Region: The Communist Bloc


The Retro-Futuristic Starship of New Astri

Turtleonia wrote: How about like a People's Representative, to give the non government members slightly more of a say in the government, thus improving morale, productivity, and general cohesion, but is only a part time job, so when the rest of the government needs the opinions or updates on what the rest of the Communist Bloc is thinking, the People's Representative can be called in to express stuff on behalf of the rest of the Communist Bloc.

people's assembly, accessible either via the discord server or 'just telegrammin someone with your thoughts'

Radical-communist wrote:(Informer Of Administrator Functions And Purposes) To Relieve Admin and members Of Remembering; To Allow Understanding Admin Roles/Specialize Admin Support.

not entirely sure if i understand what this is supposed to mean but the admins are able to remember their own jobs and it's why they're admins

Franc-slovenia and Radical-communist