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The Free and Open Peoples of Franconia Empire


Kiwi, the FE's biggest seller in smartphones, has successfully tested a prototype for a hover vehicle. The test lasted 33 minutes, only 5 minutes more than what was originally planned. The maximum lift from the ground was 7 feet. In speed tests, the air propulsion system was able to let the vehicle travel at 55 miles per hour, 25 more than expected. Kiwi says these EVAPs (Electric Vehicle Air Propulsion type) will at least take 15 years to fully test out the technology and for it to be declared safe for public use.

More Breaking

Tech Giant, ChipCo, has also developed and successfully tested a prototype of a hoverboard. This was the first ever single person mode of transport to ever be tested. ChipCo tested the hoverboard for 5 hours. The board lifted 4 and a half feet off the ground and flew up to 35 mph. The same time frame for the release of the hoverboard as the Kiwi hover car.

Race for Big Tech

The Tech Boom has made an overabundance of technology goods at ports. Minister of Trade, Jarvey Luurvis, has said that he is open to trade negotiations to export some of the excess technology, most being smartphones, tablet, wearables, and Electric Vehicles.

-FENN News