Region: The Western Isles


The Kingdom of Ioudaia

Wellsia wrote:Then, how about this. The Spurs which lie off the west coast of South Argus are a perfect place for pirate activity, they are perfectly located in what should be a major trade route. This would be a perfect base for Somali/Malaya type pirates. Your nation, the Swashbucklers anyway could clandestinely finance and profit from this activity, providing a black market for valuables, while officially condemning the activity. You still let the pirate elements get their thrills and donít get stomped as a country.

Now somebody's thinking!

See, smart criminals, of which there are fortunately few IRL, figure out how to get away with their crimes before committing them. For sovereign nations, plausible deniablity is a big help. The Spurs are a good place to be, not only because of the Argusian Main, but because there are also nearby nations that might provide safe havens for pirates... for a price. Unofficially, of course, and possibly legitimately, either because the pirates have solid cover stories* and/or because they're bribing corrupt local officials. Which the national government is of course committed to rooting out.

*: For example, those interested in buckling their swashes might tend to hit ships carrying valuable but untraceable commodities (crude oil and common fuels) and they happen to have an old coastal tanker (or three) to which they can transfer the loot and sell it on the commodities markets without attracting attention. Or inside jobs involving swiping cargo containers carrying phones or other easily fenceable electronics, and ditching them on nearby black markets. Or... Well, you get the idea.

But the Knights Hospitalier appear to have their hands clean, and like all true Christian knights, swear up and down that any pirates will be hanged as a send-off to a warm reception in Hell. *nods*