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Post by British embassy suppressed by George Brac.

British embassy

I bring you greetings from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of The British Empire, and from Her Majesty's Government.

I seek to inform you of our desire for a dialogue to consider an alliance and closer relations together, so that we may be able to grow both our regions together in mutual prosperity.

Please let me know if this would be acceptable.

HM Ambassidor

Post by Botswa suppressed by George Brac.


Let's make unethical business now.

Post by Hem Fjard suppressed by George Brac.

The State of Hem Fjard

Anything could be considered unethical, especially if it is taken completely out of context.

Post by Hem Fjard suppressed by George Brac.

The State of Hem Fjard

Or judged by a different time and standard.

Post by The confederate power suppressed by George Brac.

The confederate power

Hey!, Any of you lads live in Cayman? I sure do!

By the way the last name of the founder, 'Brac' is, it sounds Caymanian. I live in West Bay Cayman!

Post self-deleted by George Brac.

Post by Caricom ambassador suppressed by George Brac.

Caricom ambassador

Greetings, i have come with an invitation from the Caribben Community, an Organization that was created to bring the
Caribbean regions together, to talk, and decide on issues, Protecting each others, and Working on Economic Integration,
we will be waiting for Cayman Island's Ambassadore in the "Caribbean Community" Region.

The Ambassadore can either be a puppet nation from the Founder or President, or a volunteered nation from the region itself.
The Forum is being Built as we speak, we hope you can contact us soon, so we can include you in the Alliance...

Cayman Islands was one day part of the alliance, we hope you can reafirm it by sending an ambassadore, you can take your time discussing it with the British Empire.

Thank you

Post self-deleted by George Brac.

Post by Caymanian suppressed by George Brac.


Wasup people!

Post self-deleted by George Brac.

The State of George Brac

This region will host the flags from Boardwalk (Royal Alliance).

The District of Royal House of Windsor

Clean start: The old messages have no bearing upon the region as it stands now.

The State of Anarchy State

Good thing I had checked. Wrong region.

Satik sikin

Your Genocide at the Hands of the British Victorians has been avenged. Convert Now or face skirmishes.

The State of George Brac