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The Nomadic Peoples of Dusty Sandals

The rose wrote:In a remote, long term historical perspective on LGBT rights, Singapore may perhaps only be in an earlier stage of the same process which a country like Spain has already been going through for some longer time, moving from criminalisation/pathologisation/stigmatisation towards equal rights. For an individual living in or visiting a country, that difference can be crucial.

For example, even if Singapore does not currently enforce this law, consensual sex between men is still criminalised, and a move to de-criminalise it has just been dismissed by the Singaporean High Court. Huge difference between legal security and having that sword of Damocles hanging over one, leaving one at the mercy of authorities' whims.

In so many countries with a 'legal since...', the date is very recent.
Spain is one of the few countries with green checkmarks all through.

In general, Spain seems to simply be more progressive in sexual matters. I recall that the age of consent in Spain was also once very low.