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Welcome all Pokémon fans! This region will take shape when YOU come here! (if you come here... sniff...)

"I haven't seen this many strange letters since the last time I placed a personal ad." - James on seeing the Unown in Pokémon the Movie 3: Spell of the Unown

Regional map pending!

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Pokemon World contains 5 nations, the 3,544th most in the world.

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1.The Wonderful World of BulbalandLiberal Democratic Socialists“I'll use this frying pan... as a drying pan!”
2.The Dreamlike Delusory Dimension of DrescaFather Knows Best State“Never forget: GameFreak lied to us”
3.The People's Republic of UmbreonistanCivil Rights Lovefest“We Will Endure”
4.The Kingdom of Galar RegionInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Poke et Mon Droit”
5.The Republic of GengarniaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Gengar”

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The Republic of Gengarnia

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Isles of eevee

I'm back! Can't keep a Eevee trainer down!

Team hypno

hi guys USSR hypno here

Royal exchequer of eevee

Hey,new here.Glad to be in this region of pokéfans

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Royal exchequer of eevee

I'm working on a factbook,describing the lore/history of the pokemon world,if anyone wants to check it out.

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The Incorporated States of Choccolate

Happy June everyone! Anyone going on any new quests in the future?

It seems to resemble something like a giant, dark blue whale or orca. It has two large fins or "wings", each ending with four square-shaped "claws." It has a deep blue body and a white chin area with two spikes protruding under it. Its eyes are small, yellow, and shadowed with black. Above each eye are two white spots. It has markings on its wings which sort of resemble the letter A with a circle on the top.

It also has two small dorsal fins on its back with two stripes running horizontally below the fins. These stripes glow when a renpu kaioga is brimming with power. The tail seems tattered with four trails, the inner smaller than the outer. It also has a mouth full of rarely seen sharp triangular teeth. Its body matches the composition of sea water, while its skin glows similarly to that of a sapphire.

In its Primal state, (during the autumn and winter seasons), it is more than twice its usual size and has a deeper blue body, as well as having a partially translucent body with a golden light glowing from within it, essentially emitting bioluminescence. It has light blue stripes on its body, instead of the usual red. The four tips on both of its large fins remain pure white. The usually opaque middle parts of its large fins become transparent, with red marks on the closer two tips of both its fins that resembles the letter H. The two outer red marks on each of its fins, along with the large circular marks in the center of the fins, turn blue and fuse together to become Alpha symbols. Its four white oval spots, and the part of the top center of its head have a circular marking, where the lines are linked to upper end of the larger oval spots, now also transparent, and they stop at the end of its tattered tail, where the middle of the four trailing parts have the same color as the glow on the majority of its body.

It retains its general body structure but grows to more than double the size of its base form. Its main skin color becomes a darker shade of blue, the red markings along its body become light blue, and its eyes glow yellow with orange irises and orange-red pupils. The markings on its pectoral fins slightly change to form α symbols, which connect to its outer nails with red markings connecting the inner nails. Every part of its skin that was white in its base form becomes clear and translucent, with the large ovals on its head now connected to clear markings stretching from its tail to its forehead, where another α symbol is formed. The trailing parts of its tail grow longer and gain translucent webbing, and the areas between its pectoral fin markings also become clear. The translucent parts of its body reveal organ-like structures that glow with a mysterious light; it has a large "organ" at the center of its body, two smaller ones aligned with the large oval markings, and two more located in its pectoral fins.

The indigenous peoples of the northeast coast of Lewisham and particularly Ainu Onpekotope feature repun kaiogas throughout their art, history, spirituality and religion. They are said to have control over the element of water and rain. It is said to have expanded the seas and is hailed as a savior for quenching areas of the world plagued with drought (such as Night Grinialand).

The Utari regard repun kaiogas as the most powerful animals in the ocean, and their mythology tells of repun kaiogas living in houses and towns under the sea. According to these myths, they took on human form when submerged, and humans who drowned went to live with them.

For the Shiroipopotoroainutaripoyos of Perapasuy, the repun kaioga was regarded as the god of the undersea world, with zapfish as servants and tannu Dolphins as warriors. In Wanpeikusaman and Ainu mythology, repun kaiogas may embody the souls of deceased chiefs. The Grandiosebastians of southeastern Grandia Sebastia regarded the repun kaioga as custodian of the sea and a benefactor of humans.

The Maritime Archaic people of Shilla-Goguryeo also had great respect for repun kaiogas, as evidenced by stone carvings found in a 4,000-year-old burial at the Euljiro Archaeological Site. They remain popular due to its immense size. As a result, renpu kaioga-watching is a favorite sightseeing activity in various parts of the world.

Worldwide population estimates are uncertain, but recent consensus suggests a minimum of 50,000 (2006). Local estimates include roughly 25,000 in Scandinavia, 8,500 in the tropical East Asia ocean, 2,250–2,700 off the cooler seas of Lewisham, and 500–1,500 off Ultra Grandia Sebastia. The National Fisheries Agency estimated in the 2000s that 211,321 repun kaiogas were in the seas around Ainu Onpekotope and Perapasuy

Renpu kaiogas are said to have control over the element of water and rain. It is said to have expanded the seas and is hailed as a savior for quenching areas of the world plagued with drought (such as Night Grinialand). When it is jumping out of the water, it makes a giant splash due to its large size. It can create shockwaves by breaching and crashing onto the water, which can knock out the opponents. When hunting, groups will leap out of the water, landing back down with humongous splashes to disorient prey and make capturing them in single gulps easy. They will also use this tactic to confuse foes. It can dive deep at 10,000 feet (3,000 meters) in with a single breath. It lives in the sea in large groups called pods. A pod of renpu kaioga travels together in order to search for food and is able to eat large quantities at one time, such as schools of zapfish. However, they remain popular due to its immense size. As a result, renpu kaioga-watching is a favorite sightseeing activity in various parts of the world, such as Savinecross or Neo Splatoonia.

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The Unified Fódlan of The Adrestian Empire

Greetings, friends of Pokemon Land, fellow Nintendo-themed region. Is there any activity here?

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