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Pony Lands contains 99 nations, the 224th most in the world.

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The Greatest Rich-Poor Divides in Pony Lands

Nations ranked highly have large gaps between the incomes of rich and poor citizens. Nations low on the list have high levels of income equality.

As a region, Pony Lands is ranked 4,029th in the world for Greatest Rich-Poor Divides.

1.The Elitist Earth Pony of Diamond TiaraCorporate Police State“All Power to the Wealthy”
2.The Enterprises of Richard RomanCompulsory Consumerist State“The world is my food dish”
3.The Borderlands of WindigosCapitalizt“Hearts of Ice”
4.The Minotaur of Iron-WillCompulsory Consumerist State“If somepony tries to block, SHOW THEM THAT YOU ROCK!”
5.The Commonwealth of Fancy PantsAnarchy“Fancy Pants is Best Pony”
6.The Queendom of Nightmare RarityCorporate Police State“Nightmare Rarity is Best Pony”
7.The Principality of DazzlingsCapitalist Paradise“Adore Us!”
8.The Snobby Unicorn Prince of Prince BluebloodCorporate Police State“Out of Our Way, Peasants!”
9.The Element of LaughterCorporate Bordello“The Element of Laughter”
10.The Republic of KazakhstallionCompulsory Consumerist State“Bir dumanlı dağın”
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The Soviet Republic of Free Stalliongrad

Trotterdam wrote:Heads up: this year's April Fools event has been announced (with timer).

Already seen. Anyone have half an idea of what should be done?

The Principality of Trotterdam

The April Fools minigames usually aren't explained until they actually happen. Anyone who wants to participate will have to set a timer for when it starts and try to adapt quickly.

The news post does suggest that regional cooperation will be important to some degree, but we don't know how.

The Principality of Trotterdam

Okay, the trade fair is up, and from what I can tell, the "inspections and confiscations" are basically the main gameplay. It's basically a game of stealing and back-stealing, and from what I can tell, little to no way to generate new goods other than stealing them, except for a small number of goods that you spawn with when you start playing.

It's possible to stash goods in your region. This is permanent, stashed goods cannot be retrieved, but they also can't be stolen, and serve as trophies to show off how much stuff you've won (but only shows in certain themes).

The available goods are:
Gas Centrifuges
Tractor Parts
Humanitarian Potatoes
Inspector Uniforms
Coffee Beans
Gold Bullion
Patriotic Flags
Shipping Containers
Sticky Labels

Several goods have useful applications:
Inspector Uniforms help you perform inspections faster.
Sticky Labels help you stash goods faster.
Shipping Crates probably help you ship goods to other nations faster, but I've never actually done that.
Kittens and Patriotic Flags protect you against inspections. However, they don't protect against themselves being confiscated, even though they protect against each other being confiscated.
As far as I can tell, the other 7 goods have no use other than collecting them for bragging rights.

The Rainbow Pony Kingdom of The Candy Of Bottles

Well, well, well! Congrats on not only getting over a thousand Boxes of Kittens stashed, but also being one of only two regions to do so! And the other one are the guys who took literally all of the first places! Well done. I got PR up to #19 on the Gas Centrifuges briefly, but that didn't last. Best over here is #92 in Coffee Beans at 26 sacks. To be fair I don't think we made much of an effort over in PR.

The Soviet Republic of Free Stalliongrad

Well, I tried to contribute as much as possible, even though I split over other goods while Trotterdam filled us with kittens. I had to do it to divert the attention of other nations, otherwise they would rip off the newly stolen goods.

The Principality of Trotterdam

Yes, I saw your contribution :) Every bit is appreciated!

Post self-deleted by BrightonBurg.

The Roaming Bands of The Unknown Army

Greetings from your equally quiet neighbors, I hope Pony Lands has been doing well these days.

If you don't mind me asking, what became of Magical Equestria?

The Principality of Trotterdam

The Unknown Army wrote:If you don't mind me asking, what became of Magical Equestria?

Cozy Glow, presumably.

The Roaming Bands of The Unknown Army

Trotterdam wrote:Cozy Glow, presumably.

Err, that is an interesting response that I fear the implication of.

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