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Most Nations: 869th Largest Black Market: 1,373rd Most Valuable International Artwork: 1,886th+2
Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 2,258th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 2,650th
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Welcome to the Monarchist and Democratic Alliance! Fascists & Communists beliefs aren't tolerated here. We’re also a group of irl friends

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Monarchist and Democratic Alliance contains 19 nations, the 869th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Healthiest Citizens in Monarchist and Democratic Alliance

A measure of the general physical health of citizens in each nation.

As a region, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance is ranked 12,293rd in the world for Healthiest Citizens.

1.The Electrical Headman State of EmercondiaFather Knows Best State“Do what you must, in spite of anyone and anything”
2.The Republic of Rhodesia ZimbaweConservative Democracy“Rise oh Voices of Rhodesia”
3.The Reigning Empire of The Dawn of JordaIron Fist Consumerists“Though we set, we rise again”
4.The Greedy Capitalists of The nation of GunlandInoffensive Centrist Democracy“To kill is to live”
5.The Republic of Furbish Regional Garrison XXXInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Mission Accomplished”
6.The Republic of Pokemon trainer iridaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Strength Through Freedom”
7.The Republic of NM-185Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Hummanty is at risk we must FIGHT”
8.The Republic of DeekaCivil Rights Lovefest“You Can't Stop Progress”
9.The Republic of Mang WatenbelScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Pride and Industry”
10.The Republic of Your broken oneRight-wing Utopia“Mission Accomplished”

Regional Happenings


Monarchist and Democratic Alliance Regional Message Board


The Band of Marillion

DeltaSource wrote:Eir mumbles to herself "no compass, no compass, no disgrace."
She picks up her knife before continuing to move. She doesn't say anything else.

Roberson turns around and get backs to walking making it back to the extraction site whre the sub is he climbs in still mumbling to himself

The Galactic Empire of DeltaSource

Marillion wrote:Roberson turns around and get backs to walking making it back to the extraction site whre the sub is he climbs in still mumbling to himself

Eir follows suit, silent, and no longer playing with her knife. She doesn't pay attention to the bleeding.

The Band of Marillion

DeltaSource wrote:Eir follows suit, silent, and no longer playing with her knife. She doesn't pay attention to the bleeding.

The ride back remains in silince as both members eem depresed. when they hook back up with the main sub nearly everyone else is away on the big operation. Roberson just leaves to his qutors alone even as spoeple he would normally be frindly with try to interact with him

The Galactic Empire of DeltaSource

Marillion wrote:The ride back remains in silince as both members eem depresed. when they hook back up with the main sub nearly everyone else is away on the big operation. Roberson just leaves to his qutors alone even as spoeple he would normally be frindly with try to interact with him

Eir returns to report to Ronin, she isn't looking forward to any evaluations.

The Band of Marillion

Back at the compond after Roberson has left. Quetz and his men are finsishing the mission of collecting whatever it was stored here. Riply regains consnous and is imedently paniced. She starts to struggle her bindings but cant break lose. She eventally stops and just decideds to observe the room. After a few mintiutes Quetz relize's she's awake and heads over to her

Quetz: "Lt. Neon Riply, I ust say letting yourself get captured like that wasn't how I expected the mission to go. I was here thinking that Gamma was gonna have to take you and Eir down himself. But thankfully you just walked into my cluthes. Lucky for you I'm no longer part of the goverment you serve or I could be doing 1 of 1000s of surgeries I theroiezed but never particed. Well welcome to to the team hopfully you arn't to cold, Osiris dosnt like his guest to feel uncomperatble after all"

Riply weakly starts to talk though it is clear from how she is speaking that she still feels the effect of her ingery that stole her voice from her o the first place as it comes out rasphy and barly even audable

Riply: Cornailth will save me he- he always *cough cough* does"

Quetz: "oh dear I hate to break it to you but he left you here. saved his own life. truly selfish of him-

Riply: LIER

Quetz: its true however he did leave, Gave Gamma a heck of a scar whille doing it but he left you here, alone. Tell me how does it feel to be alone isoltated from anyone who ever cared for you? I got a paper coming out next month that would love to have your insights into the feelings

riply at this point is hyper ventlating as she much like roberson where always toghter. She recalls the first time she had to defend him in the allyway where his dad's skelton probally still rests barried. To when she lost her voice protecting him from the collposing building. She starts to tear up and stuggle agai before quetz injets her with a sedative and she passes out again

Quetz: We need to hurry it up here if we want to be bac in time for confrince."

The Band of Marillion

Meanwhile at the city hall osiris is setting up things with the rest of his team. Princess Lion with the Puran elite sqaud are secureing the air strip where Queen raven and King Gilgamesh will arrive from. Conensding princess victoria is up in some nook of the city call reading e of her books she brought along unware of the sniper being pointed at her from lukia and hecktat in a nearby tree. A large jet comes into view and makes for a landing. Victoria seems schoked and checkes her wacth before quickly running down to greet her mother when she reaches city hall. As Raven is escorted to here mottercade shoots ring out at as the attack from the makastan forces comes. MCSB-002 betas launch the assult with Jax imdently enerting into combat with Zeta, John with Delta, Ecka with Lion and Jason with Beta. Giglamesh gets shot in the back and falls down dead from forces under the command of Verlis Rhimehart as she has her small loyalist force strom teh airport. Raven Is still safe but she is in danger as the royal gaurd and UA forces call osiris for backup. However they dont get a responce.


At City hall A diffrent battle has broken out as the Aceops and issacs forces along with makastan legionares strom the building. Victora is taking cover in a small celler hideing away fro the battle. Meanwhile at the front gate Osis, Odin, set, and Isis encornter the Aceops+lilith and enter into combat there. At the same tme at one of the side netereinces Caroline and Aura Encounter Issiac, leyaith, Luna, and Ryia out numbered they take cover and prepare for combat. At the other enterince Rose leads the few legionaires in the battle as the burst in exermanting anything in there path.


Back with raven The two teams begin to spare. Jax pulls out his sword and attmpts to get the one up on zeta. Xeta quikcly manfests her own sword and tries to overpower Jax. However rght as she has him in a corner He blinks out of ecstince and appers behind her. However right as he would land a blow taht would have killed Zeta, her amrer glows red and jax's sword melts just being near it. Zeta now with the avantage renages Jax however everytime hes about to end him, somethign lucky happys such as he teleports way or he genrates a sheilf that protects him.


Jax: Sorry crazy sword lady no can do.

H ethen pulls out a pistol and opens fire knowing the shots will be infective but just to pin zeta done


nearby to the Jax x Zeta Fight an angelic figer desicnes over delta.

John: "It will truly be sinful for meto kill you, please surrdner and we can both move on"

Delta: "Never in a million years Bud"

The angelic figure lands and manifiests himself a feathery sword and delta disapers. John starts to get knocked around as delta beats him up. However John takes flight and unlesh's a torrant of feathers exposing Delta's location before he egages close up. he slashes with his sword to weaken Delta's armour Delta keeps getting pushed back untill Zeta comes in at the last second and pushes John away. As she takes point aginst both him and Jax Delta at her side

Ecka doesnt even get a chance o react before she is on the ground bleeding out. She quicly rushes over to join with Beta who is being pushed back by Jason and his relenstly assult. Beta has a shild depolyed that is portecting him but it is clear he is being pushed back. Lion qucikly intercepts with her blade. Jason quicly upgrades himself to deal with Lion but every attack he tries to make is quickly parried


Beta nods as he runs off to aid Zeta and Delta. Jason seems impresd as he creates anthor set of arms to battle Lion with. Lion still engages well but its clear she is being overwelmed. As the fight counties Raven emegres and joins the fray. Jason looks pleased and charges towards her leaveing himself open to lion's now super heated blade to cut him open leaving him on the ground.


The royal gaurd and UA forces in teh rest of the airport arn't so lucky as tehy have been pushed back by the Hoszten Forces


Osiris and lilth stare each other down till firebrand breaks the tension

Firebrand: "alright paracluese playtime's over. Your father still thinks that there's some good in you so please come quitly and we might make it quick for your frids here"

Osiris:" My name isnt paracluse anymore, its Osiris first off. Second why would I ever belive a criminal turned wepon. AND THIRD if my "father" really wanted to come to me he wouldn't have sent his pet of my sister here!"

Firebrand: "Calm down and come with us, your out of your leauge boy"

Isis opens fire as the rest of the team takes cover. Osiris is unable to make it before firebrand grabs him and balsts him into the ground knocking him out. Lilth provides a shaled to them by enchantng the gorund to make a wall to gaurd tehre postion. Hecktat tries to break into isis's mind but she stands firm. Lukia lands a shot on Set as he raises his head up causing him to fall down dead. Odin tears open his upper arm relasing smoke to cover his and isis's retreat back into the hall

Firebrand: "FIND THEM AND bRING THEM TO ME ALIVE! I want to see the worm here scream"

She picks up Osiris's body while being escouruted by lilth while Hecktat and Lukia enter the building


At the Luna encounter Aura and caroline are already engaged in a gunfight pining them down. Then while aura is down to reload theres a bolt of speed seen coming from the agent's side ad Layth has turned into this huge hulking beast with hordnds and charge's hevaily wounding Caraline and forcieng aura to pause time. She holds her breath and grabs caroline and makes a run for it. as time retunrs to normal Luna's team seem dispointed at the outcome when they hear somthing behind them. . .


ROse and the regionaires brech further into the complex fighting little resstinsince untll they encounter a room with a single man in it. When the legionaire's open fire the bullets hit but seemingly have no effect on the man. As the man turns to face them a powerfu force emerges from the room sending shockwaves out that knock even the legionares down. As the man fully turns to face them the shcokwaves are so strong at this point thatthe armour that is binding the elgionaires toghter fully breaks as the legionaire are killed by the shards periceing there skin and just negating there healing factor and extar orgens causing them to just die. Rose is seemingly uneffect by the strange man's power as she dispers t run back for backup knwoing that losing 5 legionaires to an unarmd man isn't a good look

The Band of Marillion

At the airport Raven has gotten back into cover while Lion meats up with Zeta and her squad. Beta has put up a shild allowin the group to survive the onslaght of attack coming from john and Jax. Dispite outnumbering the pair they are overweleming in there pristince. The team try to retrat and john swoops down and picks up Delta. Removing delta's helemt he starts to strangle him in the air above. Zeta and beta Open fire at john who uses delta as a shild. John flies back into cover motioning to Jax to follow him. The team make haste to arrive at city hall and assess the sitution dispite the hel of a battle that has borken out. Makastan loyalist forces have ow begun ann atatck into the city where urben fighting begins. Inside the airport a small sqaud of UA forces try to make it to a rallying point. On the way they encouter two legionaires and verlis rhimehaert herself. the squad is forzen in place as the legions arpoch. The legionaire simple punch each one of the sqaud mates once before RHimehaert and the two legionaires move on.


Firebrand sites at the landing site, lilith nearby wacthing for any threats. at the impormtue camp a cage containing Osiris is nearby. Osiris starts to regain consousness

F: Oh your finally awake hope you like the accomadations, your father diddn't want you escaping again.

O: Ha

F: Whats so funny?

O: Nothing, hey "fireband" thats pretty weird name

F: Shut it

She walks over to him and kicks him knocking him out again.

F: What a jerk, any funny stories about him you want to share?

L: No targets around

F: Its like talking to a brick wall


Inside city hall Luckia and Hecktat serch for Isis and Odin. Going room to room they find victoria in her hiding spot.

L: eh Hecktat look what we found, a scardy cat

H: Shame we have to bring her alive as per firebrand's orders

L: Doesnt mean she won't suffer an "accdent"

V: pl-ple-plase, I know nothing, ple-ple-please let me go

L: Aww she thinks she has a say in the matter.

Lukica cuts victoria's left hand off

L: Whoops slip of my hand

Victoria screams as she falls down holding her wrist. Lukia laughs at her before hecktat probe's victoria's mind finding out that she really diddnt know anything. The pair move on looking for there targets leaveing Vctoria a shambling mess crying in pain trying to stop the bleeding on her own


Aura Turns around and see's its isis and odin

A: Where were you, we got pinned down, and Caroline's hurt and there was this monster and-

I: Osiris has been taken prisnor. We need to meet up with X and his team for any chance of getting out of here

A: But Caroline, She- She needs help and Alpheus has shut down and everything-

I: Clam down everything is gonning to be ok. Quetz just called in he will be here with renforcmenets withen the hour. But we need to move Aceops are here along with likley other teams.

A: Yes sir

Odin picks up Caroline as Aura looks aroundn

A: where's victora?

I: I htought she was with you

Right as tehy say this they hear victroia's scream the three nod as Odin makes a break with Caroline to find X's team, Aura and Isis run towards teh screams in attempts to find Victoria

The United Provinces of The Furbish Planets

The Holy 𝔹𝔹 Empire of BrightonBurg

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