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Post by Embaixador de Jorjolandia suppressed by Arenado.

The Corpo Diplomático of Embaixador de Jorjolandia

Banq wrote:Secretary General election, which has led to campaigners spanning everyone with telegrams

I know that, in my principal account we are supporting Ofiussia

The Corpo Diplomático of Embaixador de Jorjolandia

Sho wrote:Please don’t campaign for the SecGen on our RMB. We’re having a regional election for the WA Delegate and I’d rather avoid the confusion of that being flooded out.

Oh nice, how does the elections work around here?

The South Pacifican Commonwealth of Toerana III

As promised, my campaign platform. Sorry for the wait, the original banner was unreadable in a light mode xD

T4T - Toerana for Thalassia

Full Disclosure up front, at the time of this election I am also running for the position of Officer in TRR, may this effect your vote
Hi, I'm BowShot, also known as Toerana. I'm here to pitch to you why you should vote for me in the upcoming elections.
First, a bit about me. I've been playing this game since late December 2018, and have been in and out of the Thalassian community, and that which preceded it, from my join date. I'm currently active in both Thalassia and the Rejected Realms, as well as being a citizen of South Pacific & Warzone Airspace (when it isn't occupied). My former involvements in the region Voltarium gave me some experience in running a, if I do say so myself, fabulous program to encourage WA membership, and endorsement of the delegate. I'll leave a link to everything I have from Volt here, in case you're curious.
Onto my proposals..

  1. Putting the Delegate's vote in the hands of Thalassians
    The Delegate is the representative of Thalassia to the World Assembly, so it is vital that Thalassians have a say of over how their delegate vote, as their endorsement contributes to our voting power and influence in the WA. I will always, baring a few exceptions, vote with the majority of Thalassians. There is one exception to this, if there is a Security Council vote that may harm Thalassia and/or her allies. If this is the case, I will take the advice of the Prime Minister and/or Founder, before voting on behalf of the region. In all other cases, including Security Council votes that have no connection to Thalassia, the majority opinion in the region will have my vote.

  2. Rewards for World Assembly Members
    A key part of any World Assembly Program is rewarding those who partake in it. Similar to systems in The North Pacific, I would look to create rewards and badges for a certain categories, WA membership, endorsing the delegate and possibly more in the future. I can't say what I have in mind, as I'm still collecting all my thoughts. Past evidence of a similar program can be found in the aforementioned Voltarium work, for those who want to have an idea of what I have done previously. Yes, I agree, my graphic design badly needs improvement.

  3. An Adaptive Endorsement Cap
    I believe that Thalassians should be allowed to endotart to their heart's consent, but that can lead to risks, including accidentally accumulating too many endorsements. An endorsement cap that follows the Vice Delegate's endorsement number would ensure no one is climbing too high, but while still giving Thalassians the room to endorse and receive endorsements largely hassle free.

Have any questions? Post them on the RMB or send me a telegram, here or on my main: Toerana

| Vote Toerana - April 2020 |

Read factbook

Feel free to ask me any questions

The Holy Lucky Serene Nation of Zentata

Since banners are a thing that I forgot, a Zentata campaign banner will be out by tonight!

EDIT: It has been done.

The Quarantined Queen of Sho

Updated the NewsWire to include candidates and platforms! If you stand and I miss you, please be sure to let me know so I update accordingly!

Nations running for/supporting a nation running for SecGen- please do not advertise or campaign on our RMB. We are starting our WA Delegate elections and would appreciate minimal confusion (and minimal spamming, since the telegrams wouldn’t stop yesterday). Thanks!

Nations running in our WAD election, obviously that rule does not apply to you, but remember to follow the rules outlined in Article II of the Electoral Reform Act.

Due to my Constitutional role as the last-resort tie breaker, I feel it is my responsibility to Thalassia to remain neutral in this election. That said, I wish the candidates the best of luck! Semper Thalassia!


Just a curiosity, do you all use both the mobile version and desktop version of nation States?

The Peuples de la Mer of Veaetmar

Monviea wrote:Just a curiosity, do you all use both the mobile version and desktop version of nation States?

I do, yes!

The South Pacifican Commonwealth of Toerana III

Monviea wrote:Just a curiosity, do you all use both the mobile version and desktop version of nation States?

I use both, mobile is useful, but almost all gov work is done on the PC, I can do it so much faster and it's usually more in depth.
Mobile's decent for some things though, some players exclusively use it, how I will never know.


Toerana III wrote:
I use both, mobile is useful, but almost all gov work is done on the PC, I can do it so much faster and it's usually more in depth.
Mobile's decent for some things though, some players exclusively use it, how I will never know.

I like both, I use mobile on the go, and desktop when I'm home.


Veaetmar wrote:

I do, yes!

Did you get my telegram? I can send another one if you can't find it lol

The Peuples de la Mer of Veaetmar

Monviea wrote:Did you get my telegram? I can send another one if you can't find it lol

I did, sorry it got buried in Secretary General telegrams. I will reply now!

The Thalassian Vice-Delegate of Ayeinc

I have significantly updated my campaign dispatch to a new NS-friendly banner! (link at the bottom of the dispatch)

Hello, I'm Ayeinc and I'm running for World Assembly Delegate!

I moved to Pacifica on July 2nd, 2019. I started out in Pacifica as Ambassador to India and worked my way up to Minister of Foreign Affairs. I served as FA Minister under Prime Ministers Shoalia, Sho, andBadivermeraed. I also served as ambassador to The Glorious Nations of Iwaku and St Abbadon. Recently, I was a Presidental Canidate for the Feburary election. I have also been apart of several political campaigns during Thalassia's history.


I am running because I believe that Thalassia deserves stability when it comes to the position of WAD. Rockiberg and Cormactopia prime have both resigned as President and while we gave them our best wishes, it is time for our region to move on and have a delegate that will serve their full term.

Now, you're asking me, "Ayeinc, why does serving a full term matter?" Well, we would have the same person in the office for the whole term. This would keep the region stabilized and there would be no changes of power between nations. Also, this would save time in government from elections spawned by resignations.

Concerning the endorsement limit, I will continue Cormac's policy of keeping everyone's endorsement below the delegate's. This gives nations the freedom to swap endorsements with each other, benefitting regional security in the process.

I am a Centre-Left. I have a few conservative opinions, but I am mainly liberal on most issues. This will reflect on my opinion on certain subjects and possibly my voting in the World Assembly.


I want Thalassia to join a WA legislative league. I suggested this when I was Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cormac hoped to join one during his presidency. Thalassia is a special region and if the Cabinet does not find a satisfactory league, then we could start one. This would not only strengthen ties with or embassy regions but also lead to friendship treaties like the Treaty of Oasis. With my experience as Ambassador and MoFA, I'm confident that Thalassia will be a strong region on the international stage.

With this new position, I hope to use it to write some amendments and supplementary legislation for Thalassia. I also hope to encourage our WA citizens to write some legislation. Since Thalassia does not have a legislature, I want our citizens to use Article V of the Constitution to their advantage and craft laws they want to see enacted. This is a great opportunity to change your community for the better.

As Thalassia's representative to the World Assembly, I will respect the opinion of my constituents by voting with the majority opinion of nations. I will from time to time ask questions about proposals or resolutions at a vote to gauge public opinion and support. I will oppose any resolutions that target any of our citizens, our regions as a whole, or any of our allied regions. I also want increased discussion about proposals/resolutions that effect Thalassia. For this, I plan to ask for a WA discussion channel, where civil discourse and updates can be posted.

I might, during the middle of my term, give an official address as Delegate to the region. This speech will focus on Thalassia's growth inside the World Assembly and the future of that growth. I hope Thalassia Founder and Prime Minister Arenado will follow suit as Heads of State and Government, respectively.


I have not picked anyone for the position of Vice-Delegate. I do have a couple of nations in mind, however, I am not ready to make a final decision as of now. I want a nation that will serve the region well and conduct themselves with respect to the new position. Find out after the election!


If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to ask! Those questions will be posted here!

Which WA league do you have in mind, you only have two on the scene right now. The WALL and URA, do you intend to join either of these or create a new one?

Thanks for the Question, Wym. Cormac was interested in joining WALL, but as we know that never happened. I want Thalassia to join a legislative league that fits its core values. We are a democratic region that is open to free speech and equal treatment under the law and we need to be in a league that represents those values. If no league fits Thalassia, then Thalassia shall create a league where her and aligning regions can fit.


Sail Nation:
Why do you think we should vote for you?

Well, I have experience in both domestic and foreign affairs. Now, a candidate's experience may play a role in who you're voting for, but what separates me from the other candidates is that I ran for President in February, against Cormactopia Prime. I was the other option. However, Thalassians picked Cormac, a well-respected and well-known player in NationStates. We both ran good campaigns because we believed that Thalassia deserved better that Rockiberg. That Thalassia deserved better than resignation. But he resigned, breaking his promise. He left the position of President back at square one. I am running on that same principle, that Thalassia deserves better. I hope I have your vote and the vote of your fellow citizens. Thank you.

What would be your stand in voting in resolutions where a strong regional divide exists(that is either the majority is for or they're against, like more than 60-70%)? Will you vote with the majority or against it? Why? And would you really like to retain your decision if you see most of the region voting to pass off a really trashy resolution(according to you)?

Thank you for the question, Nationific. I think for these types of resolutions we need a place for debate. I will vote with the majority, but if there is strong opposition, I may offer a debate to weigh both sides. As one of my proposals, I plan (with the consolation with Moderation) to open a WA channel on the regional Discord to have a place to debate such resolutions/proposals. I may abstain if both sides have good reasoning. We will see!

What's one thing all the candidates would like voters to know?

Thank you for the question! Voters of Thalassia, I ran for President in February, knowing full well that whoever won, would keep Thalassia in good hands. Now, I doubt that judgment. Cormac did lead this community through its highs and lows, but he resigned as President, and Thalassia was once again in an insecure position. I love this community and I make sure that unscheduled elections due to the resignation of our delegate don’t happen again.

P.S. You can use my NS-Friendly Linkbanner as a custom banner for your nation! Also, thank you to Alentejo and Algarve for making the poster!

Thank you for reading, good luck to my opponents, and Semper Thalassia!
Read dispatch

The Kingdom of Odin

I'm announcing my candidacy for delegate.

Bormiar for Thalassian Delegate April 2020

About Bormiar

Hi! I'm Borm. I'm currently a quiet, impartial observer within Thalassia. It's very helpful for being in the Security ministry, but, having looked at the region, I'd like to get more involved. I've met many of you, and would like to connect to more Thalassians.

However, the World Assembly is an international organization. It stands to reason that a prerequisite for understanding the WA is to be involved in the World Assembly. In fact, some of the best delegates (such as those that vote early), are WA authors. McMasterdonia, Kuriko, Imperium Anglorum-- all exceptional delegate-authors who have a) the knowledge to spur discussion; and b) the interest to vote early.

Well, I've got WA involvement on my resume. I joined the SC in late 2019 with a ripple: first resolution to legitimize cards and recognize it as a part of the game. I had the energy and unbridled interest to beat the massive rule problems with the concept and found a new precedent.

Since then, I've continued to love the WA. I've written 4 resolutions, one of which being the first to commend entirely for issue answering, and a far more artful writing than what past authors have written in their small, throwaway clauses mentioning stats. I've been trying out a roleplay resolution; have done GP; etc, so I know the fields. My rate of writing proposals is unnaturally fast, and at this rate (which is speeding up) I could have written the most commendations and condemnations (generally the substantive stuff) by the end of the year. I'm absolutely one of the only people who primarily considers themselves to be an SC player, maybe the only one.

EDIT: Oh, just remembered, I also have already written a nations not endorsing script that separates the nations not endorsing you into groups of 8 (max group to tg without using stamps), so bulk endotarting for if I were elected is quick and easy.

EDIT 2: I'm running for WA officer in TRR, just forgot to mention it. See why it doesn't matter here: page=rmb/postid=38068561


Anyone ever wonder why the defenders have a lock on the SC, despite having historically had little voting power? They have authors. We don't need to subjugate ourselves to the whim of a big bloc just to give us more power, or even to make our own bloc. We don't need to make elaborate schemes to triple our endorsements. We don't need to be trumped by TNP over and over again through a cards program. What we need to do is cultivate World Assembly interest within our own members, and only then can we expand to massive, questionably-consequential projects. That's my goal.

One basic thing to stress is that Thalassians should feel like they're making a difference. I won't vote with the in-game region vote, as that just hands our vote to the lemming effect (going with the popular vote) and doesn't encourage joining our discord. What I would follow is a system with reaction votes from WA residents in the discord server. I would follow this vote verbatim (even if it's against my own proposal) except in a situation where voting or voting how the region wants would defensibly hurt our region. I would be transparent about why if that rare case would ever be realized.

So, other than enfranchising our members, how can we execute proper WA outreach? Here are some ideas (many of which I have seen provably effective):

  • WA ping program -- Basically an RMB mention and discord ping (or only one of them for specific people) goes out whenever there's a new vote. Very easy. Very effective.

  • Logging people who vote early, vote, and vote with a reason why to help discussion and ranking them. I already do this in TRR, and would be more than happy to do it for Thalassia.

  • Reaching out to people interested in becoming authors and help them out. 10KI's Kuriko does this exceptionally well, and I already do it despite it not being my job. I enjoy helping people write their drafts. I would reach out to actively-voting and critiquing Thalassians and ask if they'd be interested in authorship, and endeavor to help them as much as I can.

  • Voting Recommendations -- If we prove to be doing well in our community, we can start sending out voting recommendations (example) with reasons why people should vote a certain way. I've proven to be quite good at writing them in TNP.

Final Thoughts

My goals aren't excessive. My goals aren't extreme. But they are attainable. They are necessary. And they are things I've proven to be able to do.

My goals are the building blocks of an exceptional World Assembly community. I have my grounding, and I know what we need to grow. I trust you will listen to my experience and hope you will vote for me in the delegate elections.

Read dispatch

I hope to work with Thalassia's WA in the future!

The LGBTQ supporting person of Badivermeraed

Lotta candidates! Probably the most we've ever had for a race.

The Convergence of Weaponized EMP Monopolies

what is the wa emperor even able to actually do

is it just roleplay

do they talk to god emperor barry

The Thalassian Vice-Delegate of Ayeinc

Badivermeraed wrote:Lotta candidates! Probably the most we've ever had for a race.

We're in a tie with the January Prime Ministerial Elections.
Who wants to beat it?

The LGBTQ supporting person of Badivermeraed

Well, yes, but one of the candidates in the PM race didn't get any votes, nor did they campaign

The Thalassian Vice-Delegate of Ayeinc

Badivermeraed wrote:Well, yes, but one of the candidates in the PM race didn't get any votes, nor did they campaign


The Kingdom of Arenado

After consideration I have decided it would probably be wise to wait until after the election to continue the Sports RP.

The Republic of Banq

I am officially running for delegate!!

Hello good people of Thalassia, it is your ambassador to the communist bloc. Joining the ministry was a big step in my NS career, and made me realize I want to help this region on a global level even more. That is why I am announcing that I will run in the WA Delegate election. I have not been in the region, or the game for that matter, for very long, but I am capable of serving. This region has had minimal stability when it comes to the Delegate, with both resigning mid-term. I will serve the full term and do my very best in getting Thalassia the glory it deserves. It is for these reasons that I am asking for your vote.
Read dispatch

Do I have your vote? (Don’t answer that)

The Peuples de la Mer of Veaetmar

Banq wrote:snip snip

Great to see you running!

We are spoilt for choice

The Republic of Banq

Veaetmar wrote:Great to see you running!

We are spoilt for choice

I agree, it will be a hard election

The Holy Lucky Serene Nation of Zentata

Officially the most people we've ever had in a election, as far as I know.

The Red Empire of Owl Archipelago

Hello there, fellow citizens of Thalassia. The Wave is looking at interviewing the candidates of this upcoming election for the position of World Assembly Delegate, but for this we need your help! Any questions or doubts you may have, which you want to ask the candidates that are running, please go ahead and send them to me or to Sho. Send them either by Discord DM or Telegram if you don't have discord.

The Republic of Wymondham1

I have some questions:
Toerana III
You were unanimously convicted of Espionage in Lazarus and banned from their for two years. Is it really a good idea from a PR and regional security perspective for the region to have a WA Delegate who has been convicted of espionage in and banned from one of the largest regions in the game?
25 days ago an article of yours was released in the Rejected times, issue linked below. Although an opinion article, to say that the article was of a questionable factual basis is quite frankly an understatement. Can Thalassia really trust you as our WAD when you are so economical with the truth about our region?
You are running for an officer position in TRR, do you think this will take up a lot of your time and lead you to have to prioritise one role over the other?
Which WA league do you have in mind, you only have two on the scene right now. The WALL and URA, do you intend to join either of these or create a new one?
In TNP and TRR you voted that both regions vote against the commendation of Cormactopia prime, a proposal which thrice referenced the good work Cormac had done for our community when we were in Pacifica and now in Thalassia. Can you really have Thalassia's best interests at heart when you cannot even support recognition for our original founder?
As media officer in TRR you are obviously a very busy man. Are you sure you can juggle both offices simultaneously? What about cases where Thalassia's interests would conflict with those you have in TNP and TRR, who would come first?
You are running for WA officer in TRR, does this not represent a colossal conflict of interest between Thalassia and TRR's interests, why was this not declared on your campaign dispatch like Toerana did?
Fourthly, what is your opinion on Thalassia's relationship with NSToday, as I know you are currently Media Officer of TRR and thus control TRT?

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