Region: The Western Isles


The United Republics of Dormill and Stiura

Hospitaller West Indies wrote:To like what extent? I donít feel like deleting my Factbooks... if I donít have piracy then Iím just a religious nation, how do I preserve elements of it, without you invading me. I also donít want to change my beautiful flag...

You don't need to delete your dispatches, just rewrite them (and possibly use some formats to help organize your information). You don't need to completely get rid of piracy, but privateering shouldn't happen and your nation can't solely rely on piracy unless the entire thing has collapsed into anarchy. You can maintain some elements of your piracy while also keeping the Miklanian Navy off your back by having your pirates tailor their tactics to avoid confrontation (and that's of course excluding things like shifting into cybercrimes such as Ransomware, where the Miklanian government would have a harder time shutting it down). And you don't have to get rid of your flag, because the nation in this case just has it because it's always had it.