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Accomplished academics? Why would an astrophysicist know what makes a good leader? Who and what defines a great leader? Pol Pot could be considered great in the sheer scale of redoing Cambodian society that he managed to do. I really don't want my president to act like Pol Pot.

Show me these lie detecting brain wave monitors. And I find it really hard to believe that people are going to go "yeah, checks out" when you tell them that you're attaching a general health diagnostic machine to their head prior to asking them numerous questions about political ideology.

How do you eliminate bias in your reference points? If you use an unequal number of European rulers in your metric compared to African rulers, the results will skew towards eurocentric traits and accomplishments despite the difference in culture.

I don't know how someone can read "Dangling high wages (protected via the constitution) of the select few that will be running the system" as not catering to the rich. The way this whole argument was going is based on the actions of the prospective candidates, and you suddenly shift to talking about the people running the "system" with no context. You also never used the word Merit

Are you no longer talking about the candidates? You say "If the reward is high and the punishment severe enough, the breaking of the rules is avoidable." which again seems to imply the candidates are the ones to get punished. Unless you're talking about the l "System" runners now? In which case what stakes do the candidates have?

Being rich to the extent you seem to be talking about the System maintainers is a pathological addiction. The rich extort others for chump change as long as their bank account number goes up. Congress is richer than it's ever been but bribes are still flying left right and center under the guise of "donations" or "business endeavors" or whatever the feelgood definitely-not-bribes word of the day is

Proof that it affects crime rate?

If you make rape punishable by death, you aren't going to really have less rape, you're going to have more rape victims murdered because the rapist no longer has anything more to lose and leaving the victim alive means more chances they will inform others of what you did.
Numerous states in the US have the death penalty but we still have the highest incarceration rate per capita in the entire world and the recidivism rate is terrifyingly large.

I don't care if you say it's "not meant to punish the family", building from the ground up means everything was torn down and you're starting over. How is that not being punished? See my previous statement that punishing innocent people because of something the guilty party does is abhorrent.

Corruption will never go away while money is present. Full stop. It'll just be done in convoluted legal methods.