Region: Union of Free Nations


The War-torn territories of U Crane

How did everyone's day go?

I visited my brother this morning. The visit went well.

I gave him the things he asked me to bring him: Pocket money, cigarettes, two pens for writing (in case he loses or breaks one, which he often does. These pens are cheap), batteries for his portable radio, stuff like that.

We also exchanged wrist-watches, since he is obsessed with having a perfectly-accurate watch. I carefully set my own before the visit, and now did the same with his.

I worked in the afternoon and made some progress in the book I'm translating.

My roommate is getting dismissed from his hospital and moving to a hostel, so his family are coming tonight to pick up some of his belongings. I hope he manages to get acclimitized to the new place and likes it there. if he settles down there, I'll be getting eventually a new roommate.