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Shidei wrote:Aromea please fix your formatting so it's easy to tell at a glance what's something I said vs your response to it... as for responding, I don't even know where to start so I'm going to start condensing ideas together as I think of points

School shootings have nothing to do with punishment and rewards, it has to do with serious gang culture, a disregard and hands off approach for mental health (especially of relatively well-to-do white males who make up the majority of the mass shooter types), and an overwhelmingly easy access to firearms.

Despite what you seem to think, adults aren't idiots. There's no way that people aren't going to figure out what you're trying to do when strapping them to medical equipment, especially if it's for screening political/power attempts. If I'm in some crazy medical contraption and they start asking me random questions, I'm going to assume that my response is being monitored in some way

Your cookie example is a false dichotomy. The third answer is "the child conspires with others for mutual reward, be it giving one's own cookies to another in return for more down the line, convincing someone to turn a blind eye to the theft, or taking the blame for someone else" and this is what corruption is.

Every last human being can and will be swayed by a bribe of some kind because while we're a social species, the animal instinct is to have control over resources for yourself. It's impossible to prevent this unless you take the human out of the equation. Offer me 20 bucks to go shoot my neighbor? Absolutely not. Offer me 20 million in dubiously tracked slush funds if I help draft a law granting tax exemptions for people like you? That's an entirely different story

Rich people love their money, that's why they move it offshores to places that better protect their money from being taken away

Twice now you've ignored me asking how punishing innocent people isn't punishing innocent people, and why it's acceptable in your imaginary society to do that. Please answer this one, otherwise I'm going to rightly assume you don't have a counterpoint.

Those same adult voted Trump into office, just saying. And even if they figure it out, fooling a machine that tracks the electric impulses of the brain is exponentially more difficult than one that monitors sweating and heart rate.

And here is the kicker, there is no way the close family of someone that is guilty of a crime wouldn't be aware that he is at least doing something that he shouldn't be doing, thus, making them de-facto conspirators. And again, if You have a way to exert the same kind of consequences without punishing their families, do tell.

The example with the cookies is exactly what it is. How can You expect someone that wouldn't discipline their own child's dishonest behavior to discipline an entire nation?

Yes, I am aware of the offshore accounts that rich people have. Now we are getting in the realm of international relations. Such accounts should be made illegal, but I digress.

Corruption and bribes will only exist as long as the system allows it. And the system currently allows it even from the most basic forms of the education system. With other words, a permament sollution would be to completely rebuild the entire structure of the country from the bottom up. And no, I would never take a bribe. In fact, I would rather loose my job than take a bribe. Either I have something wrong with me or it's nature vs nurture. Which opens the "can we nurture the next generations to have a high level of integrity" question.

Now Please, Do give alternative solutions. And I am sorry about my formatting.

Now, gun ownership is a great example of too much freedom is bad for freedom.