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The May Flowers of Ruinenlust

Uan aa Boa wrote:This is simply not true, as evidenced by vegans not dying.

Mount Seymour wrote:No, if you're a vegan, you will in fact die.

Jutsa wrote:Ftr, I am vegetarian and my brother vegan (I'm working on it smh), and I can assure you that we are, statistically speaking, most likely to one day eventually die.

Isbjorn Maerenne Bava Paerani wrote:Correlation does not equal causation, Mr. Jutsa. It is disingenuous to try to imply that not eating meat causes death. 😤

I'd like to just point out that not only are there no vegans who are dead, but moreover that nobody who has never heard of vegans will ever, never die, either. So to be clear, nobody will die. And that's that.