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The State of Telgan

What a brilliant tool from the UN, Rose. There is so much out there which I have to yet fully experience (the value of this experience can be questioned, sure: expanding your line of thought: see Disney for the classic example, and a sideline of the so called tourist gaze literature). I have spent my time in Europe, and have, NEVER left the continental border. My next planned holiday also shares in this. I shall have to rectify this once international travel opens back up. The year plus in some sense of either regional (or definitely national) lockdown has given me pause to reflect. There is so much out there rather than the western euro centric 'stuff' we have become accustomed to and therefore makes for coherent story telling in our lives. In reality, it is a tiny proportion of what the world 'is'.

I do think culture is important. I do not baulk at even manufactured culture. It all has a place and a broad reflection of society. Adorno and others have a wonderful interpretation of this. But moments, it has great insights, but I am not overly convinced in their arguments conclusions. Tends be the way in philosophy :).