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    The region has undone an invasion by Lone Wolves United. We salute the defenders from Artificial Solar System who did their best to protect us.

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The Coalition of Democratic Nations contains 32 nations, the 521st most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Publishing Industry in The Coalition of Democratic Nations

The World Census tallied social media complaints from students regarding overpriced textbooks to determine which nations have the largest book publishing industries.

As a region, The Coalition of Democratic Nations is ranked 1,861st in the world for Largest Publishing Industry.

1.The Federal Republic of United Kingdom StatesCivil Rights Lovefest“Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit”
2.The State of Republic of WashintonLeft-Leaning College State“As eternal as the sky.”
3.The Democratic Animal Kingdom of NuakCivil Rights Lovefest“A nation that fails to care for its people is a failure”
4.The American Commonwealth of CermaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“God our father, man our brother.”
5.The Commonwealth Realm of VendolandNew York Times Democracy“Sic Transit Gloria”
6.The Unified Provinces of QuevolaCivil Rights Lovefest“Wo die Berge das Meer treffen”
7.The Republic of China of NordamyLeft-Leaning College State“God is with us”
8.The Federation of War PeaceLeft-Leaning College State“A brave man acknowledges the strength of others.”
9.The Republic of PanamaCapitalist Paradise“Pro Mundi Beneficio”
10.The Sacred League of The Land of the EphyralInoffensive Centrist Democracy“The law marches with the spear.”

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The Republic of China of Nordamy

Transmission 1
ᚦᚱᚨᚾᛊᛗᛁᛊᛊᛁᛟᚾ I

Connection Established
ᚲᛟᚾᚾᛖcᛏᛁᛟᚾ ᛇᛊᛏᚨᛒᛚᛁᛊᚺᛖᛞ

Logging in...
Bypass Wall....
Logging in 3...2....1


ᛚᛟᚷᚷᛁᚾᚷ ᛁᚾ...
ᛒᛃᛈᚨᛊᛊ ᚹᚨᛚᛚ..
ᛚᛟᚷᚷᛁᚾᚷ ᛁᚾ I..II...III


Switching to Sapien
ᛊᚹᛁᛏᚲᚺᛁᚾᚷ ᛏᛟ ᛊᛇᛈᛁᛖᚾ

Greetings to whomever receives this!
We are scientists from another reality attempting to reestablish peaceful connections with the world of humans after having been cut off for many years.

You have probably not heard of us but we go by the name of Lemurian. Our kind at one point in history were in contact with your kind. Some of your kind called us "gods" but we are not "gods".

We are not so different in our ways
We may be separated by veils and portals once closed but we wish to re establish contact.

If you can, please return out message on the same frequency you have received this. We await your reply and potentially contact!

May the peace that surpasses all understanding guard your hearts and minds in Christ.

Connection Terminated

The Republic of China of Nordamy

Xinhua News

Premier Elections
Elections are beginning for the role of Premier of China. Those on the ballot are:
1. Bo Ling Chen(Kuomintang)
2. Xi Zeng(Labor)
3. James Soong(Solidarity Union)
4. Ding Weihau(Democratic)

The Chinese will go to the polls in a few days time to pick their Premier.

The favorable and popular candidate, Bo Ling Chen, is being touted as a favorite according to preliminary pools.

Hailing from a working class family from Shanghai, Ms. Bo is outside the norm given her young age(25) and populist stances. A newcomer to politics, Ms. Bo became a senior ranking Alderman for the Shanghai city council at the age of 22 straight out of University(St. Isiah University) and the Armed Forces(Chinese Army).

She has utilized social media in her campaign. Her style has been described as "Revolutionary, Inflammatory, Populist, and Hip"

*Commercial break to an Ad for Bo Ling Chen's campaign*

Hi I'm Bo Ling Chen. China stands at a crossroads between the people's interests and the interests of a few Socialist cronies. That's right, Socialists!

These cronies make the traitor, Mao Zedong, look like a tree loving hippie with their cunning deceit.

They want to take away your rights to guns, your pension, your property and more importantly, your civil liberties. They spit in the face of our Chinese identity and kiss the butts of our enemies in the Soviet Union

I will not stand for this at all. I will work with President Sun to stand up for you. Yes you!

The future of China is in your hands, get out there and vote for your future, vote for your China

*News comes back*

Suspicious Package On The Metro
A suspicious package was safely removed from the Beijing Metro by police during the morning commute. The package was reported to metro police by a commuter. The station was secured and a specialist team was called in to remove the package. Upon investigation, the package contained a bundle of M80s. It is unclear of who left the package and the exact motivation is unknown. The National Police are currently investigating.

The Republic of China of Nordamy

Xinhua News

Premier Elected
The votes are in!

The candidate who has been selected for Premier is Bo Ling Chen representing the Kuomintang Party. She was sworn into office today by her brother, a pastor of the Church of China. Premier Bo ran on a populist platform and has been deemed "A young radical" by her opposition in the Labor Party.

Police Raid Triads
A club owned by a high ranking Triad was raided by the police before dawn in the Kowloon District of Hong Kong. The club had illegal guns and millions of dollars in illicit drugs. All were seized by the police and the club immediately shut down. More evidence was found in the apartments above the club including cell phones and laptops.

Communists March
Communists in Beijing held a march to commemorate the founding of their party. The march became violent when police arrived to keep order as demonstrators began to throw bricks and bottles at police. Riot control teams were called and the march was broken up by rubber bullets and tear gas.

The Sacred League of The Land of the Ephyral

Wings of Skiron - Voice of the citizens of the League

Kalkadrion extends an invitation to the Chinese Premier...

The recent elections in China have brought the question of the relationship between the East Asian Republic and the Sacred League back to the forefront of foreign affairs. In response to the victory of the Kuomintang's Bo Ling Chen, a candidate predicted to have been a favourite for success, the Kalkadrion of the Sacred League has issued an invitation to the young Premier to visit Ephyra and be hosted in the League's seat in Haledon. The Helopon of the Sacred League affirmed this invitation and invites Miss Bo to be a guest at the Arophon, the official residence of the Helopon.

The visit will also enable an address by Miss Bo to the Kalkadrion at the Haledonian temple to Sykades. In its invite, the Kalkadrion acknowledged the "peculiarity" of a woman being admitted into the temple, but regards Miss Bo's appointment as a sufficient basis to allow exception.

It is expected that matters of trade, renewal of diplomatic commitments, and other issues will be discussed over the duration of the visit, although no doubt the first day shall be used to set the guest-right in place and make the Premier comfortable.

Syndicalist sympathiser rally in southern city dispersed by women...

In an unusual set of events in the southern kolos of Hidos yesterday evening, a small crowd of Syndicalist supporters numbering no more than two dozen temporarily occupied one of the central marketplaces of the city, and there voiced support for the Syndicalist regimes of Eurasia. The spread of the subversive ideology, emphasising slave-like fantasies of equality and universal brotherhood, into the Middle East and Africa, has long been a concern for the League ever since the support provided by said powers to the Tyrants' Revolt during the Decade of Blood. The infiltration of the ideology into a minority of citizens has been a deeper concern for individual city-states however, especially in the south of the country where the Tyrants' Revolt originated. Demonstrations of this sort are not unknown, though multiple cities have taken steps to limit their efficacy.

In this most recent display however, opposition to the Syndicalist nonsense arose not first from the city's law enforcement, on edge regarding such demonstrations since a larger protest late last year, but from the multitude of women engaging in mid-afternoon trading and purchases. Anger was aroused when the few women among the mostly male agitators publicly removed their veils and burned them, calling upon the rest of the women to do the same. Fearing a potential escalation as in the aforementioned protest the year before, where numerous respectable women had their veils forcibly removed by the Marxist thugs, the women in the marketplace moved to disperse the agitators, successfully driving them apart and away with their fury and superior numbers. In the confusion, law enforcement were unable to arrest any of the Syndicalists, but the Hidos City Watch nevertheless praised the response. A spokesman for the Hidos City Watch called upon families to ensure their sons and daughters were not "dishonouring the heart stone of their city with perverse displays of immodesty," referring especially to the veil-burning. The act was criticised as "an attempt to sever the important barrier between respectable women and whores", and warned families that their daughters may be mistaken for the latter if participating in such vulgar action.

The Republic of China of Nordamy

Xinhua News

Invitation Received
The Kalkadrion of The Sacred League has invited the recently elected Premier of China on a diplomatic trip toThe Land of the Ephyral. Premier Bo has accepted the invitation and will meet with the leadership of the nation in a matter of days. Several talking points are on the agenda

Tremors in Everest
Earthquake tremors were picked up in the Mt. Everest area this morning. The government has issued an evacuation for all climbers on Everest to cease climbing immediately. There is an avalanche watch in effect for Everest and other peaks in the area.

The Republic of China of Nordamy

Xinhua News

Church Authorizes Liturgy
The Church of China has authorized the Liturgy of St Addai for public use. The liturgy is considered one the oldest and was the first used among Chinese Christians. The liturgy was first allowed for experimental use and later for "Extrodinary Form" for limited public use. The mass was celebrated at Beijing Cathedral by the Bishop of Beijing,The Right Reverend Fr. John Zhang Wenzhi OblSB.

Premier Arrives in The Land of the Ephyral
Premier Bo has arrived in The Land of the Ephyral safely with her diplomatic and security teams. She is slated to speak with the leadership of the nation and establish national partnerships between China and Ephyra.

The Kingdom of Arikea

THE ANDEGARIAN EDICT | 9th of July, 2025 / 3500-07-09

King of Toanei dies at 81

An uncharacteristically somber atmosphere descends upon a notoriously stone-hearted southwestern kingdom this morning following the announcement that King Muratus VI of Toanei has passed away following a brief illness. He was 81.

Since inheriting the Toaneian throne in 1974 (3449) following the death of his childless elder brother, Attinus IV, the late king cemented himself as something of a distant and oftentimes indifferent monarch who preferred to rule behind the curtains whilst his advisors served as the public face of the throne he nonetheless managed to keep for more than fifty years. Were it not for his lifelong personal friendship with High King Ateano II and the undeniable efficiency in which his administrative machine ran (particularly by the standards of the realm), one would not be blamed for writing him off as little more than a seat-warmer. Regardless, the departed sovereign's kingdom flourished under his watch and his people have flocked to the streets to commemorate the final ascension of Naemohr's loyal servant to the realms beyond. Crown Prince Agdan, in accordance with his father's express wishes, has ordered only a modest ceremony to be held in utter secrecy at the palace, attended by the late king's closest family and advisors. In accordance with Arikean funerary traditions, the body will be embalmed during the aforementioned ceremony, after which it will be interred in the royal crypt beneath the palace grounds.

Syndicalist squatters evicted from abandoned island

On a more positive note (albeit one prefaced by numerous egregious affronts to the gods and everything that is good), Isarian authorities have reported that a group of self-professed "syndicalists" holed up for the past two weeks on the island of Irkan in the outer reaches of the Kingdom of Isarius have at last been arrested and flown to the capital to answer for their blasphemy.

For those not in the know, early last month a large fishing vessel sailing past Irkan, an uninhabited island about 230 kilometres north of the Isarian mainland, reported seeing figures moving along the shoreline. Though not normally a sight worth noting, much less reporting to the authorities, the alarm was quickly raised when the figures in question allegedly unfurled a large red banner with the words "FREE ARIKEAN COMMUNES OF ISARIUS" painted on in broken Arikean. That the island itself is regarded with a combination of reverence and superstition by local islands due to its extremely checkered past harkening back to the days of the Red Tyrant (likely not accidental on the part of the syndicalists) only made the presence of these foreign hooligans ever more concerning. As local law enforcement circled the island and confirmed their continued presence in the coming days, it is believed the intruders took to defacing some of the ruins still present on Irkan with various bits of graffiti glorifying 19th and 20th century syndicalist leaders whilst constructing ramshackle dwellings out of wood and whatever assorted trash they had brought with them. A speedboat moored off the coast was swiftly impounded as its owners yelled obscenities and communist slogans at the cameras being pointed down at them from the police helicopters.

Finally, just a few days ago, armed police were airlifted onto the island to arrest the squatters, which was accomplished in surprisingly short order given their previous bravado. No shots were fired and little force was seemingly required to subdue them, though the handcuffs unfortunately did little to silence their cacophonous barbarian prattle. Eleven people were subsequently remanded in custody in the Isarian capital for illegally entering Arikean territory, treading on and defacing a holy and protected site, preaching a proscribed political ideology, insulting the gods and (in three cases) resisting arrest.

Further details regarding this case, particularly the offending party's origins, are subject to a media blackout pending an ongoing investigation.


Sino-Ephyrian summit commences

A sign of our northern neighbours' increasing openness to the wider world flew into Haledon International Airport yesterday to address the Ephyrian Kalkadrion at the side of the Helopon himself. We of course refer to the Boeing 800 aircraft that ferried newly-elected Chinese Premier Bo Ling Chen into the Ephyrian capital, greeting Helopon Neleos Teutamides on the tarmac before they and their aides were whisked away to get the ball rolling for their surprise diplomatic liaison. As of yet, nothing has been confirmed one way or the other about the topics being broached behind the Kalkadrion's closed doors, though there will undoubtedly be a great deal of pressure on both sides to make a good first impression, particularly given Miss Chen's youth and the fact she is a female head-of-state in a country where no such thing exists. We can only hope their business remains at a purely professional level.

The Republic of China of Nordamy

Xinhua News

Relations Open With The Land of the Ephyral
The meeting between China and the Ephyra have come to a conclusion with better national relations. The agreements reached include:

1. Establishment of embassies in both countries
2. Reducing barriers to trade
3. Travel between nations are to be made easier(includes access to the Special Autonomous Regions)
4. Students may study abroad in both counties under a special visa

Opium Bust
An illegal opium smuggling operation was busted in Kashgar, Xinjiang by federal and local police. The perpetrators were arrested and were found to be connected to a crime syndicate operating out of Afghanistan. It is unknown if this crime syndicate is affiliated with any terroristic groups in the region.

The Jingoistic States of FaveNova

Hello there

The Republic of China of Nordamy

Xinhua News

Navy To Perform Sea Drills
The Chinese Navy is set to perform sea drills near the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. All fishing vessels are asked to stay out of the waters for the next week.

Music Festival
The annual Snow Dragon Festival will return to Tibet this year featuring artists from across China and the world. Of particular interest this year, Madame Premier Bo will open the festival. This is the first time a member of the Chinese government will open the festival since it started in 1968. Sometimes dubbed "The Woodstock of The East", Snow Dragon Festival brings artists from across China and even across the world.

Scientists In Quarantine
Two scientists from a lab in the city of Wuhan are in active quarantine after being exposed to an influenza like virus. A five block radius around the lab has been cordoned off by police. Residents in the area are advised to be aware of the following symptoms:
Fever or chills


Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


Muscle or body aches


New loss of taste or smell

Sore throat

Congestion or runny nose

Nausea or vomiting


If anyone is experiencing these symptoms, please stay at home and self treat until the symptoms go away. If the symptoms worsen, please call the hospital.

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