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The Federal Republic of Khaledonia

News KNN

Support in the reconnaissance of the egian archipelago

A few months ago Prime Minister Gomez recognized the egian archipelago as part of the Union of Ameriga, today at 3 in the afternoon he said that if the tensions reached a large scale for the control of the egian archipelago he would give his full support to the Union by Ameriga

¿Rebels friends?

The rebel group Freedom K/libertad that helped in the coup to bring back Gomez has announced an improvement in its relationship with the government.

When Gomez came to power again, a 3-year white peace was announced, but these are the news

The rebel group will have to stop recruiting children, stop their terrorist attacks, stop expanding their influence and accept the help of volunteers in the north of the country, which is where they are most minded.

The rebel group accepted the deal in exchange for the government accepting recognition of the Islamic Faith, as a reminder of the old alliance of the Front Vandal and the rebels led by Francisco Morazan in the Khaledonian War of Independence.

The Republic of Vekkla

Vekkla News Now

Egian Archapelago

President Orgo Leemm has announced his position on the Egian Archipelago. President Leemm says that the island chain belongs to The union of ameriga. Moreover, he says that the Mydic Empire has no need for the islands due to proximity of the Union. The FE has not come forward on any position for this situation because the Liberal eco-nauts are focused on the melting of the fictional "polar ice caps". There are no such things as polar bears and there is no such thing as a Mydic Egian Archipelago. If Empress Xemptoworth of the Franconia Empire doesn't speak out when she is back from her "much needed break" from an already failed nation. We're confident that the Union will take great care of the Archipelago and President Prescott would agree.

-Vekkla News Now 10, Consreep.

The Free and Open Peoples of Franconia Empire


Silent Rivals Speak Again

A longtime, but silent rival has reappeared in national headlines. Vekkla, who claims that the FE is "too hippie" and "soft", has made an announcement that they support the Egian Archipelago. The FE thinks that Egian Archipelago's fate should be decided by their own people and not by international communities they don't associate with. Vice Empress McClanahan has stated that "Egian is a matter to be dealt with by the people, the Mydic Empire, and the Union. Vekkla should not even be speaking a word about this matter". Emperial populace say that Vekkeli presence in the international community may cause a couple of issues with the FE due to climate change, which is real, and the survival of polar bears, which are literally in every Franconian education book from Pre-Primary to year 12 and are real. Vekkla pollutes... a lot. They legit have a dump right on the water of one of their biggest lakes. Because of 25 years of dumping, the environment around that lake is severely polluted and cannot be enjoyed by the populace. To show how charitable we are, we at FENN are donating 15,000 Astrons to the "Close Lake Derrkinor Mountain" fund to clean Lake Derrkinor so people can have outdoor water activities again.

When we come back on FENN:

An escaped zoo camel was found eating at a spinach patch and recaptured,

Gas prices to hit rock bottom,

Kiwi under fire,

And more...

-FENN News.

The Republic of Vekkla

Vekkla News Now

Vekkeli Congress has voted unanimously to enlist all men and women from 18 years old to 50 years of age into the military for a required 3 years of military service. People of wealth are welcome to join voluntarily, but will still be required the 3 years experience and have from the ages of 18 to 35 to do the service or else they will be forcefully put into the system via biometrics. After forced entry, you will get a letter in the mail from the government stating that you mist report to the closest military base or else Vekkeli Military Service Department will be able to arrest you. Maximum sentence for "Non-Participation" is 3 years in maximum security prison, where the training will be done while you're in prison. This law takes effect next week and will continue until Vekkeli Supreme Court says it is unlawful. Live from Consreep...

-Vekkla News Now 10.

The Nomad Kingdom of Ralzawr

Zahedan Television News: Nomadic Tribe Missing in the Desert

Ëndemën aderu!

After the strong sandstorms that the cold front raised over the south of the country, an emergency census has been ordered among the nomadic populations to make sure that every single citizen has been insured and no loss has occurred during the environmental disaster. However, after a strenuous counting and verification exercise, the civil authorities in charge of the task have issued a special bulletin of utmost urgency notifying the loss of more than 500 people, all of them belonging to the Habib tribe of the Kostuan ethnic group, previously seen in the northernmost region of Urthor province and, according to their assigned guides, the only one who could not receive the technological support provided by the state for their displacement to a safe area.

Fearing the worst, several citizen groups have been working for the past week to track them across the desert, certifying their absence in the provinces of Makral, Sylath and Brindah. The national executive is therefore calling on its ambassadors in neighboring countries to notify the border authorities of the possibility of transnational migration by this nomadic group, which has probably not yet realized its geographical position and continues to wander erroneously across the continent.

Concern has spread to such an extent that the remaining tribes have been asked to stay for a few more days in the vicinity of the towns of Thakhabris and Farheim while health and education operatives try to take charge of vaccinating and teaching both children and elders about progress in the modern world. Incidentally, criminal charges have been brought against Dr. Azahar Hengriah for incitement to hatred and cultural discrimination for assaulting two nomadic women for the state in which they had their children because of their, in her words, barbaric way of life and absurd disinterest in taking up a permanent home.

This demonstration in favor of the sedentary lifestyle of the Kostuan and Rolesian culture has started a heated debate in the Civic Centers of the main cities of the country, which appeal that the development of transhumance as an alternative would help to prevent events like these from happening again; But those who defend the preservation of the traditions of both groups argue that to force them to accept this middle ground would be to break with the principles that originally founded the federation for the time of the Great Netanya and that the State is the one who should see to it that these people have an appropriate space to practice them.

In the meantime, up to now, there is still no news about the more than 500 missing Habib.... If you have any information on this matter, you are kindly requested to notify the corresponding regional authorities, remember that all the inhabitants of the Zahedan were born on the same sand and are bathed by the same sun.

Bastet Ghanderai of ZTVN from Thakhabris Goverment Center to the World... T‘eanast‘ëllën!

The Commonwealth of Akarus

ABC News

Akarus has confirmed the successful launch of the GEMS-12 satellite today. GEMS-12 is now en route to geostationary orbit, where it will begin operations later this year. GEMS-12 will replace the existing GEMS-11 satellite in active duty, with GEMS-11 set to remain in orbit in reserve to ensure continuous coverage.

The GEMS (Geostationary Environmental Monitoring Satellite) program is a series of geostationary Akarusian weather satellites which provide continuous satellite weather information to Akarus and its foreign partners. The satellite provides constant coverage of eastern Arcadia, helping experts generate more accurate weather forecasts.

The Federal Republic of Khaledonia

News KNN

New Businesses

during a great talk between the technocracy of ralzawr and prime minister gomez reaching the agreement of diplomatic relations between the countries, the first trades that will be made will be a total of 1,240 food such as typical fruits of khaledonia such as lichas and ralzawr will send to khaledonia a total of 1,200 metal parts for the construction of cars.

civilian rebels and presidential search

The search for the new president of Khaledonia has begun and these are the applicants. Roberto Suezo candidate of the national party, Sebastian D. Roosevelt of the liberal party, Jose Antonio of the southern party and Mohamed Zayad of a new party called Union Khalediana of the north of the country, gaining the support of the population of the north of the country and making 350 members of Libertad K leave the group and making citizens again

The Republic of Vekkla

Vekkla News Now

New Firends

Vekkeli Foriegn Trade Advisor, Crestilyn Vrya, reached out the Trade Minister of Khaledonia to expand our goods into other markets. Vekkla has agreed to trade a multitude of berries, consumer technology, and alligator meat to Khaledonia in exchange for Khaledian breads, eggs, live chicken, and raw chicken meat. The Trade Advisor thanks Khaledonia and appreciates everything. No Franconian sanction will keep us from doing business.

Mandatoryenlistment Law

Just recently we over exaggerated a law that was unanimously passed by Congress and is on it's way to President Leemm as we speak. You and I are speaking! Yes! You and I! So you better listen good. This law states that "Maditory recruitment of 27,000 men and women will happen 3 weeks after law is passed. These 27,000 men and women should be in peak physical condition at all times and will be on reserve for 3 years. If 3 year reserve is not needed, you will require to undergo a physical examination once every 6 months until Vekkeli Army Reserve sends notice of need." Respond toy your letters. All of you. Hopefully my son can "make his way out". Cash doesn't come in millions.

-Vekkla News Now 10

The Nomad Kingdom of Ralzawr

Zahedan Television News: New Foreign Cohort at Ralzawr National Supreme University

Ëndemën aderu!

During this week the Supreme National University of Ralzawr has opened its doors to the first delegation of foreign students who, this Monday, arrived at Zancasyi International Airport from the Empire of Rousania, the Union of Ameriga, the Empire of Mydia and the Republic of Khaledonia, arriving recently after a caravan journey through the home province of our Grand Duke Rodeck I, who personally welcomed them with open arms speaking fluent Mydic while native translators relayed their message to the rest of the groups at the gates of the Yiywa National Cultural Preservation Park, also known as the capital city of the country.

The young people were driven through the main streets in carriages ornamented with various Kostuan-produced fabrics, pulled by camelids, to the top of the hill while each member of the Academic Council explained anecdotes and exposed architectural monuments as they rode to the Great Library of Netanya, the seat of the technocratic government and the privileged institution of higher education that presented them with fully-paid scholarships in the name of the closeness of the Vesta peoples, as the program's motto has been since it was founded more than three decades ago.

A formidable fair was held at the reception of the historic building to showcase the best of Rolesian nomadic culture and the legacy of the Zahedan, as the structure was presented to the admiring visitors who for the first time saw the thick trunk of the Mother of Waters and the golden leaves of its branches rising to the sky as they covered a series of paintings and sculptures between walls entirely covered with shelves crammed with books classified by historical period, language and author. The chronological review of the structure was given by Rector Azserj Zelhasye, who vehemently exposed how that site was the cradle where Ralzawr saw the light for the first time, being not only the first city of the nation, but the beginning of sedentism and the symbol of the federation among the seven main proto-kingdoms of that time, being just a small hermitage in that period.

All this exhibition of the humble tradition of our land ended in the subway temple dedicated to Sylannism that once belonged to the Great Netanya and since then it is finely guarded with zeal by the Sacred Guardian of Sylanna, who is the highest exponent within the clergy of this religion and the only permanent inhabitant of the place. Down there they found the roots of that gigantic tree and a plaque, in front of a cave that ran under them, which exposed that site as the mausoleum of the revered hero and one of his most famous phrases for researchers, teachers and students who made life on his grave: "Greatness is only destined to those who, even in ignorance, know how to give the little they have learned to those who, like them, are in the dark".

Adalet Suheyla of ZTVN from the Netanya's Great Library in Yiywa to the World... T‘eanast‘ëllën!

The Federal Union of Mydic Empire

:Mydic Chronicle:

The Imperial Question
Over the past several weeks there has been an increasing conversation of the role and public place of the Imperial Household. The debate had at first raged only in Republican circles though with a hugely public visit to the Union as well as overtures directly between the Basileus and the Union President has led to one very uncomfortable question, “Is the Basileus loyal?” The question was brought up during the Archon’s Question Time in the Synedrio but not just by members of the opposition, instead Archon Lydia Galanis was side swiped by the question from Conservative backbencher Alistaire Saint Cloud, the most prominent Union origin family in the Empire.

The Saint Clouds had moved from the Union to Mydia in the 1950s as an offshoot of Cloud Enterprises which was on the ascension among the major suppliers of consumer goods in the Union at the time. Those that moved to Mydia opened Olympus Corp. A media company centered on the news and the early years of television in the Empire. Eventually they snapped up multiple media outlets and a few major movie studios over the years that by the time of the Great War the Mydic Saint Clouds had surpassed their Union relatives in wealth and power. That was capitalized when the first of them ran for public office as Councilor from the Laconian’ capital of Lacosia. Since 2028 that seat has been held by successive members of the family and to this day, Ares Saint Cloud stood asking the question of the Archon and causing a roar of boos from both members of party at the young politician and partly at the Archon.

The incapability of the Archon to definitely settle the question of whether or not the Imperial Household was loyal to the Empire itself shook the room and some were stunned into silence. Her refusal to unequivocally call the Basileus loyal spoke volumes of the political trouble the Empire was finding itself in. The moment went viral and the public debate erupted into open street protests between Monarchists and Republicans as both protests attempted to remain peaceful some brawls were reported.

By the time the session of the Synedrio had finished nearly thirteen thousand had gathered outside to heckle and boo members of the National Conservative Coalition and members of the Opposition. The political situation was getting desperate and the last thing the Archon now needed was for the referendum to hand her a defeat. Loss of territory for the Empire was rapidly becoming untenable.

Underneath Mydare, Capital Bunker of the Archon
Imperial Security Meeting

“The session was rough today, be sure to deploy some guardsmen next week. I don’t want a Columbia on our hands.” Archon Galanis said looking at playback footage on the media of the violence at the protests following the viral moment. She sat back down at her position at the head of the table and narrowed her eyes at the reports in front of her.

“You are one hundred percent certain that the implication is there? This cannot fall apart under legal scrutiny, if the move to a Republic is to succeed the public needs to turn against the family. We can’t risk failure or there won’t be another chance at this for a century or more.” Archon Galanis motioned for another staffer to hand her some coffee from the table behind them, “Thank you” she said as she reached for it. A sigh of relief as she enjoyed the simplicity of the taste of the coffee.

“The documents show that the Imperial Household has been receiving payments from the Prescott Foundation for fifteen years totalling nearly $15 million Dodons. Furthermore it shows the flow is mutual as various entities shrouded in shell companies have been funneling money into the Prescott Foundation as well as other charities and political PACs associated with them for the last century off and on though there was a fifteen year pause immediately following the Great War.” The voice coming through a holospeaker helped to conceal the identity of the person involved but the material was clear.

“Leak it.” Was all that needed to be said.

“It will hit the media next week with likely debate raging soon after. If polling is accurate then the public mood will shift heavily against the Imperial Household and we can move to abolish the monarchy.”

“Very well.” With that the conversation was over and the plan was in action.

The union of ameriga

The government was relishing its lead in opinion polls on the Egian Archipelago, everything was pointing in the right direction that the people of the islands would vote in favor of returning to the Union after their half a century occupation by the Mydic Empire. The rhetoric of the referendum campaign spoke to that injustice as the Union through its massive media blitz, common public appearances on the islands by supporters such as the Union President herself, many of her cabinet Secretaries as well as the Vice President, Speaker of the House and several Republic Governors. The attention flooding into the archipelago had also led to an increase in tourism interest from the Union to the islands seemingly in preparation for the ability to move freely among them and the mainland of the Union should the referendum return them to Union control.

Still President Martha Prescott wasn’t taking any chances and with the ongoing political situation in the Empire not helping their case for the islands to remain theirs, she was able to just sit back and take a relaxing moment to herself. This would be the culmination of her second term most likely, the return of the “stolen islands” as they had been referred to by veterans of the wars. The failure of President Paul Lassiter to take the islands and keep them during the Egian War (2040-2042) had not only failed miserably but had set back the Union’s agenda by nearly a decade forcing Martha’s own husband to essentially kowtow to Valentian dominance. No longer would that be the Union’s place in the world.

Once the archipelago was returned the extensive naval air base that Mydia had built would be occupied and repurposed for Union use and would ensure a stable and safe connection for Union personnel and equipment as well as civilian goods flowing to Khaledonia and Vekkla.

New Haven Gazette

President Prescott announced today that the Union would begin deployment of its new Star Runner Rocket today. The reusable cargo rocket has raised questions among some on the left for being based off the Patriot-5 ICBM the Union had created back in the late 2040s before their retirement during Johnathan Prescott’s 2050s administration. Some on the left, specifically in the GreenLibertarian Party have suggested that the Star Runner is simply Patriot-6 and have taken to referring to it as the Pat-6 or Patsie missile. Members of President Prescott’s administration continue to deny such rumors as fear mongering and that the Union was entirely in compliance with all international arms treaties and would be more than willing to allow a World Society appointed investigator to inspect the matter.

Meanwhile Governor Bradley Dixon of the Midlands Republic today stated that there would be a new restriction on gun ownership in the state following a shootout between members of the Golden Sigil Church of the Holy Light, a fundamentalist cult and members of ATF who were following up on a report from the local sheriff’s department’s request for Federal assistance in serving a warrant to inspect the Church compound for illegal firearms. The Federal ATF agents were fired upon arrive and three were killed before additional reinforcements consisting of the State Police, Federal Marshals and members of the Midlands National Guards. Breaching the compound took six hours before additional gun fights led to a severe loss of life on both sides. Those in the compound chose suicide and detonated explosives they had illegally acquired killing nearly 400 total between responding law enforcement and cult members. President Prescott has called for a Federal investigation into the matter as well as condemning all forms of religious extremism saying it has no place in a “modern and safe society that values personal freedoms.” The official death toll has not been released at this time.

The Free and Open Peoples of Franconia Empire


Questioning Royalty

Debates have erupted in the Mydic Empire today as someone from the ruling party questioned the Loyalty of the Basileus. The Archon stunned to the point of stuttering. The debate on whether or not to turn Mydia into a Republic has reached many Mydic-Franconians here at home, with even Franconians homing in on the topic. Vice Empress McClanahan, filling in for the Empress as she works to declare Climate crisis before her vacation, has responded to this as well.

(McClanahan): "It is clear that there is an issue. One side wants a Republic government, and the other side show support to the Basileus and the Archon. You have had a Constitutional Monarchy for a while now, and I think it should stay that way. The Empress and I also run a Constitutional Monarchy, but the Monarchs have depleted to none. That's why you never see us referring to a King or Queen. Well, heck. If it ain't broke, then don't fix it."

And this is true. I would see a need for a change in government if that government did wrong, but to question the loyalty of a queen who has been there and helped support the Constitutional Monarchy shouldn't be questioned if they're loyal or not. It should be those who support a Republic that should be questioned of their loyalty. What did the Mydic Empire do that was so bad that people out of the blue want a Republic? We'll answer these questions and many others as this news develops.

-FENN News.

The Republic of Vekkla

Vekkla News Now

*Obvious propaganda warning. Inflated language will be obvious*

Republic of Mydia?

A new left wing agenda to turn Mydia into a Republic sounds good to us. Hey. We're a Republic. We're just fine. Jobs at an all time high, the economy is chugging along fine, and Income is at an all time high. I think more laissez faire for the Mydic will help increase their economy. And Franconia needs to stop influencing their choices. The Empress may be going for "just a vacation with no politics... THEY'RE OBVIOUSLY GOING TO TALK POLITICS! They're world leaders. That's all they do. Less talk and more do. For once Vekkle decides with the Left! (Upset tone) Up next on Vekkla News Now 10, ways that the Franconian government hasn't messed up yet. They were close to getting Khaledonia. I can tell you that's a fact.

-Vekkla News Now 10!

The Federal Union of Mydic Empire

Breaking News

This is a breaking news report brought to you by National News One (NNO). At exactly 22:43 this evening, an explosion rocked the national capital before several others could be heard. The initial explosion gutted an intersection outside the Synedrio as nearly a quarter of a city block centered on the road collapsed down three stories into old tunnels and subway systems. Already shots coming from the scene show the front portion of a neighboring building to the Synedrio missing its front facade as it had collapsed into the crater. Initial thoughts were that a gas main was ruptured due to the presence of a sink hole but the additional bomb blasts throughout the city shook responders from that notion.

A second explosion occurred at 22:51 at the Basilissa Helene International Skyport where the main terminal suffered major damage with untold casualties resulting from a truck bomb having been placed in the drop off/loading area.

The third explosion was outside the city’s main police headquarters which resulted in further loss of life as a residential building that was eleven stories collapsed from the explosion after its foundation was shattered.

Archon Lydia Galanis has been admitted to an undisclosed hospital after the primary explosion seemed to coincide with her helicraft flying low to land at the pad near the Synedrio. The debris was said to have struck the rotor as the vehicle attempted landing and ended up careening to its side. The Archon’s injuries have been stated as “non-life threatening and severe” but her absence from the national spotlight in this dire moment has caused the public to grow further uneasy.

Initial reports on the suspected culprits point to Republican movements with one particularly extremist group known as the Constance Alignment being the primary culprit. The sentiment of anti-monarchism had been growing in the Empire and to this point it had been contained to the political realm and occasional street protests. Many question how the government was unable to see the build up beforehand and prevent such a devastating blow to the national psyche.

Already the Foreign Minister has issued a Black Order for travel in the Empire asking all tourists to please be advised of national unrest and an ongoing security situation that could be volatile and indiscriminate. At this time the Mydic Empire has issued a ban on all non-essential travel between the Realms as well as asking tourists to depart at their earliest convenience.

Later on NNO
Following last night’s brutal attacks across the capital Mydare, the nation has been reeling with a feeling of great insecurity perversely forced upon the entirety of the Imperial Public. Three bombs were detonated in a synchronized order across the capital to coincide with several late night moves by the highest ranking government officials. The Archon’s helicraft was destroyed after being knocked around during landing, forcing it to make a controlled crash landing on the open field of the Synedrio building (Capital Plaza) rather than softly on the demarcated landing pad. The Archon was taken to a secure location to receive medical treatment for a broken arm, three broken ribs and a bruised larynx. Six members of her detail as well as her Deputy-Archon were killed at the scene or were later pronounced deceased from their wounds.

Elsewhere the corner apartment building that was caught in the resulting sinkhole of the primary explosion has a death toll of nearly 30 with 56 still missing. Search and rescue operations are underway as well underneath the main intersection as at the same time a subway train carrying 230 people was left partially destroyed and partially trapped under debris from above, ongoing operations are considered delicate and specialized equipment has been dispatched to the location.

The second explosion at the main international airport of Mydare, Basilissa Helene Skyport, saw the main terminal suffer catastrophic damage to it’s front facing reception areas as a truck bomb absolutely decimated the building seemingly sheering off the front portion. Dead and missing are said to number in the 500-1100 range at this time as recovery operations are underway. Air travel in and out of the airport at this time is grounded and a strong military presence can be seen.

The final of the three bomb attacks took place at the city’s main police headquarters which suffered extensive damage and loss of life from surrounding apartments caught in the explosion with the police HQ suffering major damage but less seemingly than the other attacked areas.

At this time the Federal Government has invoked the “National Defense Act” in a move meant to immediately transfer all power from the Parliamentary Government of Archon Lydia Galanis and invest it into the current Imperial Arbiter, at this time Basileus Leto. Martial law has been declared nationwide with all non-essential travel being suspended from around 13:00 this afternoon until such a time that the Synedrio formally assumes power again. Military forces are hereby put on high alert for additional attacks and to support law enforcement in all ongoing counter terror operations.

All activities on the Egian Archipelago in relation to the ongoing campaign for the Referendum of Return is to be suspended until such a time as the environment is deemed politically safe to carry out a possible division of territory within the Empire. Embassies in the capital as well as consulates around the nation have been informed that their tourist civilians and expats should consider relocation to more secure areas or departing the Empire in the short term as the ongoing political situation has grown dire.

The Free and Open Peoples of Franconia Empire


Attack on Mydic Empire

The Empress has asked the Emperial Reserve to send 2,500 men and women to Mydia to help search and rescue teams clean up the debris from a violent attack on Mydic values. It started at 10:43 pm with explosions right in the middle of an intersection in front of the Synedrio making that building, along with many others, collapse nearly 30 feet underground un subway tunnels below. Explosions on explosions fill the night. The Empress has came out an said something on the situation.

(Xemptoworth *in an angered, yet calm tone*): Causing stress for your own nation is not anything to do. Explosions on your own capital is kind of barbaric to the Franconian eye. I understand there might be something that needs to be addressed and this is one of those issues... It is not whether or not you'll be safe tomorrow, but it is important that you vote for change, not fight for it. Protest your hearts out, but do it peacefully so people who aren't with the protest can go about their lives normally. Day by day, I see the world and it isn't the one I was in when I grew up. It's time to change that. To the Franconian Military, tourists, ambassador, and crew of the embassy leave at your earliest convenience. It is temporary. No flight or boat travel will be done between the FE and Mydia until this is 100% over. Medical aid stations are also being provided. This is serious. We're in this together, Mydia."

The Empress, taking time out of her important meeting to address a situation more immediate than the climate crisis. Unhappy, she is wondering why there is so much internal conflct in Mydia now, but she wants to help. She's always had a big heart.

-FENN News.

The Holy Empire of Majassa

En Beikasteni Urvacndi ructvouxus karakoli en Mivdohutn Civojautn
Presiding Magistrate condemns violence in Mydic Empire

Oxnvuri, 27/06/2075 | Presiding Magistrate Povne Gugxani has condemned violent attacks on government officials and other targets in Mydare, the capital of the Mydic Empire, that left dozens dead, including the Deputy Archon. Three bombs were detonated that left death and destruction throughout the city. “The members of the People’s Council including myself condemn this barbaric violence in the strongest possible terms”, Gugxani said, while assuring the gathered press that chances that a similar attack hit our nation are limited. He said that assistance has been offered to the Mydic government, although he didn’t specify what kind of assistance.

The Empire of Rousania

Rousanian Television News | Illegal Immigrants in Rousania?

Salam Aleikum

543 Nomads Were found in the small town of Idhunia in North Eastern Nahal, They were taken to Rousani Custody for questioning, they were from the Great Duchy of Ralzawr's Habib Tribe, and they turned out to unintentionally travel outside of Ralzawr while trying to escape a sandstorm hitting their village, due to them unintentionally immigrating, they have not been charged, and were given medical inspections.

Ralzawr had been notified about the tribe, they then deported The Tribe back to their home in Urthor, ensuring they were in good health.

Tayseer Najjar of ERTVN in Nahal, Ma'a As-Salama.

The Republic of Qastari

Qastari National Report

Attack of Mydic Empire
The Qastari government has condemned the terrorist plot that recently rocked the capital of Mydia, stating that its use of wanton disregard for bystanders in order to achieve it's ends is not called for. President Mareqi in a public statement extended her best wishes to the Mydian Archon and the families of all lives affected by the explosions, offering humanitarian aid to the country if they were to request it. The response is rather typical for our President of the National Assembly, who is known for often having a somewhat stoic outward reaction to other nations' internal politics.

This does not, however, come without any kind of practical response. Sharing a border with Mydia, Qastari has taken it in their interest to stay vigilant of any violence that may occur. Several measures have taken place to ensure the safety of both Qastarian citizens and possibly that of Mydians as well, such as:
- The Northern Qastari border has been severely tightened until further notice. Economic travel between the nations will be allowed to continue, however civilian travel will be subject to stricter border checks in order to ensure that no threats to either nation's safety are allowed in or out of the country.
- A travel advisory for all Qastari citizens currently residing or visiting Mydia has been put in place. Qastarians in the capital have been advised to leave the city unless it is necessary for them to be there, and tourists ordered home as soon as possible.

National Elections in Qastari
2075 is a 5-yearly election year in Qastari, meaning the major political parties are soon to be out in force in order to advocate for their candidates. It will be the second national election since the Worker's and Progress Parties formed a large enough coalition to reform the nation's election laws, much to the ire of many who benefitted to the mostly unrestricted system of the past. Both parties have only grown since then, and are expected to face intense opposition from the Liberal, Traditionalist, and most aggressively from the currently banned-from-holding-office Nationalist Party.

The Federal Union of Mydic Empire

Mydare, Mydia

Following the attacks in the capital city and the near loss of the Archon, the Chief of Staff for the Archon transferred powers from the Parliamentary Government to that of the Imperial Arbiter, a steward in a time of extreme crisis. Unfortunately the powers were divested without the approval of the sitting Archon and thus all post transfer dictates are hereby null and void. The confusion of the Archon’s personal condition following the attack as well as spotty communication resulted in the wrong information being passed on and the wrong national plan being activated. The death toll currently stands at 510 killed, 1,457 missing and a further 2,163 wounded.

Basileus Leto has already handed authority back to the civilian government of the Archon who is scheduled to address the Empire this evening from her residence in the capital. The death of the Deputy Archon has led to their successor already being named as none other than Ares Saint Cloud, the same member of the ruling coalition who openly questioned the loyalty of the Basileus. His appointment by Archon Galanis certainly has come as a surprise and likely a bone to satisfy the far right with.

The orders banning incoming tourism as well as the freedom of movement were suspended indefinitely as the immediate need was not whatsoever demanding such reactions by the government now that the picture of events were clearer. Tourism and travel could return to as normal as could be achieved at this time.

The Basileus had smartly retreated back to the Adrino Island palace where many of the other senior nobility and imperial household members had been assembling since the travesty. There was concern among the monarchist factions that the tide may have turned against the monarchy and that republicanism was finally going to achieve its long held goal of abolishment.

The streets of the capital were silent, many fearful of going into public after such a brazen attack against the very institutions sworn to protect the public. Air travel in the capital was suspended for the time being except for flights for tourists and essential personnel who could depart for other airports before departure.

Questions leapt from the headlines into the minds of the public. “How could this happen?” “Why now?” “Who was ‘really’ behind it?” suspicion was running rampant and the public had finally woken from its trance. There had been debate in the Empire since 1832 when it was founded as to what kind of government should oversee the expansive entity. Disparate realms were jostling for authority and control beforehand and that scarred the founders into investing power into a monarchy they hoped would remain enlightened and erudite while devolving the running of the state to a civilian elected government that would govern according to the consent of the sovereign and that of the public as well. Ultimately the debate was never really settled and instead raged on periodically in the public eye though most often on the political fringes. Periodically it would erupt into the public discourse because of a scandal of an Archon or such. Rarely though was it caused by the Imperial household itself though, and because of that the public remained pretty solidly monarchist in polls. The questions though were always ultimately flawed, the public was comfortable with a monarchy but the real question was what kind?

The Republic of Vekkla

Vekkl News Now

*Propaganda will be obvious*

Satellite imagery shows Franconian Reserve men and women on the ground in Mydia helping the Imperialist nation keep their footing on left wing Republicans. Let them have what they're asking for! They want a republic, and Vekkeli research shows that republics have more rights! Mydic and Franconian troops are trying to get the situation "under control", and for what? They're obviously failing! They attacked the capitol of Mydia successfully. The "insurrection" will win in Mydia!

Other News

Khaledian chicken is the newest food craze! Baked with berries and fresh herbs and olive oil, it is served with potatoes and Vekkeli sweet corn. It is the newest food craze from the line of nearly 10 others sweeping the nation.

Heat advisories have been issued for southern parts of Vekkla. 84 with Humidity in Consreep. Not so comfortable with more of the same along the coast. Rain in the Northern hills of Vekkla with a chance of thunderstorms around Vekkla City. High temperatures will be around 75 to about 77 from 890 feet to 1,005 feet above. Going further north, Mud Slide and Rock Slide warnings are in effect as heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected. From about 2000 feet to about 2500 feet above sea level, expect temperatures from 60 to about 71 degrees.

-Vekkla News Now 10

The Holy Empire of Majassa

Majassa tirezus en Risnore Hauido hisrani garbvunareti
Majassa has requested full membership of the Commonwealth of Nations

Oxnvuri, 3 amvlaivo 2075 | After fifteen years of Associate Membership, the People’s Council (the secular government of Majassa) has formally requested Majassa’s full membership of the Commonwealth of Nations. Presiding Magistrate Povne Gugxani said in a press conference that the People’s Council received permission of both the Holy Emperor and his Successor for this move and that a letter has been sent to the Council of the Commonwealth of Nations.

“I must stress that the timing of this action is the result of months of negotiations”, the Presiding Magistrate explained, “and therefore has nothing to do with the recent heinous violence in the Mydic Empire. The latter is however one of the important reasons why Majassa chooses to join the Commonwealth of Nations: through collaboration we will be able to act faster against such crimes; leaving the country as a means for criminals to escape justice will be a thing of the past when nations work together to catch them.

“The other advantages are evident: economic, scientific, and military cooperation. Majassa will not stand alone in this world anymore, and may even stand beyond this world in the near future! In the past fifteen years, Majassa has worked closely together with the Commonwealth of Nations and its member states, but as an Associate Member only. The time has now come that our nation should claim its right to be involved in the organisation’s decision making progress.”

The Commonwealth of Nations currently has five full members: Khaledonia, Qastari, Septima, the Union of Ameriga, and Vekkla.

The Federal Republic of Khaledonia

News KNN

unarmed rebels

A total of 450 Freedom K rebels have laid down their arms and returned to civilian life, this number of unarmed rebels is increasing over time

new constructions

In the city of Caity in the south of the country, the Khaledonia Museum is going to be built, a place where the entire history of the nation, its heroes, builders, etc. is stored. This project is intended to bring more tourists to the nation.

The Federal Union of Mydic Empire

Traveling Ipriot
Adrassia, Parthenopias

Ah when I finally arrived after eight days backpacking along the Helenean Coast of the Thalassic, I knew it would be a sight to behold, thankfully I wasn’t wrong. The small town hugged the cliffs tightly and terraced farms and vineyards could be seen a bit further up the winding coastal road. Truly to see the white building hugging the rugged and ever so jagged mountains was a sight as the waves crashed upon the beaches below that only ladders and heavily worn carved staircases could reach.

The landscape had clearly been passed over by generations of carvings as old facades were cleaned and put on their finest appearance for the coming celebration. Parthenopias was to celebrate the Victory of Adrassia when 1,200 Parthenian marines successfully repelled an invasion force of Austra backed proxies in the Great War. The enemy flotilla had managed to engage and route Mydic forces and other allied ships twice before being able to mount their ultimate goal, a seaborne invasion of mainland Mydia to force a new front and divide off the Western Allies from Mydia by land. The marines held the small town against the much larger invasion force of 50,000. The Marines held for six days before the Mydic, Qastari and Vekkeli navies could overcome the opposition and finally see off the invasion force before a permanent foothold could be achieved. A true triumph and one for which every year since, the Empire’s elites have descended on Adrassia for this festival of music and celebration.

Cassiano Delano, vlogger and backpacker extraordinaire or at least that’s what the people who followed me on social media would call me. The Walking Ipriot. Traveling to places both near and far was my specialty and reporting on the hidden gems of our beautiful Vesta is my goal.

To Festivál
That Evening

Music bounced between the old stone facades of the cramped little side streets and alleyways of Adrassia. A typical Mydic town that could harken back to the “good old days,” when life was simple and the world felt smaller. Back then this was the Thalassocracy of Parthenopias, a seapower who oversaw what was the western portion of the now Mydic Empire’s north coast. The gilded roof of the Cathedral of the Holy Flame shimmered under the night sky, crystal clear and stars could be innumerable for all I could see.

First I wandered around the main plaza for an hour or so just taking in the jovial atmosphere the people were in. Just a few days ago this nation was rocked by terror attacks and now it’s people were here, celebrating a victory against a different enemy 50 years ago. Something about the tenacity was humbling, that they wouldn’t be cowed into submission by whatever or whoever did the bombings. It was about the time I started getting hungry and looking for a food truck that I noticed a group of armed guardsmen in black uniforms poured into the area seemingly securing it. Then came the trumpet blasts that were accompanied by a person on the speaker, “Ladies and gentleman, please stand for the arrival of the Basileus and his family.” Some people clapped, the applause wasn’t defining and you could tell by the public’s reaction they were still unsure how to truly feel at this moment, the younger members of the imperial entourage seemed most aware of the mood.

Next however came another announcement, “The Right Honorable Lydia Galanis, Archon of the Mydic Empire.'' That's when the crowd erupted into rapturous applause, the mood shifted and it could be felt in the air. The applause didn’t die down until the woman had taken her seat. Afterwards there was a buzz among the people as they talked about how she was here and not just home recovering, it seemed to give her more respect from her people. They were, after all, her people. They elected her, they entrusted their lives to her on a daily basis and she put it on the line and here she was honoring the fallen of a war before her lifetime. Unlike the Basileus who had been Crown Prince at the time and was alive to see the nuclear bombs drop. A different leader from a different time.

After I finally shook myself out of deep thoughts, I got on my way to get some good grub and got lucky enough to find my friend in the area, Luciano della Rocce, an expat from Sartoria who had been my mentor at University in Mydare. Both of us being from Sartoria had allowed us to connect a bit easier and when I found myself becoming a travel vlogger, who wouldn’t want to touch base with someone in a far away place and maybe, just maybe get to go and see them? Well I leapt at the opportunity when I got the invitation to the festival from Professor della Rocce.
After all the night was just starting. Fireworks, more live music and celebrations throughout the town. Boats were in the small harbor just bobbing up and down in the waves as people swam and generally relaxed. What a place to have a life. Easy to see how the simple life was one to enjoy here.

The union of ameriga

New Haven Gazette

President Supports Majassan Acession
President Martha Prescott announced today that the Federal Union of Ameriga would recognize and support the accession bid by the Holy Empire of Majassa to the Commonwealth of Nations, the President promised the accession process would be expedited thanks to the 15 year associate status Majassa had enjoyed since 2060. Experts weighing in on the matter on various news segments seemed to agree that close relations and market standards over the last decade and a half would aid the Holy Empire’s process of being brought into tatal compliance with Commonwealth standards. A process that some nations would unfortunately have to take a decade or more to complete while others were able to more swiftly be brought into code.

At the press conference, President Prescott answered questions about the viability of any missions to Sorana to which the President characterized the effort to establish a permanent human, albeit Commonwealth, presence on Sorana within the year to be of the utmost importance. She further added, “By the end of the decade we will have a fully operational research base capable of receiving colonists as well as an orbital way station to provide communications and other services to the area. At this time the Commonwealth Space Program will handle all further questions.”

Afterward President Prescott was scheduled in meetings with Governors from the various States including Governor Richard Graham of Melody who had been a recent vocal critic from inside the President’s own party about her policy towards space. The Governor was a proponent that the VA and CN should establish permanent planetary operations together rather than potentially separate from which the Governor and several other prominent voices say could be the spark for a new kind of war. Though the Union government dismissed it as fear mongering.

Situation in Mydia
Secretary of State JD Bullock released a statement condemning the violence in Mydia and announcing support from the Union’s own highly trained and professional National Response Force for search and rescue operations. A detachment of 1,500 NRF personnel were already underway from Dorado to Mydare to provide support to the most heavily affected areas. The effort was being characterized as purely humanitarian in nature and would not serve any ulterior motives. Officially, “The Union stands by all the nations of Vesta now and forever, friend or foe we will be there in your time of need.”

The Secretary of State also announced that there had been confirmed so far 15 Union Citizens killed in the explosions with a further 51 missing. Most are considered to have been expats already living in the Mydic Empire though there are reports that some of the missing are tourists. Embassy and Consulate personnel have established a hotline for family members concerned and attempting to discern the situation of their loved ones.

Khaledonia the Southern Jewel
Following the stabilization of the Khaledian political scene and the return of basic services, the Office of the Secretary of State was happy to announce today that travel would resume unrestricted to the Union’s fellow Commonwealth state and would see a likely increase in Unioner tourism in the coming months and years. Additional pledges of financial assistance have also been offered in order to keep the current trend on track. The Secretary of State also confirmed the Union’s relief that members of the various armed groups are putting down their weapons and becoming responsible members of society. Recovery will take time and the Union remains committed to its ally. A southern jewel is being made from the shadows of chaos.

Vekkla Visit
The Secretary of State has confirmed that they have been working on establishing a timeline for a visit by the Vice-President, Oliver Harris, to Vekkla in the coming weeks to further show unity and stability across the Commonwealth at this trying time. A pledge of further Union investment in the mining industry in Vekkla is likely to be announced, some conservative estimates have put the supposed investment in the $40 billion range though those are considered unconfirmed rumors.

During the potential visit, it is also likely that the Vice-President might make an impromptu stopover in Mydia to smooth over some ongoing tensions regarding the Egia Archipelago as the islands vote in just one week.

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The Federal Republic of Khaledonia

News KNN

[the new president

Today a new president has been elected in Khaledonia Mohamed Zayad from the Northern Union Khaledia party/NUK has won the country's presidential elections, this has caused happiness throughout the country, especially the north where the largest armed groups such as freedom K are , this has caused several northern rebels to decide to become responsible members of society so far due to this the number of rebels has dropped to 79%.

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