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Hi folks!

I'm pleased to announce the first annual Forest Interregional Writing Contest, an opportunity for writers from Forest and our embassy regions to share their creativity and battle it out for one of our region's most prestigious honours. That's right, there are some brand new interregional accolades up for grabs - the writers of the best entries submitted to the contest will be awarded the Forestian Literary Prize!

No more spoilers from me - I've created an extraordinarily useful guide that sums up everything you need to know about the contest and you can read the details there for yourself, including important dates, this year's theme, the rules and the members of the judging panel. Any unanswered questions can be telegrammed to me or posted on the Forest RMB. Please share this dispatch on any offsite forums or chats if they're active so as many people as possible are able to join in!


Forest Interregional Writing Contest 2021



Forest's Ministry of Culture is proud to present the first annual Forest Interregional Writing Contest, an opportunity for writers from Forest and its embassy regions to share their creativity and compete for one of our region's highest accolades.

This handy guide should cover everything you need to know about how the contest will play out. There's lots of important information, including the lowdown on this year's theme, the rules, the members of the judging panel and (perhaps most importantly) the prestigious prizes available. Please take the time to have a read, then maybe read it again - and then read it one more time, just to be sure - before putting your thinking cap on and letting your creative side run wild!

The Categories

Entries can be submitted under one of three categories:




Fiction in verse, poetry has been used for millennia to convey deep emotion and contentious ideas.

The immediate nature of works for the stage gives drama the profound ability to change hearts and minds.

Nothing allows readers to escape into another world (or re-examine their own) quite like reading a story.

Writers will be able to submit a maximum of one entry per category, so submitting a poem, a one-act play and a short story is allowed, but submitting two poems or two short stories is not allowed. There is no expectation that writers will submit multiple entries, and doing so won't improve your chances of winning as all entries are anonymised before being assessed by the judges. Writers should be sure to submit only their best work.

This Year's Theme Is...


For better or for worse, we're living in an epoch defined by human impact on the world around us. With vast improvements in quality of life comes microplastics and greenhouse gases. With social media connecting us to friends across the globe comes online abuse and privacy concerns. With more people fighting for social justice than ever before comes culture wars and far-right extremism. With the longest era of peace in human history comes the threat of nuclear annihilation.

While all entries must address this theme, we expect each writer will interpret the theme in a different way. Other themes may be examined within each entry so long as the above theme is central to the work.

The Rules

With great writing comes a bunch of rules:

  • There's no formal word limit. Use your intuition - if it's too long, the judges won't have the time or patience to read it.

  • Stick to the submission limit. Your first submission under each category will be accepted, the rest will be discarded.

  • Don't plagiarise the work of others. People who break this rule will be immediately disqualified and may be barred from future writing contests.

  • Keep your writing PG-13. All entries must remain in accordance with NationStates' policy on offensive material.

  • Don't share your writing or identify your writing in any way until the contest is over. This is so the judges can assess your work without the risk of bias.

Submitting An Entry

The submission period will open on Thursday the 15th of July (00:00 UTC) and will close on Sunday the 15th of August (23:59 UTC) - late entries will be discarded. Submissions must be sent to me, Terrabod, by telegram. If you choose to submit multiple entries, you can send them all at once (as long as each is clearly delimited) or in separate telegrams. Be sure to include a title for each entry!

Each entry will be anonymised by me and passed on to the judges who will work together to select the best entry in each category. This process is expected to take roughly two weeks, so I hope to be able to announce the winners on Wednesday the 1st of September. The winning entries will be published in the announcement dispatch for all to enjoy. While I wish I could publish all of the entries, this isn't possible - I encourage entrants to instead publish their own entry (or entries) within a dispatch after the contest is over.

The Judges

This year's judging panel consists of not one, but three Forest Keepers who have each played an esteemed role in Forest's history.

This ex-Forest Keeper and current Foreign Minister is an experienced issue author and the creator of an incredibly well-developed national lore.

Forest Keeper by day, necromantic dark lord by night; the pirate currently occupying Forest's most senior position has dozens of published issues under his belt.

An influential figure in the General Assembly forums and a resolution writer to boot, this ex-Forest Keeper is one of our region's most respected voices.

The Winners

The writer of the single best entry in each category will be awarded one of the following:

  • The Forestian Literary Prize for Poetry, awarded to the writer of the best work of poetry submitted to the contest.

  • The Forestian Literary Prize for Drama, awarded to the writer of the best work of drama submitted to the contest.

  • The Forestian Literary Prize for Prose, awarded to the writer of the best work of prose submitted to the contest.

While these prizes are awarded to an OOC player, I don't mind if winners want to also RP/worldbuild it as an IC interregional prize received by one of their citizens.

If you have any unanswered questions, feel free to telegram me or tag me in a post on the Forest RMB.

Best of luck to all entrants, and have fun writing!

Culture Minister of Forest


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Good luck to everyone who wants to get involved, and happy writing!

Best wishes,
Culture Minister of Forest

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