Region: The Western Isles


The Confederacy of Hospitaller West Indies

Wellsia wrote:Then, how about this. The Spurs which lie off the west coast of South Argus are a perfect place for pirate activity, they are perfectly located in what should be a major trade route. This would be a perfect base for Somali/Malaya type pirates. Your nation, the Swashbucklers anyway could clandestinely finance and profit from this activity, providing a black market for valuables, while officially condemning the activity. You still let the pirate elements get their thrills and donít get stomped as a country.

Thatís a great idea, thank you. So what Iím making from this is while specifically the Swashbucklers can profit from this activity, meanwhile the Order would obviously be strongly against it, and condemn it. This way while the swashbucklers make a profit for the country, not everyone hates our country because the Order is in charge, and condemns this activity.