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1.The Socialist People's Democracy of GolanchiaPsychotic Dictatorship“Working Towards a Brighter Future!”
2.The Workers' State of Zulanka in NKLeft-wing Utopia“ˇHasta la Victoria Siempre!”
3.The Fleet Admiral of Misleyan Group 1Left-Leaning College State“Pax Ignescens!”
4.The North Korean Founder of THE DEFENDER ALLIANCEDemocratic Socialists“***”
5.The Socialist Technocracy of FerasdorLeft-Leaning College State“Capitalism, cannot stand the might of the machines.”
6.The Workers' Republic of LibertasniaLeft-wing Utopia“We must have faith in the masses.”
7.The Red Fleet Sailors of TeksiDemocratic Socialists“The bosses do not work; neither shall they eat.”
8.The Mass Line of ComradelandDemocratic Socialists“Raise your hammers high comrades!”
9.The People's Republic of DiamatiyaCorrupt Dictatorship“Social democracy is the moderate wing of fascism.”
10.The People's Socialist Republic of StukovDemocratic Socialists“Пролетарі всіх країн, єднайтеся!”

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The Workers' Republic of Libertasnia

Northfell wrote:QUESTION:
We all know that the media tends to outright lie about the so-called 'Dictatorships' of the east, Stalin, Hoxha, Gaddafi etc. And while of course many of them were in fact democratic to a significant degree, my question is, why is so much of their apparatus centered around them. I know that there needs to be a centralized state in order to protect itself, but my problem is with the idolization of the heads of state.

For example, all of the portraits and propaganda posters depicting Stalin, Hoxha, Mao, like I get it, they are heads of state and are the representatives of the working-class. But my problem is that shouldn't it be more idolizing the working-class rather as a whole than the representative of the working-class or at least the party in general?

For Stalin, the portrayal of him and his so-called "cult of personality" was entirely against his will. Even anti-Stalinist historians like Roy Medvedev (much of whom's work is outright fictitious) acknowledge this. For example, in his "Letter to Comrade Shatunovsky, Stalin says this:

"You speak of your 'devotion' to me. Perhaps it was just a chance phrase. Perhaps. . . . But if the phrase was not accidental I would advise you to discard the "principle" of devotion to persons. It is not the Bolshevik way. Be devoted to the working class, its Party, its state. That is a fine and useful thing. But do not confuse it with devotion to persons, this vain and useless bauble of weak-minded intellectuals."

There are other examples at party meetings where Stalin ridiculed the accolades given to him, constantly reiterating that he was simply a follower of Lenin. Aside from the WWII period, in which Stalin's image was used as a tool for war time propaganda against the Nazi menace, Stalin virulently fought against this trend. In response to a propaganda book aimed at children discussing his childhood, Stalin said this:

"The important thing resides in the fact that the book has a tendency to engrave on the minds of Soviet children (and people in general) the personality cult of leaders, of infallible heroes. This is dangerous and detrimental. The theory of "heroes" and the "crowd" is not a Bolshevik, but a SR theory. The heroes make the people, transform them from a crowd into people, thus say the SRs. The people make the heroes, thus reply the Bolsheviks to the SRs. The book carries water to the windmill of the SRs. No matter which book it is that brings the water to the windmill of the SRs, this book is going to drown in our common, Bolshevik cause. I suggest we burn this book."

For Mao, the issue is more nuanced. He personally detested the cult of personality, but saw it as a necessity to carry out the Cultural Revolution. By 1971, after the more contentious period of the GPCR had run its course, Mao reiterated that view in his 1971 interview with Edgar Snow. From his point of view, he seemed to fear that without some sort of image, it was possible for the movement to fall to nihilism and destroy itself due to the history of emperor worship in China (whether his view is correct or not, of course, is open to debate).

I am not well-versed in the history of Albania or Hoxha's rule, though I would not doubt if it was similar to both Stalin and Mao, especially considering that an Albanian version of Hua Guofeng's "Two Whatevers" was essentially emulated in relation to Hoxha by Ramiz Alia after Hoxha's death.

The Socialist Republic Commune of Northfell

Ah, thank you Libertasnia for clearing that up for me. Oh, um, sorry to bother you again, but do you mind giving us your position on whether or not these leaders should have had 'term limits' on them, as that's something I don't hear a lot about in Marxist circles.

The Workers' Republic of Libertasnia

Northfell wrote:Ah, thank you Libertasnia for clearing that up for me. Oh, um, sorry to bother you again, but do you mind giving us your position on whether or not these leaders should have had 'term limits' on them, as that's something I don't hear a lot about in Marxist circles.

I think these leaders, more or less, have had practical term limits if not totally enshrined into law. After Stalin, Khrushchev was essentially given a term limit when he was voted out by the Presidium. A similar thing happened to Mao after he was relegated to symbolic duties after the Great Leap Forward, although he was able to regain power through the Cultural Revolution. Aside from the USSR, Albania, China, the DPRK, and perhaps Romania, most socialist states cycled through leaders fairly quickly. Heads of state and government were replaced often in the GDR, Communist Czechoslovakia, the PRL, etc. The Polish People's Republic, for example, went through about the same amount of PZPR First Secretaries as the US presidency did in the same period. The GDR cycled through more presidents that West Germany did in the period of their existence.

Whether there should be official term limits, is perhaps a good question. There is some evidence that, with his attempts to resign and their rejections by the Central Committee, Stalin was perhaps forced to remain in his position as leader of the USSR longer than he truly wanted or felt capable. But I think we also have to consider the political turmoil many of these socialist states went through during these longer serving leaders. For Stalin and the USSR, WWII and the Nazi invasion; for the Chinese, the Civil War, Korean War, Vietnam, and the continued occupation of South Korea, etc., etc.

I would certainly be comfortable with and support term limits in a modern socialist state, yes. But I'm not sure my opinion as a person living in the imperial core really counts for much.

The Workers' Republic of Libertasnia

Ecuador's military vows to stop protests from damaging "democracy"

QUITO, June 21 (Reuters) - Ecuador's armed forces on Tuesday said they would not allow ongoing protests against President Guillermo Lasso's economic policies to damage the country's democracy, as road blockades continued ahead of more planned demonstrations.

Rather than address the root causes of indigenous and proletarian dissatisfaction with the neoliberal policies of the Lasso regime, as I noted earlier, President Lasso declared a "state of exception." Now, after "security forces" have invaded university campuses early this morning to suppress protests, the Ecuadorian military has revealed its allegiance to international capital. Rather than recognizing the cause of the protests in neoliberalism and capitalist hegemony, Defense Minister Luis Lara has blamed "violence" on drug trafficking and organized crime. This has been a constant refrain in countries affected by the imperialist "War on Drugs," particularly in Latin America.

The People's Republic of Diamatiya

Colombia will soon have its first leftist president, Gustavo Petro. I'm not expecting much given what has happened with Pedro Castillo in Peru (and the neoliberal regime in Colombia is even more entrenched). But I see people rushing prematurely to declare that this second pink tide is overblown. I for one have often found myself pleasantly surprised by AMLO in Mexico and Alberto Fernandez in Argentina.

The Workers' Republic of Libertasnia

Ecuador police officers missing after protest attack
QUITO - Ecuador on Wednesday refused protesters' demands to lift a state of emergency and said 18 police officers were missing following an attack by Indigenous groups on a police station.

Thousands march in Quito after night of Ecuador protest violence
Thousands of Indigenous protesters held a peaceful march through Ecuador's capital, Quito, on Wednesday to demand that President Guillermo Lasso address price rises that have ignited 10 days of demonstrations across the country.

Death toll rises to three amid indigenous protests in Ecuador
(AFP) - Three people died and almost a hundred were injured in eleven days of intense indigenous protests in Ecuador against the rise in fuel prices, according to a balance this Thursday from human rights organizations.

Fierce indigenous and proletarian resistance continues against the neoliberal regime and policies of the Lasso government in Ecuador. As protestors are killed and death tolls are starting to be counted, the neoliberal regime is quick to continue demonizing protestors as violent, condemning the "disappearance" of policemen whilst ignoring the repressive "state of exception" and policies these individuals are carrying out which has led to the violence. The extractivism and neoliberal policies of the Lasso government, colluding with imperialism, is a constant violence against the people of Ecuador. But it is the disappearance of a few repressive agents which the imperialist press seizes as evidence of their false charges and slander against the masses.

The Mass Line of Comradeland

Millions of women in America have lost access to fundamental health care today. It has been decreed that the states can force women to bear children against their will. Even if you were told to expect and accept this outcome, nothing prepares you for the sting when it dropped. Can we tolerate the fact that ALL women and girls now face being treated and legally classified as nothing more than breeders for men and a male supremacist society? Can we tolerate the terrible future for all people in this society that this ruling opens the door to? For make no mistake, the logic that overturned abortion can be used to “justify” going after the rights of LGBTQ people, including marriage equality, as well as inter-racial marriage and even the right to use birth control.

The oppression of women is built into the system of capitalism-imperialism. Into the streets! Forced motherhood is female enslavement.

The Mass Line of Comradeland

Be politically incorrect:

The People's Republic of Diamatiya

Comrades, what are your views on the role of the lumpenproletariat?

The Workers' Republic of Libertasnia

Ecuador's government has lifted a state of emergency amid an Indigenous-led strike
QUITO, Ecuador — Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso on Saturday lifted a state of emergency he'd imposed in six provinces amid an Indigenous-led strike, a surprise move that came as lawmakers in the National Assembly heard an opposition petition to remove him from office.

After weeks of protest and a mere 8 days of "state of exception," the neoliberal Lasso government of Ecuador has been forced to bow to the pressure of the masses amid the indigenous-led general strike. While the move appears to have been taken after left-wing parliamentarians from the Correaista UNES (Union for Hope) moved a petition to have Lasso removed from office, we must take note that these events have only been set in motion by mass organizing and action taken outside of the trappings of bourgeois democracy by the proletarian masses.

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