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WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Federation of Utopia Planitia Research Center

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Most Nations: 245th
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Class region for Mr. Benignus' classes.

Founded in 2037 by the Utopia Planitia Research Center.

Outline of the History of the Federation of Martian Colonies:

I - Founding of the Great Poleis
II - The Age of the Mega-Corporations
III - The Age of Freehold Colonies
IV - Civil War and the Age of Dictators
V - The Age of the Economic Hegamons

For more historical details, see the History of the Federation of Martian Colonies below:


Embassies: Benigtopia, Klein 2017, and The Presidential Library.

Tags: Class, Large, Password, Post-Modern Tech, Regional Government, and Role Player.

Regional Power: Moderate

Federation of Martian Colonies contains 58 nations, the 245th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Corrupt Governments in Federation of Martian Colonies

World Census officials visited a range of government departments and recorded how frequently bribes were required to complete simple administrative requests.

As a region, Federation of Martian Colonies is ranked 4,061st in the world for Most Corrupt Governments.

1.The Pirate Lords of Orion SyndicateCompulsory Consumerist State“I seem to have miscalculated ...”
2.The Dominion of The Small ChildrenCorporate Police State“Goo goo gaa gaa- JFK”
3.The Raiders of Errand of Klingon MercyCompulsory Consumerist State“Smile and smile... I don't trust men who smile too much”
4.The Incorporated States of GenistarrCapitalist Paradise“In G.O.D. we trust!”
5.The Argumentative Porcines of TellarCorporate Bordello“There will be payment for your slander”
6.The Tentacular Horror of Valles Marineris ChasmataAuthoritarian Democracy“All hail Violet, the destroyer of worlds”
7.The Empire of Andorian PrimeRight-wing Utopia“Forget logic-passion or gain are reasons for murder”
8.The Military Tribunal ⚖️ of Court MartialIron Fist Consumerists“Computer transcripts don't lie!”
9.The Terran Empire of Evil SpockPsychotic Dictatorship“Your agonizer, please.”
10.The Empire of StarburgCorporate Police State“By The People For The People”

Regional Happenings


Federation of Martian Colonies Regional Message Board



Noachis Terra wrote:Does this mean you will side with the evil Violetists? They practice human sacrifice for goodness sake!

Remember, if you're not with us ... your against us! And this means you must be a secret Violetist sympathizer!

Holy Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights

Valles Marineris Chasmata wrote:Thank you Glenfinnan! You will aid Violet in her holy cause!! May her tentacles drag the unbelievers down to the pits of darkness!!!

Thank you!

Theocrat of Mars

No and no

Iii smackatopia

Glenfinnan wrote:No and no

If you refuse to take a side, you will not be spared from collateral damage. We must destroy the Violetists at all cost! They will corrupt you too!

Missouri city

endorse for endorse

The Most Serene Republic of Unity 4ever

endorse for endorse :)

The Democratic Republic 🖖🖖🖖 of Vulcan SSR

My fellow Martians,

As your Regional Delegate it is my sad duty to inform you that our wonderful Federation of Martian Colonies was attacked today by Klingon Raiders. They have attacked and raided the citizens of many of our smaller outlying colonies here on Mars.

The countries of Utopia Planitia Research Center, Valored, and Genistarr are all working on a planetary defense grid to prevent the Klingon Raiders from attacking us again. However, be advised that the Klingon cloaking device cannot be detected at long range and so they still might be able to get through our deep space radar array. We urge every citizen to build up your defense forces so that you can defend yourselves for a few hours until ships can arrive to defend you from the raiders.

Live long and prosper,

Soval, Vulcan SSR Ambassador to Mars

Iii smackatopia

Iii smackatopia

It is of upmost importance that we rid the planet of these Klingon Raiders! The people of Iii smackatopia will support the federation by any and all means necessary!

Overlord Drakkus of Iii smackatopia

The Democratic Republic 🖖🖖🖖 of Vulcan SSR

My Fellow Martians,

These are dark times indeed for the Federation of Martian Colonies. On this morning, April 3rd, a day that will live in infamy, the Tentacular Horror of Valles Marineris Chasmata launched over 40 airborne assaults on many colonies on Mars. These were attacks were not raids to steal property, or invasions of conquest, but a new type of assault ... a sacrificial raid where thousands of innocent men, women, and children were rounded up and sacrificed to the dark goddess of Violet in order to fuel their infernal war machine.

More details of this attack will be forthcoming. In the meantime, be alert, be aware, and watch for violet parachutes in the sky ... evil comes from on high.

Your WA Delegate,
Commissar Soval - of the Vulcan SSR

The Democratic Republic 🖖🖖🖖 of Vulcan SSR

OC* Post

The main reason why I wanted the Democratic Republic of Vulcan SSR as the delegate to the World Assembly was because I wanted to turn it into a rare card for the Season 2 of the ongoing trading card game. I thought Season 2 might begin on April 1st, but that did not happen. Current thought is that Season 2 will begin in the fall or maybe even in December. Since the rules state that only one of my many countries can be a WA Member at any one time, I will have the Vulcan SSR resign the delegate status effective immediately so that another one of my nations can become a WA Member. I know that this decision sounds rather complicated and it is, but it is a rules based decision.

So have fun, and may the best candidate for the WA Delegate win!

Mr. B.

* Out of Character

Iii smackatopia

Iii smackatopia

News on the current condition of Iii smackatopia

There was a short lived communist rebellion. The rebels stormed the now former capital city of RightIsRightville.
In an attempt to rid the nation of the rebellion, the Smackatopian army nuked the city.
The rebellion was stopped and the city destroyed. Soon after, the new capital city, Imperial City, was established in a previous city of Iii smackatopia
Our great nation will put measures in motion to prevent such events from occurring in the future. Good day to you all!

Overlord Drakkus of Iii smackatopia

Iii smackatopia

My fellow Martians:

Thank you for making me your WA Delegate. I am honored to serve you and will work diligently in the World Assembly to ensure a bright future for the Federation of Martian Colonies

Overlord Drakkus of Iii smackatopia

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