would be contacted about it by forum administrators if your account is linked to another one)

  • Have your nation in the World Assembly (learn more about joining the World Assembly)

  • Not have your rejection previously upheld by the Regional Assembly

To appeal your rejection, go to Linkthis thread and follow the instructions given. You will be expected to answer some questions from citizens, who will then vote on your rejection. The process may take a few weeks in total.

If you're unsuccessful, it's not the end! Most ways to get involved in the region don't require citizenship. You can go back to The North Pacific Handbook to read about all the ways to get involved.

What if I have questions along the way?

You can contact Speaker of the Regional Assembly PotatoFarmers or any of their deputies if you have questions.

This dispatch is updated automatically on a daily basis. Please do not edit manually.

Read dispatch

The Don't ask me to endorse you of Eternal Dominion



I, Claudio Herozzi del Perdón, chosen by the people to be the chairman of the Signores Consella, hereby condemn the actions of Third 3rd Skyclan republic towards the nations that compose the East Osean region, such as The Maximilliat, Gothgraff and Lilium and Eternal Dominion. We must advise you, East Osean nations, that the Verusan nations aren't, in any form, agreeing with what the Berkians are saying about any of you.

We are ashamed that a self proclaimed sovereign state from our region can have such a disrespectful treatment to those nations. Speaking for the Valsnuriyan City States, I ask that you take on consideration our actions of condemning the Berkian government. Also, to the ruler of the Berkians, we say: grow up kiddo and take the responsibility from your precipitate actions.

Signed by:
Claudio Herozzi del Perdón, representative of the United Feudalistic City States of Valsnuriya;

Why am i included I this post?

Edit: gdi. Again, sorry for pings. On mobile atm.

The State of The Maximilliat

Eternal Dominion wrote:Why am i included I this post?

Edit: gdi. Again, sorry for pings. On mobile atm.

I don't even know tbh


Eternal Dominion wrote:Why am i included I this post?

Edit: gdi. Again, sorry for pings. On mobile atm.

you're special

The Drake Camper of Cereskia 2


The Imperial Realm of Gothgraff and Lilium

Hello TNPers!

Have you wondered what you can do for the region? The North Pacific is always looking for new people who are interested in executive staff. You do not need any previous experience or is there any obligation once you join.

There are currently six Ministries, of which five employ residents through the Executive Staff: Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs, WA Affairs, Media, Cards, and Culture.

Join the Executive Staff Today!

The North Pacific Handbook

TL;DR: Join the Executive Staff Linkhere and help run the region!

What is the Executive Staff?

The Executive Staff is basically what it sounds like: they are the people who help the ministers of various departments with their work. Depending on which ministry they work for, they do all kinds of work, such as being an ambassador, planning regional events, mentoring new members, writing articles for The Northern Lights, or offering voting recommendations on WA resolutions.

You are not required to be a citizen to be a member of the executive staff. It is open to all TNP nations, though we highly recommend you become a citizen. You can be a member of as many ministries as you like. Ministers need as much help as they can get. You can submit an application at any time, and more than likely you will be accepted and will begin working.

What Ministries are there and what do people do in them?

There are a total of five ministries you can join. They are Media, Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Culture, and World Assembly Affairs. You can see a full explanation of each one and the many jobs within each below:

Ministry of Home Affairs - Minister Nimarya

The Ministry of Home Affairs is the ministry in charge of getting members involved in the forum, WA, Roleplay, the NPA, and Executive Staff. The main job of people in the ministry of Home Affairs is recruiting people so that they get involved in activities in TNP. Recruitment could be for Roleplay, NPA, or the forum. The MoHA also ensures that all members of the region have an enjoyable experience both on NationStates and on the forum. This ministry creates new ways for people to get involved in the forum and game and to help advertise the forum so that more people may join it. You will also need to make a considerable time commitment towards watching and participating in the game-side aspects of The North Pacific. Of course, this also means that you get to engage with the entire nation population of The North Pacific, which as you will discover is a very enjoyable experience.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Minister Hulldom

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) is responsible for international relations between TNP and the other regions of the world. The ministry conducts business off-site through the Foreign Affairs forum and subforums, as well as Embassy Row. With the advice of the Security Council, the MoFA develops the region?s foreign policy. In addition to accepting, securing, and managing embassies both in the forum and off site, MoFA appoints all ambassadors and diplomats to service those embassies and act on TNP?s behalf abroad. As an ambassador, you will be a diplomat representing The North Pacific abroad. You will be expected to deliver any materials provided to you by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Delegate, and keep an eye out for anything in your assigned region that may be of interest to The North Pacific. Of course, you will need to conduct yourself in a manner appropriate to a diplomat at all times. Being an Ambassador is a great way to get exposure to different regional cultures, meet new people, and make a name for yourself interregionally. As a result, the MoFA is always looking for volunteers to serve in the diplomatic corps.

Ministry of Media - Minister Guslantis

The Ministry of Media is responsible for publishing The Northern Light, the official newspaper of TNP, and the Northern Broadcasting Service, the official radio and YouTube channel of TNP. Its members keep the residents and citizens of TNP informed with the latest government and election news, as well as the key events going on in the other regions of the world. It also allows influential thinkers and gameplayers to share their wisdom with the region and the rest of the NS community by highlighting their advice in an easily digestible and public way through TNL. Your articles, news shows, feature series, podcasts, and other productions should be factual in nature, and include relevant and interesting analysis. You can expect that your productions will be edited by senior Editorial Staff. This is done because your productions will be representing the views of the Government of The North Pacific, and also as a learning experience for newer writers.

Ministry of Culture - Minister Guslantis

The Ministry of Culture is in charge of keeping members of The North Pacific in high spirits and making sure that they have things to do. The ministry works with RP mods to maintain TNP national role-play on the forum and organizes events for both in TNP and outside of TNP. These events keep members occupied and gives them something to look forward to doing. These events may involve other NationStates regions and working together with TNP to create an enjoyable event that many regions can enjoy.

Ministry of WA Affairs - Minister Deropia

The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs is responsible for engaging the region in WA matters through on-site communication as well as WA-related discussions. The ministry conducts business off-site through the WA affairs forum and its three subforums. The Ministry opens the voting threads for residents to cast their votes on WA proposals and also drafts Information for Voters (IFVs) telegrams that are distributed to the region. The ministry is also involved in the World Assembly Legislative League (WALL), an alliance of regions with which TNP is affiliated concerned with expanding the education of WA authors and voters and collaborative voting on key WA resolutions that involve a shared national interest. Furthermore The Ministry has a World Assembly 101 course available - covering both the General Assembly and the Security Council - to improve the knowledge base of residents within TNP. (Note: Ministry membership is not required to take the WA 101 coursework.) The ministry will aim to make the TNP forums a location where authors come to draft their resolutions, and in order to encourage such efforts, ministry members are encouraged to offer constructive criticism and other feedback on these drafts.

Ministry of Cards - Minister Card Kingdom

The Ministry of Cards is responsible for promoting trading cards within TNP, and helping traders in the region with their collections. Most of the ministry's activities take place through the Cards Guild, so please take a look there for additional information.

How do I join?

Glad to see that you decided to join! Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Meet the requirements. There are only two and very simple requirements. First, you need to have a nation in The North Pacific. Second, you need to have an account registered in this forum. And that's all.

Step 2: Make sure to read the second part of this post. There, you will find detailed descriptions of the various jobs available within each Ministry. By consulting those, you can decide which Ministry interests you the most.

Step 3: Fill out an application and post it in Linkthis thread.

How do I show off that I am in the Executive Staff?

Excellent question! All members of the Executive Staff get to display cool banners in their signatures, depending on which Ministry or Ministries they are a member of. If you are a member of multiple Ministries, you are strongly encouraged to use the small versions of the banners. These banners can be found Linkhere.

Are there other ways to get involved in the Government?

We strongly encourage you to apply for citizenship. This allows you to vote in elections and stand for office. It also allows you to legislate, by taking part in the Regional Assembly. In addition to legislating, this also allows you to vote in elections and stand for office. You can look Linkhere for more details.

If you are interested in learning about the exciting aspect of the game that is military gameplay, you can join the North Pacific Army. By becoming a member, you can help protect the region and our interests abroad. You can learn more about it Linkhere.

I still have questions!

If you would like more information, feel free to contact any of the ministers (links to forum accounts in parentheses):

Minister of Home Affairs: Nimarya (forum: LinkNimarya).
Minister of Culture: Guslantis (forum: Linkbootsie).
Minister of Media: Guslantis (forum: Linkbootsie).
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Hulldom (forum: LinkHulldom).
Minister of WA Affairs: Deropia (forum: LinkDeropia).
Minister of Cards: Card Kingdom (forum: LinkRewan Demontay).
You can also contact Delegate Pallaith (forum: LinkPallaith).
If you are interested in joining the Ministry of Defense and being a soldier of the NPA, click here.

This dispatch is updated automatically on a daily basis. Please do not edit manually.

Read dispatch



Today, as of January 18, 2022, the floodwaters that had previously submerged Riobaíana, Antilia and Setesantos 2.8 meters underwater had begun to receed. It is estimated that floodwater began to receed back to the ocean two days after hurricane João made landfall on the three cities, and that the water volume has been decreasing by 12.6 mililiters per hour.

The operation in Setesantos has been largely successful, due to the city being located on an elevated stretch of coast, as of now, 45 survivors has been successfully extracted.


Zazumo wrote:Yo!

Senpai noticed me

Cereskia 2 wrote:Zdravo!

You’re like, obsessed, with us.

The Drake Camper of Cereskia 2

Mcmasterdonia wrote:You’re like, obsessed, with us.

Do I?


The Republic of Monroe State


Third 3rd Skyclan republic

The Federal Government of Monroe has taken notice of the current political violence occurring in the nation of Berkia. the President has met with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Military Council to discuss possible military measures. No word has come from Capital Hill.


Cereskia 2 wrote:Do I?

Clearly. Just move back.

The Chess Federation of Lemsrow

Weird. My 5th Grade Teacher is an anime artist now, and I’m only in 6th Grade.

Things change :0

The Imperial Realm of Gothgraff and Lilium

I sold my soul to the devil

The Pacifist Dominion of The Canadian Peoples Republic

Gothgraff and Lilium wrote:I sold my soul to the devil

Very cool. Hope it works out for you!



The Artifice of Eternity of Hulldom

The Canadian Peoples Republic wrote:Very cool. Hope it works out for you!

Maybe he played the violin and he just wants to capture the beauty of what was played like Tartini couldn’t.

The German Goose of Msje

Does anyone here have an impending sense of doom that we’ll all die from giant ducks?


somewhere in capital zone:

councilman sutusdo, one of the 10 men in control of sunsuro, was speaking to military research minister katshisu regarding project invictus.

"with all due respect, councilman, space technology takes years to develop, and it's only been a year since development began. we still have research the terminal velocity needed to hit a land-based target, and the tracking and satellites needed to control the cannon."

sutusdo nodded, leaning back and lighting a cigarette. "yes. i understand, and what of project vendetta?"

"it's going well. the new rifles ammunition is capable of tearing through type c level armor. we just need to regulate the kick of the gun, maybe even add a built-in muzzle brake from the .50cal."

"good. thank you for your time, katshisu."

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