Region: The Communist Bloc


The United Socialist States of Menschliche Vereinigung

Franc-slovenia wrote:There is no right reason for those wars

It leaves a permanent scar to those who had to suffer through that. It makes some depressed, paranoid, uncomfortable, disabled, cynical, and traumatized. For those who had to live through that, it is like having a hole drilled into one's heart awake, all the pain, and misery, and the drill is dirty, and it infects your heart. You survive that but the rest of your body is sick because the infection from the dirty drill spread thru one's blood and vessels, and leaves a permanent track in themselves. No one can forget how messed up that is.

There is no correct or moral reason for those useless and evil wars. And there never will. It was like a self destructive tropical storm, it just destroys everything in its path you either stay out of the path or you stay under and dig underground but that alone is also dangerous.