Region: Cape of Good Hope


The Military State of Tyramon

North ueutopia wrote:How do you hold yourself back from reading something. I'm in a fandom and I'm gaining (repeated) nightmares from said fandom because I think too much about it. I'm not naming a certain fandom here but I'll just say it has to do with nations. No it's not Hetalia nor Nationstates. (The characters always appear in my dreams and nightmares. Sometimes their nice, like Germany. Or they want to do surgery on my body, like Switzerland and the Untied Kingdom. By the way the Untied Nations is always a recurring character.)

(Ay Germany isn't the bad guy! That's rare.)

I recommend distracting yourself with something else. Maybe get into nationstates or some other game more, maybe find some other books or something that pique your interest.

North ueutopia