The Most Advanced Public Education in Callista

Fresh-faced World Census agents infiltrated schools with varying degrees of success in order to determine which nations had the most widespread, well-funded, and advanced public education programs.

As a region, Callista is ranked 3,988th in the world for Most Advanced Public Education.

1.The Bureaucratic Socialists of JutaDemocratic Socialists“Wealth begets greed; greed begets evil.”
2.The Give me the Zombie egg of The Dream of KirbyLeft-wing Utopia“Iím still trying to get that zombie egg.”
3.The Waiting to CTE Nation of Barrow CoveMoralistic Democracy“Man I love pineapples like a lot like a lot a lot”
4.The Swinging Jungle of Baloo KingdomDemocratic Socialists“Pull up a chair and have a Prickly Pear!”
5.The Not-Ohio of GOD BLESS DEMOCRACYInoffensive Centrist Democracy“From east to west democracy will never fall”
6.The Soviet Socialist Union of SorianoraIron Fist Consumerists“Workers of the world unite!”
7.The Holy Roman Empire of Caesar Von BingenDemocratic Socialists“Universum Regnum”
8.The Most Holy Ukrainian State of YazakhastanIron Fist Consumerists“Glory to Ukraine”
9.The Joseon Korean Empire of North GoguryeoDemocratic Socialists“우리는 모든 위험을 물리칠 것이다 (我們將戰勝一切危險)”
10.The Free Land of QuanaliFather Knows Best State“Know that freedom was a lie”
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