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Republique de regina

Regina Republic
The Regina Republic, commonly known as Saskatchewa, is a large archipelagic country in Southern Garaile, with cold and beautiful views of the Aurora Beaurealis during the night and winter, and warm and hot atmosphere during summer, Regina's Northern Island Territories Provinces, are commonly a tourist attraction during winter, where you can travel between island and island on snow mobiles, and other vehicles on the solid ice.
Chienne, the capital, and autonomous special provincial region, has many spectacles, like the CN Tower, as well as multiple national monument to comemorate the coumtry's Participation in both GW1 and GW2
Come visit Regina Republic today!

The Kingdom of Quiameth

Constitution Approved

In a speech to the people today, King Aweida confirmed that the new constitution of Quiameth has been officially adopted and remains in effect as of now. Preparations are being made to hold elections while a caretaker government will be formed soon in the meantime.


Quiameth wrote:Reports from anonymous sources in the Quiamethian Royal Navy indicate a rise in tensions between Quiamethian fishermen and commerical fishing boats from Thespasia in their territorial waters. The source clarified that the Royal Navy were given strict orders not to enter territorial waters but warned that "foreign" fishermen have harrased and been harrassed by Quiamethian fishers. When asked if the Kingdom of Quiameth taught their citizens about the rules of Exclusive Economic Zones the source said that not even many naval officers were aware of the concept. The source has revealed this information because "No one listens. I fear how this might escalate and no one is saying anything to the top brass or the fishermen. I fear for their safety."

Independent Reporting From The Quiamethian Development Watchdog

A small contingent of patrol boats has been added to the already existing patrol fleet in Thespian Anatolia in order to secure borders and to deter aggression. A diplomatic delegation has also been prepared to be sent to Quiameth in order to observe Quiamethan fishing practices, in order to make more informed policy decisions as to deal with this matter in a sensitive and efficient manner. The delegation has also been charged with the duty of educating local communities near the Anatolian border of the restrictions surrounding fishing in their regions, in order to minimize and mitigate the risk of conflict arising from misunderstandings. To this end, the local administrative authority in Anatolia has beseeches the Quiamethan government for permission to allow the delegation to travel freely within Quiameth, and requests the provision of a diplomatic escort or a proof of authority, so that the delegation may complete their duties without the risk of conflict.

The Naval Arm of the Thespian Armed Forces has also extended an invitation to the Quiamethan Royal Navy to perform a series of training exercises around the region, in order to be better prepared to deal with mutual threats. Thespasia recognises the long and storied history of the Quiamethan Royal Navy, and would thus like to facilitate a short exchange between our armed forces to bring closer the ties between our nations.


Sarayevka wrote:Rostec invites Dongerlandian, Eluthanian, LS Defense Contractors & More to new Stealth Fighter Development Program
The main Imperial Russian Military Contractor, Rostec, has contacted its counterparts in Dongerland, Eluthania, Belorevaya and LS inquiring if they would be interested in creating a new stealth fighter program. Rostec has already received approval and preliminary funding from the Russian Ministry of War, and now seeks additional partners to diversify design ideas and potentially increase funding and future customers.

ooc: would you be willing to collab on this? also could i get observer status within the holy alliance?

The Federal Republic of Philmuza

Quiameth wrote:Constitution Approved

Foreign Affairs

The Philmuzan Government would like to congratulate The Kingdom of Quiameth for adopting the new constitution.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs stated that Philmuza is ready to cooperate to the new government of Quiameth.

The Tsardom of Sarayevka

Resource Prospectors Allowed to Survey Befasia
His Majesties Government has started to allow civilian contractors to survey the region around Russian Military bases in Befasia for useful materials.

The Federal Republic of Minoriya

Winds of Change

Annexation of Europan Union and Thespasia

The Situation
The Europan Union and Thespasia have both sent secret delegations to the land of Westfallia. Although what happens next is secret to the outsiders of the Governments, a storm is brewing up in there.

The Government’s Response

President Altair has accepted the meeting request from both sides, and arranged for a preliminary hearing in the Westfallia Grand Hotel, Room 101.

“To begin with, we’re in a state of peaceful prosperity. Let’s not beat around the bushes; we will be having a Election 15 days later, and the results of said election will determine the fate of Westfallia for the foreseeable 5 years. Impress me with reasons for why we should have enhanced cooperation with you, and we can convince the voters to vote for us to continue said prosperity.”

The Overview
The current popularity vote is of the following:
With a confidence of 95%;
Democratic Party of Westfallia 37.72% - 40.14% (incumbent)
A party that values prosperity and will preserve the status quo. Although they’re progressive in terms of social policies, they will keep the interest of corporates mainly in economic terms, and this has raised uncertainties in their re-election.

Westfallia Futures 25.83% - 30.15%
A party that values progress and will break the status quo if needed. Although their rashness have angered some of the older populations, younger generations support them.

Westfallia First 17.72% - 20.55%
A new party that despises foreign intervention and believes that Westfallia should determine their own destiny. It’s patriot-arousing speech have took supporters from the incumbents and their main opponents.

+3 other parties with less than 5% popularity vote

If a party obtains more than 50% of the popularity in the election, it will form a singular government; otherwise a coalition government will be formed and will affect the results of the talks greatly.

The Fourth Fatherland Empire of Meridionalis Lettonia

Edition of the Vindelicorum Tribunal For Mensis Iunii XI, 38 C.R

A Second Chance For Women In The Military

Given The Empire's history of ultra-conservatism, women in the military has always been a tertiary concern to the population. Women have rarely expressed interest in military service, viewing it as a masculine requirement and career for decades now. Never outlawed or forbidden, women just never really joined the military, and never really admired women in foreign countries who did. According to some:

"Putting myself in danger, doing my husband's job, is just not very appealing,"

However, despite the lack of interest, recent government sponsored initiatives to try and draw in young, female, patriotic recruits to avoid foreign nations believing they are oppressing the female population by not allowing them to serve. However, these initiatives have faced backlash from radicals and most of the population, who simply care not, and believe the Empire is infringing upon their individual liberties, by pressing the issue upon them. For decades, especially since the Fourth Empire's inception in 1985, the government has employed a relatively hands off approach to governance, a major conservative trait that the people adore. The approach is that as long as the people follow the law, pay their taxes, and don't go against its rule (treason), then the government will leave them alone. Despite being ranked as the most authoritarian nation in Diyar on the Democracy Index, and possibly by other nations in the world, the people have great freedom as long as they do their duties as citizens, and it is a belief that has taken root in the population, and they honor this trait.

These attempts to reportedly 'kiss ass' to the international community has caused national outrage, and it is likely going to do the exact opposite of what Her Imperial Majesty and the Concilium wish to achieve. It is likely in the next week or so, the government will be forced to back down by popular demand.

High Speed Rail Project Cooperation With The Europan Union

Since the adoption of military neutrality, and the downsizing the Imperial Legions budget, the Empire has found itself with more funds than normal to use for domestic projects to improve the lives of everyday Lettonians. Lettonia already boasts a highly complex and intricate interstate highway system, however, across the past decade or so, complaints regarding the slow Lettonian trains has taken greater priority. The Empress announced on Thursday the desire to begin a high speed rail project, and has cited successes in the neighboring 'nation' of Linkers Sha, and Eluthania, and desires to bring these successes to Lettonia using their common business partner, The Europan Union, and has asked for their assistance in this important project.

New Embassy Offers Opened

The Empire has offered to open and exchange diplomatic relations with the following nations:

The carpathian imperial federation
Republique de regina

Illuro Joins The Commonwealth

The neighboring, recently independent nation of Illuro has decided under the guidance of Princess Annia, to join the Lettonian Commonwealth, alongside Lettonian cilicia, Meridionalis Lettonia, Sussy town and Poggersania. This marks a greater day of national cooperation and the unity of the two states. However, an agreement has been made between Annia and Vesuvia, that Annia shall remain as head of state of Illuro, instead of adopting Vesuvia as its head of state. Poggersania when joining faced this decision, and it chose to accept it, however Vesuvia has only ceremonial powers in Poggersania as its head of state.

Lettonian and Cilician Volunteers Arrive In Qashqai

The 2,000 Lettonian volunteers, mostly professional soldiers arrived in Qashqai, joining the coalition effort to destroy, pacify and eliminate The black hills insurgency. Their objectives are to cooperate with National soldiers, Mikalan and Arabian soldiers as Cilician volunteers arrived as well, numbering 1,000.

Empress Vesuvia's Interview In Siaroon

Empress Vesuvia visited the allied nation of Siaroon the other night to partake in an interview on the talk show hosted by late night television host Sok Kelsey. In the interview, Vesuvia released insight on herself, and the basics of Lettonia to the Siaroonian populace. The questions she was asked never breached personal space, and the interview was released the following night for the world to see. Vesuvia described the nation and its people as "Some of the most pleasant people I've ever had the honor of meeting,".

Cilician Election Updates

As election day in Lettonian cilicia grows nearer, polls are releasing data regarding current popular support for candidates.

Martin Lloyd (Cilician Technocratic Union): 6%
Lincoln Samuels (Cilician Communist Party): 44%
Randall Wicks (Cilician Democratic Party): 23%
Mia Reeves (Republicans): 27%

There is increasing concerns of a communist victory, which may cause civil war and an attempt to breakaway. There is also discussions between the Democratic Party and the Republicans over forming a coalition to overtake the communists, and prevent such a thing.

End of the Edition of the Vindelicorum Tribunal For Mensis Iunii XI, 38 C.R

Post by Valquia suppressed by Doctors gnosis.

The Constitutional Monarchy of Valquia

Schedule of Admission Examination in Valquia universities

On June 20 the admission exams begin throughout the country (cycle 2022-I) the next admission exam will be in October

The Minister of Education, ATASHI ORUGAWA, recommends all students and applicants to give the best of their knowledge for the development and prosperous future of the country

The Minister of Transport has planned new diversion routes on the roads due to the agglomeration in the exams throughout the country

List of universities that will give their entrance exam on the 20th:

-Valquia National University
-University of San Marcos
-Private University of the South
-Osaki Private University
-Colonel Yutawa Sahama University
-Private University July 28
-Emperor Quin-wa University

The Kingdom of Quiameth

The Times of Quiameth
7:00 PM Local Time

King Aweida Announces Caretaker Government

King Aweida has announced his caretaker government which will handle the duties of state until first elections are completed and the Hale ʻAhaʻolelo Makaʻainana (Quiamethian Legislature) has been formed.

The following ministers are:

Minister of Defense: General Ka’eo Kekuaokalani
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Minister Bolade Akerele
Minister of Development: Minister Cloris Mobo

These are the same Ministers who previously served as His Majesty's Provisional Ministers during the Constitutional Convention.

During his announcement, King Aweida said, "Our new government will care for and serve all Quiamethians on Vetem, all of our citizens will be governed regardless of distance or location, I am committed to this. No one will be left behind." One of our reporters asked the King to clarify if "All Quiamethians on Vetem" included those living in foreign territories. The King nor his office have given any comments.

The Icyland of Hopingland

Creation of DIFRO(Diyar international fusion research organization)
We are proud to announce the start of the DIFRO proyect, which will not only research nuclear fusion energy but its main goal will be to create a fusion reactor that manages to actually generate a net energy gain, every nation is invited to take part in it, the proyect will be held in the city of Snowlster

The Primarchy of Savoril

Ascoobis wrote:Ascoobian Central News

Island Fever

The appearance of a mysterious virus on the island nation of Savoril has alarmed much of the international community. All travel to the country by private citizens between the two countries has been banned by the Department of Foreign Affairs. However, Generalissimo Nicholas Reyno has taken emergency measures to assign virologists to contribute to the global effort to contain this virulent threat, as an outbreak would greatly harm international trade which all economies are dependent on.

Civil War Reenactment Horror!

A yearly reenactment of the famous Battle of Lake Trigon, turning point of the 1920-1931 Ascoobian Civil War, went terribly wrong. In what is now being investigated as act of negligence, a live high-explosive shell to be loaded into a 150mm Howitzer loaned from Ascubi's Armor Museum, rather than the intended blank charge. The over one-hundred year-old cannon misfired and the ancient shell exploded in the barrel from the firing attempt, killing the loaders and injuring numerous other reenactors. Forcing an emergency deployment of Ascoobian Army medical helicopters and personnel to the remote, mountainous trail. So far 11 are dead and 26 others injured, 5 remain in critical condition as of now. The Veterans Historical Society has put an end to all reenactments for the next 6 months as to evaluate safety procedures and prevent future tragedy and loss, both in human lives and irreplaceable historical relics.

Savoril has begun to welcome any assistance that fellow UN nations are willing to give the tiny island nation. Primarch Elian has addressed the situation to the people of Savoril, calling for unity and cooperation, not chaos and suspicion. The state has begun intensive medical research in order to find a way to combat the virus

The Unified Monarchy of Empire of Serikai

Tennemagma wrote:Names for the 2022 Cyclone Season Released

The Tennemagman National Weather Service has officially published the 23 name list for the 2022 Enthasa Sea Cyclone Season. The names alternate alphabetically from A-Z, except for the letters Q and U. The names alternate between male and female as well, which was the readopted strategy following 1980. The naming list is as follow:

  • Anna

  • Ben

  • Charlotte

  • Deacon

  • Ella

  • Francis

  • Grace

  • Hunter

  • Ivy

  • Josiah

  • Kylie

  • Lincoln

  • Mariana

  • Nathan

  • Olive

  • Pierre

  • Rosaline

  • Spencer

  • Taylor

  • Vincenzo

  • Willow

  • Yisroel

  • Zara

Cyclone Prediction Report (CPR) Released

The CPR is a report issued every year regarding the predictions by warning centers over how many tropical cyclones can be expected from this season. The report stated the average from 1970 to 2021 demonstrated 18 named storms, 10 hurricanes/cyclones and 5-6 major hurricanes/cyclones. The record breaking season of 2017 saw 25 named storms develop, 16 hurricanes and 8 major hurricanes, in contrast to the 2020 season, the most inactive cyclone season, with 5 named storms, 1 hurricane and 0 major hurricanes. Several agencies released data regarding their findings.

Tennemagma National Weather Service predicts: 21 named storms, 11 hurricanes, and 3 major hurricanes. The Service calls for Mikal, Cilicia and Tennemagma as especially high risk areas.

Cilicia Commonwealth Weather Program predicts: 18 named storms, 7 hurricanes and 4 major hurricanes.

Lettonian Sovereign Base Campanius predicts: 19 named storms, 11 hurricanes and 5 major hurricanes.

In general, Mikal, Tennemagma, Cilicia, and Serikai were highlighted as particularly high risk environments.

The Imperial Senate begins preparations for military and civilian evacuation in case of a storm, calling for residents of its port towns to prepare emergency supplies and field kits in order to not be caught off guard. Emperor Liedan has called for communities to work together in order to better prepare and withstand the coming storm, leading the nation in a prayer for the hope of minimal casualties

The Federation of Corisar

Meridionalis Lettonia wrote:snip

The Corisarian Federation accepts the efforts of Lettonia to apologize for its past transgressions, acknowledging that both nations have had a terrible history and horrible ancient relations, even going so far as to acknowledge its own past atrocities that its formerly Germanic dominated government had committed against its Slavic population

The Federation of The Yeezy Land


At 2PM yesterday, confirmed sightings of INC(Islamic National Congress) forces mobilising were confirmed by a Yeezyland recon UAV. Those forces were witnessed to have multiplied in number and managed to take most of the province of Tekka in a matter of hours to little or no resistance. The small 10,000 troop guard force stationed in Tekka were ordered to evacuate from the province in order to regroup with other troops. However, 3,500 troops were surrounded by INC forces in the provincial capital of Magaroroz. While most of the province has been taken, a brave resistance militia numbering in excess of 30,000 militiamen have put off invasions of the far north regions and the city of Nekhosov(which is now under siege). A Kiamaian peacekeeping force was sent into the western regions to safeguard the large number of Shintoists from the wrath of the INC. Not to mention an elite Russian(Sarayevka) PMC has been contracted by the Yeezyland government to aid in this upcoming counteroffensive currently being planned.

Tonight, in front of a grand crowd in Yeezy City; President West himself gave a speech to the nation and the international community:

"Ladies and gentlemen. On behalf of my government and I, it is with great regrets that we must announce that just yesterday, INC forces were witnessed mobilising in Tekka. These forces multiplied in number and have now managed to retake most of the province from control of the federal government. Most of our local forces have been evacuated out of the province in order to regroup with other troops. The safety of your fellow citizens in Tekka is ensured, a counteroffensive into the province is being prepared as we speak. Based on these findings, it is most reasonable to assume that the Second Tekkan War is restarting and the 2014 ceasefire has now been broken. However, my good people... There is nothing to worry about. The Kiamaian military has already sent troops into Tekka in order to safeguard the far west Shinto regions. Not only that, but a very brave and valiant group of local resistance fighters have banded together to fight off the INC; mainly in the northern regions. Furthermore, the most elite Russian PMC has been contracted to aid the Yeezyland military in destroying the existence of the INC. On behalf of the our government, ladies and gentlemen, we are putting our feet down. We will end the INC an their terrorist stranglehold once and for all! We're coming down on them with and iron fist, showing absolutely 0 mercy. We have endured nearly 3 decades of suffering inflicted by the tyranny of the INC. But we are strong, and certainly stronger than they are. We have every confidence in our militaries ability to successfully guide this operation during a difficult period in domestic affairs. I should like to take this opportunity to assure you all that you can count on my government in dealing with this threat. We will not dissapoint any of you. Thank you for your time."

The government is eager to know how the rest of the world will react. They need all the support they can get.



Earlier today, AirKiamai Cargo Flight 926(a Boeing 707) flying en route from Riane, Kiamai to an undisclosed location in the southwest of Tekka was struck by a MANPADS system on the left wing while on approach to landing. The aircraft was 12km from Algafah Airbase(the nearest airport) and diverted with major difficulty. Nevertheless, the aircraft landed safely and completely intact despite flying on approach too high and too fast. The fact that the aircraft landed was a miracle, considering all hydraulic control was completely lost and the pilots had to rely on thrust controls to maneuver the plane. The incident is currently being investigated by the Yeezyland AAIB, it is highly likely that the INC was responsible for firing the MANPAD, though they have not claimed responsibility yet.

More updates on the situation in Tekka are to come shortly. Stay safe and Pray For Tekka.

The Federal Republic of Novo Lusankya

Greenbacks volunteer in The Yeezy Land?

After several debates the Lusankyan Government came to a conclusion to pursue for a friendly relationship with The Yeezy Land, after the Livonian Crysis, Lusankya has as it disposal several veteran military units from the second Lusankyan Civil War (1999-2009), and want to propose to send up to 3 volunteer brigades to provide military and infrastructure reconstruction aid in The Yeezy Land, ("Corvus" Airlift Special Operations Brigade, "Vilnius" fucilieri motorizzata (rifle-motorized) Brigade (Contains several pioneer companies for recontruction aid), "Agia Marina" Brigade (Shock/Heavy Weapons Mechanized Brigade) (18000 men - 6000 men each). If accepted the proposed volunteer brigades will immediately depart in 2 weeks to assist the YAF in the counterattack efforts.

OOC: I've been a sitting duck for too long I'm bored ahahah

The United Socialist States of Acyria

Acyrian National News:

General Secretary Manson has just announced the completion of the National Elevated Monorail System. Now travel, tourism, and cargo transport will be much quicker across the Acyrian mainland, sure to be a great convenience and economic boom!

The United Kingdom of Masoland

By Royal Decree, Marijuana is now completely legal and each citizen is allowed to grow their own plants, as much as they can support.

The Kongerige of Frisemark

Fair Winds, Strong Sails
The KP Yggdrasil has completed its trip around Tordenfalk Island. It is now on course and headed for home, with its complement of passengers and crew eager to see home once more.
Shock and Awe
A major breakthrough in the long-running anti-KHB manhunt occurred tonight when officers of the Beredskabsenhed raided a large warehouse in Hagenav harbor. The warehouse was an apparent treasure trove of information, with in-depth dossiers and financial ledgers detailing the movement of narcotics, illegal weaponry, and other illicit goods by the KHB.

Specifics of the seized files and goods are to be released to the media tomorrow morning.

The Commonwealth of Europan Union

Europan Union News

Advertising Intensity (Domestic)
It is the summer season and getting close to the end of the financial year in the Europan Union. As such, mass sales have begun to entice consumers to a bargained deal on all kinds of platforms, with a particular emphasis on Westfallian goods. Naturally, the summer holidays, which is also approaching, has led to advertisements of holiday destinations around the country. This has led to the usual influx of tickets and tourism that would have its sights set on the neighbouring Westfallian States and Vietnesia. The Europan Government has also unusually pitched in with small grants for travel operators to boost their capacity and tourism, particularly those offering travel to the neighbouring nations.

Additionally, Europan tourism operators have also been hard at work trying to get tourists from around the world to visit the Europan Union. Various advertisements online and TV have been placed and translated in a large variety of languages to convince others to come to the place. Given the significant revenue the Europan Government earns from tourism indirectly and directly, they have decided to further stimulate it by giving out grants to tourism operators and running their own advertising campaigns, particularly targeting citizens & residents from its immediate vicinity.

Hardhats & Suits in Eluthania
The Europan Union has offered its help in constructing a new high-speed rail in Eluthania, offering expertise, rolling stock and other necessary upgrades to the railway network as part of a planned contractual assistance. It is envisioned that the Eluthanian high-speed rail will help Eluthania spur on economic development, connecting the country together closer than current travel times.

Helping the Mikal Friend
The Europan Union, hearing of the new proposed bullet train project that The Mikalan Empire was planning, has been quick to offer its expertise and TGV technology. The offer would include adapting TGV technology to Mikalan gauges and the related rolling stock, as well as contracted assistance in the construction of the required rail lines, and continuing maintenance of these trains. This would all be in goodwill to help assist its ally in furthering its economic development.

Arteries of Meridionalis Lettonia
The Europan Union has heard the request on expertise in construction of their high speed rail from Lettonia’s Government. The Europan Government has agreed to lend its TGV technology and expertise in the construction of such a rail system. The complement would have to come at a price as usual, but the Europan Union could guarantee rapid services, maintenance yards, specialised rolling stock if required, training and other needs as requested.

Linkers Defence Granted
The Europan defence companies had recently collaborated with Linkers Sha defence companies to produce an upgrade on an anti-tank weapon, known now as the Stughna-M. The Stughna-M will have a variety of abilities viewed as highly beneficial to the Europan Army, who is currently seeking to procure some of these weapons after undergoing testing. Additionally, the Europan defence companies also saw a request for assistance in developing the ATOM 2 IFV, a next-generation upgrade that would be heavier and more capable than its predecessor. While the Europan Army and Marine Corps both don’t have an interest in acquiring the weapons platform, the Europan defence companies would still co-develop the weapons platform, seeing that it could lead to additional sales.

Chaiyarach’s Railgun
The Europan Union has stated its continued commitment to the Chaiyarach railgun development project. The late reply comes in consideration of the utilisation and feasibility study on the military’s employment of these systems. The Europan Government understands if it isn’t in the Chaiyarach railgun project but is requesting the addition of the nation back into the program.

Quarantining Savoril
After the announcement of a potential virus breaking out in Savoril, the Europan Government has been quick to announce the immediate quarantining of any person arriving from the country. Any traveller currently in the Europan Union who was in Savoril 14 days prior to the announcement of the outbreak would be subject to these quarantine measures in dedicated quarantine facilities. The Department of Foreign Affairs & Travel has upgraded the travel advisory to Level 4 (Do Not Travel), meaning that citizens are strongly advised against travelling to Savoril for any reason.

The Europan Government has also offered to send medical experts to assist in the determination of this virus and the treatment of all currently afflicted. A vaccine is also due to be developed if the conditions further deteriorate. The Europan Government has called on the International Community to help Savoril containing this outbreak, citing the potential devastation and incredible danger that the world would face.

Speed to Quiameth
The Europan project to bring more of Quiameth online into the International Community is progressing. Thus far, fibre-optic cables only stop at key coastal cities in Quiameth, while much of the rural populace continuing to have slower internet. It is estimated that the major fibre-optic cables crossing Quiameth will be able to provide much higher speeds to the rest of the country, with additional infrastructure upgrades to connect the smaller inland cities and villages through smaller cables and telecommunications broadcasting towers. The Europan Government has also offered additional help to the Quiameth Government for minor to moderate infrastructure upgrades to the rural sectors, and has also contacted the Quiameth Government for further negotiations on economic and political matters.

Initial Noholian Visit; Progress Continues
Continuing delays of the main delegation in visiting Nohol due to some diplomatic negotiations being held in the Westfallian States has meant that a forward delegation would be sent to keep the Noholian Government from waiting. The Multicultural Affairs Minister Sofia Schricker would fly towards the Noholian capital as the forward delegation and further understand Noholian politics and culture on the Europan Government’s behalf. The Europan Government has promised that the main delegation would arrive once the negotiations in the Westfallian States would finish. A number of cultural gifts would also be brought to Nohol as a symbol of friendship, primarily a small variety of Europan wine, cheese, and recordings of classical & romantic music that were selected and vetted to try and avoid any potential offense that may be caused to the Noholian Government. The Minister’s primary purpose would be the building of ties and reaching an understanding with Nohol, and hoped that they would have a good time there.

As the official visit was beginning to commence, the organisations that were looking towards education had made up their own decisions. Some opted to not open the non-profit schools, citing that they were not in a position to risk potential seizure of the school in the event of an accidental or potential breach of policy. However, a majority of other organisations, primarily those focused on humanitarian work, agreed to the conditions to adopt the national syllabus. These organisations also requested and wanted a confirmation that the schools would be allowed to run a History and/or Civics Class that aligned to a minority but somewhat significant degree towards the Europan Union.

(OOC: This is known only to the Europan Delegation, Thespasian Delegation and Westfallian Government)

Minoriya wrote:Winds of Change

Pressing the Westfallian Issue
The Europan delegation, consisting of Prime Minister Castor Navara, Foreign Minister Andrew Rohningham, Trade, Tourism & Investment Minister Colin Gounelle, Defence Minister Yoshikawa Matashichi and other diplomats would be there trying to make the case in front of both the sitting Westfallian Government and Thespasian delegation. The Europan delegation began to cite a number of reasons as to why they should join the Europan Union to symbiotically develop together.

The first reason presented would be the cultural and historic ties that both nations have had together. Both the Europan Union and Westfallian States have together shared significant Anglo-German culture [OOC: The Europan Union French as it may be, is a triad of French, Anglos and Germans, with the lands bordering Westfallian States predominantly Anglo-German]. The similar cultural values that both countries contain would be a unifying force that could see easier integration as well as increased cooperation between the two countries, seeing that it would be a lot easier to understand the other when it comes to economic, political and social issues & their negotiations. The two countries have also shared a deep history when it comes to the development and co-existence of each other. It was noted that the relationship between the nations were not always equal and peaceful at times, however, the combined power of both nations resulted in an era where it was considered a greater power. The combined power of the Europan Union and Westfallian States was able to lead to a mass empire that once dominated Delaia, stretched to Fernost and had influence in Dunia. However, it isn’t only just the territorial and military influence that was gained from the combination of the two nations. This brought in wealth for the nation, and resources to further develop both regions, as well as trade with others due to the expanse of the influence of the combined nation in the past.

Regarding the concern of the past treatment, the Europan Union can guarantee that that would be consigned to history and not brought about ever again. This leads into the second reason presented (which has more to do with choosing the EU over Thespasia rather than choosing to begin with), which is the closer ideological alignment and the guarantee of equality & freedom. Both the Europan Union and the Westfallian States are run on modified versions of the Westminster system (OOC: You can ask Westfallian States themselves if you want), so it would be easier to integrate with the Europan Union on a political system perspective, as well as from an ideological perspective, as both are democracies with key values that are protected. To alleviate the concerns of history repeating itself, the following steps would be made: the constitution for the new nation would be formed with equal input from both sides (and a referendum), as would a decision on the capital, name and flag, and the treatment of both Europan and Westfallian citizens and residents as the same and equal in the new state. Both parties would also negotiate on how administration is to carry out, as is maintaining the existing social programs and taxation levels that vary in both countries. There wouldn’t be preferential treatment based on intelligence, nationality, gender, or sexuality when it comes to participating in the exercising of rights and participating in the democratic process of electing representatives. Additionally, both ruling parties thus far are more left wing in nature, which would mean there is greater capacity for consensus on the economic and social issues and their resultant solutions.

The third reason presented would be the current geopolitical situation. It is no secret that both the Westfallian States and Europan Union lie at a crossroads between the 4 spheres of the world. To the immediate west was SGR, an extremely powerful economic bloc that was also technologically advanced and highly developed. To the north was Russia and the economic and military weight that it could all carry. To the east was the rising power of Yeongrang that by all metrics, was likely set on becoming the next great power. Then there is Valid, another major power that seeks to expand and maintain its own sphere & alliance. Both the Europan Union and Westfallian States have made similar choices in the past to seek common protection and co-development. Should both the Europan Union and Westfallian States want to be able to determine their own destiny and define itself, then it would be critical to leverage the combined power of both nations in order to stride for its own goals moving forward. Even if the ultimate decision came down to sticking with another ally, the combined strength of both nations would present itself a more equal power rather than as a junior partner in many of the affairs both nations have an interest in.

With regards to this, we do have to acknowledge and respect the significant economic, political and military power base that Thespasia has at its disposal. No doubt Thespasia would also be capable of such feats, with the argument put forth that it can do it many times better than the Europan Union. However, the Westfallian States has often opted to choose a practice of peaceful co-existence and making its own decisions with respect to the other powers. No doubt would the Westfallian States also wish to be an equal partner in any further cooperation with either nation. To this degree, the Europan Union can guarantee both, lest of course the geopolitical calculus changes significantly, in which case neutrality may not be an option, which no doubt the Westfallian States would also seek to evaluate. The Europan Union would continue this similar policy course of making its own decisions as both would see fit and has been for quite some time. The nation has thus far looked towards cooperation and moving alignment with all 4 major world powers to retain its interests. Thespasia may carry a greater load and deliver more results, however, there is the risk then of a loss in agency when dealing with other major powers of the world, particularly in the matters between SGR and Russia. This is less likely to occur under closer cooperation with the Europan Union, as it is in both nations’ interests to remain capable of being autonomous in its decision making to get the best results.

The fourth reason would be the possibilities and accelerated development with the joint partnership between the Westfallian States and Europan Union. Both the Europan Union and Westfallian States are significant economic and political centres in their own right. Both the Europan Union and Westfallian States have significant resources and the capacity to refine resources into usable products both for domestic consumption and export. What the Europan Union would offer are the large sums of gold, uranium and some of the critical rare earth minerals that would be crucial in propelling forward Europan and Westfallian industry. We acknowledge the greater economic power that Thespasia presents, however, we are already undertaking processes that would better link both the Europan Union and Westfallian States economically. A comprehensive visa and trade deal was struck between the two nations that further accelerated co-development (OOC: Check Europan Union Channel for more info), as is an ambitious project to physically link the Westfallian States and Europan Union through a series of tunnels that would bolster rail and road lines (OOC: The idea of connections was always a thing discussed between the EU and Westfallian States, more evidence can be provided if needed).

The Communist Republic of Linkers Sha

Sarayevka wrote:Rostec invites Dongerlandian, Eluthanian, LS Defense Contractors & More to new Stealth Fighter Development Program
The main Imperial Russian Military Contractor, Rostec, has contacted its counterparts in Dongerland, Eluthania, Belorevaya and LS inquiring if they would be interested in creating a new stealth fighter program. Rostec has already received approval and preliminary funding from the Russian Ministry of War, and now seeks additional partners to diversify design ideas and potentially increase funding and future customers.

Dongerland, Linkers Sha, Eluthania

The Linkers Shan counterparts agree to be interested and took part in the program and with the Russian legislature bill basically giving them a blanck check they aren't worrying about the expenses some of the notable Linkers Shan design Bureau are the Antonov and Luch design Bureau.

Sarayevka wrote:The Holy Alliance
His Majesties Government has decided it prudent for Russia to attempt to gather its allies and friends into 1 cohesive block, and thus has invited the nations of Valid, Frisemark, Belorevaya and the Grand Duchy of Linkers Sha to join a new military and economic entity, the Holy Alliance. Noting Eluthania's preference for neutrality, they have been invited as an observer to the alliance, exempt from its military obligations and instead just a part of the economic alliance. More nations that Russia is friendly with can join the alliance.

Sup dad
The Grand Duchy of Linkers Sha Governor General Habibie gladly accept the invitation even though its just mere formality as Linkers Sha is a part of the Russian Empire already.

Quiameth wrote:Reports from anonymous sources in the Quiamethian Royal Navy indicate a rise in tensions between Quiamethian fishermen and commercial fishing boats from Kiamai, Doctors Orvos, Thespasia, and Linkers Sha in their respective territorial waters. The source clarified that the Royal Navy were given strict orders not to enter territorial waters but warned that "foreign" fishermen have harrased and been harrassed by Quiamethian fishers. When asked if the Kingdom of Quiameth taught their citizens about the rules of Exclusive Economic Zones the source said that not even many naval officers were aware of the concept. The source has revealed this information because "No one listens. I fear how this might escalate and no one is saying anything to the top brass or the fishermen. I fear for their safety."

Independent Reporting From The Quiamethian Development Watchdog

Let them fish
The Linkers Shan response to this situation is quite unusual to say the least compared to other foreign nations instead of trying to stop it the Linkers Shan are encouraging it with the local military head of Ilu Iwin saying that "This is originally their [ Quiamethian ] water not Linkers Shan water these fishermen have been fishing here for probably what hundreds of year and we wont stop them now and ever but we would also remind / inform them that the fishermen that they harrased are also fellow quiamethian mostly also fellow local / native Quiamethian fishermen from Ilu Iwin not from mainland Linkers Sha that's why we think we should all be friends here we Linkers Shan are friends and supporters of the Quiamethian Nation and King Aweida also".

The local commander message in Ilu Iwin is also supported by General Suharto and Governor General Habibie agreed that they wont send any additional patrol vessels or corvettes into Ilu Iwin and wont stop or enforce the Linkers Shan EEZ in Ilu Iwin from being entered by Quiamethian fishermen as long the fishermen aren't using ilegal methods of fishing but that's it and have even encouraged Quiamethian fishermen outside Ilu Iwin to freely fish in Ilu Iwin as they see it wrong if they were to enforce the EEZ.

Although most Linkers Shan political analysis said this is a form of method that the Linkers Shan government are using to wedge themselves as the most Pro-Quiameth nation in Quiameth evident from the Support of a specific line of Quiamethian Nationalism in Ilu Iwin and now this attempt.

Quiameth wrote:Constitution Approved

In a speech to the people today, King Aweida confirmed that the new constitution of Quiameth has been officially adopted and remains in effect as of now. Preparations are being made to hold elections while a caretaker government will be formed soon in the meantime.

Considering recent events such as King Aweida confirmation of the adoption of the Quiamethian constitution we first like to congratulate you for this is one big step towards the right direction for Quiameth, but what is important and decisive in the struggle is the fact that preparations are held for elections therefore this must be the one of the main aim of Rikardists in Quiameth.

With that in mind all progressive revolutionary forces must focus in their efforts in studying and analyzing further of our ideology but when explaining it to different people say from different social classes they must adapt their way of talking / communicating our ideology to them as information is key and your words and actions are tools that should be considered and calculated before said or done.

For example if any ideological cadre, party members of even ideological believer or even ideological sympathizers were to explain our ideology and your political, social and / or economic programs for Quiameth to workers or peasants or a farmer you must say to them in an easy way and with understandable words but when explaining it to say intellectuals such as doctors, lawyers and members of the small and national bourgeoisie with comprehensive, detailed and even complex way of explaining your promised programs and ideology that no ordinary workers or peasants could easily understand.

An important new aspect to consider is the fact that with the newly built fiber-optic cables built in Quiameth allowing internet access meaning this can be used for our advantage in campaigning with this we suggest for not only heavy usage in conventional recruiting and information's such as face to face discussions and large scale meeting but also promoting our ideology and your programs in social media platforms with the wonders of the internet.

An important aspect other than information is image ! for this we wish to help by sending Rikardist pamphlets, posters, newspapers and books to be distributed and put on displays on mass in the cities and countryside these pamphlets, posters etc. will come from printing presses in Ilu Iwin that we will set up and then be send through the loopholes in the border between Ilu Iwin and Quiameth to be re-distributed by fellow compatriots in Quiameth it self.

Then again to not arise suspicion of your campaign controlled by us we insist on you our fellow compatriots to set up your own printing presses in Quiameth itself wherever it is and back again on the topic of image we wish for your leaders to actively took part in any political debates held but in it must try to present a strong stature by any mean if you even need to publicly humiliated the opponent such as from exactly used words and even from just arriving first before other candidates or starting the debate first before the scheduled time to make the opponent feel bad / ashamed from the feeling of being late and if not ashamed attack them with it saying they are selfish, egotistical etc.

Other image making events can be funding and starting Community works such as participating in be it reforestation program, be it villagers guided and helped by Rikardist to dig new irrigation ditches or be it Rikardist funding and helping with the constructions of small public infrastructure such as local cemetery, library etc. even funding and helping with the renovation or constructions of new local house of worship to convivence every level of Quiamethian society or prominent Rikardist leaders just seen surrounded by peasants and workers listening to their daily hardships it all must be kept and then spreaded as information that the image of Rikardist listening and helping the people are the widely accepted image for Rikardist in Quiameth.

example for the extraordinary efforts to promote your symbols and image is when us the PKLS promoted our symbols and image in the 1955 Linkers Shan legislative elections with these phrases from an old news reports saying :

"Party symbols with or without campaign slogans were displayed on most streets and thoroughfares in cities, towns and villages all across the country, as well as on private homes, public buildings, buses and trains, and even trees and calendars. The PKLS made extraordinary efforts to promote its symbol, as seen in their displaying it everywhere, from political posters to simple graffiti to newspapers, to make sure people everywhere saw and noticed it. The PKLS's election campaign was based around social activities such as organizing tool-sharing programs for farmers and leading and directing the building of irrigation canals and channels for agriculture and the peasantry. As mentioned earlier, the party was looking beyond the election to build a permanent basis of widespread and large-scale support throughout Linkers Sha."

With this as an example we hope that a permanent basis can also be placed in Quiameth with one more example of how the Quiamethian election might go from another example with it being :

"In the last few months of the election campaign, the major parties focused on educating and mass-informing voters in areas where they had managed to establish village-level influence, organization and control. This phase included persuasion as well as threats." And "All through September, party leaders constantly traveled around the country to promote their parties, themselves and their political ideologies. Daily party-newspapers and magazines were printed in constantly-increasing numbers and given away for free. The articles in such political-dailies and media like these attacked rival parties and extolled their own. In the villages across Linkers Sha, the emphasis shifted from large-scale mass rallies to small-scale meetings and gatherings and house-to-house canvassing of political support."

With these extraordinary efforts to promotes your programs and image will surely need money in our calculations that's why with the pamphlets and other materials we will also periodically send foreign currency to fund your progressive revolutionary movement nothing more than the usual few hundreds of thousand of NCUs but not in the millions each sending to not raise suspicion that you are fully funded by us.

On Aweida it self we see him as the least worst candidates of many more worse that's why in your campaign of promoting our image we also suggest promoting his image, the Quiamethian government program and his allies image that are sympathetic to us and humiliate if possible publicly any opponents that slander his good reputation with any means possible other than using violence to preserve our image as peace loving even using cancel culture if needed to hummiliate or silence the opponents.

Your main enemy that you must demonize however is not the foreigners from deleila, fernost or talvenne in Quiameth as their efforts in developing Quiameth are many and is important but what you must demonize are specific foreigners from storveld such as from Kiamai but also from Orvos by all means necessary such as crushing or even bullying any technocratic movements from existing in the first place in Quiameth and accuse anybody supporting Orvosian technocracy of being selfish and the kiamaian monarchy as a lunatic.

That said one key aspect is the armed forces of Quiameth being the government institution we should be most cautious off for we don't plan to rebel against the government at all but the possibility of Anti-Rikardist and or reactionary elements in the armed forces to try stop us are likely that's why periodically we suggest sending few Rikardist to volunteer to join the armed forces that by time build up our influence in the armed forces and make the recruits be un expected and make the Rikardist recruits even pretend to be Anti-Rikardist if needed or just nationalistic / patriotic Quiamethian in general that want to serve the nation through joining the military's if there were any political checks and courses / questions to the recruits.

On the topic of Liberal democracy or a more authoritarian form of government for Quiameth we suggest viewing it flexibly to accept both and if Aweida focus on one to support one of it fully that Aweida supports with this most of our suggestion and message have come to an end for now and we hope that your campaigns are successful with Rikard himself now 97 years old wishing the progressive Revolutionary movement in Quiameth to succeed.

Europan Union wrote:Linker Guarantees
The TGV line in Linkers Sha, despite facing a number of engineering hurdles, including poor soil quality, is nearing completion. It will now undergo test operations in operable parts before it will be opened to the public, during which evaluations will be made to ensure the safety and proper working of all equipment. Linkers Shan staff have also been trained to operate all the equipment necessary. Full operations of the TGV network established is expected to begin within a months time, with a few lines beginning operation in a week or two. However, as testing goes underway, there remains some concerns.

Europan delegates would meet with the Linkers Government to express their concern about the viability of opening the TGV line, citing the recent misunderstanding with Russian law in terms of the mines as a cause of concern. Given that this project predates the Russian integration of Linkers Sha, there are worries that a lack of communication will see the entire network frozen and ripped up. The Europan delegations is seeking guarantees and an agreement that the TGV line would continue to operate under the agreed arrangement prior.

(OOC: Short post as I am busy atm, will post about interactions with other nations in l'next update (trying to fit all 9 continents into the RP Post.))

Yes i guarantee
The concerns delivered from meetings with the representative from the Regional governments on the viability of the line opening in was answered strongly by them saying that this time there will be no more misunderstanding with Russian laws as the grasberg / Timika gold mine debacle with the Governor General himself personally wanting for the line to be opened and also saying that the governor general himself personally guarantee the line will be opened and that it will not be frozen.

The Left-Wing People's Republic of Nohol

Europan Union wrote:Initial Noholian Visit; Progress Continues

The forward delegation would be very gladly received in the capital of Frédéric by the Chief of the Union and the Ministers of the Government. The brought presents would be very well appreciated by the Ministers, many of which being gourmet, melomaniac and aesthete. Everything would be done to make the delegation enjoy its stay in Nohol, the accommodation, the food, all would be carefully chosen to make Nohol looks fancy and wealthy to not bring shame upon the Noholians' reputation as host.
As for the questions asked regarding Education. The non profit schools will have the authorization to run classes of History & Geography & Civics (the three form a single class) aligned towards the EU, as long as it stays moderate.

We do hope the collaboration between Nohol and the Europan Union will evolve towards something great for our two countries.

The State's Workshop of Nohol is currently finalizing the present that will be offered to the Europan Union's main delegation

The Kingdom of Hakha

Hakha has official religion, minority protests in Hoekyiay

Finally, the Constituent Assembly approved by simple majority the Conservatives draft proposing Buddhism as the official religion of Hakha, from now on, Article 6 of the Hakha Constitution (still under development) states that:

1- The official and majority religion of the Kingdom of Hakha is Theravāda Buddhism.

2- The official religion is to be taught in all educational institutions in the country.

3- Any individual who wishes to run for public office must be a public follower of the official religion.

4- Notwithstanding this ruling, the health system and the judicial system must be secular and their decisions must be detached from any religious or spiritual motives.

5- Every person who is sworn into public office must swear "for the protection of traditions and religion".

6- Under this ruling, the executive branch of the country is not secular, and is directly related to the Theravāda school, the same has the right to influence the decisions of the state, with the exception, as clarified above, of the Judiciary and the national health system

7- No region or individual can break this regulation, if this is done, it will be considered a constitutional crime, and the penalties for this range from imprisonment for 5 years and upwards, including the death penalty in special cases.

8- The whole territory shall have the Buddhist calendar as the only calendar, no region or lower territorial order can be governed by a different calendar.

(Before Kiamai blocks us again, we must clarify that the death penalty is only for special cases of serious crimes that in some cases, violate Buddhist values, these are the Five Cardinal Sins or Anantarika-karma, which are crimes from which the karma generates an immediate disaster. These crimes are:

- Patricide
- Matricide
- Murder of an Arhat
- Spilling the blood of a Buddha
- Creating a schism in the Sangha

There are other crimes that carry the death penalty as a consequence but are not included in this article but in the Laws of Crimes, passed by the People's Assembly to maintain order before the creation of a penal code, some of these are, murder of monks or religious authorities, damage to religious heritage, e.g., burning of pagodas or crimes against humanity. The Five Cardinal Sins will be added to this category.)

The approval of this article caused protests from non-Buddhist minorities throughout the country (approximately 80% of the population of Hakha is Buddhist, the rest still believe in Yakin mythology although there are small atheist and agnostic communities that represent less than 1% of the population and are therefore not included in censuses). In Hoekyiay, a group of mythology believers organized a protest at the gates of the Constituent Assembly which was repressed by the police.

Likewise, leaders of the Popular Front, such as the governors of Aungreik and Myokant regions and a large part of the party's legislators, declared the approval of the article as an "institutional disaster" and called for help from the international community to curb the conservative policies of the right wing.

This project, apart from the Conservatives, was approved by the Liberal Front, which was quite striking due to the liberal stance on individual liberties. The head of the bloc in the People's Assembly Wai Arkar Sein to clarify matters, said that his bloc supports individual freedoms but also supports traditions, and Buddhism is a tradition of Hakha for many centuries.

Vote about Article 6 (Constituent Assembly)

For: 33 (62.26%)
Against: 20 (37.74%)

Approved by simple majority

The Scandinavian-Style Republic of The Mikalan Empire

Help from a Friend

With the recent support from Europan Union involving the bullet train project in Naltrin, construction operations have begun to first map out the proposed track, then build it along with the 50 planned stations.

Beginning next week, construction will begin on the Blue Line hub in Alessona, where track will branch out throughout the province, eventually connecting to the already functional trains in Drinan Peninsul to the north, North Minea to the southwest, and Parlavak and Centin to the east.

The Federation of Chaiyarach

Europan Union wrote:snip

Additional Joining Nation

Chaiyarach's Railgun is still in a ballistic launching test step. Also, Europan Union has been approved to join this co-op military research project. As a result of the test, it came out approximately as expected. There will be plans to design the weapon soon.

OOC : I would make a factbook for this if I could.

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