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The rose

Virtual world tour 1: Which of these cultural practices interest you the most? Oceania, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia

This new poll lets us travel virtually. The options are from the current list of our Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity:

These are some questions that occur to me:
What would you say makes a cultural practice valuable? Valuable to whom? An individual, a certain group of people, a large group of people, powerful people, marginalised people? Which criteria would you apply? Whom would you ask for their input? Is it in vain to work for preserving intangible cultural heritage, knowing that the passage of time and entropy will transform and dissolve everything anyway? Is working to preserve some intangible cultural heritage (for a while) nonetheless something worth doing, as it is resistance not only to the mere passage of time, but also to the powers of, for example, globalised marketing and a globalised entertainment industry?



Here's the second part of the virtual world tour to the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Now visiting Oceania, Singapore, Philippines, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia.

I'd really like to see Sbek Thom, Khmer Shadow Theatre, some day. On full screen the film already looks pretty nice, including the 'making of' and 'behind the scenes' parts. I wonder if it would be beneficial or problematic for such a type of traditional theatre to retain the techniques but, among the old ones, also encourage writing and telling new stories. After all, the traditional stories, too, were new at some point in the past.

Organisational note:

This virtual world tour can amuse us for a while, if we travel all around the globe. But: Please do introduce your own polls and conversation topics whenever you feel like it, I don't want to monopolise the stage. Our visit of the world's intangible cultural heritage can pause and continue any time.