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Embassies: The Everlasting Kawaii Empire, Temple Prime, The Imperial Fleet, Council of Minuscule and Small Regions, The Region of Warsaw, The European Commonwealth of Nations, SenshaDo Federation, belgium, Scandinavia, The Three Isles, The Roman Empire of Antoninus Pius, The Field of Paper Flowers, Imperial jabanese, The Embassy, Icarus, United Democratic Oceanic Nations, and 375 others.Guinea Kiribati, Imperial Free State Cooperative, Gypsy Lands, Ambition, FR Puppet Dump Three Revenge of the Skip, Fredonia, The Zanctuary, Hollow Point, Gru, The Alliance of Eros, UFO, Mystic neighborhood, The Seven Nation Army, Krillin, TNA HQ, Island of Bobinas United, Terra Kepleriana, DogeLand, Sub Pacific, Pax Americana, Meillur, United Mapgame Nations, Lyrali, Asia, Canguta Nations, Calme Ybovien, OnlyNoodles, Nopereich, Nova Scanda, Fediverse, The Scarlet Realm, Forty, The Andoran Empire, Futurist Pirate League, Travelling Wilburys, The Finntopian Region of DOOM, Planet Jammbo, Sacrum Romanum Imperium, The Azalean Collective, Yuno, RAMS, Jamesia, The Region Of Gargery, The Free Economic Zone of Desertiania, Union of Nationalists, Bobbersonian palace, Raxulan Empire, The Commonwealth of the Ateneo, Boriopa, Union de Naciones Latinas e Ibericas, Liberal Regions, The Illuminati, atlasia, Non Binary Safe Space, Dudeland, Chris puppet storage, Union Mundial, Cabbage Land, Albosiac, Organization of United Sovereign States, Just relax, Indonesia Nusantara, Cair Daun, The Remnant of Alkmon, Coronado, Altay, Cabo Wabo, The Reborn Foundation, Region with a bunch of random polls, Atheist Regions, Idealist States, Federation of Terran Nations, Freedom Lands, Sikhism, Mount Carmel, Sceniverse, The Black Swan Kingdom, matheo, The Alternate Community, Real Anti Moderator Alliance, Port Royal, Not The North Pole, The United Leftist Republics, GEN13, Mtcat101, Informal Entente, Union Hispanica, Warsaw Vilnius Commonwealth, Regions, Caelum, Amity, Yecyma, Union of Allied Nations, Countryhumans Wiki Comrades, Ukelbie, Long Island, The Lexicon, The Bar on the corner of every region, Empires of the stars, The region of worshipping doggos, Satellite of Love, The Federation of Utopias Unitum, Der Nationenkonvent, Virtual Roman Catholic Church, Brave New America, The Power Gulids, The Blue Star Union, Roman Byzantine Union, Communist Regime, Second World Order, The Axis of Evil, The Rocky Taiga, Lardyland, Sainiti, Great Empires Coalition, United States of America, Camerania, Florida, Yangon, Cabo Verde, The Union Of Great Onionist Nations, Jacksonville, One big Island, Buenos Aires, Bailiwick of Guernsey, OWEC, Veris Administrative Region, Nations of Pemecutan, Alliance of Titoist Nations, The Great Monarchical Nations, Nationstates Ski Resort, ThunderClan, H land, Nebraska Reganto I, Skivx, Region Against Conch Kingdom, TRA, The Forest, Formula 1, The Bakery Across the Street, The Power Gulids II, SEC Fanatics, The Great Universe, The Coalition of Independent Nations, Societies United For A Better Future, The Sseyton Crusaders, Asia Proper, The Exalted Pasture of Sheep, The Boundless Region, Droughts, Anime Girls, Estorica, Romanus, The Kaliningrad Division, The Apocalypse, Oneid, Bepis Skiereiland, The Second Map, Yo Mama, The Walking Land, Interregional Defence Pact headquarters, Independence Hill, 0 0 0, La La Land, Freshness, The Commonwealth of Militant Realms, The Arabian Peninsula, Saint Margaret Mary, Holy Continent of Non Religious Nations, Izmenistan, Benevolent dictatorship, Red Hot Blooded Panda Alliance, NASCAR, The Schaheila Coalition, EmbassyRegi0nia, CoCoPa, The Commonwealth Of The Powerful Bois, Council of Constructed Languages, Kylden, Ladanvia, Sasaphire Universe, A Serene Pocket, The Germanic isles, Karanlik Yollar, EmbassyRegionia, Miraculous Ladybug, The Empires And Republics Of Power, Confederated Peoples Nations, Placeholder, Rary, Anti Glasses Gang, Orel, Steel Valleys, Cardisdia, South American Coalition, ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ, Government of the Antarctic Empire, The Antichrist Trump, The South Arctic, Greater Gondolia, Bytes, The Empire of Nova Roma, The Maghrebi Arab Region, Allied conservative Union, Slytherin Fandom, The Rejected Onionists, QuipTV Network, The Federation of Democratic States, Podgorica, TFR Shenanigans, Imperial Majestic Domains, Georgist Alliance, Pacific Garbage Patch, Tracke, The North East Pacific, Federation Argenmenia, Schmerzania, Aetherian Council, The Middle of Nowhere aka Mars, Brannack Republic, Federation of Free States, Terras geladas, National Miadarossi, Alesian Armed Forces, Supermarket, Moon Prism Power Make Up, Chicken overlords, Aerospace, Pacific Kingdoms, The Greatest Colonies, Pacific Islands, Touhou, The Weeb and Memer Union, southern slovenia, Gamer Town, literally just japan, Embassy Collector, Veggietale Facts, Principalities of the Holy Roman Empire, Disunited Kitty Realms, Trollge, Battleship, German Cornwall, Burns manor, The United Nutrients, Greater Mindoor, Soviet army, Lands of Myth, The United Nationalist Confederation, Rejeki, The Insanity Timeline, The Polynesian Commonwealth, Canadian Republic, Sussus, A Puppet Storage, Region of Eastern Europe, The Little Entente, Fate Waifus Alliance, North Amurica, Juicy Juice Gang, Communist Asia, Nukes, South Brazil, Power of Money, Assembly of Regions Fefense Force HQ, The Conservative Republic, Kingdom of Ramility, Cooler Asean Bros, The Great Chungus Collection, Germanic Federation, The McDonalds Restaurants, Europa Universalis Imperii, The Embassy 2, Battleship 3, United Soviet Socialist States, The Western Commonwealth, The Dictator Region, Magna Germania, The United Nations of Retardia, Republic of Thanos, The Pacific Union, The Paris Accord, Nekopara, Northern Siberia, Oy Region, Manscaped ad, The Red Raiding Clan, Great Universe, Greater india, Trollsaw Pact, Haram, Resistance, Unyeilding Socialite Slaughtering Regime, The Kingdom of Burgundy, Pony figurine in a jar, Syndicalist America, Religious Peoples Democracy, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Egg Basket, Republic of Free States, The Terdra Federation, Unknown Sloygrounds, Alliance Nation League, Loymus, Regionless, New Foodia, The Free Front, Northern Argaen Trade Organization, Bogenburg, The Jewel Robotox Nations, becn, The Liberate Cooperation, The Ondoles Empire, The Templar Bloc, Dodgeville, supremacy of god alejandro, The United Countries of Vivellandia, Saint Luna Islands, European Socialist Union, The British Commonwealth of Nations, Die Feinde von Huebali und Opfersei, CMSR Jump Point, Union of Democratic Socialist Republics, United Socialist Union, United HeyZayian Repubilc, The Temple, Federacion de la gran colombia, New Alvarez Union, Eretz Israel, Liga de las Naciones, Imperial Jabanese Puppet, Solid Kingdom, Springfield Missouri, flashy G, Asmor Federation Imperial Remnant, Calexico and Mexicali, The Planet X, Union of Neko Socialist States, Black Bear, The Embassy 3, The land of eagles, Rare Name Haven, Frozen Circle, New Dinosaurtopia, Bhutanese World Order, Havenlet, Odrya, The United Union Nations, Not A Family Friendly Region, the bantustan, Imperial World Assembly, Oprij, Platypus Virus, The Pan Slavic Union, The Abyssal Plane, Union of Independent Nations, The greater Giga Chad Empire, Greater Antilles And The Bahamas, The United Countries Of People and Power, Jura Tempest Federation, Mindoorian Federation, Big Surf, Galactic Union, Freelandia, Region da UCOU, The Anglo Celtic Empire, Union of All States and Lands, Allied Nations of Duckland, Draco Imperialis, Black Crusaders, Pacific atlantic union, The Embassy 5, New Tetnoland, The Union Of SUNDVOLSKORZAL, and Serbian Frontier.

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Letters and spaces contains 5 nations, the 3,654th most in the world.

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World Census researchers quantified national scientific advancement by quizzing random citizens about quantum chromodynamics, space-time curvature and stem cell rejuvenation therapies. Responses based on Star Trek were discarded.

As a region, Letters and spaces is ranked 7,359th in the world for Most Scientifically Advanced.

1.The Holy of HabianclaziaDemocratic Socialists“Moon, Nationstates”
2.The Sultanate of MahometusFather Knows Best State“God, Homeland, Sultan”
3.The Kingdom of LhasaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“You Can't Stop Progress”
4.The Federal Republic of Tribute ArtIron Fist Consumerists“Lumity”
5.The Rogue Nation of My name is MarkiplierInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Was that the bite of 87?!”

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