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New Callista contains 5 nations, the 3,920th most in the world.

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The Most Advanced Public Education in New Callista

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As a region, New Callista is ranked 14,677th in the world for Most Advanced Public Education.

1.The Not-Michigan of GOD BLESS COMMUNISMPsychotic Dictatorship“From north to south communism shall prevail”
2.The People's Republic of BoridanAuthoritarian Democracy“Strength Through Compliance”
3.The Democratic Republic of HarstatDemocratic Socialists“Unity, Discipline, Work”
4.The Republic of Harold the WalrusAnarchy“N/A”
5.The Republic of Boskovian EmpirePsychotic Dictatorship“Might Makes Right”

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The British Reconstruction Authority

The Fascists have fallen. Their Army is disorganized and lacks communication, the Government has fallen to Royalist Uprisings, and High Command is dispersed, with the British people no longer having faith in their government that has to lead them to destruction. However until the Commonwealth Expeditionary Forces arrived and took total control over the island of Great Britain, chaos raged. Fascist Warlords took over cities, and fighting between the Royalists, Her Majesties Most Loyal Resistance, and Blackshirts became common. Scottish, Welsh, and even Cornish nationalists attempted to launch a separatist uprising for their independence. Some Fascist Leaders attempted to install Tony Martin as the new Prime Minister, some warlords attempted to make themselves the new leader of Britain, while others preferred the more moderate Nigel Farrage. The Destruction, despite not lasting long, was devastating and left much of the United Kingdom in ruins. Thousands lost their lives, millions became homeless after the Blackshirt remnants began recruiting former soldiers and arming themselves by seizing barracks and military installations. It would be deadly, horrific fighting that lasted for a few months, as the power vacuum opened. Massacres of political opponents and their allies were common, bombings of rival military installations or the destruction of hundreds to thousands of homes as punishment for a city's disloyalty to its current occupier. Only after the pockets of Fascist resistance were crushed by incoming Expeditionary Forces, Britain was left destroyed and it would be the Exile's job to rebuild the country and create a new future.

At long last, Queen Elizabeth II entered Westminster Abbey today to be properly crowned as virtually all English and British Monarchs have been throughout history. Today is a glorious day, one that will mark a new beginning of the Commonwealth. After the Coronation is over, however, the Queen and her government will find that the task of rebuilding the country is just the beginning. The country's army is in a difficult position, with an organization that will need to be started from scratch, the economy has been completely upended just as it was after the uprising, and the fate of Britain's fascist rules must be decided upon. However, the Occupation Authority would move quickly. With the restoration of the United Kingdom, a large number of British exiles or their descendants who had been drafted into the Australasian and South African armies are now the first to return home - they have been assembled into several Home Gaurd units desperately needed to maintain order. Soon to follow them are the senior generals and admirals of British descent, who have been serving in Australasia or South Africa up until now, all of them are incredibly pleased to see the Home Isles once again. While the Monarchy has been restored in the British Isles, many policy-makers feel that the country needs to undergo a difficult "defascistization" process. On the steps of the damaged Westminster Palace, Prime Minister Nicholas Clegg announced to a hopefully but not enthusiastic crowd that the BRA, or British Reconstruction Authority, had been created and granted broad governing powers to see the rejuvenation process as swiftly as possible.

Those British citizens and their descendants who fled the United Kingdom after it fell to Fascist rule, or 'the Exiles', have encountered increasing resistance now that they are returning to the country in large numbers. Disputes between the ownership of homes and estates which had been abandoned are frequent, and resentment towards the wealthier exiles who return 'untouched by war and poverty has become the norm. Prince Charles launched a television appeal to the British people, reminding them that the Exiles are the very reason that their freedom has been regained - they are not returning conquerors, but as lost lambs brought back into the flock. Even so, many believe that it will take many years to heal the social divide between these two groups. Despite this, the Exiles would begin relief efforts. While Britons may not yet be grateful for their presence, the returning Exiles are undoubtedly in the best position to offer relief to those in the United Kingdom who have left ravaged by war. Prince Charles and the Duke of Westminster have led the way, spending tens of millions of their funds to set up a homeless relief shelter in the heart of Manchester and Liverpool, and have called on their fellow Exiles to follow suit. Soup kitchens and tent cities have sprung up from one end of the country to the next, some government-funded by many underwritten of the wealthiest Exiles - most of whom expressed, like Prince Charles, that they must help those who had been left behind. Assistance from Australasia and South Africa would also be received. While there is a feeling among most Britons that the war was over, and their willingness to fight had been exhausted, there remain several Fascist militia groups that are still active - they remain hidden in the northern foothills and buried deep within the United Kingdom's larger urban areas. Militia leaders are reportedly trying to stroke resistance against Queen Elizabeth II and the 'tyrannical reconstruction authority', and while they have met very limited success and are dealing with investigations by the Government, so far it can only get worse if the BFA takes action that anger the nationalists more.

With Westminster Palace, itself restored, Prime Minister Nicholas Clegg - standing next to Queen Elizabeth II - stood on its steps to announce that the British Reconstruction Authority was officially underway. Members of the Authority Council were already streaming into 10 Downing Street, where discussions would be held on the emergency lifting of import restrictions, and there was a definite feeling among the large crowd that things were soon going to return to normal. A few protesters holding Fascist signs disturbed the ceremony only briefly before being led away by policemen. Among the emergency protocols passed by the Reconstruction Authority would be the Land Settlement Act, which would give authority to Military Tribunals, at this point the only courts left in Britain, to settle if a certain property was owned by a certain person. The Abercrombie Plan would be instituted for the reconstruction of London and to present solutions to the problems that faced Modern London. The New Towns Act would preemptively direct urban growth and infrastructural development into new towns, thereby decentralizing population, and economic opportunity while inhibiting urban sprawl. The Relief Agencies Council would form to organize relief for the British population, which is made up of Charities, Government Departments, Trusts, and Corporations. Taxation of the working class would also be reduced, while farming and business subsidies would be enacted. The National Housing Act would stop the foreclosures on housing, increase the labor force, construct 700,000 homes in two years, and provide temporary housing to the homeless. The Act would also create the National Housing Program to develop affordable housing and work to build the mortgage and house building industry. The Blair Report would be organized by the Reconstruction Authority to give recommendations on what the Government should do to increase the living status of British citizens. The Report recommended the founding of a Health Service, creating National Insurance (Social Security), and the founding of a social safety net for those who National Insurance could not provide. The Government would also be intensely focused on the defascisization of the Economy in the Anti-Tripartist Act. The House of Guilds would be formally dissolved, and the limitations on corporations that were created by Corporatist economic policies would be lifted. Subsidies would also be provided to farmers and businesses. Increased manpower and funding would be sent to the power stations across the country, some of them damaged or undermanned, to regain power across the country.

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This is all just a dream...

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