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A diverse region of many types of nations.
They join in peace and unity... and also because they're fans of the LinkYoutuber Fredda.

Role play notes: The present tech level we are operating at is early 1900s. In-game stats and policies can inspire gameplay but are not binding.

Here's a link to our Linkcalendar. We operate on a 364 day year, divided into 13 months, four weeks per month, seven days a week.


Side note: If you want a custom flag done and you aren't on Fredda's Discord, telegraph Federal Kingdom of Godrei and let them know.

Another Side Note: if you haven't already joined it here is the link for the LinkFredda International Community Discord

Embassies: Guinea Kiribati.

Tags: Minuscule.

Fredda Internationale Community contains 4 nations.

Today's World Census Report

The Greatest Rich-Poor Divides in Fredda Internationale Community

Nations ranked highly have large gaps between the incomes of rich and poor citizens. Nations low on the list have high levels of income equality.

As a region, Fredda Internationale Community is ranked 7,722nd in the world for Greatest Rich-Poor Divides.

1.The Democratic Republic of NomoiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Pride, Honor, Tradition”
2.The Constitutional Monarchy of JarKan EmpireFather Knows Best State“Justice, Piety, Loyalty”
3.The Confederacy of The Dominion BorealiaNew York Times Democracy“Loyal she began, loyal she remains”
4.The Nation of Federal Kingdom of GodreiLeft-Leaning College State“Liberty — Unity —Honour”

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Fredda Internationale Community Regional Message Board



Nephilo Expresses Sorrow for the Northland Bombings

Speaker of the Parliament Guadalupe Ivanovich said during a press briefing today that our nation "Expresses its deepest sorrow and sympathies to the families of those innocent civilians who lost their lives in the attacks on Holy empire of northland. We would like to offer our assistance in any way we can to those struggling under this terrible event." The speaker went on to offer food, fuel and medical supplies as examples of what the nation could offer. However any assistance would likely require the consent of the Federal Kingdom of Godrei.

A reporter on-site questioned the wisdom of sending medical supplies while a new strain of avian flu is ravaging Farron Keep and has spread to both New Haven and Trenthem. "We are not a rich nation," the reporter said, "how will we help our citizens as well as those in Northland?"

"We are not rich, but we are of course compassionate and generous with what we have. We should have the medical resources necessary to handle both, as the Executor of Health has stated previously."

Another reporter challenged the speaker's assertion. "Several hospital directors in Farron Keep have said that we should be quarantining cities where the infection is found, stating that this strain is much more contagious and deadly than previous strains. Why is the government not heeding their words?"

"We take all advice seriously, but these are only a few hospitals in one city. We have appropriated the funds and the Executive is moving the resources to where they need to go, and our Health Executor is confident that the spread should be minimal. It has so far only spread to three of hundreds of cities and towns within our nation. The level of alarm with which they speak is not necessary and will only further fuel the panic that has lead to hoarding of food and other supplies in Farron Keep. We are advising calm and caution. Take all the the steps you normally would to avoid getting sick. Use your mandated sick leave, wash regularly, and stay home until you are well."

Political analysts have pointed out that should this situation as well as the challenges from Brasilistani integration increase in severity, it could impact the reelection of not only the President but also the majority currently held by the Liberal/Emancipation party coalition. The president has more options to insulate himself from any decisions made by Parliament as he is in a non-partisan position, and can redirect some resources from other departments as a show of action to the public. He has so far deferred to the Speaker of the Parliament's direction.

Leinster-connacht and The neo islamic caliphate

The Nation of Federal Kingdom of Godrei

=====| MERSYSIDE TIMES |=====

Terrorist Cell In Northland Causes Widespread Damage
A new terrorist group called the "Sons of Northland" have popped up, setting off a series of incendiary devices in Northland. Hundreds of civilians and military personnel have lost their lives. Interim president Lars Nyström condemned the group and has put out a public bounty on the terrorists. This attack came in the wake of successful peace negotiations which ended not only the Mersy-Northland war but also the Northlandic Civil War. While a representative of the Nyström-Fredholm administration have stated their commitment to liberalization of the country's government, they will not let the actions of the "Sons of Northland" go unpunished.

Federal Navy Officially Lifts Northland Blockade
With the peace between the GCPA and Northland formalized, the Federal Navy Secretariat has officially given the order to lift the blockade that was placed on Northland so long ago. Godreian ships will remain in the area in order to sweep for ordinance and help civilian vessels navigate the mined waters. Regular trade is expected to resume in the coming weeks.



Kingdom of Peterloo back on the World Stage

After an extended period of lowered communication and outreach from the Kingdom of Peterloo a diplomatic statement today confirmed the nation is “open for business”.

The kingdom was plagued by economic issues following an extended collapse in stocks and a fall in the the value of the Peterlooan Crown. Combating this and the resulting unemployment and related issues overtook all other priorities. And the situation is now beloved to be largely resolved, though leaves a scar that will never fade.

Changes to the politics and systems of the nation are currently unknown, however a large number of high profile capitalists have gone silent. Rumours range from mass arrests of the bourgeoisie by the aristocratic lead government, to mob violence and workers taking action against those they see as to blame for the economic crisis.

The neo islamic caliphate

The Democratic Republic of Nomoia

The Daily Pioneer

Disease Outbreak

Today the government announced that a new strain of influenza has spread from the southern regions of Nomoia across the nation and abroad.

The disease has been spreading in the state of Glenvale about a month ago. The source of the pandemic has been pinpointed to the mountain town of Serenity. This bucolic area of Nomoia has been abuzz with medical staff working around the clock to contain the virus. Unfortunately due to the number of tourists and travelers moving through the region, the virus has spread across Nomoia and in late March, around the world.


The Leinster-Connacht National times

Recently the world has been caught by storm after the Great depression, finally seemed to have gone away reports of a New strain of influenza have been popping up everywhere with many people labeling it the “Nomoian Flu” with reports of infection as far out as The Land of the The neo islamic caliphate to Even Leinster-connacht with so far infections in Leinster-Connacht reaching 15,000 cases and 1,000 deaths and with 200,000 cases and 15,000 deaths world wide with Nomoia having the most cases these are troubling times as no doubt the world economy will suffer along with a lot of people who will suffer

The neo islamic caliphate

The Nation of Federal Kingdom of Godrei

=====| MERSYSIDE TIMES |=====

««««««| LOCAL NEWS |»»»»»

Rt. Hon. Lord Mayor Edward "Eddy" de la Pore Retires at age 98
The position of the Right Honourable The Lord Mayor of the Borough of Mersyside will become offically vacant next Tuesday as incumbent Lord Mayor Eddy de la Pore has announced his retirement. Having held the position since he was first elected 52 years ago, de la Pore will go down as the longest serving Mayor in Godreian history. He announced that interim duties will be passes to Secretary of Urban Development Joel de Witt until elections can be held. We reached out to Rt. Hon. Lord Mayor de la Pore and asked what he plans to do in his retirement. "I may have my memoirs written," he told us, "I've also been interested in bird watching as of late. I think I'll be spending my time left doing that." A party has been planned for his retirement and all are welcome to attend. It will take place on the 15th in the ballroom of the King Street Inn. Festivities will begin at 4pm and will begin winding down at around 6.

Citizen Arrest Stops Corner Store Holdup
A holdup of the corner store at Key and Cherry was stopped today when one Horatio Ball intervened. Ball noticed the perpetrator of the holdup from the street and ran into the store. He disarmed the perpetrator, who was using an unloaded revolver, which at the time was thought to be loaded, and restrained them, announcing that he was performing a citizen's arrest. When the Metropolitan Police arrived at the establishment they took custody of the perpetrator from Ball.

Annual Warning For Seasonal Flu
Colds and the Flu are common this time of the year, on the behalf of the Health Service, we would like to remind our readers to not spit in public and to wash your hands.

««««««| POLITICS |»»»»»

The Race Begins For Premier Ballot
The Process for submitting applications for Prime Minister in the upcoming elections have begun. Incumbent Prime Minister H. A. Alistair has secured the Liberal endorsement but who he will face is still up in the air. The Conservative, Market, Labour, and Syndicalist parties will begin holding conventions to determine who they will formally endorse for the premieral ticket. A number of Independents have also sought out the public endorsement to secure a spot in the race.

The Nation of Federal Kingdom of Godrei


I should have posted this first but it slipped my mind, we have a calendar now.
The link to it is posted in the Region's factbook at the top of the Region's page.

we will continue to run on a 1-1 day timescale. As of this post it is the 13th of Alphys, 1920.


President Annan Breaks with Parliamentary Speaker, Activates Emergency Powers

Today, the President of Nephilo announced that he would be using the emergency powers afforded to the executive by the constitution to take decisive action on the recent flu pandemic. What started as a more aggressive flu in a few districts of Farron Keep has spread to every province in the northern half of the nation, infecting thousands in every large city and many smaller towns and villages. While mortality rates are not yet known, reports documented by physicians and hospitals indicate the dead may already number in the hundreds.

The president's announcement is in contrast to Speaker Ivanovich's more cautious and slow-moving approach. This marks the first time in Nephiloan history that the President has gone against the advice of the Speaker, as well as the first time that the Executive has used its special powers to bypass Parliamentary funding approval.

Normally, the Executive cannot transfer or re-appropriate funding that has been allocated to its various functions without the approval of the Parliament. However, President Annan cited article seven of the constitution, which allows the President this power when "the nation finds itself under extreme, dire, and/or overwhelming threat." In a statement to the press, the President said, "Within the last few weeks, we have seen infections rise from the tens to the tens of thousands. This is not the time to wait and observe, this is the time for action. As this is a quickly developing emergency that will require far more resources than are currently available, the Executive will continue to anticipate further funding injections from the Parliament." The president was careful to refer to this outbreak as the "new flu" and not "Nomoian flu" as others have, hoping not to give the appearance of blaming the nation for the outbreak, or subjecting its citizens to discrimination. It has been proven, however that the flu was brought to Nephilo by citizens returning from vacation in Nomoia.

The Executive will be moving funding from the Sections of the Interior, Tourism, and Immigration mostly to the Health Services, as well as increased funding to the Defense and Education sections. The army has also been mobilized as the government orders all residences of the Northern provinces to stay at home. Many of those close to parliamentarians expect a swift rebuke from the Speaker as well as some opposition from the body of Parliament itself. This could possibly lead to a challenge by the Speaker and the Parliament of the stay at home order, as they could override it with a 60% or more vote. It is unclear if the Speaker has the votes necessary, as all opposition parties have sided with the President (with the exception of the conservative Homefront party), as well as many within the Speaker's own coalition voicing opposition to what they call "inaction on the part of the Speaker." The governing coalition currently controls 62% of parliamentary seats, and so cannot afford to lose any votes if it wanted to challenge the President.

Governors of the Southern provinces say they need permission to enforce a stay at home order, but with opposition to the President's actions coming from the Parliament, they say they are unsure who they will receive those orders from until the dispute is resolved. The governor of Translomar has stated that if they do not come to an agreement within the next few days, the Supreme Court should step in and resolve their dispute.

For now, the Northern provinces are ordered to stay home except for emergencies. The army will be sending out teams to give information on where district residents can go to pick up food and other necessities. Residents may not go to another distribution site to pick up more supplies. Army units are also working with educators to distribute materials and instructions to households with children, although Education Section Executor Christopher Smith has advised this will take several weeks. For now, he states that citizens should know that all schools are closed.

The office of the Executive's Press Secretary has advised that further instructions and measures will come within the next few days.

The Constitutional Monarchy of JarKan Empire

Herald from the Jarkan Empire

His Majesty, Emperor Daxahan II has decreed, that due to the Empire's polytheistic religion, that the empire will adopt an official agnostic stance.

What this stance signifies, is that no one religion is seen as an absolute truth, it is instead up to the individual to make their own conclusions.

As a result of this decree, many religious minorities within the Empire has increased their approval of the royal family.

Further developments may appear within the next week

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