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Post self-deleted by New Makasta.

The Armed Republic of Paleocacher

Office of the Paleocacherian Secret Service, East Coast Counterintelligence Division, Liberty City, Paleocacher
"Everyone please welcome the new Deputy Director of the Agency, John O'Mahoney. He is here to take charge of the Liberty City Field Office and we will be giving him a summary of our ongoing operations before we proceed to our daily briefing."

"We have a team in Chicajun monitoring a female Zloveschiyan agent who has been buying rounds of drinks for crewmembers of the FPS Míol Mór at bars around the naval base. The motivation for these incidents is unknown but likely aimed at getting aboard the ship or getting confidential information on its systems.

A Gjorkan lawyer whose firm has an office in this country has made eleven trips to Liberty City in the past six months. On each occasion he stops at a coffee bar in the Bonahan District near the airport. Seven of his eleven visits have been preceded by data breaches at companies in the city including TransContinental Transport and Lumen Telecommunications. We suspect this lawyer is picking up flash drives of confidential corporate information and flying it out of the country and selling it to corporate clients within Gjorka and other countries. We are liasing with the BFS to identify the hacker then once we have the identity of the domestic accomplices we will move in on them both."

"On the Creeperian front we have two operations ongoing. The first one is minor surveillance, Patriotism and Immigration has flagged two entries into the country within the past ninety days as potential DINA operatives. One businessmen with a six month corporate visa and one single college student with a sixty day tourist visa. Both have itineraries that can best be described as eclectic. Although the student entered in Chicajun he has been here in Liberty City for the past twelve days. We have nothing to suggest that either poses a threat, most likely, Paleocacher was chosen as an option for training and basic intelligence gathering on the Creeperian exile population here. We will have teams watch both of them when we have the spare manpower.

Our primary objective at this time and the focus of much of our manpower is the identification of the DINA operative within the Creeperian Consulate in Liberty City. We have conclusive evidence that a Paleocacherian citizen who works as a local employee for the Creeperian Consulate is passing information back and forth between a DINA operative and his sister-in-law who works for the Aldernen State Tax Authority. The two Paleocacherians and the unidentified Creeperian agent have been using their positions to import Creeperian goods into the country around several tariff and customs regulations.

For instance, Paleocacherian law requires imported minerals such as lithium be mined in humane conditions. In Creeperopolis, several lithium mines employ forced labor and other illegal methods to obtain their product. The woman at the tax authority and the unidentified DINA agent have been forging documents on shipments of lithium to make them appear legal. They have been doing this for a variety of imports and exports including shipments of Figueroa firearms and Paleocacherian exports of Renward airplanes to Creeperopolis. Our teams have been engaged in 24/7 electronic and physical surveillance of both Paleocacherian suspects, but the Creeperian consulate has eleven staff. We've ruled out three but that still leaves eight possible suspects. As soon as we have a solid lead, we'll be able to arrest all of them and shut the trafficking operations down."

"Thank you for the briefings gentlemen. Good luck on the DINA case, knowing them its entirely possible that all eleven staff of the Consulate work for them."

The Holy Traditionalist Empire of Creeperopolis

Paleocacher wrote:Our teams have been engaged in 24/7 electronic and physical surveillance of both Paleocacherian suspects, but the Creeperian consulate has eleven staff. We've ruled out three but that still leaves eight possible suspects. As soon as we have a solid lead, we'll be able to arrest all of them and shut the trafficking operations down."

paleocacher arrests dina agent

james fulkerson mysteriously disappears the next week

#NewArrivals guy posts a selfie of a man that looks suspiciously like fulkerson the next day


The Serene State of Quebecshire

The Kingdom of Salisford

Quebecshire wrote:Salisford and I were here

And that’s why I fight for you, NationStates!

The Armed Republic of Paleocacher

Offices of El Faro Newspaper, Liberty City, Paleocacher

"Thanks for the input Juan, we'll run with the article on the Flanagan Family's connection to Mara Salvatrucha on Friday. Goodbye." Orlando Hernández Alvarado hung up his phone and turned around in his chair to look out the window. As he sat there he pondered his newspaper's efforts to educate the global populace about the oppressive actions of the Creeperian regime. He had over 400,000 subscribers and more than a four million people from eleven countries read his articles weekly, yet, it seemed as though he was but a drop in the bucket compared to how much propaganda the government back home put out.

Shaking his head he checked his watch. Hitting a button on his phone he asked for his car to be brought to the building's lobby so he could be driven into the city center for a lunch meeting with an editor for the Liberty City Post-Dispatch. As he entered the town car in the loading zone he took brief notice of an odd blue and white striped motorcycle. "What an interesting color that bike has," he remarked to his regular driver as they pulled away. The motorcycle was going the same way they were, it crossed the Midtown bridge alongside them and then pulled away once they got downtown.

As Hernández Alvarado arrived at his meeting, something kept nagging at the back of his head, a strange sense of foreboding. Odd, surely he was safe here in one of Paleocacher's premier cities.

The Republic of DragonBorn Clan

Zloveshchiy wrote:Tonight on Zloveshchiyan news, a naked man is running around screaming bloody murder while holding some sort of alcoholic beverage on the streets of Preispodnyaya. The police are trying to apprehend him on foot, but a couple of policemen have slipped on alcoholic beverage that leaked out of the bottle to the floor.

Will the Crazy Man be stopped? Find out next time on Zloveshchiyan News.

I'll get my channeling 1 trident. Should just knock him out.

The Republic of DragonBorn Clan

Hey guys, A certain leader cough cough Putin cough cough. tried to nuke my capital and ,y cultural island because I may or may not be the main hub for humanitarian and defense aid being shipped to Ukraine from the NationStates universe. Both attacks failed and both nuked didn't dedanate because the missiles slammed into the energy shields sourounding both locations. How should I respond to this??? No seriously though, how should I respond to an attack on my people.

The United Socialist States of Zloveshchiy

Zloveshchiyan News Reports

Last night, the Crazy Man that was running around screaming while naked somehow managed to get in a car and started driving with it, causing more chaos on the streets of Preispodnyaya.

The Police Force chased the man on the busy roads of Preispodnyaya in police vehicles, causing panic and confusion on the roads as the Crazy Man miraculously managed to maneuver his car to not crash into any civilian cars that were in his ways. The police vehicles at the time had some trouble getting to him, but there was an incident where the Crazy Man threw out his alcoholic beverage that somehow had been turned into a molotov cocktail onto the chasing police vehicles, causing a few to crash, with one even hitting on a unlucky car that was caught in the crossfire. Luckily, the police only suffered minor injuries from the incident, with the civilian driver being uninjured from the event.

The Crazy Man was already been captured and taken to custody after a few hours when the Crazy Man crashed his car onto an unsuspecting car, flipping it over the various cars before landing hard back down. He suffered various injuries to his body, but none too severe.

Today, his sentence is already decided that he will spend 5 years in prison for causing havoc and harm, as well as property damage and endangerment of innocent people for his reckless driving.

Stay tune for more Zloveshchiyan News.

The Holy Traditionalist Empire of Creeperopolis

9 May 2022

Fearann Administrative Region

"El Garrobo" drove off of Grange Road on his blue and white striped 2005 Azavedo Rapido. He pulled onto an adjacent road and spoke into his earpiece radio, "Tres, cuatro, seis, ocho, seis, Lorenzo. The same as the two previous times and at around the same time as usual for his lunch break." On the other end, "El Ciudadano" acknowledged the message and wrote it down into a small notepad. He replied, "Did anyone join him other than his driver?", to which "El Garrobo" responded, "Negative." "El Garrobo" drove back to his hotel and then left to visit the Liberty City Municipal Aquarium. "El Ciudadano" put away the notepad in a hidden compartment in his desk and he left to meet the consul general, other administrative staff, and representatives of local Paleocacherian gyms to promote physical fitness and exercise to Creeperans living in Liberty City.


The Empire of Morosharia

Hello, guys! Where do you get that news from?

The 4th Federation of The Switz

The United Peoples Democratic RE of New Makasta

Manually card farming is pain it is my bain

The Serene State of Quebecshire

Morosharia wrote:Hello, guys! Where do you get that news from?

They write them as part of the regional roleplay

Liechtenstein 1

The Empire of Morosharia

Thanks for the explanation! And today I also have good news on NS (although not in the framework of a role-playing game).
I had the question of creating a nobility today. Apparently, this question was the key one, because when I answered it with a refusal, the economy of Morosharia grew immediately by 46% and ceased to be fragile. People's well-being, life expectancy and incomes, as well as industry, have also grown significantly.
I am very pleased with such positive changes))


The Serene State of Quebecshire

Ovlandia wrote:ello.

Welcome! How are you today?


Quebecshire wrote:Welcome! How are you today?

Very good.

The Serene State of Quebecshire

Ovlandia wrote:Very good.

That's good! Welcome to the region. Do you have any questions?


Quebecshire wrote:That's good! Welcome to the region. Do you have any questions?

How to change Flag?

The Serene State of Quebecshire

Ovlandia wrote:How to change Flag?

The settings page.


Quebecshire wrote:The settings page.

Thanks...!,Btw Where is...The Leagues Emblem?,I want to put it In my flag :)

The Federation of Missouri Empire1

I will never collapse.


Ovlandia wrote:Thanks...!,Btw Where is...The Leagues Emblem?,I want to put it In my flag :)

Any links?

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