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The Holy Lucky Serene Republic of Zentata

No questions for me? Wymondham

The Bookish Boi of Badivermeraed

I have a question for all the candidates: what's your favorite type of music?

The Thalassian Vice-Delegate of Ayeinc

Wymondham1 wrote:question snip

Thanks for the Question, Wym. Cormac was interested in joining WALL, but as we know that never happened. I want Thalassia to join a legislative league that fits its core values. We are a democratic region that is open to free speech and equal treatment under the law and we need to be in a league that represents those values. If no league fits Thalassia, then Thalassia shall create a league where her and aligning regions can fit.

Badivermeraed wrote:music question snip

80's pop, some country, JAZZ, and Rock 'n Roll!

The Republic of Banq

Badivermeraed wrote:I have a question for all the candidates: what's your favorite type of music?

I’m a rap/trap guy

The Constitutional Empire of Sail Nation

Why do you think we should vote for you?

The South Pacifican Commonwealth of Toerana III

Wymondham1 wrote:I have some questions:
Toerana III
You were unanimously convicted of Espionage in Lazarus and banned from their for two years. Is it really a good idea from a PR and regional security perspective for the region to have a WA Delegate who has been convicted of espionage in and banned from one of the largest regions in the game?
25 days ago an article of yours was released in the Rejected times, issue linked below. Although an opinion article, to say that the article was of a questionable factual basis is quite frankly an understatement. Can Thalassia really trust you as our WAD when you are so economical with the truth about our region?
You are running for an officer position in TRR, do you think this will take up a lot of your time and lead you to have to prioritise one role over the other?

Trust Wym with the tricky questions :P I was waiting for this.

First of, the position of World Assembly delegate has very little power, and my influence in the cabinet would be at the discretion of the Prime Minister, whether my position effects their Foreign Policy or not. If I chose to run for a position that directly impacted those areas of Thalassia, this would be a valid question. If the regions who are so insistent on my position in Thalassia being a key factor in whether they continue relations, or begin, then I very strongly believe that those regions are not fit for Thalassia. Thalassians have a voice, their vote. If I am elected and those regions believe that myself in the position is so outrageous they wish to limit relations, then they simply do not respect the founding value Thalassia holds, democracy. I ran because this would not directly impact foreign relations.
Secondly, the article was an opinion article. You also misplaced that link you said you'd share, so I'll drop it here for people to decide their own views on the article, it is an opinion article after all:

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Issue LVI | March 8, 2020

Media Officer: Bormiar


"Growth on the Table: Thalassia Since the Move" | OPINION PIECE | WRITTEN BY INTERN Toerana
"The East Pacific’s Recent Delegacy Election" | NEWS | WRITTEN BY MEDIA OFFICER Bormiar
"Somyrion Wins the Delegate Elections in the South Pacific" | NEWS | WRITTEN BY INTERN Agalaesia
"Constipation in the Security Council" | NEWS | WRITTEN BY MEDIA OFFICER Bormiar
"Brief Interview on Reddit Boom with Contemporary Home Affairs Minister Konar and his Deputy Bobberino" | INTERVIEW | INTERVIEWED BY INTERN A Leaf on the Wind

"Growth on the Table: Thalassia Since the Move"

The Thalassian community, formerly located in Pacifica, has historically had a plethora of issues, at least until the community transitioned to Thalassia earlier this year. Since then, the Thalassian community has been able to flourish, having only a few incidents within the region from the move, a sharp change from their time in Pacifica. But, is it all good times ahead?

The regional population has slowly been in decline, having fallen from their 307 nation high in December down to as low as 231, before climbing back up and sustaining around 265 residents. This is a far cry from the numbers seen in Pacifica, with Pacifica’s population peaking at nearly 700 nations, around May of 2019, seeing around 340 just before the community’s move.

The January Elections

Thalassia is a democratic region, a key belief enshrined in its constitution. In the January Prime Minister Elections, there was one key concern on the minds of the voters: Recruitment. Four Candidates chose to run in the election:

However, despite the issue of Recruitment being at the forefront of the election, and in the minds of many of the voters, only Arenado proposed a solution to the dilemma that was a point of concern for many Thalassian voters, and the basis of this article.

NSToday, having an unconventional partnership with the Thalassian government to preside over the election, interviewed the three “primary” candidates of Arenado (the favourite to win) Wiskawga and Toerana. The public could submit questions, and were polled on how they wished to vote. To summarise the polls, Arenado took the lead with 54% of the expected vote, followed by Wiskawga at 27% of the vote, and Toerana with 18% of the expected vote. You can see the full NSToday breakdown Linkhere. The polls were almost exactly correct, just slightly differing from the actual result.

Turbulence Ahead

On the 25th January, a sudden resignation was announced by President Rockiberg, citing a “very unpleasant scuttle” with the region’s founder, and incumbent Minister of Administrative Affairs. The role of President is of extreme importance to Thalassia, as it primarily includes Security, managing referendums and controlling the region's World Assembly Delegacy. Following this event, allegations of bullying against the former President came to light as the Vice President, Czech Germania, took up the helm as interim President, until an election was scheduled by the Prime Minister. Upon questioning, Liruslau, former MoC and current VP said he “didn’t know or experience any of what he is alleged to have been doing” during their term as Minister of Culture. We were unable to contact Rockiberg, as he has vanished from all NationStates related discord servers, and is incommunicado.

Another sign of potential troubles ahead occured on the 9th of February, when 7 members of the active roleplay community in Thalassia were banned for an indefinite amount of time, while being subject to appeal on the 9th of March. However, potentially worrying for the region, a number of those banned have formed a new region post their bannings, with one banned roleplayer stating on the RMB, “I'm kicking back and watching Thalassia kill itself by banning everyone that RP'ed”. Long term members of the community may see reminiscence with the incident that spurred the creation of “The Levellers,” a region with a poor reputation. Only time will tell what occurs in “Tidewater.” Other active members of the community that were banned have said that they believe rules should be loosened in relation to offsite property, given the nature of the discord. With former Minister of Security and one of the banned players Wiskawga saying, “I think it should be amended to say that the creation of any offsite platform not authorized by the Constitution is illegal. And regarding promotion, yes, I think it'd be great to have a set definition.” When asked if they had been contacted by the Thalassian government prior to the ban, Yaldian Territories stated, “sort of, arenado [The Prime Minister] asked me questions about the server but he told me not to tell anybody about them. I was not told to take it down however. He did say that it is illegal by the constitution.”

A Bright light at the end of the tunnel

Despite the hiccups that have occured over the past month in Thalassia, the future for the region looks bright with Minister of Culture Czech Germania stating, “a revamp of our stats system and our rewards system,” programs designed to reward the active roleplaying community of Thalassia, despite the recent bannings.

We asked some long term members and government officials where they think Thalassia will go next, with former Prime Minister Badivermeraed stating, “I think it will be focusing on recruitment, as well as continuing foriegn outreach and setting a standard for the government.” While founder Sho said when asked about what she believes will be Thalassia’s greatest challenge in the future, “Honestly? I think our greatest challenge will be trying to find a cohesive identity. I’m proud of how open minded our region is in terms of personal (ooc)/national (ic) identity, but I do think it occasionally puts people at a loss for what our collective goals should be. I’m hoping that the coming administrations will really work on giving our citizens the voice to shape our region into the home that we desire.”

Despite the banning of a large number of the roleplay community, plunging the Regional Message Board into silence, the Prime Minister has unveiled a new roleplay program to stimulate activity, and it has largely worked, with the RMB seeing renewed activity, despite it not being roleplay related. The roleplay community may have been shattered, but the region has come out of it’s turbulent hiccup stronger, and ready to face the challenges that lay ahead.

"The East Pacific's Recent Delegacy Election"

The East Pacific has been in a rather tumultuous position recently. After Fedele attempted to coup the region, it was forced to revive itself and amend its security. On top of the Linknew Concordat, developments under Marrabuk’s delegacy, especially those passed by Todd McCloud, have deliberately decentralized power on the delegate. As a result these changes, a Regional Officer (other than a vizier, the regional security position with influence and endorsements) must be confirmed by the magisterium (the private legislature of the East Pacific) in order to avoid an event like in Fedele’s delegacy, where he had full reign over Border Control positions. Additionally, endorsement caps are now determined by viziers instead of the delegate. These recent fixes to the East Pacific were fresh in the minds of voters, so naturally they would be a major section of delegacy campaigns. Marrabuk stressed this in his Linkcampaign, claiming that he helped increase viziers from 3 to 8 (adding ). Even if they are picked poorly, the additional viziers dilutes the power of one rogue vizier or delegate. The concept is similar to the North Pacific’s clever anti-endocap policy, which prevents a rogue delegate from banning all the high-endorsement natives. He also mentioned fixing the judicial system by filling in the arbiter positions (the justice equivalent), rebooting the East Pacific News Service, reviving the East Pacific’s military, and working to establish treaties with Balder and Osiris. He promises to continue to do this work.

However, he is met with some opposition. A Mean Old Man, a controversial figure who, despite being a respected ex-delegate (who created their military) of the East Pacific, is often reminded of their crimes in attempting to coup Lazarus and Osiris. In a premeditated response to this in his Linkdramatic and somewhat unsubstantial roleplayed campaign post, he redirects blame, which partially just fits his roleplay. He finally made a post about policies when asked, where he promised to stomp in the World Assembly and host authorship conferences, particularly to repeal lacking proposals; he offers to take up a stronger suppressive presence which grants ROs more freedom to suppress. But what is most notable is his interesting Foreign Affairs take. A Mean Old Man makes comments in his campaign such as “UCRs recruiting endlessly from the GCRs while the latter is expected to have no reaction to this. Capitulation of this sort has never come easy to me” and “My paranoia towards raider and defender orgs and their possible ulterior motives in the GCRs has not subsided”, which is analogous to the ancient, now-gone and disavowed Francoist principles of previous incarnations of the New Pacific Order (of which AMOM has been a senator) that the UCRs were exploiting and infiltrating the GCRs, inspired by powerful contemporary UCR-based R/D organizations like the Alliance Defense Network and the Atlantic Alliance. As for official foreign policy, AMOM proposes that TEP reaches out to small, nascent regions and “spread [their] influence far and wide”.

In the end, the East Pacific overwhelmingly re-elected Marrabuk as their delegate. Marrabuk won by 78.8% majority, and after doing so he changed the cabinet by amalgamating the Ministry of Manpower and Ministry of Immigration, as well as unifying the Ministry of RMB Affairs and Ministry of Culture.

"Somyrion Wins the Delegate Elections in the South Pacific"
Somyrion has won the delegate elections in the South Pacific, following a two step electoral process.

Round One:

The first round of the South Pacific’s (TSP's) Delegate elections uses a system of approval voting. Candidates ranged from a wide variety of backgrounds, including Concrete Slab, a member of the Local Council (the Gameside administration body of TSP); Islands of Unity; Agalaesia, the region’s former Minister of Regional Affairs and Beepee, also a Local Councillor.

The campaigns made a broad range of pledges. Concrete Slab’s campaign promised to “Put the WA back in the WA delegate,” and called on his experience to highlight his ability to make the World Assembly more prominent in The South Pacific. Island of Unity’s campaign discussed his time within TSP. Island also promised to assist with integration; establish a legion of honour and to commission a formal TSP anthem. Agalaesia pledged to increase the endorsement count; while “Making the WA more Inclusive,” by creating focus groups to improve engagement with the World Assembly in the South Pacific, however, Agalaesia later dropped out of the race, citing his position as Minister of Regional Affairs and real life issues as reasons for dropping out of the race.

Eventually, Somyrion and Beepee progressed onto the next round of voting, with 29 and 25 approvals respectively, and Islands of Unity and Concrete Slab had 18 and 17 approvals respectively.

Round Two:

The second round of voting consists of a gameside poll.

Again, the campaigns from the two candidates who progressed were wide ranging. While Somyrion’s campaign (titled “Well, I’ve learned some things”) mainly reflected on his achievements and fallbacks during his previous term as delegate, and made promises based on those reflections (which included working more collaboratively with the Local Council; running World Assembly Endorsement Days which were successful during his previous term and bolstering World Assembly engagement), Beepee simply made a list pledges including (“I'll endotart my little heart out. I'm doing pretty good at it... check my links…” and “I'll be the big friendly welcome mat that everyone can use”), along with a small list of his experience and some other small facts about himself.

Somyrion won the elections with 90 votes to Beepee’s 68, re-electing him as the delegate of the South Pacific.

"Constipation in the Security Council"

The Security Council has recently been hit with a massive slew of new and intriguing proposals to evaluate- this article simply summarizes that. These proposals have ranged from extremely heated debates to voting periods entirely devoid of comment. The chunk of resolutions began with Marxist Germany’s Commend Benevolent Thomas, which recognized a prominent region-builder and famous defender. Many voters considered the proposal to be long-overdue, despite the unfortunate failing of a previous attempt at commending Benevolent Thomas. Whether there was any disapproval for “Commend Benevolent Thomas”, not a single comment was made on the NS forum thread in the entirety of the voting period.

Roleplay proposals are not common in the Security Council, and “Condemn Norrlands” by Ultior, a roleplay-based resolution, was not added to the books. The proposal cites that Norrlands has nuked many nations, but the crushing defeat was largely because voters felt that Norrlands was godmodding in its roleplay.
In sharp contrast to the previous two proposals, the Security Council was shaken by “Commend Crushing Our Enemies” by Jakker City, nominating a prominent TNPer and member of TBH, who has been retired from raiding for years. Clauses 3-5 clauses recall COE’s work in the Black Hawks, which consist of taking up leadership positions, the OOC leadership COE provided in re-directing raiders after Predator, and their induction into the raiding hall of fame. This sparked a heated debate extending as far as mass telegrams, where McMasterdonia (for) and Kuriko (against) had a back-and-forth mass tg session. The proposal’s defenders interpreted the proposal as not commending COE for raiding, rather for exemplary leadership. A strong summary of the argument can be found coming from, oddly, Crushing Our Enemies themselves (link). They fiercely support their work in pragmatically revamping the ranks system, which had not been discussed greatly before. However, some gameplayers argued that COE’s leadership in The Black Hawks helped them raid regions, and thus commending it commended raiding. Likely because of this reason, the proposal struggled to garner support. During the approval stage, it was failing to reach quorum until the Black Hawks used its WAs to create delegacies and approve the proposal. Upon going to vote, it appeared to be passing by a decent cushion, but, after a long period of tied voting, the votes eventually turned to against, and remained such until the end of the voting period. While many high-endorsement delegates voted for the proposal, super-delegates still were no match for individual WAs.

The Security Council had a brief break following this, as two straightforward resolutions hit the voting floor, both of which passed easily. The first, condemn Gatesville Inc by Bormiar, admonished the successor region of Gatesville for its work in coups and denunciation of the World Assembly. The subsequent resolution, “Condemn Tinfect” by Morover, had trouble reaching quorum, but after a last-minute campaign telegram, enough approvals were obtained. It is a roleplay resolution centered on the despotic and genocidal actions of Tinfect in its interstellar roleplay, as well as their non-compliance with many GA resolutions.

Currently in the Security Council, we have a series of liberations designed to suppress fascist ideology and a raider organization run by blacklisted players. One of these liberations, “liberate Pars” by Kuriko, was a passing resolution to free a region raided by the intentionally unnamed organization, but many delegates switched their vote when he raiders fled the region, and it failed. Another, “Liberate the Union of the Axis Powers” by Praeceps, is an offensive liberation of a small fascist region in order to destroy fascist presence in NS. Nearing quorum is a liberation of a region invaded by the military entitled “Liberate the Unicorns of the World”. Several similar resolutions are currently being drafted on the forums, but are derided mainly for giving attention to the fascists. As for standard resolutions, “Commend Arconian Empire” by THX1138 is nearing quorum as a commendation for a dedicated defender.

One other controversy is “Liberate the East Pacific” by Marrabuk, the East Pacific’s delegate. It is an homage to a previous Liberate the East Pacific, also a joke, and was making fun of the East Pacific’s recent welcoming of A Mean Old Man. Many SC regulars got upset at the East Pacific’s government for the “badge hunt”, but they brushed it off. Despite a major stomp early on supporting the proposal from The East Pacific and The West Pacific, the proposal failed.

The Security Council has been invigorated by what appears to be controversy. It serves as yet another example of how fascism and raiding can be trusty ways of grabbing attention, and how standard the Security Council’s response can be Nevertheless, the debate and activity in the Security Council is fun and will hopefully continue.

Correction: Liberate Unicorns of the World was reaching quorum, before it got withdrawn for becoming unnecessary. Commend Arconian Empire Failed.

"Brief Interview on Reddit Boom with Contemporary Home Affairs Minister Konar and his Deputy Bobberino"

NationStates recently experienced a boom in population due to a Reddit post. Being in TRR, we don't get to always see the full impact of these booms. We get the Rejected nations, sure; mostly inappropriate names that quickly get deleted. People that can't behave are ejected to us. I wanted to get the perspective of a Feeder, so I reached out to Konar (Bluie) and Bobberino, from TNP, Bluie being the Home Affairs (HA; outreach equivalent) minister at the time of the boom, and Bob his deputy.

(These opinions do not represent TNP, just the individual giving them.)

Bluie: TNP may have gotten a lot of new nations made in it, but not a lot have stayed or became more active. As far as I can tell, there has been no influx in the rate of people joining the forums or the discord server. We tried to send out telegrams via HA, but not much success. These influxes are always a net good, bringing new players into the game. The bad stuff though are some toxic or immature people also join, but with due diligence, these people are often outed and cast out”

Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, we did not get to continue this discussion. I then asked Bob, the deputy, several questions for his input.

Sarah: Roughly how many nations do you think TNP took in during the Reddit influx?

Bob: Give or take.... 5000.

Sarah: How many do think stayed?

Bob: 2000 or so - based on the 8000 to 10000 rough increase.

Sarah: Did you guys do anything extra or different to try to engage?

Bob: We specifically released “New Foundings for the Forum” lists, which send telegrams from Home Affairs staffers to new nations that have founded w/in the set period. These essentially recruit new nations to the forums and push them to register, apply for residency/citizenship and to get involved.

Sarah: What is something good and something bad about this random influxes?

Bob: Something good? New nations, new voices, new citizens and new community members. Something bad? TNP has a target on our backs for being too big. This gets bigger.

NOTE: The Rejected Times does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Rejected Realms.

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Read dispatch

To follow through with the fact it was a clearly displayed opinion article, my statements were both critical, and optimistic, with interviews being conducted with a large number of the cabinet at the time of writing. Cormac himself was asked, but we could not seem to find a time to talk, which is fair enough.
As I have previously stated, Thalassians are entitled to their voice, may it be their vote, or may it be their opinion. The article taking a critical angle on some events that occured in the region is not being economical with the truth, it's taking a new perspective on things. It is displaying an opinion. The first article of our consitution enshrines that right.
"Free expression, speech, assembly, and press, subject only to reasonable moderation that upholds community safety and protects against community disruption;"
I did not disrupt the community, I wrote an article on Thalassia. Those are two different things.
You yourself have written quite strongly opinionated articles directed at other regions or organisations, what makes this different, outside of the fact I attempted to be fair.

Thirdly, TRR, it is correct, I am running for officer in the region. Neither position will take priority over the other. The amount of time I spend on each region will be subject to the amount of work myself and any deputies may have to do. But also remember, it is an election. I may not get elected in TRR, and have more time than I expected with Thalassia. Eitherway, I am just as dedicated to one region as the other. I consider both close to me, and communities that I am welcomed in. That is the centre of a region, its community.

Finally, you made a comment about whether people can trust me. Simply put, that is up to them. I have said time and time again I do not leak anything from communities I value. Thalassia is a community, and region, I quite strongly value. I may have done things that will cause people to believe I am untrustworthy, but I can not show that I can, without being able to prove it. At this current time, I cannot prove it. You have to take my word for it, simple as that.

Badivermeraed wrote:I have a question for all the candidates: what's your favorite type of music?

Tricky question, I don't really have a set genre I prefer, I like a mixture of dance music, pop, rock. Just not most modern rap.

The Holy Lucky Serene Republic of Zentata

Badivermeraed wrote:I have a question for all the candidates: what's your favorite type of music?

Anything except modern rap (with a few exceptions) and techno-electro-kill-your-ears-with-too-much-sound-I-really-don't-like-it music. I have a soft spot for pop and rock, as well as alternative.

The Kingdom of Odin

Wymondham1 wrote:

Thanks for the questions. I'm not quite sure on the relevance of most of them, but I decided to answer to be respectful anyways.

Wymondham1 wrote:In TNP and TRR you voted that both regions vote against the commendation of Cormactopia prime, a proposal which thrice referenced the good work Cormac had done for our community when we were in Pacifica and now in Thalassia. Can you really have Thalassia's best interests at heart when you cannot even support recognition for our original founder?

I didn't want to say this at first, but Jakker's attempt was... quite bad. Jakker, an author who's failed some votes for some quite obvious nominees, wrote a proposal which I believe did a horrible job at describing Cormac. He chose the worst examples and didn't really describe Cormac's whole "I can get away with going wherever I want whenever I want and be influential" thing :P. The first attempt at commendation, for example, didn't even mention Cormac's revolutionary Osiris work, and the last attempt gave a cursory glance at it (which could warrant a commendation by itself). I didn't think it was a good idea to let it pass.

The condemnation and commendation were linked and dependent on each other, as the condemnation provided justification not to avoid commending because of the things he were condemned for. If the condemnation hadn't existed, it would've ended up like Commend Sedgistan (repealed for a coup). Therefore, anything major that was not mentioned in the condemnation would be fair game against the commendation (and vice versa). Jakker neglected to mention a lot of things, such as Cormac's "I was everybody's enemy once" thing (a product of his way of playing the game by switching sides), so those things became justification for not commending. It was Jakker's writing, not Cormac.

My votes are complex and nuanced, but they shouldn't require a trained eye to understand.

"There isn't a defense for not commending our friend who deserves it despite the commendation being inadequate" isn't a defensible argument.

And does it really apply here? I explicitly stated that votes would be up to Thalassians, regardless of my opinion. Additionally, I think a good democracy embraces lots of opinions. I would like to encourage that others share their opinion no matter what. I'm a strong believer in diverse ideas.

Wymondham1 wrote:As media officer in TRR you are obviously a very busy man. Are you sure you can juggle both offices simultaneously?


I'm not busy. I've got so much time. Also, in a few days, I won't be TRR's media officer.

Wymondham1 wrote:What about cases where Thalassia's interests would conflict with those you have in TNP and TRR, who would come first?

In terms of voting, I'd vote with Thalassia. That seems explicit and obvious.

As for any other WA/delegate-pertaining conflicts, of which I can't think of anything, I would act in the best interests of Thalassia.

No other "conflicts of interest" would apply to me.

Wymondham1 wrote:You are running for WA officer in TRR, does this not represent a colossal conflict of interest between Thalassia and TRR's interests, why was this not declared on your campaign dispatch like Toerana did?

I think I just answered that, but there's no conflict of interest between TRR and Thalassia. Again, in a scenario when I am delegate of Thalassia, obviously I would vote with Thalassia.

If I were WA officer in TRR, it would endorse the concept of other regions developing strong WA programs. TRR does not believe in zero-sum diplomacy. Neither TNP nor TRR nor any other region I'm in has any incentive to weaken or not improve Thalassia.

If it's all the same to you, I'd like to ask whether there was a "colossal conflict of interest" when you were controlling both NSToday and working as Minister of Information here? Have you protested to Anabelle of Osiris (where you are in the government) about Lord Dominator running the World Assembly programs of both Osiris and Lazarus (as well as being a Senior WA consultant in TNP)? I suspect the answer is "no", because it's not fair to assume conflict of interest between regions / orgs that aren't enemies.

Edit: it wasn't mentioned in the campaign cause it wasn't really on my mind. I've added it now cause you asked, not because it matters.

Wymondham1 wrote:Fourthly, what is your opinion on Thalassia's relationship with NSToday, as I know you are currently Media Officer of TRR and thus control TRT?

Uhh... sorry, relevance? I really thought I was running for delegate.

I truly have no idea why you're asking me about that. Why are you asking me about it?

The Bookish Boi of Badivermeraed

Wohoo! I love elections.

The Thalassian Vice-Delegate of Ayeinc

Sail Nation wrote:Why do you think we should vote for you?

Ah, the almighty question.

Well, I have experience in both domestic and foreign affairs. Now, a candidate's experience may play a role in who you're voting for, but what separates me from the other candidates is that I ran for President in February, against Cormactopia Prime. I was the other option. However, Thalassians picked Cormac, a well-respected and well-known player in NationStates. We both ran good campaigns because we believed that Thalassia deserved better that Rockiberg. That Thalassia deserved better than resignation. But he resigned, breaking his promise. He left the position of President back at square one. I am running on that same principle, that Thalassia deserves better. I hope I have your vote and the vote of your fellow citizens. Thank you.

The Bookish Boi of Badivermeraed

Hello there y'all: just wanted to let you know that there is a major election going on right now, be sure to vote for our regional favorite: Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls! The vote is really close right now, so we as a region might be able to sway the tide!

You can vote at this link: page=election


The Kingdom of Odin

Sail Nation wrote:Why do you think we should vote for you?

Who were you asking? Lol.

Thalassia should vote for me because I know the World Assembly. I'm a serial author and WA player. I know what a good proposal looks like. I know the WA's customs. I know how to debate in the WA. I've also had experienced in outreach, so I know a lot of what works in gaining endorsements.

Many of the other candidates have grandiose plans to things like WA blocs and big rewards programs, but their campaigns lack the small building blocs we need to focus on. I've listed goals we can actually do that I know work. I've specified particular programs that I know can help us and have already been tested and thought-out in detail. We need to focus on making an active World Assembly community before we attempt these massive goals.

The Republic of Banq

Sail Nation wrote:Why do you think we should vote for you?

Don't know who you were asking, so I'll answer anyways. I may not have a resume like many of the other candidates, but I do have the true desire to represent myself and more importantly this region on a global level, and have a great love for participating in communities, and making places better when I leave then when I came in. I want more representation from the people of Thalassia, because few vote in the WA, so I will strive to change that. I will always be an open book to your ideas, and encourage you to speak your ideas. In the unlikely event that I win, I will use your vote for the greater good of everybody.

I mostly wish to provide greater stability in this region that other delegates failed to, and safety to all those who come.

I give you my word to protect the people of this nation, and ensure your vote is for the right cause, and all it takes is your votes. You have my word, do I have yours?

The Democratic Republic of Nationific

I really like elections. It's diplomacy at its best. Or political nonsense. Whatever you prefer. Well, my question is to all the candidates. What would be your stand in voting in resolutions where a strong regional divide exists(that is either the majority is for or they're against, like more than 60-70%)? Will you vote with the majority or against it? Why? And would you really like to retain your decision if you see most of the region voting to pass off a really trashy resolution(according to you)?

The Worst Democratic Republic of The Worst Nation Possible

I have returned.

The Republic of Banq

Nationific wrote:I really like elections. It's diplomacy at its best. Or political nonsense. Whatever you prefer. Well, my question is to all the candidates. What would be your stand in voting in resolutions where a strong regional divide exists(that is either the majority is for or they're against, like more than 60-70%)? Will you vote with the majority or against it? Why? And would you really like to retain your decision if you see most of the region voting to pass off a really trashy resolution(according to you)?

Well, in that case I believe it would be in my best interest to vote with the majority if it is more than 60-70%, because I want what the people want, so if that means voting in a way I don't necessarily like, that is what I will do. In some cases like this, I might vote with the minority if I feel very strongly on their side more so than the majority.

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The Holy Lucky Serene Republic of Zentata

Nationific wrote:I really like elections. It's diplomacy at its best. Or political nonsense. Whatever you prefer. Well, my question is to all the candidates. What would be your stand in voting in resolutions where a strong regional divide exists(that is either the majority is for or they're against, like more than 60-70%)? Will you vote with the majority or against it? Why? And would you really like to retain your decision if you see most of the region voting to pass off a really trashy resolution(according to you)?

It depends. I will vote based off of what I think of the resolution. Does it deserve to pass? Or does it not? I'll be open with why I chose that option with Thalassia, and encourage debate about the resolution. If the citizens of Thalassia can change my mind, then I can change my vote. If I can change their mind, then they can change their vote. In short, I will vote for what I think is best for Thalassia, and if the citizens of Thalassia think differently, then I will be open to changing my vote if they can convince me to.

Sail Nation wrote:Why do you think we should vote for you?

Ah yes, the question to end all questions. I know I've taken a long time to answer this, so apologies.

I think that you should vote for me because I plan to do the most, in the best way for the region.
I've been involved, and still am, with 3 ministries, and I'm the deputy minister of culture. This has given me a unique insight on Thalassia, as has being a member of the region since November. I know that the position of WA delegate has been sorely left out in all the administrations, and now that the delegate is only the delegate, I plan to make the position be more open with the people, giving the people what they want. The people want endorsements, so I'm going to set up an endo swapping program with rewards. The people want to know why the delegate is voting in a certain way, so I'll make sure to tell them, and to foster discussion about the WA proposal. The people want good relations with other regions, and the world, and I'll be sure to represent Thalassia on the WA stage, in the forums, and as one of the faces of the region. I'll take suggestions; being open with the people is my greatest goal, and I think that being able to listen to what the people want is essential. I won't resign, because I'm not someone who's NS career is starting, not ending. The issue with promising stability is that you can't. Rockiberg and Cormac promised stability. Everyone promises stability. But in the end, you need to judge people not by how well they say they'll stay in a position, but what they are going to do while they're in the position. Nothing is certain, but while I won't resign, in the case that something goes wrong, I have a plan to institute a synergistic endo limt, so we can all achieve endorsements, but keep our region safe.

Thalassia, do you want a WA delegate who will give you stability, who will give you safety, who will pursue alliances and friendships beyond what we have today, who will give you endorsements, and who will be open with the people? If you do, then vote Zentata!

The Peuples de la Mer of Veaetmar

Hello region-mates!

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published its March Update to keep everyone informed about our work.

This is the first update we’ve done so any and all feedback is welcome about what you would like to see in these:

Hello Thalassia and welcome to our Ministry update from events in March, I am pleased with the progress we are making in the Ministry and want to share a few headlines.

Embassy Review

Our first job was to review existing embassies and you will have noticed a number of closures over the last few months. These have happened for a variety of reasons, but in general we want our embassies to serve a mutually beneficial purpose for both us and those we share them with. If an embassy hasn’t resulted in obvious benefits for both regions after a significant period of time then we have opted to focus our resources on other regions and have amicably closed embassies on this basis.

Closure of relations with Thaecia

The exception to this was our embassy with Thaecia. This was closed in response to their aggressive recruitment practices, targeting established members of existing communities and the decision was made in consultation with the Prime Minister. Whilst Thalassia was not targeted, many of our friends were and it seemed the appropriate decision to close this embassy in solidarity with them, following a pattern of behaviour from Thaecia. I personally addressed this with multiple members of the Thaecian government and we have rightfully taken a hard line on this matter.

Internal Affairs within the Ministry

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has now filled all our vacant ambassador postings and we have been able to lighten the load of some ambassadors so that they can focus on an individual region and give more attention to our friends abroad. We are not actively recruiting for any roles but will consider expressions of interest, as there is more to the work of the Ministry than just ambassador roles.

A few changes have been made within the Ministry, including the creation of Outreach Officer roles. Internally we have also introduced regular team meetings. My hope is that this will enable all ambassadors to support one another, learn from each other and get involved in the bigger decisions.


Our Outreach Officers, alongside the Minister and Deputy Minister, will be approaching regions we have identified as suitable embassy regions. Currently we are in discussions with the West Pacific and Yggdrasil, an ancient roleplaying region, to open embassies with them. These regions were chosen following a shortlisting exercise within the Ministry, discussions with our ally Osiris, and also Cabinet agreement.

Kind regards,

The Grand Duchess of Veaetmar
On behalf of the Thalassian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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The Kingdom of Arenado

Hello, everyone, I just wanted to formally announce that the period for Nominations has come to a close. There will now be a two day period for election campaigning. Best of luck to all candidates!

Your candidates for WA Delegate are, in alphabetical order, as follows:
Odin (Bormiar)

I would also like to remind all candidates to Telegram me with the dispatch they would like me to include for the regional telegram when the period for voting begins. Thank you all and Semper Thalassia!

The South Pacifican Commonwealth of Toerana III

Nationific wrote:I really like elections. It's diplomacy at its best. Or political nonsense. Whatever you prefer. Well, my question is to all the candidates. What would be your stand in voting in resolutions where a strong regional divide exists(that is either the majority is for or they're against, like more than 60-70%)? Will you vote with the majority or against it? Why? And would you really like to retain your decision if you see most of the region voting to pass off a really trashy resolution(according to you)?

The only time I will vote against the majority is if it is a Security Council resolution that directly impacts Thalassia, and then that will be at the request of the PM. In a scenario that the vote is split exactly 50-50, I will abstain.

Sail Nation wrote:Why do you think we should vote for you?

It's all in my pitch,

T4T - Toerana for Thalassia

Full Disclosure up front, at the time of this election I am also running for the position of Officer in TRR, may this effect your vote
Hi, I'm BowShot, also known as Toerana. I'm here to pitch to you why you should vote for me in the upcoming elections.
First, a bit about me. I've been playing this game since late December 2018, and have been in and out of the Thalassian community, and that which preceded it, from my join date. I'm currently active in both Thalassia and the Rejected Realms, as well as being a citizen of South Pacific & Warzone Airspace (when it isn't occupied). My former involvements in the region Voltarium gave me some experience in running a, if I do say so myself, fabulous program to encourage WA membership, and endorsement of the delegate. I'll leave a link to everything I have from Volt here, in case you're curious.
Onto my proposals..

  1. Putting the Delegate's vote in the hands of Thalassians
    The Delegate is the representative of Thalassia to the World Assembly, so it is vital that Thalassians have a say of over how their delegate vote, as their endorsement contributes to our voting power and influence in the WA. I will always, baring a few exceptions, vote with the majority of Thalassians. There is one exception to this, if there is a Security Council vote that may harm Thalassia and/or her allies. If this is the case, I will take the advice of the Prime Minister and/or Founder, before voting on behalf of the region. In all other cases, including Security Council votes that have no connection to Thalassia, the majority opinion in the region will have my vote.

  2. Rewards for World Assembly Members
    A key part of any World Assembly Program is rewarding those who partake in it. Similar to systems in The North Pacific, I would look to create rewards and badges for a certain categories, WA membership, endorsing the delegate and possibly more in the future. I can't say what I have in mind, as I'm still collecting all my thoughts. Past evidence of a similar program can be found in the aforementioned Voltarium work, for those who want to have an idea of what I have done previously. Yes, I agree, my graphic design badly needs improvement.

  3. An Adaptive Endorsement Cap
    I believe that Thalassians should be allowed to endotart to their heart's consent, but that can lead to risks, including accidentally accumulating too many endorsements. An endorsement cap that follows the Vice Delegate's endorsement number would ensure no one is climbing too high, but while still giving Thalassians the room to endorse and receive endorsements largely hassle free.

Have any questions? Post them on the RMB or send me a telegram, here or on my main: Toerana

| Vote Toerana - April 2020 |

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The Democratic Republic of Thucydide

Hello guys! Just joined the game yesterday, nice to meet you all

The Thalassian Vice-Delegate of Ayeinc

Thucydide wrote:Hello guys! Just joined the game yesterday, nice to meet you all

Welcome to NationStates and Welcome to Thalassia! I'm Ayeinc, how do you do?

The Equal Union of Lushie

Thucydide wrote:Hello guys! Just joined the game yesterday, nice to meet you all

Welcome aboard!!

The Republic of Banq

Thucydide wrote:Hello guys! Just joined the game yesterday, nice to meet you all


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