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1.The Protectorate of Lower Gah AndistanInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Strength Through Compliance”
2.The Dominion of The Myceane of OddissideCorrupt Dictatorship“Even in death, duty does not end”
3.The Dominion of Holy Los KrivstoniCivil Rights Lovefest“Strength Through Freedom, Strength Through Bonds”
4.The Dictatorship of Toxic Scripting 50Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“The best lack all conviction”
5.The Direwolves of King of the NorthScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Winter is Coming”
6.The Republic of Eostan CalicotopCorrupt Dictatorship“Peace and Justice”
7.The Matriarchy of -One-True-PairingAuthoritarian Democracy“Lumity”
8.The Protectorate of RayechuMother Knows Best State“Duty and Dignity”
9.The Join Lily of Switz got lazy 12Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Join Lily Today!”

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America of great states wrote:


    Official Standard of the President of the United States
    President: Thomas E. Dewey

DATE : July 30, 1948



    FROM: Thomas E. Dewey, President of the United States of America
    SUBJECT: Confirmation for the Establishment of the American-Philippines Strategic Partnership

My Fellow Americans and to the People of the Philippines,

We dwell in a time of great uncertainty, unnecessary division, turmoil, and great distress. The current state of international affairs has come to destroy families, friendships, historical relations, and commitments to the global preservation of human rights and dignity against the growing forces of evil and totalitarianism. We have witnessed the expansion of Communism across the Eurasian Plate in ways unfathomable and with that, it is the responsibility of the United States to seek its aggressive containment. It is the responsibility of the United States to diminish the influences of Communism abroad and to be the global representation of democracy, freedom, republican-based ideals, and liberty for all as God intended. 

Understanding the historical relations between the Philippines and the United States of America, my Administration will be the first to recognize moments of unfortunate barbarism committed in the Philippines by the Americans under President Theodore Roosevelt. It is my administration's intention to rectify this grave mistake and work closely with the Philippines and the Filipino people. Therefore, per discussions with Secretary of State General George Marshall, Secretary of Defense Major General Joseph Collins, and Secretary of the Treasury George Humphrey, the United States of America will expand the current Marshall Plan approved for Europe to the Philippines to assist in full development and rejuvenation of the Philippines and Her People. Regarding immigration and access to American universities, a new initiative can be worked on and implemented via the Department of State and Congressional Committees on Foreign Affairs to make visas more accessible for Filipinos to come to the United States.

In the spirit of economic competition and free trade, I have directed Congress to significantly reduce tariffs and remove unnecessary taxes on Philippine exports to the United States. Although imperative the United States is able to protect its agriculture and industrial workers, I find it reasonable to adjust tariffs that equally protects American and Filipino workers while increasing exports and imports. Regarding Sabah, as this is a conflict not in the direct interest of the United States of America, America is willing to host a summit between the Philippines and the United Kingdom regarding the future of Sabah to ensure transparent communications and high probability for successful negotiations.

Adhering to the security objectives for the Asia-Pacific region, it is imperative for the United States to conduct military training exercises with the Philippines and classify Manila as a vital strategic regional partner to solidify economic liberalism and freedom of navigation in the region against impending Communist forces. Through the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense, accommodations and benefits can be negotiated with the Philippines' government regarding compensation to the brave Filipinos who fought side by side with the United States in World War II against Imperial Japan. It is the duty of the United States to support and protect all those who fight for liberty and justice around the world. That is an imperative priority to never be dismissed. Therefore, as a result, the 80th Congress of the United States of America has hereby approved for a Mutual Defense Treaty to be signed between the United States of America and the Philippines as a demonstration of a historical friendship and strategic partnership of mutual benefit and prosperity. 

God Bless America. God Bless the Philippines.

    Harry S. Truman,
    -Countersigned by no one-

Read dispatch

The effect on the Philippines of this historic declaration - a quick summary of the new path of the republic (August 1948):

August 26th, 1948
Manila, The Philippines

The Philippine Renaissance

After president Roxas´ highly successful talks with American president Dewey, the Philippines once again sees a high American presence in the nation - but also immense reconstruction efforts and a golden future on her horizon.
The declaration of Filipino-American Strategic Partnership led to a spike in the citizens´ opinion about president Roxas - he now enjoys his highest rating since his political career start. Communism has lost many followers as the impact of American support can be seen throughout the country, especially in such a short time. With American financing, Manila will realize the Burnham Plan for Manila - completely redesigning the city with a Paris-inspired American layout, allowing greater growth, a more pleasing aesthetic and greatly enhanced walkability.
The "President Dewey Plan" (as it is affectionately called by US-favouring Filipinos has already led to the start of a transformation of not only the country, but also it´s people.

President Roxas was welcomed back to Manila by cheering crowds of long-time supporters and new Roxas-fans, now highly in favour of Roxas and the U.S.. This historic agreement with the new old ally and friend shattered most doubts of those questioning America´s intentions and Roxas´leadership, leading to a renewed sense of unity and new hopes among the Filipino people.

In a bold move, President Roxas banned the Communist party and heavily promoted the news of the "Philippine New Deal", effectively destroying the Communist foothold in the Philippines.
This led to a surprising influx of pro-American immigrants from China (54 families) and South Korea (23 families) in under one month, caused by ideological turmoil in their respective home nations.

Many more American troops were sent to the Philippines to aid in reconstruction efforts all over the nation, in hopes of significantly speeding up the efforts to bring stability and structure back to the nation. Filipino university students were encouraged to apply for education visas to the US in hopes of creating an educated work force and competent leadership in the coming years - the demand grew significantly in size, yet still below the expected amount of students. American culture grew even more in popularity with the younger generation feeling a sense of "cool-ness" from speaking English, leading to the slow decline of the Spanish language in the Philippines

A Philippine military force was now in the first stage of member expansion and US-led excercises and cooperation, in order to create a strong US ally and nation capable of self-defense and support. Manila and the cities of Angeles, Cebu, and Clark became growing centers of American presence. 
Some factories were even ordered to start producing new equipment, although still with rather low demand. Learning from the past, factories were encouraged to spread across the nation rather than concentrating the Philippine production in urban centres alone, lessening the demand for homes in bigger cities such as Manila, Cebu and Davao.

President Roxas attempts to stay in close contact with American President Dewey and already plans a diplomatic meeting with British representatives on the topic of Sabah/North Borneo. The Philippine economy also gets ready for the anticipated economic reforms.

A delegation of 20 American experts arrived in Manila to form a "council on the re-establishment and reformation of the Philippine nation", already drafting plans for a US-based education model, economic model and the establishment of US-inspired departments, starting Phase1 of the training of the next Philippine government officials, to be led by President Roxas.

The Pearl of the Orient steadily regains it´s former glory and reinforces loyalty to America, paving the way for a Golden Age and Renaissance of

The Republic of the Philippines.
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The anatolian federation

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WEST AUSTRIA, September 1948
- A status update on current developments and events:

September 18th, 1948
Munich, West Austria

West Austrian Recovery Efforts - July 1948
A status report

The Republic of West Austria is almost one year old already and is steadily growing towards becoming a well-off nation thanks to support from the allies and a capable government.

The state of West Austria has reached a relatively secure level of stability, thus becoming an attractive choice for business men seeking to conquer a fresh European market. National unity has been pretty much achieved with only few exceptions and s number of government plans being finally put into motion or being improved. West Austria is about to reach a new normal, characterized by a sense of peace.

Bavarians below the Danube have been satisfied with the countless small achievements of the West Austrian Republic. Although it is still an unfamiliar feeling for many, Bavarians and Austrians alike seem to bond over a new, common identity. Many Bavarians realized that they have surprisingly more in common with their former southern neighbours and thus find it easier embracing the new identity they were given. West Austria was no one´s home until it was founded - and now a new national identity has been born, slowly but surely winning the hearts of all parties involved.
Along the borders of West Austria and the American-occupied rest of Bavaria, news of the fairly good life spread across the Danube, making Bavarians north of the Danube wonder if West Austria really holds true to the promises it gave and the tales Bavarians tell their brothers across the blue divide.

The public housing initiative has so far been a sucess: based on their respective role in society and work, many citizens were granted an apartment for which the tenants have to pay rent, with exceptions for those who earn below a certain amount. All major cities in West Austria, like Munich, Linz, Salzburg and Bozen have slightly reduced their homelessness rates already which allowed for more (re-)developments in the cities and the slow return of public transport, mainly focused on getting people to and from work as of now. While not much, people do earn low wages while their children are being offered a somewhat normal chance at receiving an education. Some people voice criticism though, saying they should help the reconstruction efforts like children in East Austria and East Germany, however, the national guard won´t allow child labour.

In an effort to further West Austria´s scientific advancement, the National Bureau of Education has broadcasted a message to all former German and Austrian scientists and inventors who have fled during the war: An invitation to immigrate to West Austria, with housing and income provided by the West Austrian government.
While many remain skeptical that this will attract many scientists to help encourage scientific developemt and further engineering programs in the factories, some remain hopeful that the campaign will work, given the many opportunities that a young, democratic republic can offer man.

As of now, the National Bureau of Trade and Finance works on securing trade agreements with the Western allies, primarily the US, the UK, France and other Western-oriented nations. West Austria hopes to even further the economic growth neccessary to turn the young republic into a flourishing democracy.
In talks with Switzerland and Liechtenstein, mutual non-agression treaties were negotiated and trade and diplomatic relations established.

The future looks good so far for

The Republic of West Austria.
Read dispatch

The anatolian federation and America of great states

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The Kingdom of The Reunified German Reich

The Great Plan Progresses

Wilhelm Pieck sits on his desk his new office in Dresden is of his liking. he sits in his chair and looks around to the right is fully stocked bookshelf on the left is a big painting of the revolution a few years back depicting a KPD militia fighting against the Grand coalition.

suddenly a Knock on the door

a guard with a letter and a big package comes in

"for you Genosse Piek it comes from the ministry of Development and Progress"

Thank you bauer

He looks at the package and the letter like it was a treasure completely silent he opens his mouth

"Bauer do not let anyone disturb me for today understood?!"

"Understood Sir"

The Guard leaves the room, Wilhelm pieck opens the letter or rather rips it open, and begins to read

Mr.Wilhelm pieck this is the conclusion of all progress made in this half of the year. As you read this you need to know that some sectors developed of course faster than others and others slower than expected but all expected numbers should be reached after our analyses and reccourses have been evaluated and redistributed. These Reports are highly classified and are not for the viewing of anybody else than you, in the Package There are 3 Parts of the analysis The first is about the Progress of Industrial Developments the Second about the social developments and the third will explain further planning measures and recourse relocation as well as analysis of Failure and success

He reads it carefully and finally reaches for the Heavy package sealed with a red wax seal with hammer and sickle pressed in it. he rips it open and starts to read every page

Part 1 Industrial Developments

The Industrial Developments which mainly concludes with the rebuilding of heavy industry has started at a steady pace, there has been a delay of resources as The railway lines have been damaged by the war but all Railway lines have been mostly rebuilt and should be able to be used for shipment without a problem. Furthermore, the chemical build-up has proven to be more of a problem most of them have been completely destroyed or the main plants are not in our reach the same problem with the industry as you see where the main industrial center is in the Ruhr. but with further resources, we could have a delay of only 3 years for the plan to make the nutritional additive we had planned.

/The main Problem we had was the manpower shortage which is made up by the fleeing Germans from the east but we have concluded that we need much bigger housing projects for the next 5-year plan or the fleeing could land on the streets and be a specter that will haunt us, the plan to make entire new cities for the fleeing also needs to be put back by 3-7 years as we have currently more pressing matters. then trying to preserve culture when we need to preserve lives.

The conclusion is that the industrial build-up will be slower in Germany but surprisingly in Austria, it has been a full-on success we conclude that the Austrian industry will partially recover faster in the short term. why that is is mainly a mix of the thousands of refugees and with that the higher amount of workers as well as the focus on the industry over everything else while our resources are stretched thin with the many goals we set, of course, we will reach our goals with this plan but if we hadn't petitioned for more soviet help production as well as rations would have been severely hampered or not being able to be given out.

Part 2 social developments

The social developments are fascinating, the woman and children have been the backbone of the build-up and the cleaning up of the crushed buildings. the women wich were before the revolution pressed into the role of mother and caretaker show a fervor of work love you could call it. they seem to be happy about the laws and the equal standing they got and some even started to get recruited as commissars.

The men do not seem to be as enthusiastic as the woman but they do seem the enjoy the free meals that come with the work, everyone does so to be more clear, we could easily increase output with higher rations wich should be possible with expanded soviet support, of course, no high increase but an increase is an increase and an increase in rations means an increase in output as we have concluded with our research.

The children and elderly show the most problems many children still roam the streets and the elderly got abandoned in the polish territories as they were seen as a liability as families fled from the Russians or were deported such a thing should not happen and with the cooperation of Poland the elderly will be safely reunited with their families.

Part 3 Analyzation of Failure and success

We have had some Failures mainly the industrial build-up and the chemical build-up will be slower but the small scale apartment building has been a success the cheap buildings give a temporary and comfortable stay for the worker and the cooking together has to lead to a very comfortable experience and work culture. there have even been some small kindergartens and reading rooms where the workers read socialist books provided by the USSR.
of course, that is the minority but in the next 10 years, such apartments will be common.

We conclude that the chemical build up will be slower but the support of the workers and women has risen through the higher rations we expect an economic boom after the first 5-year plan and we currently plan more resources into the chemical production so that the delay will be minimal all other industrial reconstruction and building construction happens at a steady pace mainly we also have new projects in mind for the production of food or to be clear meat.

Written by the ministry of development and planning

The anatolian federation, Schliechlands, To be decided, and Serkan empire

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Serkan empire

How does war work here

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The Democratic Republic of Expandonium

*static* Hi*shouting* anyone here? This is a broadcast by *interference* Pm Lyon Mackenzie king... Over the last few years *Static* Canada has fallen into anarchy! -THEY'RE HERE AGAIN! -Shi* which gate are they in!?!? Anyways Canada is now unable to operate as a -We GOT TO GO! -country... Hold them off a few minutes and prepare the exit says the general! -The insurgency arrived! says a guard. -The Canadian government has been overthrown and our citizens are starving! This is a call for he*Telegram ends*

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I'm south of you!

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