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    Our Travels

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    All of Meat痴 Laws Master Dispatch

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    Reasons to join Greater Lardyland

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    Why you should join the world assembly/Lardy Army

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    this (im surrendering)

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    Swiggity Sass, I'm Coming For That Ass

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    The End

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    Articles of Spammy Powder

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    Map of Meat

    AccountCulture by Sylestone . 82 reads.

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    Let me bum an upvote

    BulletinCampaign by Natsonicia . 115 reads.

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Meat contains 2 nations.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Developed in Meat

The World Census compiles a "Human Development Index" by measuring citizens' average life expectancy, education, and income.

As a region, Meat is ranked 13,289th in the world for Most Developed.

1.The Graveyards of Test6910Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“no national motto”
2.The Democratic States of 69tonePsychotic Dictatorship“The”

Regional Happenings


Meat Regional Message Board


The Stone of Sylestone

4 groups of four, top two progress. Two groups of four, top two progress. Semi-finals, third-place playoff, final.
Regional Officers in Lardyland and people who voted to have this tournament get automatic entry unless they pull out.

Host: Captain Lard

Schedule and results:
Nations signed up:
Captain Lard
Pinochet Executionists
Beautifully made
Captian Lard
Ironiassia Persia
Anime is da best
Solharcht Kirale
Matthuvan union
Patriotic spain

Group A:
Captain Lard
Anime is da best
Solharcht Kirale

Captain Lard 1-0 Anime is da best 26 May
Solharcht Kirale 0-1 Wakaannda 26 May
Wakaanda 3-2 Captain Lard 30 May
Anime is da best 1-0 Solharcht Kirale 30 May
Captain Lard 2-1 Solharcht Kirale 4 June
Anime is da best 0-0 Wakaanda 4 June

Nation-Played-Wins-Draws-Losses-Goal Difference-Points
1. Wakaannda 3-2-1-0-2/0-7
2. Captain Lard 3-2-0-1-5/4-6
3. Anime is da best 3-1-1-1-1/1-4
4. Solharcht Kirale 3-0-0-3-1/4-0

Group B:
Pinochet Executionists
Ironiassia Persia

Pinochet Executionists 1-0 Ironiassia Persia 27 May
ItsAFreeRealEstate 0-0 Arab-Jamahiriya 27 May
Arab-Jamahiriya 3-1 Pinochet Executionists 1 June
Ironiassia Persia 2-2 ItsAFreeRealEstate 1 June
Pinochet Executionists 2-2 ItsAFreeRealEstate 5 June
Ironiassia Persia 2-0 Arab-Jamahiriya 5 June

1. Arab-Jamahiriya 3-1-1-1-3/3-4
2. Pinochet Executionists 3-1-1-1-4/5-4
3. ItsAFreeRealEstate 3-0-3-0-4/4-3
4. Ironiassia Persia 3-0-2-1-2/3-2

Group C:
Captian Lard
Matthuvan union
Patriotic spain

SpammySpamSpamifiedSpam 3-2 Captian Lard 28 May
Matthuvan Union 0-0 Patriotic Spain 28 May
Patriotic Spain 0-1 SpammySpamSpamifiedSpam 2 June
Captian Lard 2-0 Matthuvan Union 2 June
SpammySpamSpamifiedSpam 1-1 Matthuvan Union 6 June
Captian Lard 1-0 Patriotic Spain 6 June

1. SpammySpamSpamifiedSpam 3-2-1-0-5/3-7
2. Captian Lard 3-2-0-1-5/3-6
3. Matthuvan Union 3-0-2-1-1/3-2
4. Patriotic Spain 3-0-1-2-0/2-1

Group D:
Beautifully made

Beautifully Made 0-1 Sylestone 29 May
Enafo 1-0 SpartN 29 May
SpartN 1-2 Beautifully Made 3 June
Sylestone 1-1 Enafo 3 June
Beautifully Made 1-0 Enafo 7 June
Sylestone 1-1 SpartN 7 June

1. Beautifully Made 3-2-0-1-3/2-6
2. Sylestone 3-1-2-0-3/2-5
3. Enafo 3-1-1-1-2/2-4
4. SpartN 3-0-1-2-2/4-1

Group E:
Pinochet Executionists

Wakaannda 0-0 Sylestone 10 June
SpammySpamSpamifiedSpam 0-0 Pinochet Executionists 10 June
Sylestone 2-3 Pinochet Executionists 12 June
Wakaannda 1-1 SpammySpamSpamifiedSpam 12 June
Wakaannda- Pinochet Executionists 14 June
SpammySpamSpamifiedSpam - Sylestone 14 June

1. Pinochet Executionists 3-2-1-0-7/4-7
2. SpammySpamSpamifiedSpam 3-1-2-0-4/1-5
3. Wakaannda 3-0-2-1-3/5-2
4. Sylestone 3-0-1-2-2/6-1

Group F:
Captain Lard
Captian Lard
Beautifully Made

Arab-Jamahiriya 0-1 Beautifully Made 10 June
Captain Lard 2-1 Captian Lard 10 June
Beautifully Made 0-0 Captian Lard 12 June
Arab-Jamahiriya 0-2 Captain Lard 12 June
Captain Lard 1-2 Beautifully Made 14 June
Arab-Jamahiriya 3-1 Captian Lard 14 June

1. Beautifully Made 3-2-1-0-3/1-7
2. Captain Lard 3-2-0-1-5/3-6
3. Arab-Jamahiriya 3-0-1-2-3/4-3
4. Captian Lard 3-0-1-2-2/4-1

SF1: Pinochet Executionists 0-1 Captain Lard 16 June
SF2: Beautifully Made 0-2 SpammySpamSpamifiedSpam 16 June

Third Place Playoff: Pinochet Executionists 2-4 Beautifully Made 18 June
Final: Captain Lard 1-0 SpammySpamSpamifiedSpam 18 June

*Please note that scorination for Groups A-D will take place between 7:00 am - 9:00 am and scorination for Groups E and F will take place between 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm on weekdays and 7:30 am - 9:30 am on weekends. All times are in AEST.

Guide to colours:
Lime Green = First Place Secured
Dark Green = Second Place Secured
Blue = Progression Secured
Red = Eliminated

Read dispatch

Anyone want to participate? Please TG me if you are interested

The B l a c k m e t a l s p a m of SpammySpamSpamifiedSpam

Lardyland is dead lads least for the next 20 hours so all hail meat and its meaty meatified foundation

The B l a c k m e t a l s p a m of SpammySpamSpamifiedSpam

weird how many nations died and so quickly

The Zibolroakia Revival of New Roakia


Shut up old me.

The Corporation of The NewsStand

Read all about it!
- Card Raiding in Rejected Times
- Read the diplomatic Cable
- The Loranian Times Issue 2 reveals NS's new law firm
- Pecking order revealed in Loranian Times Issue 1
- UP Cup in the UPBC chronicle
- Koem Kab's defeat was in the cards. Card News Edition 5
- Market crashes in Card News Edition 4
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- You see U.C.E.O.T.W. Times Edition 8
- Weekend edition of NS Today -
- Get your Daily Line and place a sports bet

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- It's hypnotic! Choose your own adventure.
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- Craps! The Sands turns three!

The Colony of Pure hate

Spam has been revived

The Democratic States of 69tone

Pure hate wrote:Spam has been revived


The Republic of Polish Soldier Division 2

When this region death, I will refound it.

The Democratic States of 69tone

Polish Soldier Division 2 wrote:When this region death, I will refound it.


The Republic of Polish Soldier Division 2

69tone wrote:no

A common!

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