Region: Callista


The Republic of Ireland of Ferneus

[] Second American NPC Nation [] The Molneans [] Andes Mountains, South America. []
As the Timberborn rule the forests of North America, a similar nation rules the mountains and hills of the western coast of South America. This is a vast empire consisting of a species known as the Molneans. The inhabitants of this empire are a race of moles that, like the Timberborn, have evolved to have humanoid traits while retaining many of the traits and features of their ancestors. These traits have made it so that the Molneans inhabit the sides of mountains and hills all across the Andes mountain range, digging small burrows into the sides of these mountains that house the vast majority of their population. As the Timberborn are skilled in craftsmanship and construction, the Molneans are skilled in digging and farming. They feed their empire by creating terrace farms on the sides of the mountains they reside in, creating the vast amounts of fruits and other herbivorous foods that sustain the Molneans. However the inherent downside of the Molneans is that due to their reliance on living in vast burrows and nests inside of mountains, their eyes have shrunk to the point of near blindness, meaning that it is very hard for most Molneans to traverse above ground without the use of spectacles to help enhance their eyesight. Their other weakness is their claws. Although these claws are very adept at digging into dirt and even harder substances, their long claws and lack of humanoid thumbs mean that weapons and tools they use must be specially made to fit their ergonomic profile. Molnean society is generally peaceful and pacifistic, with the Molneans content to hide in their mountains and avoid conflict with the vast majority of the other, more wrathful creatures that inhabit the New World.