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    Roleplay 101

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    CoDN Roleplay Guide

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    [Constitution] Coalition of Democratic Nations: Accords of Conduct and Regional Governance

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    Save the Internet! Save NS!

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    Coalition of Democratic Nations Frequently Asked Questions & Welcome Dispatch (WIP)

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    Useful NS Sites and Utilities (updated: 4/19/2019)

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    [UPDATED] NationStates Guide

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The Coalition of Democratic Nations contains 57 nations, the 298th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Basket Weaving Sector in The Coalition of Democratic Nations

World Census agents infiltrated a variety of out-of-the-way towns and festivals in order to determine which nations have the most developed Basket Weaving industries.

As a region, The Coalition of Democratic Nations is ranked 6,586th in the world for Largest Basket Weaving Sector.

1.The Republic of China of NordamyInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Serve The People”
2.The Freehold of The Land of the EphyralMoralistic Democracy“Honour and Iron”
3.The Sociopathic Democracy of GunoriumInoffensive Centrist Democracy“If God exists, he'll have to beg my forgiveness”
4.The Socialist People's Republic of KestvalaIron Fist Consumerists“Liberty, Equality, Solidarity”
5.The Maymayian 'Republic' of Shadilay BayIron Fist Consumerists“Did you come here by accident?”
6.The Democratic Republic of BulkistanDemocratic Socialists“For Honour,We Strive”
7.The Commonwealth of South WorldInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Gun control is not about guns. It’s about control.”
8.The Unified Provinces of QuevolaCivil Rights Lovefest“Wo die Berge das Meer treffen”
9.The Republic of United NerzaarsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We swear! We're not communists!”
10.The Confederate Borderlands of Neptunium UnionCivil Rights Lovefest“Surrender to Hope”

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The Egyptian Kingdom of Paglaum

Nova Capatenia wrote:hello i finally managed the courage to say hello
so hello

Oh, hey man

The Republic of China of Nordamy

Xinhua News
The Truth Will Set You Free

Diplomats Meet
A Chinese Diplomat and the head of the National Police Agency met with Ephyral diplomats regarding the proper punishment of a Selian youth. The youth in question was arrested for putting his hands on a police woman in line with a game called the Slapass Challenge. Ephyral news reacted with outrage at this story saying that this challenge was a "fertility ritual".

The teams discussed the matter for about two hours and came to an agreement. The youth will be caned 30 times on his bare back and hands with a rattan cane. Afterwards he will pay a monetary compensation to the victim and will immediately be deported once his sentence is carried out. At the press conference afterwards the head of the National Police, Chen Feng kuang or "Frank Chen", delivered a brief statement on the matter.

"We have successfully come to an agreement regarding crime and punishment of foreigners in China. Both sides are satisfied with the agreed upon punishment of this young man. Let this also serve as a warning to any potential criminals that want to come into my country and break the rules. Like what a criminal's parents should have done, we will punish you in a fitting way."

Fortifications Complete
The States of Taiwan and Manchuria have completed fortifications against the Nihon threat. The exact details have been ommited but all that has been released is the border with Korea has been fully militarized and Taiwan has been fully turned into a fortress. The Territories of Hong Kong and Macau have had troops stationed at ports with orders to back up Taiwan.

The major rivers of the Yellow, Pearl and Yangtze have had Coast Guard troops from the Navy placed on patrols to prevent Nihoner entrances into the country.

Sanctions Passed
The Chinese Government have announced that they will be placing sanctions on Nihon for actively taking part in meddling with an election and inspiring unrest. The list of sanctions are:

1. A ban on all Nihonese imports into China
2. A ban on all Nihonese travelers into China
3. All Nihonese ships and aeroplanes will not be allowed to enter ports of entry
4. Refusal to trade with all countries doing business with Nihon

The sanctions went into effect immediately upon the President signing the sanction bill. The sanctions will be in effect until Nihon ceases all hostile acts and opens for negotiations.

The State of Republic of Washinton

(Been a bit since the last post but I'm still alive.)
The Republic Times

Impact from out of this world!
Yesterday, on Auguest 8, 2032, a meteorite entered Earths upper atmosphere and burned up leaving quite the light show over parts of the northern half of the country. It was reported observed from Prince Edward Island all the way to the Northwest Territories where it promptly impacted the ground some 150 KM from the town of Yellow Knife. Despite the distance, the sheer velocity and impact chattered windows for hundreds of kilometers. While astronomers estimate this meteorite was no more than square meter in size by the time it struck the Earth, it had enough velocity to cause immense destruction if it had landed close to a major metropolitan area. Thankfully, the impact was nowhere near a population center and casualties have only reported to have been very light with most a result of broken glass. A team of researchers from multiple universities are already preparing to make a trek to the impact sight to inspect the damage and take any samples back. The scientific community is quite frankly believes this to be an out of this world chance of scientific discovery.

Drilling Operations Continuing in the Chukchi
Republic Oil has reported that drilling operations in the Chukchi Sea have gone remarkably smooth since the operations have started back in 2030. Millions of barrels of oil have been produced and the reserve is expected to last for quite some time more. Because of this, stock prices for Republic Oil have skyrocketed in the past several weeks, with other oil companies having their stocks climb too as a result. Despite environmental and security concerns, the Washingtonian companies have a potentially great financial future ahead of them.

Defense of the Frontier
With tensions in the Far East still very hot, there is talk about stationing more military forces in Alaska to ensure it's defense. While it is already publicly acknowledged that some of the nations best aircraft, as well as ballistic missile defenses, are concentrated in The Last Frontier, defense officials on Ottawa are concerned that not enough Navy and Army ground forces stationed there to provide more of a solid defense. It has been proposed to either move another division, or reactivate an older unit to help bring up the defenses in Alaska to a healthier level. The massive amounts of unused land as well as relatively low population density means the State is more than suited to hold more units. While official action has not been taken, it is expected in the next financial year that such a move will be made. This will also decrease the pressure on the Alaskan National Guard as been constantly activated to active duty status since 2030.

The Democratic Animal Kingdom of Nuak

The Nuakian Report
The Citizen's Light Within the Darkness


Hidden Projects
With the revelation that three top-secret projects with unknown origins were being funded by the government, several court cases were sent up to the Supreme Court of Nuak in an attempt to force the government to reveal what those programs pertain to. However, in the most decisive ruling of the court in its brief existence, Project Nothern Lights, Project Samaritan, and Project Velvet were all deemed essential to national security, receiving explict exclusions from the Federal Transparency Act of 2025.

Diplomatic Trips
In several trips abroad, high ranking members of the Nuakian Kingdom visited some neighbors in the international community, upon their return to the Nuakian International Airport, they were greeted with cheering crowds. Experts consider their actions a success


Asian Politics Reach New Critical Point (More on Page 2)
"Further escalation within the Asian sphere as more aggressive stances are taken towards the nation of..."

The Great Empire of Pigeonstan

The República of Prusswitonsiakekingkailand

Pigeonstan wrote:THE SUPER FONT


The Great Empire of Pigeonstan

Prusswitonsiakekingkailand wrote:POGCHAMP NEWS NETWORK RIGHT HERE


The Republic of China of Nordamy

Xinhua News
The Truth Will Set You Free

Election Season
Chinese citizens will go to the polls to elect the president and the prime minister. Parties that will be on the ballot are:

Democratic Progressive Party
Kuomintang Party
People's Party
Labour Party
Liberty Party

The hot button issues involve national defense , the economy and foreign relations. The Kuomintang is advocating a dual stance on defense with strength and diplomacy. The Democratic Progressives and Labour Parties are advocating a primarily diplomatic stance and gradually scaling back the defensive buildups. The People's Party and the Liberty Party take a similar stance to the Kuomintang of strength and diplomacy.

Lockdown Ended
The lockdowns of Manchuria, Taiwan and Mongolia were terminated with approval from the Legislative and Executive Yuans. Despite this, the military will maintain a presence in those zones. No further buildups will occur but an action plan will remain in place "until the despotic regimes crumble" in the words of a field commander. Police have been assisting the military in border towns and will continue to.

Earthquake in Tibet
A small earthquake in Tibet created minor damage in Basum Township. The historical Rongbuk Monastery suffered damage to its living quarters and one of its temples. The earthquake created a small landslide in the Himilayas but Everest was not affected. No climbers in the mountains were trapped and only minor injuries were reported from falls. The tremors were picked up on seismograhs in Lhasa, triggering an alert for Western Tibet. The warning went out a minute before the quake started, allowing for locals to take cover.

The Social Stratocracy of Ascoobis

The Midnight Star

The Plot Thickens

A raid in Darkmount's immigrant enclave of Little Khartoum was conducted today in coordination between Egyptian(Paglaum) authorities and the FEA(Foreign Espionage Agency). An hour-long firefight with resisting unidentified assailants ensued. An Agency spokesperson announced that the events of this morning were related to the ongoing investigation of the recent crash of EgyptAir Flight 388 at Darkmount International Airport several weeks ago and the likely involvement of an anti-Egyptian Sudanese independence movement. A menace who's slimy tendrils has seemingly inspired sympathy among some Sudanese immigrants to Ascoobis.

Selian Scare!

Ethnic tensions rise after the gruesome murder of a Selian Ephyral Exchange student by a fellow university classmate. Reportedly, Nathan Taylor brutally bludgeoned Petrus Dormaereon to death with an aluminum baseball bat outside his Hollywood dormitory two nights ago on rumors that Petrus had assaulted Taylor's sister, a classmate of the deceased, with a strike to her posterior. It is the latest chapter in the history of anti-Selian bigotry in Ascoobis, which has seen a rise after the emergence of the "Slapass Challenge".

Ascoobian diplomats have reached out to The Land of the Ephyral officials with pledges of transparency in their investigation of the alleged hate crime.

"This is tragic and not what Ascoobis aspires to be. Petrus' family sent their progeny to Ascoobis with the hope for the best education. We failed them. The living and deceased will be served justice.", reads a statement from the office to Ascoobian Ambassador to Ephyra Tychon Taelnaris.

In Other News...

  • Chinese(Nordamy) elections underway. As the Sino-Ascoobian Alliance is at the forefront of defense discussions among the election candidates, The Ascoobian Stratrocratic People's Council extends a dual endorsement to the Kuomintang Party's President Ma Ying-Jeou and People's Party candidate for their pragmatism towards the threat of Nihon jingoism.

  • 4.2 Magnitude Earthquake jolts the suburban areas bordering the Capital. Seismologists warn residents and businesses to prepare for a period of activity along that faultline, the very same that caused a 6.7 Magnitude Earthquake in 1994 which caused costly damage to the region.

  • The brief visit by a Royal Nuak delegation was pleasantly uneventful. They freely toured museums and amusement parks in the capital for a week before departing for their next stop. A golden dagger with a blade of meteoric iron was provided to Ascoobis' esteemed guests as a parting gift.

  • Ascoobian Astrogeologists from Mazama University(in Crater Lake, Oregon) join Republic of Washinton counterparts in the rare opportunity to study the Yellowknife Meteorite fragments.

The Freehold of The Land of the Ephyral

THE EPHYRAL MESSENGER | Printed 28th May 2033




African expedition launched...

The first to be launched in a decade, elements of the Phalanx Africa legions have mounted offensives against tribal forces and similar opponents in the North African desert. The forces include the more inexperienced units, recently recruited or conscripted, of legions stationed to the Phalanx Africa, including the Third Thunderbolt Legion and the Seventh Victorious Legion, with the more experienced forces acting to support and reinforce. The last expedition into Africa met with considerable outcry, but nothing further, from multiple foreign nations. It was speculated that a campaign would be organised no later than 2035 however, as a Senate consult in 2029 expressed clearly the "intention and need of the Freehold to ensure its soldiers face real combat situations for continued experience, and to offer all sons of Ephyra their right to earn scars and claim spoils in the name of their fatherland".

Further details about the campaign is not available for public information, though it is expected there will be updates of significant victories when they occur.




Ephyral student killed abroad...

In an event that has grabbed the attention of the Ephyral people, a student from Ephyra studying in the country of Ascoobis was murdered. Nathan Taylor, the suspect arrested for the act, used an aluminium baseball bat to beat to death one 'Petrus Dormaereon', the Anglicised-Latin for the young man now identified at home as Pheteros Osios Dormaereon. The killing has been linked to the so-called 'Slapass Challenge', a phenomena first seen highlighted in the country of Nuak, after an Ephyral tourist visiting was hospitalised and later deported back to the Freehold after being shot by a woman - who had turned out to be the country's commander-in-chief - for slapping her on the behind. The comments given by the man's friends, that the man had been intending to strike as many women as possible in a mock imitation of a Selian purification festival, seems to have birthed copycat activities by Ephyral tourists, particularly young men in their late teens to early twenties.

In China, another young man had been arrested, charged, and punished for performing a similar act upon a Chinese policewoman. The Ephyral government has advised its citizens not to interfere with local customs and culture by injecting unfamiliar elements from Ephyra's own customs into their circulation. In some countries, Ephyral men already possess a reputation for their pursuit of local women. The increased media attention on these cases is thought to be due to the ambiguous or non-consensual nature of what are interpreted as sexual assaults in the form of smacking the rear.

This was the motive of Nathan Taylor, who allegedly had heard rumours of Dormaereon's 'assault' of his unnamed sister, identified as a classmate of Dormaereon. This 'assault' was supposedly carried out in an identical manner to other international cases, but is the first to result in the death of the man performing it. Details about the case are not yet unknown, and neither the allegation of a physical assault of the suspect's sister nor the nature of the physical contact if it occurred has been determined. Dormaereon's family, now informed of his death, confirmed that in their communications with him, he had mentioned being drawn to a female student, but had not given names or descriptions sufficient enough to identify Taylor's sister.

The country has sent a statement to Ephyra's ambassador to Ascoobis, Tychon Keliotios Taelnaris, pledging transparency in investigating what they've determined to be a hate-crime, citing apparent increases in anti-Selian sentiment. Taelnaris has issued a public reply in his role, stating, "The Ascoobian ambassador is thanked for his pledge to deliver justice to Dormaereon and his family. We request that once all investigative need for Dormaereon's body is exhausted, that it be returned to the Freehold and his family to receive proper rites. The Freehold has an expressed desire to monitor this case and ensure the murderer is dealt with properly."

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