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Most Nations: 258th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 779th Most Valuable International Artwork: 1,311th+3
Most Cultured: 2,125th Most Beautiful Environments: 2,544th Largest Black Market: 2,591st
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🌴Founded: 28th of May, 2003.🌴

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10,994 km under the sea an ancient technologically advanced civilization exists, born from the survivors of a sunken Atlantis. 🦁

In their quest to see humanity ascend to a higher plane of existence, to live eternally, via science, Trenchians took on the responsibility to better the lives of those worldwide.

A major threat to this noble quest was the rise of the Nazi party/Fascism (hate, oppression and intolerance) in the 1930's/40's.

To combat this, The MT Army was formed to keep humanity from regressing.


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Embassies: The MT Army, The MT Army Reserves, Anti Nazi Alliance, Freedom and Justice Alliance, Groom Lake, Antifa, Hoddmimis Holt, Project Ragnarok, The Communist Bloc, Christmas, Hartfelden, The Kingdom of Great Britain, The Internationale, Warzone Sandbox, St Abbaddon, Philippines, and 12 others.URA, The United Ascendancy, Atlantis, Lily, Autropolis, The Great Experiment, Libertarium, NSToday, The Democratic Republic, Chicken overlords, Declansburg, and Summer Forest.

The embassy with Warzone Sandbox is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

Tags: Anti-Fascist, Democratic, Eco-Friendly, Egalitarian, Fantasy Tech, Featured, Future Tech, LGBT, Large, Role Player, and Video Game.

Regional Power: Moderate

Mariner Trench contains 81 nations, the 258th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Greatest Rich-Poor Divides in Mariner Trench

Nations ranked highly have large gaps between the incomes of rich and poor citizens. Nations low on the list have high levels of income equality.

As a region, Mariner Trench is ranked 7,504th in the world for Greatest Rich-Poor Divides.

1.The Empire of Cumacho landCorporate Bordello“Evolution,inteligece and wisdom”
2.The United Socialist States of Sovetskaya EstoniyaCompulsory Consumerist State“Workers of the world, unite!”
3.The Federation of BellsiaCapitalist Paradise“Бельссия-сильна,народ-един!”
4.The Sultanate of AfrazCapitalist Paradise“Motto...”
5.The Deterritorialization of SCHIZOACCAnarchy“Body without Organs”
6.The United Kingdom of Stuff that is horribleIron Fist Consumerists“Make it bad”
7.The Principality of RindonesiaAuthoritarian Democracy“It's not conformism if you're really the same.”
8.The People's Republic of Northern OceanicMoralistic Democracy“You cannot make a revolution with silk gloves.”
9.The Theocracy of ElesseCapitalist Paradise“To praise, To bless, To preach ”
10.The United States of South busoCorporate Bordello“To helo with the empire, not really”
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The Empire of NickVas

Quero dizer: OlŠ!

The Democratic States of United Region Alliance

Voting for the 2nd Class of Hall of Famers for the URA Hall of fame is starting now. Please review the dispatch with a short bio for each nominee.

URA Hall of Fame Nominees

The URA is proud to present the nominees for the second class to be inducted into the URA Hall of fame. Voting on these nominees will happen soon by members of the URA alliance regions. To clinch a spot in the Hall of Fame a nominee must obtain 40 percent approval from the URA alliance voters. Nominees elected into the Hall of Fame will be announced and inducted into the Hall of fame at the URA Grand Showcase which runs from May 5th-8th!

Bio's of Nominees for URA Hall of Fame!

Aav/United Calanworie/Lands End - Aav, hailing from Lands End, is the former Vice President of the United Regions Alliance. While not very publicly present, she worked in the background with President Noble Titans to ensure that his goals were carried out and executed. Outside of the United Regions Alliance, she has served as the Director of the Joint Task Force of the Augustin Alliance, and is currently Pyo Sage in Karma.

Anarchic Turkish States-Mariner Trench - Former Vice President of the URA and active World Assembly Author in both the GA and SC during her tenure with the URA. Authored and was able to get passed the Commend Ellenburg SC resolution. Currently serves the Alliance as a Moderator for the discord and also as Deputy Director of Resolutions.

Bluelight-R006/Omnione: First URA President and active supporter of small regions right within the Alliance. Authored numerous internal resolutions that set the groundwork for the Alliance to function as a working organization. Co-authored the first constitution with Suvmia. Help to develop the discord and URA home region. A huge anti-raider policy set the tone for URA as an anti-raider early on in its existence.

Lanoagrad / Philippines: Former Vice President and Head of Public Affairs for the URA. A strong supporter of defense and security for the founder-less regions of the URA. Was the first Head of Public Affairs to successfully run a URA-wide newspaper that was published throughout his term.

New Laudesia The United Ascendany / The Democratic Republic/ Autropolis- Former Head of Roleplay and credited with having the most successful RP in URA history. Which lasted almost 6 months. Author of Commend Suvmia as well and creator of the new URA Card Guild.

Orca and Narwhal- The United Ascendany / The Democratic Republic,The Great North -The longest-serving cabinet official in URA History serving continuously in the alliance cabinet first as Head of Elections and then Director of Foreign Affairs for 2 years starting in January of 2020. During their tenure as Head of Elections along with Ellenburg, established several of the systems and processes we use today that are key to URA democracy. This includes the voter eligibility requirements which seek to include as many URA residents as possible while still ensuring the integrity of our elections, regulations regarding multi-regional campaign telegrams for URA elections, and many other things. In Addition Orca is a World Assembly Author. Current World Assembly Delegate for The Great North and former Delegate of both TUA and TDR.

Scalizagasti-Mariner Trench/The Great Experiement- Former Director of World Assembly Affairs and previously the Overseer of the Assembly a position that they have held since the creation of that position. Tirelessly written every recommendation that the URA has put out on both GA and SC resolutions votes. They are also a World Assembly resolution writer during their tenure in the URA as well. Former The Great Experiment Delegate as well.

Hive Founder/South Asians-Hive/The Free Nations region- Founder of Hive and early joiner of the URA. He was the first Head of Liberation for the URA. He also put together a small force that he would train with the help of Libcord. He was an essential part of tightening up security in the small region that were vulnerable to tag raiding.

Suvmia- The United Ascendany / The Democratic Republic/Conch Kingdom/ Autropolis - Early joiner with his region mates. Former Vice President of the URA and two-term former President of the URA as well. Co-author of the first Constitution and author of the second charter of the URA. In his work in the URA he is also credited with establishing relations with TNP and composing the master dispatch that he upkeeps to this day. Former Deputy Director of Public Affairs as well. He was recently Commend by the World Assembly Security Council for his many accomplishments in the URA and elsewhere in Nationstates. Current is on the Alliance Council as Chief of Staff to the Founder. *waiver

United allied forces- Autropolis/Kappa RegionOne of the first regions to help initiate United Regions Alliance (URA) Holly United pushed Kappa Region into the spotlight alongside Autropolis a much bigger region. While Kappa Region did not last long with URA it was one of the founding members. I continued to do my best to help out even though my region was no longer a part of the URA having decided to leave in a public poll. However, I had another nation called United Allied Forces which served in The Free Nations Region and was able to help get them into the URA where United Allied Forces became the URAís first-ever Head of Security. Later stepping down and handing power over Noble Titans

Daraln/ Conch Kingdom Currently serving as a 3 term Prime Minister of Conch Kingdom. Has spearheaded the revamp of the Conch Creed and added rulesets that helped people find it easier and ensure its easier read. In addition, has helped with many implementations of the Conch Kingdom Roleplay and helped with the Anteria Roleplay in the past as well.

Gladys and the drowning fish / britannia_prima-
The Democratic Republic of Gladys and the drowning fish has been proud to serve the URA and the region of Britannia Prime for over two years now. The accomplishments of this great nation include:
- The creation of a Britannia Prima map-making committee
- The periodic telegrams were sent to the Britannia Prima nations, to update them on various NS issues, such as WA and SC decisions, WA endorsement leaderboards, and various projects to improve the character of Britannia Prima.
Ave! The Democratic Republic of Gladys and the drowning fish has been proud to serve the URA and the region of Britannia Prime for over two years now. The accomplishments of this great nation include:
- The creation of a Britannia Prima map-making committee
- The periodic telegrams were sent to the Britannia Prima nations, to update them on various NS issues, such as WA and SC decisions, WA endorsement leaderboards, and various projects to improve the character of Britannia Prima.
- Serving Britannia Prima as WA delegate for over 500 days, the only nation to do so.

Ofiussia/Portugal- Current Director of World Assembly Affairs in the URA. In addition the voting member for Portugal and former candidate for Vice President. Currently serving as a Senator in Portugal as well. In addition, positions held in Portugal were the following:
- Vice Delegate
- Minister of Foreign Affairs
- Commissar (head of the Internal Control Police)
- Minister of Internal Affairs
- Candidate for WA Delegate of Portugal 3 times (April 2019, October 2020, and October 2021), lost all three
Also, worth noting the Candidacy for the 2020 WA Secretary-General Election, where I ran a joke campaign that got 11th place and 1% of the votes *Waiver

Sorentia/ Sonindia- The First-ever Vice President of the URA and long-serving Voting member for the region Sonindia. Sorentia helped to establish a lot of the early rules and regulations of the URA. Long time Delegate for Sonindia as well where they promoted the expansion of World Assembly power in the region.

Noble Titans - Initially brought The Free Nations region into the URA. He was the Second ever Head of Security prior to the position being eliminated. He also served as Vice President and President of the URA. He was key in getting key initiatives through in regards to Military, Awards, and Security in the URA. Though his sudden exit from the URA was shocking there overall impact on the URA will have lasting effects for years to come.

* waiver means they currently hold a spot in the government body of the alliance and have been given a waiver by either the President or Founder.

Read dispatch

Voting will go till the end of the day US Eastern time on Friday! The Hall of fame presentation will be on Saturday Morning during the URA Grand Showcase which starts on Thursday! You are allowed to vote for up to 5 of the 15 nominees. Nominees that receive 40 percent of the vote or more will be inducted. Please find the form here:

The Chief Mariner of Allangoria of MT

Good morning/evening/afternoon!

Our region is growing tremendously! While Iím pleased with our current growth. We have a major area that needs your support. Our World Assembly Delegate, Calamari Lands, needs our support! How do you ask? We need to join the World Assembly, found here page=un

  • First click on the apply to join!

  • An Email will be sent with you clicking to confirm your membership.

  • Check your email. If itís not in your inbox, look in your spam box.

  • Once you click confirm, go back to our regional page.

  • Click on Calamari Lands and you will be routed to their regional page.

  • Scroll all the way down and you will see Endorse Calamari Lands.

  • Click on it.

  • Congratulations! You just helped our region!

The Confederacy of Tabbotopia

I like Amongus

The Chief Mariner of Allangoria of MT

Happy Motherís Day MT!

Post by Poop Rebellion suppressed by Allangoria of MT.

The Republic of Poop Rebellion

Come comrades, we must march onto the Fascist Poopy Empire and topple them!

The Leader of The MT Army of Vippertooth33

Home sweet home :)

Back from three weeks vacation, how is everyone doing?

The Chief Mariner of Allangoria of MT

Vippertooth33 wrote:Home sweet home :)

Back from three weeks vacation, how is everyone doing?

Welcome back!!

The Chief Mariner of Allangoria of MT

Poop Rebellion wrote:Come comrades, we must march onto the Fascist Poopy Empire and topple them!

For military discussions, Iíd encourage you to join our discord. We can talk there. Looking at your profile you seem to have connections to that region so 🤷‍♂️

The United States of Mechua

jhechum back hucahs macbul

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