Region: Selene


The Free and Open Peoples of Franconia Empire


The CEOs of Simsam, Kiwi, Macrohard, and ChipCo opened the Franconian Stock Market today. Investors seem very optimistic about the Tech Boom. ChipCo opened at 100 Astrons per share, up 23% from yesterday. Kiwi opened at 67 Astrons per share, only down by 3 cents, but is expected to make a huge turnaround after launching their K-Phone Gen 6 today. Macrohard is up 89 Astrons today for a total of 320 Astrons per share. Macrohard is releasing 3 laptops today in competition with Kiwi's K-Phone G6. Simsam, a new competitor in the boom, has just put their names on the market. Simsam sells tablets and phones, but is expanding quickly in the home appliance market. Simsam is also launching 2 devices today, both appliances. A new oven with be revealed today and a self cleaning SmartFridge.

The tech boom is making excellent work for tye Empire. Simsam and Kiwi announced they are hiring in production factories. No work experience is required and you must be 20 or older to apply. Starting pay is 76 Astrons per hour for both companies.

-FENN News.