Region: Selene


The Free and Open Peoples of Franconia Empire


The FE is expanding the trade market today as Khaledonia is now desiring Franconian technology. The Minister of Trade, Jarvey Luurvis, has accepted the request and is happy to start branching out in other opportunities. The electronics boom is making it feel like we have more devices than what we need. These new phones and tablets are nothing like Franconians have ever built. With 5 different companies competing for the top spot, anything is possibe. The FE would be trading smartphones, tablet tech, EVs, and wearables. This is truly a marvelous day for both nations. The first shipment of new phones will load up on February 15th. Due to the rocky, unstable nature of Khaledonian politics, the FE will be on high alert to withdraw from the deal if anything goes awry.

-FENN News