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U Crane wrote:Question of the Week:

What is the farthest place (from where you live now) you've been to during your lifetime?


Mine was NYC, USA, where I was born. I moved with my family accross the Atlantic at the age of 5 and live now in Israel.

Even though I've never been back yet, I still have cousins in America and try to maintain a keen interest in American politics, culture and language. I chat daily with American friends on IRC (shout out if you know what that is, lol) and follow the news from there.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I've not gotten much opportunity to travel thus far as my family was desperately poor for most of my life, I'm hopeful to get to visit places like Alaska within the US. Outside the US I'd like to visit 'I'll give one from each continent' : Norway, Indonesia, Australia, Ghana, Chile, Belize