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Defeated, annexed and systematically fumigated in the name of human decency for the good of all people.

Refounded and secured on December 16, 2015 by the Benevolent Empire.


From the Archives - March 2013

*Puff* Smoked like a Spliff after only 33 days by THE RED FLEET

"Itís liberty or itís death. Itís freedom for everybody or freedom for nobody." - Malcolm X

What's cookin', Nazis? :D
Nazi brains be cookin'.

This place was a Thirty-Three Day Reich - the Fash are in meltdown.

This is now an eternal garden allotment nurtured by Mother Nature and drunken & blissed-out sailors, for we shall make the wastelands grow into a land of plenty, of organic vegetables & 'herbs' while brewing Vegetarian Real Ale in the garden shed. :D

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    Climate Justice

    FactbookOverview by Benevolent 1 . 430 reads.

Embassies: Black Angel Legion, Democracy, Greater Germany, Mercenary Army, BENEVOLENT EMPIRE, The North Baltic, and Ku Klux Klan.

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The Nazi Empire is home to a single nation.

Today's World Census Report

The Greatest Rich-Poor Divides in The Nazi Empire

Nations ranked highly have large gaps between the incomes of rich and poor citizens. Nations low on the list have high levels of income equality.

As a region, The Nazi Empire is ranked 14,363rd in the world for Greatest Rich-Poor Divides.

1.The Human-Grey Hybrid Curator of Benevolent 52Moralistic Democracy“We're telling you the future of your planet is at stake”

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The Nazi Empire Regional Message Board


The Human-Grey Hybrid Curator of Benevolent 52

This region is, seriously.... a scalp nailed to the wall, unlike our usual refounded regions. Nazis are the lowest of the low and this region is now dead.

The Human-Grey Hybrid Curator of Benevolent 52

We are an original member region and prisoner of the BENEVOLENT EMPIRE.

The Human-Grey Hybrid Curator of Benevolent 52

This is the voice of Benevolent Empire

Attention Humankind.

The Earth is currently experiencing a high level extinction event. This is being caused for the most part by your species.

Your planet's oceans are dying which is leading to a reduction in the diversification of species. This is destroying the naturally occurring ecological balance of the planet.

Mankind's selfish and short sighted decisions concerning pollution and over-population is the root cause for this impending disaster.

Unnatural climate changes are real and are being caused by human activities. A tipping point is close at hand.

Humans must address this issue now. We will intercede if you do not heed our warning.

You must care or your own species will not be spared.

The Human-Grey Hybrid Curator of Benevolent 52

Nations joining regions of the Benevolent Empire must check in on the specific RMB when entering any of these member regions. Nations failing to do so will be expelled.

The Human-Grey Hybrid Curator of Benevolent 52

An analysis of any potential hostile nations in residency in all regions of the BENEVOLENT EMPIRE will begin in a short time interval. Appropriate defensive actions should be expected.

The Human-Grey Hybrid Curator of Benevolent 52

BENEVOLENT EMPIRE is proud to announce a merger with the CELESTIAL EMPIRE .

We have taken them in a peaceful way under our larger wing and we now travel the universe together on our shared mission. A greater peace to all living peaceful beings.

Destructive lifeforms will be treated as hostiles and may be eliminated if reaching a predetermined threshold of harm to the greater peace and well being of other life forms in their shared habitat.

The Human-Grey Hybrid Curator of Benevolent 52

Nasty Nazi region.

The Human-Grey Hybrid Curator of Benevolent 52

Eugenics have been banned in all BENEVOLENT EMPIRE regions. Naturally conceived sentient beings cannot coexist in a society where others have been genetically engineered for perfection. We will respond to any violations with a Level 1 solution. This is official notification.

The Human-Grey Hybrid Curator of Benevolent 52

The Benevolent does not recognize zombies as sentient lifeforms.

The Human-Grey Hybrid Curator of Benevolent 52

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