Region: Karma


The This is not Aph of Moraxia

Well, guess what naysayers! I remembered this time, and the WA has also not been nearly as boring this week (well, kinda, but comparatively, it is a lot better...) But I'm coming with the news today that an automated message may or may have told me that it is time for a good ol' WWAU! Anyways...coming to live on this very warm evening in Moraxia, to present: the Wednesday World Assembly Update (WWAU)! Wow.....?

Our Lord and Savior, The Moose™, Ruler of All Meesekind, would like to welcome everybody who has joined the World Assembly this week:


Welcome to the World Assembly and to Karma, and we are quite happy that you have joined Karma and all that we have to bring, and we hope that you enjoy your stay here! We have also heard the faintest of whispers that you have not yet endorsed our wonderful Delegate, Tevaris, so go to his page and press that fancy Endorse button. Do it right now, or else.....I'll be very sad. :( Please don't make me sad. It's mean to you and to me.

And you know what, while you're at it, you know what you can do? You can go and endorse your friends! Just endorse away with anybody and everybody you want, I'm sure anybody would be happy to get your endorsement. Yes, and I do mean you. You know exactly who I am talking to here. This not only contributes to the Influence Fortress™, but you get to help this region be better than ever before! It also helps to make our numbers bigger, so if you think you think you have what it takes to make even bigger numbers, you should check this dispatch out. Do us proud, and join the World Assembly today!

Now onto matters regarding what is currently at vote in the chambers of the World Assembly:

In the General Assembly, we recommend that you vote...Against!
In the Security Council, we recommend that you vote...nothing! The SC is back to being quiet again. Lame.

If you are not already in the World Assembly, do your part and consider joining today! All you have to do is click here, and then select Apply to Join. You will then get an email sent to you, and click the link there to finish the process. It takes no time at all, you get to make our numbers go up, and you get a fancy little green symbol. And that also means that YOU, and yes, I mean, you! get to be me in my fun little post. Do it for me...and yourself....and also for me again.

Thank you, have a lovely morning, and keep gitting gud.