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~Welcome to the Hole To Hide In! ~
Founded September 4th, 2017 | Featured October 13th, 2021

Whether you're a role player looking for a trustworthy and active community, or just wanting a place to chill, THTHI is the place for you! A region of modern tech, THTHI is full of tanks and graphic artists to make your dreams come true. Once you join, you'll never leave after coming to love our little nutcracker community!

All embassy requests will be rejected unless you review the Embassy Policy and fill out an Embassy Request Application.

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Embassies: The East Pacific, 10000 Islands, The Bar on the corner of every region, The Union of Democratic States, Rogue CONclave, the Rejected Realms, Singapore, Greater Dienstad, and A Hole To Hide In.

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The Hole To Hide In contains 108 nations, the 261st most in the world.

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The Lowest Crime Rates in The Hole To Hide In

World Census agents attempted to lure citizens into committing various crimes in order to test the reluctance of citizens to break the law.

As a region, The Hole To Hide In is ranked 2,406th in the world for Lowest Crime Rates.

1.The I lost my cat of Novaya EquestriaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“i lost my cat”
2.The Federation of Federation of AfricaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“How did I get here?”
3.The Ayarate of MurotaniaPsychotic Dictatorship“Viré ülem ta Murotánem | Long live Murotania”
4.The Federal Republic of KemonomicaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“A shark flows with a small stream”
5.The Democratic Capitalism of South EasthernCapitalist Paradise“Power to the people”
6.The KINGDOM of Central MilitaryAuthoritarian Democracy“HINE”
7.The Republic of Empire of GoraDemocratic Socialists“Hail Gora”
8.The Abov Voytsestria of EtriusInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Remain polite and remain armed”
9.The Communist Paradise of Sllew EgdirbnutIron Fist Consumerists“Do Doubt Not Well”
10.The Republic of KynthesDemocratic Socialists“The Republic Prevails!”
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The Eternal Exodus of Anarchan Free Territories

RP: Memories of a Lich King and his father.

Lich King Varix reflected on his memories, he recalls that he was a prisoner because his father was a ‘tyrant’ whilst it was ambitious noblemen and clergymen who were twisting his orders and used that as a reason that he was imprisoned by them, and so he done a ritual that turn him into the Lich King he is today whilst he was imprisoned. He recalls that he got his revenge, but went a little overboard with resurrecting the dead of peasants, merchants, and minor noble families. He turned some of said peasants, merchants, and minor noble families to revenants, undead with intelligence and free will so that they won’t die when Varix’s phylactery is destroyed, but the mindless undead will and some of these mindless are from the same families as the revenants, so he seeks to systematically turn them into revenants so to soothe the pain of being undead corpses to a new people.

And you’d think he’d be wholly evil and seek nothing but to kill off the entire world.

The I lost my cat of Novaya Equestria

Earthquake Time

Last night, an earthquake, magnitude 7.6, had been reported. Apparently coming from Aluro, the earthquake can be felt by many, even some neighboring nations. Grand Marshal Borealis III, who felt the earthquake while he was with family back in Ampayon. "Actually, this was the first time I felt an earthquake of this magnitude," he said to the reporter, "it's also strong in terms of force." Many others commented the same thing in their own words.

Already, Novayan military, government and civilian groups began to mobilize their resources, equipment and manpower to assist in the earthquake-struck region. Aftershocks could be felt afterwards, however.

The Matriarchy of Agloolik

RP: Island People, Island Things
Many of Agloolik's nuclear container ships are reaching the end of life, and the cost to maintain them is too much, so they must be decommissioned and scrapped. This has raised a burning question on the future of Economic Globalization in the country due to the immense hoops the nation has to jump through to get products moving, so much so that they often use foreign proxies for trade and send the money back home.

Some local groups (Especially the west coast) are thankful for the remoteness, praising the nation's food self-sufficiency and energy self-sufficiency (Which they had no choice about really). A think tank was created for a contingency of closed-economic prosperity and allocated a large sum of computing and research budget to speculate on this and draw up a playbook to survive such a thing in a rapidly changing and chaotic world like this, citing the utmost importance of such a playbook because of the recent economic crash. Luckily, the group had plenty of available technology, which made such a plan easier. The nation was well known for inventing after all, but inspecting the data, the think tank speculates that expanding the well-developed Autofabricators in their recycling ability may be essential; warehouses full of spools and ingots of necessary components exist, but if recycling skill and advancements are created, the system could sustain itself longer without cracking open the deep storage and using up spools of precious elements; furthermore, a key prospect may be to balance the people's expectations as this could lead to a drastic change of lifestyle that is strictly non-consumerist like in the past. A portion of the budget went to these tasks.

KAIA's Quantum Computing cluster has reached 3,355,169 Qubits. Much of the program lately has been working on MAGE and revival and modernization of Paleolithic humans; the key was creating a large enough variety from small samples and extrapolating to create a population that could sustain itself indefinitely and not all be clones. Gradually, the program expects to expand the Qubit count to ~5 million and maybe shoot for the billions once manufacturing costs decrease for these technologies. The Scientists at KAIA's laboratory were having a great time racing the developments in NE Iqaluit. However, they didn't have decades to wait, so they expected many of the firstborns would be created in Vats, which was less than savoury, but vowed that this would only take place during the beginning to get the project rolling.

Culture Items
Golden Inukshuk - A pure gold Inukshuk has been installed outside the Parliamentary building. It is the same symbol and shape on the national flag and stands 3 m tall.
Historical Totems - The Agloolik economy had made its way through Aluminum manufacturing and processing. To honour this, a series of Totems that contain vast swathes of history are being created and put in a memorial as an immortal story.
Mobilization: Technocracy - A book written by Agloolik's former prime minister of the Technoliberal Association about rallying a nation for scientific output, like how a nation could be mobilized for war.

The Commonwealth of The Distanic Confederacy

RP-Joint Production
Things have been going steadily well between the 2 Confederacies, The Distanic Confederacy and the Tze Confederacy. With the Completed construction of the fabrication facility and the connected areas, the production of H&L armaments and exoframes has started allowing for their military to better acquire the rifles and their industry to benefit from Distanic Exoframes.

The Golden Colony of Amberleaf

RP | Damning Revelation

Vilight was the position denoting the head of state in Amberleaf, traditionally occupied by a Drone, currently by Feylar. While the Vilight held some powers, their purpose was mostly to be the representational individual for Amberleaf. The head of government was the Minister-Minister, currently Ketiras, who ruled the Amber Ministry. Over the years the Vilight had been mostly reduced by the Ministry to a background figurehead. While public appearances of Vilight Feylar had been reducing greatly in recent years, he had been increasingly more active privately. With a weakening of the patronizing force of the Ministers, Feylar had acquired a taste of agency. He had occasionally been attending progressive events, and had recently started also meeting figures of the new pacifist movement.

Since having been given outside validation and confidence to forming himself an own opinion, Feylar had began slowly retaking some agency within the Ministry, showing more defiant and difficult to deal with. He had full access to Ministry agendas. There was some disgruntelment by certain factions of the Populus that protested the Ministry's intransparancy. Feylar had used this power to openly leak secret Ministry-internal information to the Amberlevian public.

Firstly was the joint plan of the High Ministry and the military command to start an intentional war with TSS, using Etrius as a tool, with the goal of justifying the military's privileges and powers, and to unite the fracturing Amberleaf by creating an external threat. The second pack of revelations was that Baltocarpathia and Federation of Africa had been engaged in Sapient trafficking, and with Aquitinia of all horrors.

The Amberlevian public felt doubly betrayed. The Ministry's public approval, which had been conflicting before, crashed to a new low. It tried to secretly coax the nation into war, without any say of the public, and it had hidden the sinful actions of Amberleaf's supposed allies. Confidence in Baltocarpathia, which had been waning but still ok-ish, was now shattered. And view of the Federation of Africa would also never be the same. And who knew what taboos Ribbonia might be up to. There were large protests, mainly in the capital of Silvercinder, demanding a variety of things. The replacement of Ministry and military leadership, the transparentization and democratization of both, and the reevaluation of Amberleaf's allies. Straylight Bloom should either be dissolved, or a standard of decency implemented, and any indecent members removed.

Conflict was emerging within the Ministry. The Vilight had for the first time used his forgotten power to review and disapprove and block the Ministers' agendas. Upon realization, the Ministers swiftly made a motion to revoke the power of the Vilight to singlehandedly repeal the Ministry's policies. The policy change was repealed by the Vilight. In the second attempt the High Ministers went about it more cleverly, hiding the policy change inside a large document of other bureaucratic executive motions. But since Feylar had had to deal with this collection of capricious women his entire life, he was very aware of their shenanigans, and announced to block "any document way too convoluted". The Amber Ministry was experiencing an internal blockade.

The Eternal Exodus of Anarchan Free Territories

RP: Slow and growling process of Revenantization and the formation of the Shadow Guard

Lich King Varix started his first ritual of Revenantization, he had Skeletons surround a small group of Ghouls that were both related to the skeletons by blood to atleast give the ghouls back some of their memories, but it only ended with a select few of the Ghouls actually becoming Revenants due to some of them being directly knowing the skeletons their prior lives, some were teens that have a tendency to sneak around and ambush skeletons, perfect for agents of his own, and so he formed the currently small agency known as the Shadow Guard who’ll defend the Lich King’s people from the Shadows along with other nations people’s if they would have them.

The Averius Socialist Republics of Averius

RP: Averius Film Industry Seeks expansion into International Markets

The Averius film industry has begun seeking to enter the international markets. The average film price is about $20 per video. Physical and digital copies are available for purchase. Streaming services worldwide are being offered exclusive streaming rights within national boundaries for reasonable licensing costs.

The Matriarchy of Agloolik

RP: Agloolik Stuff

Photobioreactor & Algaculture
Agloolik has been doing some open cultivation in the seas but wants to expand closed system culturing of microalgae, cyanobacteria, and some mosses for various purposes such as pharmaceuticals, biofuels, Bioplastics, food, and feed for aquaculture.
Configurations: Tubular photobioreactors, Christmas tree photobioreactor, Plate photobioreactor, Flat Panel Airlift photobioreactor (FPA), Horizontal photobioreactor
Methods: Foil photobioreactor, Porous substrate bioreactor (Most popular)

Liquid Trees are to be placed in dense urban areas to clean carbon, but also as a stylistic item of large green liquid objects with the added bonus of producing useful materials. Some laboratories are converting the algae into various products.

Medical Things
Biohybrid microswimmers and Nanocarriers - Targetted drug delivery has become an interest point for expanding on cancer treatments, regenratives medicine, and cures which traditionally does not get much attention from Cetacea researches as whales do not get cancer. But with some more humans on the island a need to expand capabilities was developed upon that didn't rely on the Medicytes platform. Another project is an approved Respirocyte injection for athletes and Soldiers an artificial red blood cell capable of transporting/holding 235x more oxygen and releasing it in a precision manner and their market companion white blood cell the microbivore.
Memory Editing - Controversial trials of memory editting to treat people with severe PTSD with the ability to implant memories, edit memories or remove them.
Inferential programming - Describing the program and letting the cloud computing cluster assistant program for you.

Other Things
Seagrass Meadows & Kelp Forests- A common occurrence beneath the waves, the cetacea can live underwater so they actively cultivate these and some have become nature preserves or underwater gardens.
Synthetic diamond production without CVD - Diamond mechanosynthesis, and a diamond forest art project with trees made from atmospheric pollution captured diamonds.
Chitin-cellulose composite - An eco-friendly locally sourced plastic packaging alternative (For self sufficiency).

The Prussian Realm of Baltocarpathia

RP New Years in Prussia
The celebrations begin nearly a day in advance with people gathering in the tens of thousands to set up camp for the fireworks display set to go off at the turn of the year. The capital seems more lively than it has in years, and by the smiles on the faces of our citizens it is clear to those watching from the outside, that people are hopeful for a new year, and a new chance to grow and build in the post war world

The Third Confederation of Dze Tribes

Ckʿo x̣ḿeŋtoq ṕaaq́
Dusk of the Second Sun

Ł̣utʿtońat would stare quietly at the bowl that was brought to her once by the Ribbonians, a small gift of theirs that could make water taste of any flavour, and would focus on it for many long seconds until an expression that had not appeared in her face for many decades since would resurface then: Horror. Before then she had poured water inside the bowl and was ready to use it to change it to the desired flavour, as she had done for many decades by then without issue, but she had forgotten what flavour she wanted. A trivial thing for many, but she was of extremely sharp mind and without decay, up until then. She would remember the flavour after a while, but the sensation did not leave her that day as she continued doing her things, though she did her best to hide it from her people, succeeding...almost.

During the evening, before the sunset, she would take to a location very few people knew of, for the path was covered in shrubs and tall grasses and the way through the wold that surrounded it was full of treacherous shadows and odd shapes, leading to a hidden staircase through a mountain. After three hours, she would arrive at a grove, full of trees, with exits for lights at both sunrise and sunset, and a semi-circle of totems and urns, nine in total. The oldest had some slightly damaged features, for it was almost one hundred and seventy years old, more ancient than she, while the newest of the totems was a meek thirty. Two totems, tall and proud, stood at the outermost circle, with one representing a young warrior and another a female noble, it was her grandparents, Ł̣oq́ł̣eeq, her grandfather, died forty years before she was born fighting the Thuhaqi humans. Then came two other totems to their sides, slightly smaller and representing other warriors, her two uncles, one of whom had died when he was barely thirty in war; while the inner circle were two tall and three small...she could not bear to look at them, for it was her father, mother and siblings. Her mother, two brothers, sister, youngest uncle and grandmother had all died one fateful 2158, year in which her father had built this grove in secret for them, to grant them the ethereal safety he could never give in life.

The totems bore happy faces, many of them depicting objects the dead had before cremation, with names written in hidden corners in a script only she knew. She would clean them of the plant overgrowth, dust, and then would sit and light candles in front of each of the urns as the sun passed through the sunset arc of the grove. In that moment she stood silently, staring at the great light and her family, until the faintest of sounds broke her concentration. She would slowly stand up and turn around: it was Meta.

Tsotʿaan Ł̣utʿtońat: "You have followed me here, ¿have you not?"

Meta: "I always watch and follow you, wether you see me or not. I did not wish to think you were coming here. It has been three decades"

Tsotʿaan Ł̣utʿtońat: "It has indeed been such long time"

Meta: "There is only one reason someone like you would come to this place..." -Memories flooded the Sphynx, of seeing he whom she called a friend, a guardian, a father even, though not in front of others, visiting this location, increasingly so near the end of his life, ever weaker, ever sadder. Still with dread in her voice, she mustered the courage to finish her words- "¿ it time already?"

The once proud leader had now in this place shifted to a damaged, old lady, mourning in silence. The usual void in her eyes was ever more entrapping and terrifying, her gaze tired from the burden her entire life as been. Barely moving, the Tsotʿaan would give her answer.

Tsotʿaan Ł̣utʿtońat: "...yes. I thought it would be arriving later, but here I am now, starting to forget...starting to weaken. All my life has been built up from tragedies and my mind is not as strong as my father's, mine just wishes to go away soon, join him"

Meta: "It has barely been thirty years...¿are you sure they are ready?"

Tsotʿaan Ł̣utʿtońat: "More than I was...I will give them two years. I have prepared them as my father did with me, and they listened more than I did with him. ¿You think thirty years is too little to prepare them?"

Meta: "It is too little for me to bear with the burden that comes after. I am gifted with a life potentially tens of times larger than has not been enough time for me yet. I was not ready for your father's passing, I will not be ready for yours"

Tsotʿaan Ł̣utʿtońat: "Perhaps not, perhaps will have some time to reconcile with it, for unlike my father, I have no more reason to silently struggle, I am too tired as is"

Meta: "We shall see..."

As the two then gazed again at the grove and the last rays of the sun before it sank below the steppe, the Tsotʿaan would make way for her home, while Meta remained, staring in silence.

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