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The Federal Republic of Khaledonia


gomez rescue

The last members of Libertad K have made a large-scale assault on the Cuman prison rescuing former Prime Minister Martinez Gomez, Chancellor Xiomara has responded to this with the state of enermence putting Gomez in search and capture, it is believed that the Rebels of Libertad K will make an assault on the capital Ceiba to put Gomez in power again.

Responding to FE

Chancellor Xiomara has responded to the FE with the destruction of its products and throwing them into the sea, Chancellor Xiomara said that she would increase the budget for the naval branch of the Federal Army.

The Free and Open Peoples of Franconia Empire


Videos have surfaced on Franconian internet sites of Khaledian forces and people destroying millions worth of Franconian technology as a sign of protest from the Tech trade withdraw. Late last night, the FE announced indirectly that the Empire will no longer trade technology with Khaledonia resulting in throwing fully functional phones, tablets, and even parts of electric vehicles in the ports' harbors. The Empress has responded in a firey way saying "We had a chance to do proper business with a nation unlike the FE. Never again will the FE make that mistake again. It is clear Khaledonia doesn't want to improve their civil liberties, so the FE will do something within reason and issue sanctions on Khaledonia. As of now, no FE planes or boats will go to Khaledian territory due to inhumane conditions. We are issuing a Level 5 ban on travel, which is the highest level, and will not be able to support Khaledonia anymore due to civil rights breaches. No press will travel and all airlines will be fined if flight trackers notice that a single plane is headed to Khaledonia." These bans and sanctions will most likely be affecting tourism and retail on both sides. With the small amounts of Khaledian goods on the shelf here at home, it won't be long until stores notice that shelves are running empty and will have to expand both Sartorian and Mydic goods sections to fill up for the lost space. It isn't long until the FE spits rapid fire sanctions at Khaledonia. Unless Khaledonia wants to improve on civil liberties, they can kiss Franconian tourism and tech "vii" or in common terms "goodbye". Live from San Juarez.

-FENN News.

The Federal Republic of Khaledonia

News KNN


The rebels of the group Libertad that have initiated a coup against Chancellor Xiomara, during the shooting in the capital Ceiba it has been recorded that other right and left groups joined the FK to defeat Xiomara, also, a large part of the Federal Army have deserted and joined the FK. The small garrison of soldiers and militiamen who supported Xiomara resisted well, but were defeated and executed as traitors to the country, Chancellor Xiomara has been taken as a political prisoner, the anthem of Khaledonia sounds through the streets of the country, the flag of the country sinks into the sky, Martinez Gomez returns to control of the country, the prime minister has returned.

The Federal Union of Mydic Empire

:Mydic Chronicle:

Khaledian Challenge
Khaledonia has proved to be a challenge in the second term of Archon Galanis. First came its movement toward the Commonwealth, pawns of the Union. Then came a complicated string of economic engagements with Franconia, a close ally and partner of the Empire. Swiftly violence with cartels and the response hampered any hopes for a democratic shift in society. Already the drawbridge per se was being raised in the halls of Mydare. The Chancellery was to have none of this “Khaledian Challenge” as it was being referred to within the upper echelons of the Galanis Administration.

Even at the Imperial Palace in Stelio Cantis was said to be abuzz with gossip and talk about how the central administration was handling the Mydic response to the ongoing issue. Some members of the Imperial Household were said to have even alluded to a suggestion to the Conservative Coalition to oust Galanis though the official spokeswoman for the Palace, Helene Du Mar categorically denied that the palace and by extension members of the Household, having any plans or plots against the elected government.

Stress on the streets of the major cities could be felt as an atmosphere of tensions ramped up. The rise in conflict in Khaledonia brought about the specter of another war, one with the Union yet again and perhaps this time, the Empire would not fare so well given it was losing in the polls in the Egian Archipelago. As of the previous week, opinion polls taken by the Central Government of the Archipelgo suggested that the islands would be returned to the Union 60-40. The error margin sees a comfortable margin for the Return camp who are already running ads to make sure their people turn out to vote and not get lulled into apathy.

The Government however affirmed its support for Franconian calls for sanctions if the situation in Khaledonia worsened. The Government also issued a statement warning the Union against direct interference and that the ongoing strike in Khaledonia should not be taken advantage of.

The union of ameriga

New Haven Gazette

The Fleet on the Move!
The First Fleet proceeded past the Egian Archipelago to much fanfare and an impromptu parade as civilian boats came out to greet the Fleet as it sailed precariously close to the territorial demarcation point between the Mydic Empire and the wider Valentian Ocean. Nonetheless the sentiment on the islands after the announcement of the referendum had seen a shift. Initially many seemed in favor of the status quo, but then came the media blitz and the various campaign groups sent by the Union. Their effort to win the hearts and minds of the islands’ public was working and the various government ministers and reps who had toured the islands, met with the local leaders and business elite were building a very loyal following. When President Prescott spent 11 days on the islands last month they were filled with throngs of crowds trying to hear her speak.

Already the Empire has seemed to admit defeat and accept the outcome with the general lack of major appearances by members of the Imperial Household and the Government of Archon Galanis. Not much political and economic capital is being spent by the Mydic government and that seems to be where they are weakest. The Islanders have complained of feeling as though they are forgotten by the elite in Mydare and don’t matter other than for military reasons and that is just something the Union isn’t going to repeat.

The Islands are culturally Unioner, having been founded as colonies of the nascent Union back in the 1800s after the islands were discovered. Promises of a quick integration into the workhorse Union economy is also seen as a major boon for the islands who already see Union citizens as the single largest tourist group. With not much time left to go until Decision Day, the Union has really amped up participation by going all in on the incentives.

Khaledonia Deployment
The First Fleet announced it would be stopping over in Khaledonia to deploy 1,500 marines to the capital city in a peacekeeping mission to back the government of Prime Minister Gomez as well as to accept calls for Xiomara to be sent to a Union Supermax Prison. Such a request is within the bounds of the Commonwealth, that if a member state has the belief that keeping a prisoner on their own soil is too dangerous, they may request the protecting powers of Septima or the Union to take said prisoner for the duration of their assigned sentence or until such a return can be considered safe.

The fleet will depart Khaledonia in one week and continue on it’s tour of the Valentian with the next segment being the ghosting of the International Waterways by Qastari, the Mydic Empire and Franconia before proceeding towards the coast of Sartoria before going around the remaining coasts of the Valentian Ocean before through the Eastern Strait and back to the Fleet’s homeport of Columbia City.

The Selene Emperor of Justinian Kalominos

Sartorian News Network

Sartorian Ambassador to the World Society Marco Vannelli spoke today at the WS Security Council to question the Unioner deployment of 1500 marines to Khaledonia. In his remarks, Ambassador Vannelli called it a "unilateral and unjustifiable intromission into the affairs of member state without proper authorisation", arguing that as long as there remains question on the legitimate government of Khaledonia the final decision on whether to deploy an international force should remain in the hands of the World Society. Ambassador Vannelli then proceeded to submit to the Security Council resolutions to urge the Union to withdraw from Khaledonia and to establish an international peacekeeping force in its stead.

These remarks are an escalation of prior rhetoric towards the Union, as First Minister Marco Bonaventura faces increasing pressure from his party and from the opposition to push back against the Union. Social Party Leader Silvio Aggio and National Heritage Party Leader Ippolito Baggio shared a rare moment of agreement yesterday during back-to-back addresses before the House of Councillors, where they criticised the "inexcusable passivity of the government" and asked "when will the First Minister realise that the Union will not be pushed back with nicely worded letters".

A recent Isola poll shows the First Minister's approval at 54%, down six points compared to the previous poll two weeks before. The same poll shows that 87% believe that the government should take a firmer stance towards the Union and 56% believe that the government should intervene in Khaledonia to prevent further human rights abuses. This sentiment has been reflected in recent and increasingly larger protests outside the Khaledian and Unioner Embassies, where Carabinieri have deployed in greater numbers to ensure peaceful assembly.

The union of ameriga

New Haven Gazette

Rebuff at the World Society
Ambassador to the Society, Angeline Ross, firmly defended the deployment of 1,500 Unioner Marines to the capital city of Khaledonia as an internal Commonwealth matter. The Union recognized the reinstatement of the Gomez administration and offered its military support of said recognized government backed by the Commonwealth. Ambassador Ross also pointed out that the VA would be misled if it thought that the Xiomara administration was a sign of progress. Ambassador Ross added that it was at the direction of President Prescott that the Union would offer full unconditional military support to Prime Minister Gomez henceforth and would regard Khaledonia as under the protection of the Commonwealth as it was in accession processes and the Union felt it was important to defend a prospective member.

Secretary of State JD Bullock announced that the Union was willing to endorse the Gomez administration with a $150million USD aid grant to be used to repair any damaged infrastructure as well as using the rest to construct new infrastructure. The Secretary of State also outlined an expedited process of admission to the CN for Khaledonia rather than lingering in admission limbo for years. This would unlock potentially billions to be used to develop the nation.

Unrest in the Diplomatic Quarter
With an increasingly hostile environment seemingly forming on the international stage, the mass public of the Union seemed to begin to lean a bit to the right. Steadily there were protests outside the Khaledian embassy in Columbia City during the tenure of Xiomara but celebrations erupted when PM Gomez was freed by Libertad and restored as the rightful leader of Khaledonia. With the increase in hostile rhetoric from the VA, there had been a growing number of protests outside the embassies and consulates of VA member states with the largest being outside the Franconian and Mydic embassies.

The protests however turned violent when a vehicle attempting to enter the Mydic embassy began to be swarmed by the crowd prompting Unioner and Mydic Embassy security personnel to fire tear gas to disrupt the demonstration and regain control. The masses however were enraged by this act and began to attempt to use the car as a battering ram against the Embassy’s gate resulting in several protestors being shot. Within minutes the mob was becoming increasingly violent and riot police began to form on nearby streets to forcibly clear the front of the compound. Meanwhile a helicopter could be seen landing on the top of the compound and whisking away the Ambassador and her family from the residence.

A half hour later and the entire area was clear of protestors with an official tally of 15 protestors killed, 46 wounded with 14 in critical condition at the hospital. Three police officers and one embassy guard were killed and 31 officers with an additional 19 embassy personnel being wounded, none seriously.

Since the occurrence of the unrest large protests have been banned across Columbia City with a curfew instated for the next week. Additional security forces were also dispatched to the diplomatic quarter with checkpoints emerging at all entrances into that heavily fortified part of the city.

The Free and Open Peoples of Franconia Empire


In shocking news from the Union, a rival nation of the FE, protests have erupted in the Union around the Franconian Embassy and Mydic Embassy. The FE is raising the flag to half mass today to show grief and sorrow for the current political climate of the world. The Empress, heated, is showing firey passion for what is going on... almost like an obsession.

(Xemptoworth): "The world is becoming more violent. The Embassies in the Union should have been better prepared. We are glad that security took care of the situation, but dispatching riot police and shooting people while close to the grounds of an Embassy... Not okay. We just got news that 3 of those 15 that were shot were Franconian Diplomats doing business between the Franconian and Mydic Embassies. The Union is making us very upset. That could have been avoided. President Prescott, you're in big trouble. Those 3 Franconian Diplomats were not fighting. They were not arguing with anyone. They only were conducting business! Today, we grow angry! Today, I will be announcing that while Union ships are in international waters, 3 warships will follow Mydic protocol and shadow the Union as they pass. We mean business now! They better not be up to any shady business in international waters. The FE Air Force will also be patrolling the area so no shady stuff goes on. We are now on high alert! *walks out*

The Empress is clearly upset and the government is heated that the FE lost 3 Diplomats on foreign soil. It should have never happened.

-FENN News.

Mydic Empire, The union of ameriga, and Khaledonia

The union of ameriga

Breaking News

There was utter shock this evening when it first emerged from Franconia that three of their embassy personnel had been caught in the crossfire. The initial "no comment" from the government quickly gave way to condolences and "thoughts and prayers" as members of the ruling coalition called for a Congressional investigation into the violence as well as members of the opposition, notably Democratic Senator Jerrod Crown of Adler, stated "The Franconians were right, that should not have happened at all. Lethal use of force should not have been authorized in this instance and I am calling for a non-partisan Special Investigation into the matter." Members of the Democratic and the GreenLibertarian parties signed on en masse to sponsor the establishment of the Special Prosecutor. Without a major break in their own ranks or the joining of the Republicans with the others, the Union Party is in a position to rebuff this internal investigation entirely. President Prescott has not been able to be reached as the situation has been labeled as "in flux" by the spokesman for the President.

Unrest remains high this evening in the Union as several cities have followed the capital's lead in declaring overnight curfews for the next week. Consulates outside of Columbia and New Haven are being requested to be closed or move their services entirely online within a reasonable amount of time for the safety of the staff and continuation of standard diplomatic protocols. A riot broke out in Dorado, the capital of Deseret State where the cartels have been battling the government in a drug war the last fifteen years. Dorado is widely seen as safe and tonight's violent mob was said to have been an anti-Mydic mob that burned effigies of the Archon and the flag of the Empire. Notably absent was anything critical of the Basileus.

The Admiralty spokeswoman responded to the Franconian statement of a shadow force for the Union fleet simply stating that they would be in international waters and that any nation is legally able to shadow another nation's civilian or military vessels out there.

The Federal Republic of Khaledonia

News KNN

new rights

Prime Minister Gomez has returned, and today in the plaza of the capital of the country Ceiba, he announced a speech, here is the speech

Prime Minister Gomez: Khaledians, my children, my people, after Xiomara's defeat and my imprisonment during his mandate opened my eyes, his opinion separated thousands of families to the Black Cities AND THAT ENDS NOW (applause) I will horde Destruction immediately from these Black Cities so that they return to their true homes, I will also begin a reform in the government to prevent other people who sympathize with Xiomara from reaching more important positions (applause), we are also going to implement the right to community LGBT, during the first years of the country the punishment for being gay was death, then it went to 5 years in prison, BUT IT'S ENDING NOW, FROM NOW ON THE LGBT PEOPLE OF KHALEDONIA WILL RECEIVE THE RESPECT THEY SHOULD HAVE (applause). Also, because of the help that Freedom K provided, a white peace of 3 years will be reached, that's all (applause)

new soldiers

After Xiomara's defeat, 5,000 members of the FK joined the federal army, because they understood that although Gomez had not been the best minister, it is better than having Xiomara as ruler, Prime Minister Gomez also said that he would try to improve the inflactustura of the country, its armament, economy and human rights, also Prime Minister Gomez revealed a document of more than 500 pages on how he intends to improve all this.

Franconia Empire, Mydic Empire, and The union of ameriga

The union of ameriga


Situation Room, Republic Palace in Columbia City
The Union wholeheartedly felt assured in its rightful place as the dominant power in choosing to back Prime Minister Gomez over Xiomara. It was with great reluctance that the atmosphere in the situation room changed to one of intervention. It had come at the end of nearly fifteen hours of discussions, plans and alternatives as well as damage assessments. Those present shifted throughout the duration but President Prescott, Vice President Harris as well as Speaker Harden and a handful of military brass remained regardless. The scene could easily have been mistaken for some kind of ongoing siege.

Yet it wasn’t a siege they were under, instead it was the cloud of a possible war. President Prescott had navigated the Union from a content power to one of great ambition and one with the means to assert itself more forcefully. The ongoing standoff at the World Society was further evidence that the Global Order established in the wake of the Great War was faltering and without a strong rebuff, one the Union firmly believed the Alliance incapable or unwilling to do, the Order would fall.

Thus those present in the room were preparing the plans for that eventual outcome. Preparing in case the Union had to fight, for itself and for its place.

“What about developing weapons…” a hushed voice offered to the others present. A groan erupted from another present.

“We are a member of the treaties. We will not stoop to such a level. If we’re going to fight it will be on equal footing. Or do you need to see Hopewell Springs again?” President Prescott said with rather nasty vitriol present in her voice as she alluded to the name of the first of the towns the Union lost in its exchange with Austra.

In the blink of an eye, a tranquil town of about 6,500 was wiped off the face of Vesta by an Austran tactical nuclear missile. In response President Jeremy Johnson ordered a limited tactical strike back resulting in the direct hit of two Austran cities with two others missiles intercepted. The response triggered a larger tit for tat response with four more Union cities being obliterated including Providence, the old largest and most important city the Union had at the time. Nearly a million people lost their lives in the exchange before another four Austran and two more Unioner cities were lost. During the initial tit for tat is when the former allied states on both sides of the war turned on the Union and Austra invading and disarming both and establishing the current world order.

It had been a gut blow to both nations. The occupation saw rampant unrest as civil war erupted as Eastern States resented the administration of Isaac Dixon who’s Unity Government oversaw the occupation by foreign forces. Notablyl in 2025 sixteen Mydic peacekeepers were killed in a bomb attack in New Haven before Occupation forces withdrew fully in 2028.

“Let’s get those islands and then we can talk about longer term plans. For now, the Archipelago is key to Operation New Providence. Do not fail.” With that Martha Prescott departed the situation room, letting out a gigantic sigh once she was alone in her office. Wartime President was a title she would be doing whatever she could to avoid. Furthering the Union’s place in the world and in the System however, nothing would stand in the Republic’s way.

New Haven Gazette

Basileus Visits
The Basileus Leto of the Mydic Empire made a surprise visit to the Union following a flurry of closed door diplomatic wrangling. It had been agreed his visit was going to be crucial to allow for the two nation’s to publicly attempt to make amends following the death of so many outside the Mydic Embassy in the Union as well as the unfortunate and absolutely most regrettable deaths of three Franconian diplomatic personnel who had simply being trying to enter the Embassy to conduct regular business.

The violence had scared the area with blood and debris scattered about. The police presence in the diplomatic quarter as well as the nightly curfews left the city feeling oddly hollow. The change from a vibrant city to a ghost town left many on social media uneasy as the tensions between the “political elite” endangered the wider international public and many were openly calling on the cabinet members of President Prescott to remove her or for Congress to impeach her in an attempt to change direction. Whether this would come to pass none could say as the inner workings of the Administrations cabinet members are known to be shrouded in secrecy as well as support for Prescott.

The visit will culminate in two days with an official state dinner at Republic Palace hosted by President Prescott and attended by the Mydic and Union Ambassadors and their families as well as the Basilissa, Crown Prince and Prince Alexandros and wife.

Reception of the announcement of the visit in the Empire has led to some on the political right, and even some in the ruling coalition of Archon Lydia Galanis to openly question the Imperial Household’s role in the ongoing situation unfolding and even a few on the far right questioned whether the current occupant of the Imperial Throne along with his heir, as being “too close to our enemies.” A sentiment said to be making its rounds on social media as well though public opinion remains strongly in support of the Basileus and Monarchy with higher general approval ratings than the entire elected government of the Empire.

The Free and Open Peoples of Franconia Empire


Protests are still going on at Khaledian, and now Unioner Embassies in San Juarez. There has been just a little bit of rowdiness as three Franconian Embassy Employees were caught in crossfire at a violent protest outside of the Mydic Embassy in Columbia, Ameriga. Foreign Service Specialists Jaarvis HensWorty, Deen Vigmissen, and Kalvun Heen tragically passed away from fatal wounds from gunfire. The protests in San Juarez have seen just 3 arrests as Franconian citizens were caught throwing pie at the Unioner Embassy. The Empress has accepted the apologies from the Union Government and appreciates that they agree that the incident should never have happened in the first place. San Juarez Police: Capitilia Sect. has stated that the protests show no signs of turning into riots.

More News

Candlelight vigils for the three FSS Workers that have passed away have gained major social media attention. InstaChirp has been seen giving live donations to the families through a fundraising event. Over 1.42 million Astrons have been donated already to support the families affected and to help pay for funeral costs. Tonight in Ft. Hazel, a floating latern vigil will be held. Bring a boat because we will be going 1.5 miles offshore to release the paper lanterns and see them fly through the night sky. From San Juarez.

-FENN News.

The Federal Union of Mydic Empire

Mydic Chronicle

The visit by the Basileus and others of the Imperial Household to the Union for a three day state visit was agreed following the eruption of violence outside the Mydic embassy days before. The hope was that a good will tour could drum up support or at least drown out critics. Unfortunately for the administration of Archon Galanis, members of her own conservative coalition had announced that they would side with the opposition in calling for a vote of no confidence, throwing into question the second half of the Archon’s term. Should the vote succeed the Archon would be forced to resign from leadership positions and could remain a member of the Synedrio though that has rarely occurred before. A vote among the members of the ruling coalition would be held

The conservative pro-republic right had stirred up anti-Union sentiment among the general public through coordinated public relations and communications blitzes. Appearances on radio and talk shows resulted in that sentiment reaching tens of millions across the Empire and a rightward lurch by the general public in midterm elections in 2072 resulted in a deeper red political map. While they were members of the ruling National Coalition led by the Center-Right Conservative Party of Archon Galanis, the members of the pro-Republican Federal Conservatives who were openly calling for the removal of the Archon and the dissolution of the Monarchy following the events with the Union. They had even taken to publicly criticizing the trip by the Imperials as “out of touch with the public mood” and “in bed with our enemies.”

Protests had been growing before the violence outside the Mydic Embassy in Columbia City but since then and after the announcement of the Imperial visit to the Union, the numbers had brought concern among security forces that a similar outcome to what happened in the Union could happen and so it was with that in mind when the Imperial Ministry for Foreign Relations issued an alert to all Embassies present in the Empire that they should take heightened security precautions for the duration of the ongoing protests.

The Embassies were also issued an offer of increased police and Imperial Guardsmen deployments to their locations should they choose to seek that at this time. The Union was also informed of a plot that had been foiled to detonate a car bomb outside their Embassy and that checkpoints to the Union Embassy were being set up across the capital city and in the cities which hosted Union consulates.

The Federal Republic of Khaledonia

News KNN

support for the Egian Archipelago

khaledonia fell silent when prime minister gomez said the following on national tv

"Khaledians, I am giving this statement so that you know the following, as you must know, our allies from Ameriga have helped us a lot and we have offered this, and today is the time to give them a token of gratitude, Khaledians, TODAY I TOLD YOU THAT I AM NOT AFRAID OF HIM AL VA, TODAY FROM NOW ON THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF KHALEDONIA SHALL RECOGNIZE THE EGIAN ARCHIPELAGO OF THE UNION OF AMERIGA."

This caused a certain panic in the government, but after the declarations of the prime minister and his confidence in saying that, it shows that Gomez is prepared to take Khaledonia again, it is still being resolved how to improve the economy, Prime Minister Gomes said that it is very trade with the Union of Ameriga may increase

The Free and Open Peoples of Franconia Empire

FENN News: edition 29 April 2075

Ice Voyage

It is nearing summertime in the Northern hemisphere of Vesta leaving for not much time to start heading to the poles before peak melting season. South Franconia University has announced they will be sending 15 students to survey the melt. It os uncertain if the same 15 will be present for the August Melting Season in the South Pole, but registration is available now on the college website. The Empress will discuss with leading VA scientists and will be in contact with other VA nations about the matter as details arrive. The target launch date for the Northern mission would be about middle May, but it is not for certain until further discussion has proceeded.

Tech Sales Skyrocket

Simsam and Kiwi opened the market today announcing that sale records have already been broken with profits for the companies ranging from 500 million to 815 million Astrons. These numbers have never been achieved by any retail and technology sector in FE History. Many Franconians feel as though their work days are getting longer, so more technology is replacing quality family time at home. Lifestyle changes here in the FE have resulted in some negatives about this Tech Boom. Fast food places are popping out of nowhere, now sending their food to customers in less than 30 SECONDS thanks to vacuum transport tools made by Simsam and AI Software and Robotics software made by Macrohard. Average screen time has risen by 15% since the boom started creating a possibility for average IQ to trend downward in the long term. Was the boom a good thing? Meh.

Live from San Juarez

-FENN News

The Free and Open Peoples of Franconia Empire


A 1.4 Billion Astron project to turn one of San Juarez's unused ports into an Emperial Opera House. The Enperial Opera House was approved by City Planners just yesterday and will act as a cultural hub for Franconian music, theater, and will even host some international talent. The Ground breaking ceremony for the Emperial Opera House will begin on July 8th, other known as Franconian independence day. This will create at least 2,000 jobs for the San Juarez community and will be held as one of the FE's wonders.

-FENN News.

The Free and Open Peoples of Franconia Empire


Rumors of a new anti-Franconian coalition forming in the Empire are running rampant. This goes just a year after the Naval Ship Detonation brought on by 14 member of the Franconian Conservative Party (now Party for the People) and countless other acts of terror. Sunlight News, FENN affiliate in Sunlight, West Protector Isle, has reported that these stories being heard are true with upside-down Franconian flags spotted scattered throughout the town.

(Mayor of Sunlight, Abrigal MacFindal): It is apparent that Franconian people are tired of the social issues being ignored here on a local scale. It seems as though the Xemptoworth administration has forgotten about the Protector Isles. We have the highest poverty rates in the country, we still run off wells that we have to continuously dry up due to our ever expanding population... it is an outrage and the Xemptoworth administration should be ashamed.

Blames on the FE government are shaping out to bring trouble in San Juarez. Flags with rifles and calls for a recall vote on the Empress has been reported outside of the Emperial Residence. We will keep you updated as the situation unravels...

The Free and Open Peoples of Franconia Empire


The Empress has finally commented on the situation happening in Sunlight. She stated "The PFP already have a hurt reputation, but statistically speaking Sunlight really doesn't receive much government assistance. 32% of their population lives at or is hovering above the poverty line. That is an embarrassing thing to look at. Admittedly, we do push most of the funding for the Empire north to the Main Island because that is where 170 million of the 212 million Franconians live. We were unaware that we were mistreating a part of our nation. From now on, the Emperial Government will grant the Protector Isles 3.1 Billion additional Astrons a year, each, to fund proper services and get the Protector Isles back on their feet. We will soon be investing in a small nuclear power project to not only create more energy for the proposed VA Supergrid, but to also create well paying jobs to help families get back where they need to be in their checkbooks. I'm sorry, Protector Isle States. We have been quite focused on matters that shouldn't be more important than our own people. You may have heard that the current international political climate hasn't been up to par. Well it's time to multitask. In the coming weeks, Parliament and I will devise a plan to help your part of the nation in the long term. That will be announced. Thank you for listening."

The Empress is very apologetic today as the government realizes that the Protector Isles States is currently receiving only 1.1 Billion Astrons a year in funding for all of its services and resources. It is a shame that we let that happen. We will report on more as it develops.

-FENN News

The Empire of Rousania

Speech of Rousanio, 3th of June 2075
Breaking News
Rousanio has announced a speech, this is hosting the speech live.

Rousanio: To those here and those watching this from their homes, I announce that I am traveling outside of the Empire, any questions?

the crowd raises hands

Rousanio: You

Unknown Journalist 1: What seems to be the cause of this sudden announcement, your highness?

Rousanio: The details are the information I can’t disclose to the public, Where or Why am I going are information, during this time, are private information, Any other questions?

the crowd raises their hands

Rousanio: You

Unknown Journalist 2 : Who will rule Rousania, while you are absent, your highness?

Rousanio: My Sister, Princess Hajar, will rule as Empress-Regent during my Absence, Any other questions.

The crowd raises their hands


Unkown Journalist 3 : How long will you be outside of Rousania, your Majesty?

Rousanio: The period would be about a month or so [1 week IRL]

Rousanio: Due to us being short on time, I think I’m ending it here, Ma’a As-Salama [Goodbye]

Daily News

The Federal Republic of Khaledonia

News KNN

a big step

Prime Minister Gomez has said the following

"A total of 5,000 Khaledians live on the streets, which is why we have decided to make several abandoned buildings such as shopping centers be used to provide housing for people who do not have"

all of khaledonia supports this and some khaledians have volunteered for this project

The Federal Union of Mydic Empire

:Mydic Chronicle:

Basileus Leto has reached out to the Franconian (Franconia Empire) government recently according to sources close to the administration of Archon Galanis. The personal expression of interest in hosting the Franconian Empress at Adrio Island has been seen as a concerted effort by the Imperial Household to attempt to help stabilize the Franconian Empire's image both internally and externally with ongoing situations causing a disruption across the board. The report even stated that the Basileus was on an hour long phone conference with members of the Galanis Administration essentially in disagreement about hosting the Empress at this time as the Federal Administration's position appears to be one of cautious political perception as hosting Empress Xemptoworth would be seen in conservative circles as potentially exposing the Empire to criticism and favoritism.

The Palace confirmed the report and stated that the visit would considered a private affair without the press and without government agenda items and discussions to allow for the Empress and the Basileus along with family members some much needed relaxation and privacy.

Adrio Island is a small private island entirely owned by the Imperial Family off the north coast. The island is 16mi2 and other than the ruins of a few fishing huts and what was an ancient palace, there is a sprawling forest with the modern palace, the Clay Palace as it is referred to is was constructed in 1906 after Emperor Georgios I bought the island form the Di Marro family from Paxus. The sprawling villa palace overlooks a private hidden cove that only has a cliff archway as an entrance. The staff for the island rotate every month out of the palace's staff quarters and back to the nearby community of Pliniakria.

The Nomad Kingdom of Ralzawr

Zahedan Television News: Outrage of Moshelia's Cult in Yiywa

Ëndemën aderu!

Today the Supreme Court of Ralzawr has issued the first order of protection for the Stone Souls that roam freely in the Zahedan Valley, condemning a group of foreign teenagers who dared to destroy these precious elements of the nation's natural heritage. The sentences stipulated for this heinous crime amount to more than a decade of hard labor, which according to the law, will be undertaken within the vicinity of the Al-Onikisis oil complex of the Ralzawriana Ye'idigeti National Oil and Mining Co. managed by the Hasret Group of Companies, owners of the monopoly of this industry within the state borders.

However, although the measure was supported by the nomadic communities of the country, the international authorities and respective embassies of the prosecuted citizens appeal to the courts and to the conscience of the civilized neighboring states, claiming that such sentences are criminally unacceptable and abuse the trust tourists have in the generous and benevolent image projected by the Ralzawrian state abroad, just to protect a few "Insignificant Stones". That statement, broadcasted on open national television, has represented a general offense to the worshippers of Moshelia, who have taken to the streets around the respective embassies of the spokesmen to massively start building idols and abandoning them in their gardens as a way to make those men and women aware of the historical, cultural, religious and ecological role of those undervalued elements of the Zahedan landscape.

Even as if aware of the events, the semi-nomadic populations surrounding the capital report that large numbers of trovants have made their way from Mount Mhorbad in a northwesterly direction, as if intending to lay siege to Yiywa at any moment. Similar sightings have also been taking place in the province of Sylath, of which Grand Duke Rodeck I is a native, who despite being a staunch practitioner of Sylannism has asked the authorities to make a public apology to the offended minority so that these people can finally return to their homes and continue with their lives, and so that the country's scarce human resources in terms of public order can be used again before their absence could represent an obvious problem to public safety.

He has also personally apologized to his people for the neglect of education in not preparing the resident foreigners to understand the complicated world of the average Ralzawrian, claiming responsibility for the event and promising that from now on, together with the Ralzawr Academic Council, he would double his efforts in fostering knowledge of the multi-cultural diversity of each of the ethnic and religious groups that will dwell under his administration to avoid such discrepancies from arising once again. With this, quoting Shasinf Al-Dehandur, the peaceful founding father of the predominant atheist cult, he called for calm and understanding of the foreign brethren, asserting that therefore the duty of every citizen born on the sands of Zahedan was to fight the darkness that ignorance imposes on the minds of the lost pebbles wandering in the desert with dedication and pacience.

Adalet Suheyla of ZTVN from the outskirts of the diplomatic sector of Yiywa to the World... T‘eanast‘ëllën!

The Free and Open Peoples of Franconia Empire


The Basileus of Mydia has has invited the Empress and the First Family to Adrio Islands. Promises of no paparazzi or cameras, no business relations will be discussed. Just a vacation. Public speculation says that the Empress actually kinda needs this vacation. With a whole country, a swath of social issues, and two toddlers on her hip, it appears she needs some space from the public eye. The Empress, relieved that her prayers have been answered, is happy that she will be taking a few days away and has left Vice Empress McClanahan in charge. The Empress and the First Family will depart this week.

Protector Isles

The Protector Isles States are making a bounce back already as support for the Nuclear Substation is increasing. Already, 54% of the population say that we need the substation to do our part and help the VA ensure all people have clean, reusable energy. Sunlight Bridge is being repaired as we speak and cities are slapping fresh coats of paint on to keep the old style feel we know and love. Construction of the power plant is beginning in 2 weeks.

-FENN News.

The Nomad Kingdom of Ralzawr

Zahedan Television News: Emergency Mass Migrations in Urthor

Ëndemën aderu!

As of this morning, the nomadic communities of Urthor province have begun to process their applications for entry into the provincial capital of Thakhabris after the main state broadcasters broadcast a communiqué announcing the imminent descent of a cold front from the continental mountain ranges of the interior heading north-northwest. This influx is saturating the limited team of the National Migration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the agency in charge of the census and geographical control of the nomadic populations, leading this institution to delegate functions to its higher instances, bringing the matter to the Academic Council of Ralzawr.

Thus, after taking into account the decision expressed by the communities through their representatives, the encampment of thousands of Ralzawrians on the outskirts of the city has been authorized, giving an unusual and colorful spectacle to the resident population, while others intend to face the storm that this phenomenon would cause in the middle of the desert with no more than their yurts as shelter, forcing civilian security forces to move in with ASPN/OCX tracking and geolocation equipment to ensure that no human loss occurs, as ordered by Duke Garreth V in an official government decree under seal of the Grand Duchy.

This precautionary measure is being taken because the National Meteorological Institute (NAMI) is forecasting heavy dust storms over the next three days, as well as large sand slides that will alter the usual topography and relief of the region, thus changing the marked trails that both wadis and torvants have left behind and are used as roads by the nomadic citizens of the country, allowing the vague possibility that entire villages may drift errantly out of the national territory as long as the storm lasts and the skies are invisible to those populations wishing to cross the provincial boundary to Makral, hoping to escape the worst of this climatic setback.

Bastet Ghanderai of ZTVN from Thakhabris Goverment Center to the World... T‘eanast‘ëllën!

The Free and Open Peoples of Franconia Empire


A 4.9 Magnitude Vestaquake has hit just 15 miles off the coast of San Juarez. The FE Geological Survey is stating that no tsunami was triggered. On shore, San Juarez North felt it as a 4.5. No damage was done.

Trouble in Paradise

The Franconian economy is chugging along fine and has recently added a new popular sector: technology. The Tech Boom has turned the FE from drab to super fast. But all this technology has a potential downside. Overheated batteries and spontaneous combustion. Kiwi is recalling nearly half a million devices in one of the most costly recalls in Franconian History for those reasons. Nearly 35 people have been hospitalized due to third degree burns and from catching their clothing on fire from the phones combusting in their pocket. No international reports have been filed for this incident just yet, but Kiwi says that they are prepared for the worst (OOC: You're more than welcome to respond with International reports of phones combusting). Is this the dawn of new tech giant regulations, or will tech giants just have to deal with settlements and lengthy legal procedures?

-FENN News

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